DIY Halloween Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

I am so excited today to be sharing my DIY Halloween Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial with you!  You’ll take a plain grapevine wreath and spray paint it a fun color, add a contrasting color for the jack-o-lantern face, and then top it off with glittered floral picks, polka dot ribbon or curly pipe cleaners for the stem.

Aren’t they so fun?  Let’s get to it!!

***NOTE*** This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support! 🙂


I made these several years ago for our neighborhood Halloween festival, and have been excited to show you how to make your own.  

You can make just one pumpkin,  a little family set like our’s, or even smaller wreaths (perfect for students or kiddos). 

All of the supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and Target.  These supplies are for FOUR wreaths…. just wanted to mention that. 


*NOTE* I used Tropical Leaf for the green spray paint, but Key Lime is very similar.  My Home Depot was out of Key Lime, so I found Tropical Leaf at Target.  

**NOTE** I made these with brighter burlap fabric colors years ago.  So you can exchange the plastic table covers with fabric if you want – it works too.

***NOTE***I only used one of the turquoise glitter curly stems – just a fyi.  But it’s always good to have a pair (you might want to use it for your wreaths).

Who’s ready for the tutorial with step-by-step instructions??!!  Let’s go 🙂



Spray paint both sides of all four wreaths.  Make sure to get paint on the insides, outsides, and into the grooves.

Let the wreaths dry about 30 minutes before flipping over to paint the back side, and let dry 24 hours before moving on to the next step.






This is the time to plan out which table cover colors and stem colors will go onto each pumpkin.  You might want to switch out some of the colors for your own custom look.

Here is how I planned mine.

You can always just skip step 5 (omit the jack-o-lantern faces) and leave these as pumpkin wreaths too. 

Just have fun with it!!


Lay out your table cover, place your wreath on it, and trace with a black marker.

***TIP***  When using the table covers – double them up for added thickness (keep them 2-PLY).

Trace your wreath on the outer side with a black marker. 

If you can’t do a complete circle (because of the twigs poking out), just connect the black circle after you remove your wreath.

Here is what they will look like.  And they won’t be perfect circles – since you are tracing the perimeter of the irregular-shaped wreaths.

Cut the table covers.

Woohoo!! Now you can begin to visualize what your wreaths will actually look like!!

Why 2-Ply?  2 Reasons:

  1.   It adds thickness and protection- against twigs poking through and hot glue burns.   
  2.   It also adds more color depth (makes it darker) and provides contrast- so that the the jack-o-lantern faces stand out more.

(1-Ply LEFT below) and (2-Ply RIGHT below)









***TIP***  Make sure to double up when using fabric also, or use curtain lining fabric. 

When I made these wreaths with burlap fabric the first time around, I doubled it up to make it brighter also.  It will make a huge difference.

Wouldn’t these look so cute with lights behind them, peeking through?  I’ll have to look into some fun wreath lighting ideas!!


***NOTE***  This part should be done by adults or older kiddos.  Hot glue can get very hot!  This is also where the 2-Ply comes in handy.

Turn you wreath over (back side or side not as pretty).  You will add the hot glue in small sections to the WREATH ONLY.

Then lay your table cover on top, pull it to keep it tight, and gently press down.  

***TIP***  This will be the trickiest part of the tutorial.  I recommend laying your table cover on top of the wreath (for correct spacing), and then just lift the portion up that you will be hot gluing down.

Once the table cover sticks to the wreath, it will adhere quickly and begin to melt.  So, it’s best to have it in place as much as you can.

You will have extra table cover remaining on the outer edge of the wreath.  Just cut off the excess portion.

If you’re second PLY doesn’t automatically adhere, just add a little extra glue to the first ply.


For this part, I just drew my faces by hand on a piece of copy paper.  Then I cut those out to use as patterns for tracing onto my felt pieces.

I found some of my jack-o-lantern face ideas on pinterest – if you want to add your own style.

Once I had my paper jack-o-lantern stencils cut out, I laid my stencils down on my pumpkins first (just for sizing concerns). 

***TIP*** The larger jack-o-lantern wreaths will have larger faces, and the smaller jack-o-lantern wreaths will have smaller faces.  

I used a self adhesive black felt sheet (love this!) and then a glitter felt sheet (non-adhesive backing) to make the faces.

The glitter just added a little sparkle, and it made me happy – LOL!!

Use different felt colors to customize your look – if you want.  Just make sure to use a contrasting color.

Now, trace your paper stencils onto your felt sheets, and cut the felt pieces out.

