DIY Wall Christmas Tree Tutorial: Using Shelf Paper

If you are looking for easy and budget-friendly Christmas wall decorating ideas, try out this DIY Wall Christmas Tree Tutorial:  Using Shelf Paper!  It’s perfect for filling a large open space for Christmas, and you won’t need a lot of money or time to get it done.  Plus, it’s a great way to add a tree to a small living room or apartment without having to buy an actual tree.  Ok – let’s get to it!

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DIY Wall Christmas Tree Tutorial: 

Using Shelf Paper


  1.   *Wood Shelf Paper – here – (1 Roll)*
  2.   Pom Pom Garland – here – (4 Strands) 
  3.   String
  4.   Tape
  5.   Measuring Tape 
  6.   Scissors
  7.   Pen
  8.   Yard stick or Ruler
  9.   **Gold Bows – optional **

*FYI – You can replace the shelf paper with removable wallpaper or even gift wrapping paper.    Just have fun with it!!*    


Scroll to the VERY end of the post for tree dimensions.

DIY Wall Christmas Tree Tutorial: 

Using Shelf Paper


You will cut the shelf paper in staggered widths to make the tree top and trunk.  You will need 4 pieces for the tree top, and one piece for the tree trunk.  

My bottom piece is 50″W, and then I just shortened each piece as it went up the wall. 

The trunk portion is 8 1/2″H x 12 1/2″ W.

*Please read all of step 1 before you begin! * 


***NOTE*** Put some TAPE onto the back of shelf paper for this part and attach to the wall.  DO NOT pull backing off the shelf paper and stick to the wall yet!!


This is what it should look like when you have it taped to your wall.  

It kind of ended up looking like a birthday cake – right?  Hmmm – that could be another idea – LOL!!


For this part I used some jute string that I had on hand to make the outline of the tree shape. 

You can use whatever you have at home – it is just for creating the design of your tree.

I taped my string to the wall for the starting point, but you can tape it directly to the shelf paper also.  Just make for sure that the tape is a gift tape, or one that can be removed without tearing the paper.

Here is what it looks like with the string taped onto the shelf paper. 

***NOTE*** You will need to make the top part of the tree fit onto the shelf paper to make a true point.  In my picture below, I have it taped with an OPEN space.

This was my trial run, and I ended up moving it to a true point. 


Now add some painters tape or other removable tape to keep the paper from moving onto the wall.  This will help keep the shelf paper flat, when you are tracing the line of the string.


Next, you will take a yard stick or ruler and trace the “tree” string with a pen.  

***Just make sure not to press to hard or it will poke a hole in your shelf paper***

Follow the string exactly to make a straight line.  In the picture below, I moved the string upwards so that you could see the pen line. 


Now you can take the shelf paper off of the wall and cut your tree line. 

It should look something like this when you are done.


Start with the trunk first to attach the tree to the wall. 

TIP:  Measure the center of your wall space, and mark the center of your tree trunk.  This will help make sure that the tree is centered on your wall.

Then you can follow that same method when attaching each tree section.



Attach each section to the wall.

If you have an electrical outlet inside your tree, just cut that portion out.  You do NOT want to cover that!!


If you like the look of the tree as is, you are done!  If you want to add some pom pom garland, keep reading.


Of course, no tree is complete without a little accessorizing!  

I did a mock trial with the draped garland, like picture below first.  It’s also cute, but I ended up liking the second version better.

Here is the swagged one….. in case you like this style.


And here is the one that I liked a little better for myself.  

I just draped the pom pom garland in a diagonal “swag” pattern with clear tape, with no rhyme or reason – Ha!  Sometimes no plan is the best plan!


And with the 2 gold bows….. just adds a little whimsy.  



And You are Done!!  




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  1. We love our Wall-Tree! It turned out great and adds a lot to our little apartment! Such a clever idea! We can’t wait to have friends over to “admire” it. Thanks so much for the post!

    1. Hi Brenda! So glad your “tree” turned out cute! Thanks for the kind feedback & Have a Very Merry Christmas!
      hugs – jael 🙂

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