Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Trio Tutorial

If you are looking for quick, easy, and inexpensive Christmas wreath ideas – you’re in the right place.  This DIY tutorial will help show you how to make a winter wonderland wreath trio for less than $45 total, and can be done in less than an hour.  So, if you need to fill a large wall space or accessorize multiple windows and don’t have a lot of time, this trio will get the job done.  Who’s ready?  Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Trio Tutorial. 

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Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Trio Tutorial


This tutorial can be used to make just one wreath also.   I figured you knew that – but just wanted to throw that out there 😉


You can use these 3 wreaths separately also: 

  • hang on a pantry door, powder bath door, or even an office door with an over the door hanger – where you need just a punch of winter shimmer  
  • use the trio to hang from your staircase banister or spindles with pretty ribbon
  • tie them together with ribbon or wire to make a snowman
  • attach together with ribbon to make a long front door wreath trio
  • each year you can move them to a new “home” and you have a whole new look


They are asymmetrical, so you can change the look of them, just by turning the accent wherever you choose.    Use the decoration on top, right side, bottom, or left side.  Love this!!

Ok, let’s get to the tutorial!

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Trio Tutorial

All of my supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Here’s a picture so you have an idea what you need to use. 

Of course, you can always add or take away as you choose.


Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Trio Tutorial

Before you begin attaching your greenery and picks, fluff up the pine strands on the wreaths just so that it is not flat. 

The rule is always 1) pull right, 2) pull left, 3) pull forward, then 4) pull backwards.  This will give it the most natural look.

Here is what they should like look when done fluffing.

Here are the 4 STEPS Needed for the DIY Christmas Wreaths

STEP 1:  Add 2 Flocked Pine Cone Picks 

For the first step, simply add 2 flocked stems to the left and right sides of your wreath.  You can space them about 4- 6″ apart to get this asymmetrical look.


Once you get the spacing to your liking, turn the wreath over and attach the picks with floral wire. 

I attached my wire closer to the end of the pick so that it would have a little “play” or room for movement.  You will want to adjust these a little when the next 2 picks are added.



Here is what they will look like when Step 1 is done.


STEP 2:  Add the Frosted Glitter Ball Picks

Before you add the ball pick to your wreaths, bend the stem a little so that it makes a gentle curve.  This will help the 3 glitter balls to look more natural, when attached to the wreath.


Now you will insert your frosted ball pick directly inside the flocked greenery pick – to the left side. 

Then turn your wreath over and attach the ball pick with floral wire.

*** TIP***  There’s a long, medium, and short stem for each ball.  I turned my long stem down, my medium stem up, and the short stem in.



This is what they will look like when Step 2 is done.


STEP 3:  Add the White Felt Poinsettias

Go ahead and gently curve the poinsettias also, just like the glitter ball picks. 

Most of the poinsettia picks at Hobby Lobby are flat or need some type of reshaping anyway.  And this curved shape will help the poinsettia sit prettier in the wreath.


Then you will simply stick the poinsettia in the open space between the glitter ball pick and RIGHT flocked pick.

Turn your wreath over and attach pick with the floral wire.



Here is what they will look like when Step 3 is done.


Here is a closeup picture so that you can see how it should look.    You might have to move or “fluff” some of the picks to get it exactly how you like it.  

STEP 4:  Hang Your Wreaths

Here are mine – attached with small nails in our kitchen banquette area.  We have trim around these windows, but you can also put use a small nail above your windows also.  

*You might have to attach ribbon if you’re using nails above the windows.*

*If you want to make a sign for your wreaths, click DIY Wreath Signs Using Cake Boards.*


You are done!!   WOOHOO!!

Here is a closeup picture.  I love all of the different textures and sparkles.  It’s not too fussy, but gives off a lot of character.


Here is a view from my kitchen. 



Where will you put your wreath trio?  I’d love to know!!

Have a Very Merry & Blessed Christmas Season!

Love & Hugs 🙂

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