Turn your felt sheets onto the BACK SIDE.  Use white chalk to trace stencils on non-adhesive felt, and a black pen for the self-sticking black felt.

Then cut out all of the stencils.

After you have cut out all of the felt stencils, place them onto your pumpkins to plan out where you want to put them.

***TIP***  Stand your pumpkin up, and see where it “NATURALLY STANDS.” This will help so that when you lay it down, you can put your stencils on in the center.

Otherwise your FACE will sit CROOKED on your pumpkin.  Trust me on this!!

Now, take the adhesive backing off your felt and attach it to your pumpkin.  And cut your mounting tape, adhere it to the felt piece, and attach it to your pumpkin.



Getting ready for the last step!!  Almost finished!!


This is where you can kind of create your own unique stem – using the glitter curly picks, purple ribbon, pipe cleaners and mesh tubing.

Take your curly glitter stem, and cut about 2/3’s up using your needle nose pliers.

Now, stick that stem into the grapevine “twigs” and bend stem wire to attach to the wreath.

Start with these glitter spiral picks first to make your “base” of the stem.  Now you’ll be able to add onto it – for your own personal “poofi-ness”  (don’t think that’s a real word – haha)!!

Make the pipe cleaners curly by twirling them onto a pencil or pen.  Then simply slide it into the wreath vines, and pinch it to attach to wreath.

I just tucked these into random spots where I needed a little punch of color.

And then make mesh tubing “bows” by bunching it up, and securing with an extra pipe cleaner.


Just make several of these mesh “bows” to help fill out the top portion of the wreath. 

I used a purple mesh bow for the large blue pumpkin, and 2 lime green mesh bows for each of the smaller pumpkins. 

Then I finished all of the wreaths with the purple polka dot sheer ribbon, to make large bows.  

To get the ribbon to stay put, I slid a piece under the wreath “vines” and tied a knot first.  Then I made a separate bow, and tied the bow with this ribbon (that was attached to wreath).  

I left the ribbons long so that I could wrap them into the vine sides of the wreath.


Here are some closeup pictures so that you can see each wreath individually – in case you want to see how I did my stems.

The Prothro Pumpkin Patch

#1 – Daddy Pumpkin


#2 – Mama Pumpkin


#3 – Big Sis Pumpkin


#4 – Lil’ Sis Pumpkin






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9 Holiday Table Decorating Tricks: Using What You Have

Everyone loves a beautifully set table for Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners, we just don’t love the price tag.  Instead of planning the meal and spending family time during the holiday season, we are stressed over table covers and napkins, chargers and dishes, table runners and centerpieces!!  So, this year we are going to ENJOY the seasons of Gratitude and Jesus’s Birthday!  9 Holiday Table Decorating Tricks:  Using What You Have. 

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One of my favorite things to do is shop my own home (LOL), and find new uses for ordinary household items.  Yes, I know I am a little crazy!!

But you can really save A LOT of money by re-purposing items you already own, and creating beautifully decorated spaces at the same time.

So today, I am sharing my favorite tricks, tips, & let’s just be honest – hacks – that I use to decorate for the holidays without spending a dime.

Who’s ready??!!




I am showing Thanksgiving and Christmas themed tablescapes for the timing of this post, but you can use all of these tips for Easter tablescapes (and other holiday seasons) also.


I tried to use the same dishes and decorations (as much as I could) so you can see I am using a more limited supply of items.  I also chose not to show stemware or flatware in my tablescapes – so that you can picture your own items in the actual decoration.




  1.   Curtains for Table Covers & Runners
  2.   Yard Clippings for Greenery
  3.   Picture Frame for Tray
  4.   Angled Shower Curtain for Placemats
  5.   Curtain Rings for Napkin Holders
  6.   Chalkboard Place Cards from Construction Paper
  7.   Wreath for Centerpiece   
  8.   Sugared Fruit for Accents
  9.   Pillow Sham for Dining Chair Slipcover


DECORATING TRICK #1:  Use Curtains for Table Covers & Runners

Curtains are a perfect option to us as table covers for almost all dining tables (sizes).  They are usually 54″ wide and typically 84″ long or 96″ long. 

And most dining room tables are 36″- 40″ wide and roughly 60″- 78″ long (6-8 people).

Which means most curtains will be just wide enough to cover the width of your table, and long enough if you need to add in your table leaves (or extensions).

I had 2 choices (in my House) to choose from:  this blue and white patterned curtain that used to be in our living room, or a white solid linen curtain that used to be in our bedroom

But this navy one was calling my name!  Just use something you already own that can fit your holiday theme.

