Easy Christmas Staircase Decorating Idea: Pine Sprays

If you are looking for an easy (& inexpensive) alternative to hanging garland on your staircase this year, try using Christmas sprays or stems instead.  They give off a very elegant, decorative look without breaking the bank.  You can use them on their own with holiday ribbon, or add some Christmas ornament balls and lights to add a little shimmer.  Either way, you’ll have a fresh decorating idea that can be done in less than an hour!  Here is Easy Christmas Staircase Decorating Idea:  Pine Sprays.

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Easy Christmas Staircase Decorating Idea:  Pine Sprays

If you are like me, you have decorated your stairs for Christmas with just about everything over the years:  from lit garland and swags, to ribbons and hanging ornaments, it has been done. 

So, this year I wanted to try a new staircase decorating idea – that was – well – cheap!! 

I dug up these 5 Christmas sprays (that I used to fill in my tree with), found some leftover white ribbon in a drawer, and this simple idea came to life.

I did buy the ornaments from Target though – LOL!  Gotta have something new!!


Ok – Let’s get to it!  

Easy Christmas Staircase Decorating Idea:  Pine Sprays


The first thing you will want to do is count the number of spindles you have, and determine where you will put your Christmas sprays.  

Here is the before picture of our stairs.  I knew I only wanted to decorate the curved part of our staircase since it seemed like the most natural placement for the Christmas sprays.


The curved part has 32 spindles, so I decided to do 5 sprays.  Just go with whatever fits your stairs the best! 

Then, mark the spindles with blue tape so that you don’t have to go back and recount them each time.  


Go ahead and turn your pine Christmas spray upside to determine where you will want to hang it.  You will want to make for sure that the stem is right at or below the railing.


Then cut a piece of floral wire about 10 – 12 inches long, and attach it to your staircase spindle.  Twist it into a knot to secure it.

***TIP*** Cut all of your floral wire and attach to the spindles you already marked with blue tape – all at one time.  This will make the process go by much faster & easier too!  


Now you will take the floral wire and go under the pine stem branch on each side and, twist together to keep tight.


Then you will twist the floral wire onto the spindle, and attach it to the back side.


Now that you have your spray attached to the spindle, it’s time to give it a “finished” look.  

Since I wanted these to coordinate with my white winter wonderland Christmas theme, I used white grois grain ribbon.  

This is where you can customize the look you are going for.  If you want a more sophisticated look, use a wide satin or velvet ribbon.

Loop your ribbon around the spindle, like the picture below. 

My ribbon length was 65″L each, so that it would drape down the sides.


After you have looped your ribbon around the staircase spindle, tie it in a loose knot to secure it.  Then simply make a small bow and let the long ends drape down.


You can see that little top part of the floral stem poking out, so you might have to move the spray down just a little bit to hide it completely under the ribbon.


***NOTE***  If you love a more simplistic look, or are happy with what your sprays look like at this step – leave them as is.  You don’t have to add the ball ornaments.  

They will look like this.

If you want to add a little “extra” or fluff to your sprays, go to step 4.


For this part, I decided to use a mixture of white and silver ball ornaments and attached them with a small white grois grain ribbon.

Since I had 5 sprays, I wanted a little variety on the ornaments.  I used one set for the first, third, and fifth stems.  And then I used another set for the 2nd and 4th stems.

Just thread your small ribbon through the ornaments like the picture below.

My ribbon length was 22″L.


Now attach your ribbon and ornaments to the front side of your Christmas spray, and tie to the back side of the spindle. 

You will pull the ribbon “behind” the pine stem again, just not on top.  This way the small ribbon won’t be seen from the front side.

Here is what set one looks like with the white ball ornaments.


The ribbon will also help cover the exposed floral wire (on the back side), which gives it a cleaner look also!


And this is what they look like with the Christmas ornaments attached. 

I LOVE it!  What do you think?


And below is set two with the silver scalloped ball ornaments. 

It just adds a little variety to the sprays.



Let me know if you try it out!  I would Love to hear what you chose to do!

Have a Very Merry & Blessed Christmas!!  

Love & Hugs 🙂

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