Hawaiian Christmas Cookies: Party Ideas

Well I am finally doing a second post for Gabbi’s Corner, and I’m really excited to share it with you!  My mom – aka Gabbi – is the best homemaker I know, and these cookies are just a representation of her many talents!  I found the cookie theme inspiration on pinterest for my daughter’s event,  and she did the rest!!  So, let’s get to it.  Hawaiian Christmas Cookies:  Party Ideas.

Gabbi’s creations – Round 1 of cookies.


Here is Gabbi with my daughter Sophie – for Round 2 of cookies.

We thought adding some tropical cookies with bright colors would really make the reds and greens pop! 

What do you think??  So Fun- right??

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I want to begin by sharing the link for the creators of these adorable (and tasty) Hawaiian – themed Christmas cookies.  

I found these adorable cookies from Lisa at thebearfootmaker.com, and this is the link for the recipe and decorating directions my mom used, with a little tweaking.

We could not find the exact Santa cookie cutter that Lisa used (it is discontinued), but used her tutorial to help make our cookies.

Here are the other links we used for inspiration:

Hibiscus Flowers by Glorious Treats

Hula Skirts by Cloud 9 Cookies

Flip Flops & by Glorious Treats

Santa Shorts & Surfboards by Glorious Treats

Santa Shirts by Sweet Sugarbelle    

Pineapple & Palm Trees by Glorious Treats

These women are EXTREMELY TALENTED!!  Check out their blogs – they will blow your mind!



How did this event theme come about?

We are part of a mother and daughter philanthropic organization called National Charity League (NCL), and each year a different grade hosts the Holiday Philanthropy Fair (HPF). 

The hosting class chooses a new theme every year for the HPF, and a party planning process begins around 6-9 months ahead of the actual event.

You might remember the one from last year?  I was a co-chair for it with my older daughter’s class, and we threw the Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party  and the Let It Snow – Food Planning. 

  • 2018:  Last year’s food table – Let It Snow.

source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com

So this year the girls chose Hawaiian Christmas as their theme, and it really turned out so cute!! 

These cookies were just a small part of an amazing event, and I’m so glad that Gabbi got to be a part of it!!

And since I was on the FOOD committee this year, I will be sharing that part of the event with you.

  • 2019:  This year’s food table – Hawaiian Christmas.

Ok, let’s get to the cookies!



My mom made and decorated the Hawaiian Christmas cookies about 3 weeks in advance, and then froze all of the cookies.  (see above links for those).

Then Gabbi and Sophie used the cookie recipe above, and made the palm trees, pineapples and flamingos on a different weekend. 

And then on our work day, we decorated these cookies with the yummy icing.  We also followed her decorating tutorial.  

*** Cookie cutters we used:  Summer swimming cookie cutters, Hawaiian Luau cookie cutters ***

Here are the flamingo cookies, in stages.  

  • Nude colored icing for the legs ( it was used for Santa’s face and hula girl) – just a FYI.  Outline the area you want to decorate first.


  • Then lightly spray a little water onto the icing – maybe 2 to 3 pumps.


  • Next, take a toothpick and gently spread out the icing out so that it lies flat and smooth.


  • Then you will repeat that same process for the hot pink portion of the flamingos. 


  • Next, Gabbi showed me how to paint the beak on with a small paint brush.  And of course, dot the eye.


They turned out so bright and vibrant, and just the punch we needed to accent the Hawaiian Christmas Cookies.  


And here are some more pictures of Gabbi and her little elves.



All of the colors turned out so rich!  I highly recommend using the food coloring selections Lisa suggests.




Here again, is Gabbi using her paint brush to draw the “x” patterns onto the pineapples.


A job well done and memories made for a lifetime!!  


Here are some pictures of our food tables for the HPF event. 

Our 2 Food Co-Chairs designed a fun and colorful area that went perfectly with the Hawaiian theme!

Thanks M & G for all of your hard work!!


And here are some of the cookies displayed about.  Love them!





And the girls created this adorable palm tree backdrop for the event.  It all came together so well.

Thanks so much to our HPF co- chairs this year J & M!!  It was so much fun!


Here we are at the event.




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