My curtain is 54″W x 96″L.  

I do not have either of my 2 table leaves in the picture below, but the curtain would still cover them if added.  I just wanted to give you an idea of how the curtain looks on the actual table.

I probably should have ironed it first – LOL – but you get the idea – right?? haha!


  • RUNNER:  If you want to use your curtain as a table runner, just fold it in half longways, and then fold it again.  More pictures in tip #3 with the curtain as a runner.

DECORATING TRICK #2:  Yard Clippings for Greenery

Using your own yard clippings is a great way to save money and add a natural element to your holiday tablescape. 

I used 2 crepe myrtle branches, cut into small sections, for my accent greenery.

Here is a before picture of the Fall/Thanksgiving centerpiece without greenery.

And here is a picture with the greenery cut into pieces.

If you want to use something like this for your Christmas tablescape, just exchange the white pumpkins with Christmas ornaments – easy peasy!!

Top view:

DECORATING TRICK #3:  Picture Frame for Tray

If you don’t have a tray that you can use for a holiday centerpiece, or one that doesn’t match your decor, use a picture frame.  It works great to keep things looking orderly, and gives a little more formal look to your tablescape.

I have had this open frame forever – got it at Hobby Lobby like 10 years ago – and still love it.  But if you have one with glass, gently take the glass out.

Or you can put lighter items on top of the glass (or mirrored frame) also.  

  • Here is my curtain – now turned table runner – for this display.  

So, I will add in those same decorations as before, minus the 2 white bowls.  

Now with the greenery.

And here it is from the top view so that you can how it looks compared to the other configuration (without the tray).

The picture frame “tray” would work great when you have a small table or there is a limited amount of table space (when stemware and/or serving platters are added).

You could also use 2 picture frames to spread out the table decor, if you have a really long table.  Just play around with your table decor and dimensions, to find the best configuration for you!!

And now with the greenery added in. 


Looking for coastal farmhouse dining tables?   Check out my new post.

DECORATING TRICK #4 Angled Shower Curtain for Placemats

If you want placemats under your dishes, but don’t have any on hand, turn you shower curtain or curtain to make a diamond shape.

Since shower curtains are normally 72×72 inches (square), they will actually form a true diamond-square shape.  I didn’t have an extra one on hand, so I used my curtain again.

This worked for my table without the leaves.  So, if you’re table is larger, you might have to use the angled curtain as a centerpiece only.  

Click here for more information on navy blue and white rugs.

Here it is top view.

*** If you have a matching pair of curtains, put one on your dining table, and the other one on your breakfast table to have a coordinated look. ***

Here is what it looked like – angled – between 2 chairs.

DECORATING TRICK #5 Curtain Rings for Napkin Holders ….. and

DECORATING #6 Chalkboard Place Card from Construction Paper 

If you can’t find any napkin holders for your place setting, try using wooden or metal curtain rings (with or without clips).   I have both of these on hand, but chose the dark wooden ones for this display.

*** You can also use extra shower curtain rings for this look. ***

Both of my rings had clips attached, but you don’t have to have them.  You would simply tie the jute string (or ribbon) around the little “eye” ring.

They will work with flat napkins and fluffed napkins.


And I I already had the actual chalkboard place card name tags, but I made one from black construction paper so you could have one too!!  

Dimensions:  2″W x 3 1/8″L – angle begins at 2 5/8″L.

Just punch a hole, grab some chalk, and you’re all set.

And here they are side by side….pretty close right??  Plus, your construction paper place cards will ALL be the same color.

Top – chalkboard.  Bottom – construction paper.  

True chalkboard place card.

And the construction paper place card below.


DECORATING TRICK #7 Wreath for Centerpiece

Using a wreath for a holiday centerpiece is probably my favorite tablescape decoration.  I love that you can change the entire look of the table by just changing out wreaths.  Can’t get any easier than that!!

I did 3 different looks so you can see how the wreath “makes” the entire table.  And you’ll notice that if you just slip a cake plate underneath it, you get a little more depth + drama!!

Thanksgiving & Fall Tablescape


Christmas Reds Tablescape


Christmas Frosted Pastels Tablescape

And top views.



*** Don’t forget that you can use a Spring or Easter wreath for you Easter tablescape also.***

DECORATING TRICK #8 Sugared or Frosted Fruit

One of the prettiest decorations to use during the holidays are sugared or frosted fruit.  Use whatever fruit you have on hand, and add a little sugar to give it a seasonal sparkle.  

Cranberries, grapes, pears, apples, raspberries, and blueberries come to mind.   Of course, you can always use fruits not frosted, or pumpkins and gourds also.  

I have to admit that the frosted cranberries, pears, and apples I am showing are fake (already had these).  But just frost or use what you already have.

And don’t forget – these are not only beautiful – but edible too!

Bold colors.



I put my berries in some clear martini and margarita glasses that are different heights – just to add a little interest and movement.

For the apples and pears (below), I just set them directly on the runner.  But if these were real, I’d put them in glass bowls just so that the sugar wouldn’t ruin the velvet.

And softer colors.



DECORATING TRICK #9 Using Pillow Shams for Dining Chair Slipcovers

This trick will sound VERY crazy – but it should work – and it is my favorite hack!! 

Take a pillow sham and slide it over the back of your wooden dining chair to give it a slip-covered look.  Leave it hanging down so that it looks more formal, or tuck it under to make it more modern.

*** I used a king-sized pillow sham for mine, but a standard-sized pillow sham works also.  I also found that a quilted sham (thicker) works better, and looks a little nicer. 

But a linen sham or even a pillow case can work. 

Here are the 2 wooden chairs that I am using to slipcover.

Take your sham and slide it onto the back of the chair with the good side facing away from the table.

This sham has ties, but I know most of them have an “envelope opening.”  You will just have to pin it with stick pins or safety pins.

Here is what the long version will look like with the tail hanging down to the floor.

For the shorter slipcover, just take the excess sham and tuck it around the wooden portion (back of the chair).  It will be a little bulky, but just flatten it out the best you can.

A standard sham will work easier for this style because there is less sham length to tuck – FYI.

This one I was able to tie on the sides, when flattened out.


Ok, so now let’s see what they actually look like in the room.

BEFORE – just the 2 wooden chairs, no slipcovers.


AFTER – with short slipcovers.

AFTER – with long slipcovers.

Want to add some wreaths? (not on tricks list, but just for fun)

After – with wreaths.

Hope you found a couple of tips and tricks that you can use to make your holiday table decorating easier, so that you can spend more time enjoying your family!! 

Click here for more information on coastal farmhouse dining tables, here for navy blue and white area rugs, and here for 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.

Have a Blessed Fall & Christmas Season!!

Love & Hugs 🙂 

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Fall Home Tour 2019: Pink Pumpkin Patch

Hi and Happy Fall everyone!!  I am so excited to show you our fall decorations this year because I changed up the color palette a little bit – to fall pinks!  And I know it seems like pink isn’t the first color that comes to mind for fall decorations, but it coordinates beautifully with spice-y oranges, and navy blues.  So, if you’re looking for some autumn inspiration and fall decorating ideas, you’ve come to the right place.  Welcome to our Fall Home Tour 2019:  Pink Pumpkin Patch!!

***NOTE*** I’ve Sprinkled in 8 Fall Decorating Ideas that will help you add “in” some pink to your fall home decor.  

To Shop Pink Pumpkin Patch:  Scroll to End of Post

Bookshelf Vote-Find Your Style:  Vote for your favorite styled bookshelf option (end of post also)

***NOTE*** This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my Privacy and Disclosure Policies below.  Thanks for your support. 🙂

Love all things Blue:  Try 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.

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So, why did I choose shades of pink for fall decor this year?  I have been wanting to try some different colors to punch out all of the blues in our house, and knew that shades of pink would give me a lot of options.

Since I already decorated with orange and navy (in the dining room), and blue and yellow (in the foyer) – for our fall home tour last year, I wanted to try something fresh.  And Pink delivered!!

Check out the pink color chart with names below.  Isn’t it amazing how wide a spectrum you can cover with all of the different pink hues?  


And here are some orange hues below. 

You can now see which pink shades above (have a little orange in them) and could blend or merge with some of the orange shades below – right?


So, here is my color palette with shades of pink only.

But…. I still wanted to add some of the orange hues, while keeping the entire house looking cohesive.

So here is the color palette with some of my spice-y oranges sprinkled in.  It just seems to warm up the color palette, while still keeping the “pink” undertones.  

What do you think?   Now, I can mix and match these items throughout the house.

 Here are my 3 color palettes:

  1.  Fall Dining Room –  one tone (Pinks Only)
  2.  Fall Entry –  combined tones (Pinks & Oranges)
  3.  Fall Living Room and Kitchen – coordinated tones (Pinks + Oranges) – love it!!   

Plus I can add shades of purple or red during the Christmas season, and this “fall” palette can easily transition into our “Christmas” palette!  Win-win!!

  • So, let’s get to the good stuff – the Home Tour and 8 Fall Decorating Ideas!!



In the dining room, I decided to keep the color palette one tone so that there would be more contrast against the navy and white.  I also used softer shades of pink but paired it with velvet fabric, to add warmth and texture.

If you go back to the pink color chart above, you will notice that I chose more”blue” pinks that lean closer to the purple side (like lavender and lilac) for this room. 

I wanted to use pinks that would blend in with my lavender flowers.



The pink velvet table runner is the perfect color for the lavender flowers, and really grounds the entire fall tablescape.   It allows me to decorate tone-on-tone with the pumpkins, and makes the white wooden tray centerpiece “pop.”



Sprinkled throughout the house, are the adorable pink velvet pumpkins with rose gold stems.  I love them!!  These were the items that started the whole “pink pumpkin patch” color palette.


I kept all of the other decorations white or natural – like the wooden beads, pine cones, fall candles, and gourds.





This combination was my favorite fall decoration this year!!  I fell in love with these white metal wreaths (clearance at Hobby Lobby), and added this gorgeous pink velvet ribbon to attach to the side chairs.  

I bought 6 of the white magnolia leaves wreaths, so that I could use them somewhere else in the future.  It’s always good to have decorations that can transition into other seasons.


I attached the ribbons to the top portion of the white slip-covered chairs with stick pins, but would use safety pins when entertaining guests.  You wouldn’t want to accidentally poke someone (well depends on who it is – LOL)!!


Here you can see the lavender floral stem with the pink runner, pumpkin, and ribbon.  They are all different shades and depths, but blend beautifully together.


Click here for more information on coastal farmhouse dining tables and navy blue and white rugs.



The blush pink flowers were actually one of my favorite decorating items for the entire Pink Pumpkin Patch also!!  I love how they are lighter at the petals and darker at the stem – this adds a ton of dimension.

Plus, it was a great way to connect the entry to the living room.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors that aren’t exactly the same, as long as they are similar in depth (or darkness).

The orange shades in the football sign and throw blanket play well with the oranges AND pinks because they are all a medium depth in color. 

They are also surrounded by a good amount of white and blue accents, which act as grounding elements (or neutrals). 

Show and share the Love!!

Fall is not just a season – it’s really a feeling!!  And our fall home would not be complete without a daily reminder of how grateful we feel for all of God’s blessings.  Amen!!




I decorated with pink shades in the living room, and orange shades in the kitchen.  Since both of these rooms are connected – open concept – I wanted them to at least coordinate with each other.

And I’m so happy with my blue and white rug – right?  You can tell that all of the navy and white in both rooms, helps to unite the pinks with the oranges.

Click here for more information on coastal farmhouse dining tables and navy blue and white rugs.


I used a variety of throw pillows:  rose pink, blush pink, fun pink pom-poms, and ones with pink tassels in the living room.   The different shades and styles really help unite both rooms’ color palettes, because they coordinate with the plaid pillow in the kitchen.




And of course a soft, pink buffalo check throw blanket brings just the right look and feel to the living room.  How can you have fall decorations without at least one buffalo check item – right?





These dark pink (magenta) and white vases were just the right color and size for my fall bookshelf styling this year.  I love that they have a lot of white so that the hot pink and coral flowers really pop!!




And my farmhouse wagon from Round Top…. knew he’d be paired with something floral and glam for fall – LOL!!

And speaking of farmhouse glam…..can you see the shimmer of the glitter on the white pumpkin candles??  Love these little candles!!




Don’t forget about storage bins, photos boxes, or baskets to pop in some pink to your fall color palette.  I put one bin underneath each of our end tables to hold magazines and remotes.

And those rose gold handles – swoon!!


Here are some pictures of the kitchen where I used blue, white and orange tones.  I really love how these rooms came together this year.  

Don’t forget about fruit:  apples, pears, and peaches all can lean orange- to-pink, which are perfect for fall decorating.  





Just to make things a little fun, I decided to style our fall bookshelf 3 different ways.  So, choose your favorite by leaving your vote in the comments section below!!

Can’t wait to see which one y’all pick!!  

#1 – Love & Hugs signs together, Pink Flowers Wagon


 #2 – White Pumpkins Wagon & Pink Pumpkin Patch Sign


#3 Without Pink Pumpkin Patch Sign, Love and Hugs Word Signs




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To see more Christmas Decorating Ideas, Try 20 Best Christmas Door Wreaths, 33 Ideas:  Decorating Stairs for Christmas, DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Embroidery Hoop Ornaments, Let It Snow Donut Christmas Party.


I bought most of my items from Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, & Target.  Here are some items that will give you a similar look.

  1. Blush Pink Table Runner – Here, Here, Tablecloth
  2. Pink Velvet Pumpkins – Here 
  3. Pink Velvet Ribbon – Here
  4. Blush Flowers –  Light Pink, Deep Pink
  5. Dusty Pink & Blush Throw Pillows – Here, Here, Here, Thankful, Pumpkin
  6. Pink Vases – Here, Here, Here
  7. Hot Pink Flowers – Here, Here
  8. Buffalo Check Throw Blanket – Here, Solid, Solid, W/Pom Poms
  9. Storage Box –  Here, Here, Here
  10. Purple Flowers- Here
  11. ***White Wreaths – (mine were clearance)

***Recommend:  using 10″ grapevine wreath & paint white, or attach white berries or garland.  They are light, and will be easier to hang on your dining chairs.




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14 Easy Patriotic & Memorial Day Decorating Ideas

With summer quickly approaching, our minds begin to dream of sun-filled days, pool parties, and summer vacations – woohoo!!  And Memorial Day is the official kick-off to all things “summer,” and a reminder to all of us to be thankful for this season of luxurious freedoms.  So, what better way to honor our soldiers and veterans who have sacrificed their lives to bless our’s.  Here are 14 Easy Patriotic & Memorial Day Decorating Ideas (that won’t break the bank).

***NOTE***This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below for more info.  Thanks for your support!! 🙂



The great thing about decorating with patriotic home decor, is that you can use it ALL summer long!!  It’s a perfect way to honor our veterans on Memorial Day, celebrate our nation’s independence on Fourth of July, and to bless our working freedoms on Labor Day!!    


Patriotic decor is not intended for outdoor celebrations and pool parties ONLY.  Use your red, white, and blue accessories indoors too, so that you can enjoy them on a daily basis. 

Then when it’s time to host your Fourth of July bash, move some of your decorations outside!  Voila – instant backyard bbq & pool party!!


The Patriotic “season” is meant to give off a relaxed, family-friendly and time of gathering – style.  So use items you have on hand to decorate with, and turn them into DIY projects.  These decorations are meant to be non-fussy, inexpensive (yes- please!) and kid-friendly.

This year – I spent – wait for it – a total of $3.00 + tax!!  Now, with that said…. I do have a lot of “stuff” that I keep on hand (LOL), and have used in the past.  But in this post, I will give you some ideas to get you started, and get those DIY creative minds going!!  

So who’s ready??


  1.   RIBBONS – Hobby Lobby red check
  2.   BOWS
  3.   FLAGSmedium, small 1, small 2
  5.   BOWLS – Blue Bell Creameries (mine), Hearth & Hand Melamine
  6.   TISSUE PAPERcupcake stands 1, cupcake stands 2
  8.   THROW PILLOWSoblong, square, red/blue stripe, bicycle pillow
  9.   FABRIC  – Hobby Lobby Red Check & Bandana Check
  10.   RIC RAC TRIM – Hobby Lobby 1.1 inch x 9ft.
  11.   BUCKET
  12.   SANDhere
  13.   PAPER LANTERNShere
  14.   UMBRELLAS (PAPER) – Hobby Lobby



Use wide, red striped ribbon or another pattern that you love, to drape across your staircase railings.  Simply tie it around the banisters, or secure it with floral wire to keep in place.

My ribbon is actually a fabric ribbon….but I guess it is now discontinued at Hobby Lobby. 🙁   They do have a ton of burlap and other red check ribbon that would work though.

I used 2 rolls of ribbon for my stairs, and I tied them together in the middle.  The ribbons add a little pop of color, and hang loosely to give a more casual look to our entry.


NO. 2 – BOWS

Use small and large bows to dress up plain decorations, and to add texture.  If you’re not a “bow” person, you can always just tie ribbon in a knot.

Use one ribbon for a cleaner look, and use multiple ribbons for a little drama.  

I used 2 larger bows for my staircase newel posts, and a smaller bow for my American Flag throw pillow.  On the larger bows, I added some beads and star accents (Hobby Lobby) for a little shimmer.  

And for the throw pillow, I attached the bow to a wooden star and heart.  *Sidebar* ….. I have had that throw pillow for.ev.ER!!  & it had a little stain I couldn’t get out.  So, I needed a little something to cover it up – LOL!!  




Using flags is a very inexpensive way to decorate for Memorial Day and Fourth of July, and is also meaningful!  What better way to honor our soldiers and veterans, and to celebrate our nation’s freedom than with our American Flag.

I always use a combination of medium, small 1, and small 2 flags, and I love to use them in multiple groupings.  This year I placed them in a large blue striped vase that doubles as an umbrella holder (floor level), and on my console table & dining table (eye level).








There are a like a million (LOL!!) ways to use bandanas for patriotic decorating ideas, that are also very budget-friendly!  Use them for wreaths, banner garland, table covers, throw pillows and more.

For this idea, take a red bandana and fold it into 4’s – so it looks like a square.  Then turn it to make a diamond shape.  Pinch the bottom portion of your “diamond” and let the bandana “fluff” out. 

You might have to gently pull some of the folded portions, to make it look pretty.  Then simply stick into a cute farmhouse bowl (like my Blue Bell Ice Cream Bowls), or bowls you already own.   



These would look adorable on a patriotic tablescape, as your table setting for each guest.  Then they can actually use the bandana as their dinner napkin.  

You can always just set cute bowls out as a more casual table centerpiece.  Sometimes more natural decor looks the best – just depends on what your style is.  



The tissue paper mason jar (jelly jar) decor is very similar to the bandana bowl.  The jelly jar is just a little smaller than the mason jar, and I like to use a little variety when decorating.

Take a red piece of tissue paper and cut in half length-wise.  Then you will grab and “pinch” the tissue paper in the middle (like the bandana – just don’t fold at all), and fluff.

Leave them as is, prop them onto a little cupcake stand, or add a ribbon and some patriotic picks.  They add just a little height and color, and a touch of whimsy to keep the decorations fun.



And on the small white stand…..below.

I added some mason jars with white flowers also, to give a little movement to the table decoration.  I kept mine plain, but you could add raffia or jute to keep these looking natural. 


Use American Flag pillows, red or blue striped pillows, or make your own pillow – FABRIC pillow hack (see NO. 9) to entry benches, dining room chairs, or kitchen banquettes.

They bring in a little extra cheer to your patriotic decorations, and are just plain cute!! 





I’m definitely all about “faking” things out when you need a quick, decorating fix.  So, these fabric and rick rack trim throw pillows (hacks) are perfect.  

Basically, take a plain pillow (18 ” or 20″), a piece of fabric (38″L x 44″W), some trim (1 roll – 9 ft), hot glue, and a couple of stick pins – and you’ve got a diy patriotic pillow.

***TIP***  When you’re done using the fabric as pillow accents, use them as table runners!!  Win-Win!!


  •   Cut fabric in half LONG WAYS. So, now you  will have 2 pieces (19″L x 44″W) – like piece ABOVE.
  •   Hot glue ric rac trim to one side (or both if you prefer) to the LONG (44″W) side.


  •   Fold in half (SEE BELOW)….but maybe leave like an inch over to hide fringed area (that you cut).
  •   Cover pillow and pin in the back.

Back side….below.

Back side again……below.



The red ones…..


The bandana check ones without trim…..


NO. 11 – BUCKET & NO. 12 – SAND

Take a bucket, fill it 1/4 – 1/2 full with play sand, and use it to hold flower stems and flags.  The sand will also help keep table covers weighted down (if using these as outdoor centerpieces).  

***TIP***  You can also fill red solo plastic cups with sand, stick the small flags in, and use these to decorate and weigh down table covers also.


Stick a couple of floral stems and greenery into your sand.


Here it is with floral stems only….below.

Here it is with a couple of flags stuck into the sand also.


These patriotic paper lanterns were my big splurge this year – LOL – a whopping $3.00!!!  And worth every penny!  What do you think?

Hang them indoors on jute string above a mirror, on staircases, in niches, or hang them under a tree outdoors.  I love these things!!  





Aren’t these red paper umbrellas so fun??  They add just a little whimsy to the traditional red, white, and blue color palette, and a nod to nautical decor.  

Fill an umbrella stand with a couple of red, white, or blue umbrellas to add a little patriotic decor to your entry.  Or just prop a red umbrella up against the wall or by an entry bench like mine.





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Painting Garage Doors Tutorial

*** Looking for back to school inspiration?  Try Top 10 Best Desks for Students (under $150).  More posts coming soon 🙂 ***






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10 Ultimate Outdoor Summer Party Essentials

So, school is almost out and it’s time to get your patio ready for summer entertaining.  You’ve gotten your outdoor seating area ready with your new cushions, planters all filled with your favorite spring colors, and now all you need is…..well a reason to throw a party & some guests! BOOM – Summer Love – here we come!!  10 Ultimate Outdoor Summer Party Essentials.

But before you send out the evites, are you sure you have everything you need?  Here are the 10 Ultimate Outdoor Summer Party Essentials to make your Summer 2019 hashtag- worthy!!  Kick back, relax and let the unforgettable family memories begin 🙂


Want more spring/summer inspiration and tips, click here to see 33 patio seating inspirations, 33 patio seating options, my Spring Home Tour 2019, and 14 Easy Memorial Day & Patriotic Decorating Ideas.

***NOTE*** This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if your purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support. 🙂


Hosting an outdoor party should be a fun, easy, and relaxing way to hang out with your family and friends.  So to make your party planning easier, I have divided out the party essentials into 3 categories:

1:  WELCOME YOUR GUESTS – setting the scene

2:  ENTERTAIN YOUR GUESTS – hostess with the most-ess (LOL)

3:  MINGLE WITH YOUR GUESTS – a time of gathering  

This way you’ll be able to do a “walk through” of your party, and see it through the eyes of your guests.  It will be kind of like a dress rehearsal, & you can tweak things as you go along.  

So, let’s get to the goodies!!


  1.  Doormats
  2.  Outdoor Lighting
  3.  Raised Planters/Window Boxes/Trellises
  4.  Storage Benches/Planter Benches
  5.  Bar Carts
  6.  Melamine Dinnerware & Stemware
  7.  Outdoor Ice Chests, Beverage Tubs, Beverage Dispensers
  8.  Fire Pits
  9.  Lawn Games
  10.  Cushion Storage Boxes 

***Scroll to End of Post to skip directly to the shopping portion – with pictures of all items included.  Plus, a sneak peek with one at my house!! ***


NO. 1 – Doormats

If you want to welcome your guests with a smile, then check out these adorable doormats I have found.  Summer is all about the laid-back and “fun” you, so choose one that reflects your inner spirit. 

Your guests will automatically feel your relaxed hostess vibe and the “real” party can begin asap – lol!!  Choose neutral colors if you want your doormat to blend in with your outdoor seating decor, or choose fun happy colors to add a pop of energy.  


Anjenette I Hope You Brought Wine Natural Coir Door mat




Shop Doormats:  Wine Mat, Watermelon Mat 1 (MINE), Watermelon Mat 2 (more options available), Hello Mat 1, Hello Mat 2

NO. 2 – Raised Planters/Window Boxes/Trellises

Who doesn’t love plants in their backyard or patio?  They bring life, color, and scenery to a blank space and make our hearts smile with joy!!  So, why not bring that feeling to elevated areas with raised planters, window boxes, and trellises?

Mattapoisett 3 ft. x 1.5 ft. Raised Garden


Fairfield Plastic Window Box Planter

Shop Raised Planters:  Option 1, Option 2

Shop Window Boxes:  Option 1, Option 2

Shop Trellises:  Option 1, Option 2

Dayanara Vinyl Trellis

NO. 3 –  Outdoor Lighting 

Lighting is such a fun (yet important) element of outdoor living and outdoor entertaining.  You can really express your own personality through light fixtures, and you don’t have to compromise style when on a tight budget. 

Wall Mount Outdoor Lighting:

Wall mount lights add subtle ambiance, function, and style all at the same time.  These lights really set the tone for your backyard design and vibe.  Is your look more classic and traditional or boho and eclectic?  

Belleair Bluffs Outdoor Barn Light

Shop Wall Mount Outdoor Lighting:  Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4, Option 5

Landscape Lighting:

Landscape lighting adds the most drama to you outdoor space, but is probably the most over-looked design element.  It’s a very small price to pay to “introduce” your outdoor patio area to your family and friends with these hidden lights.  

They highlight and accent gorgeous, lush green landscapes and planted trees, and also help light the paths of your sidewalks and steps.  Use solar lights to help save money.



Shop Landscape Lighting:  Option 1Option 2 


Using Candle lanterns is the easiest way to add light and ambiance to your backyard oasis, and is easy on the wallet also.   They come in a variety of heights, styles, and colors.  They are definitely one of my favorite patio essentials – I LOVE them!!

If you want to go FULL – drama, then choose the taller sizes (like 29″H or 32″H).   Looking to highlight an area, sprinkle a combination of sizes around the pool, on accent or dinner tables, and even benches. If you’re going for a farmhouse look, hang different sizes and heights in your trees.  Just make sure the limbs can support the weight.


Landen Black Metal Lanterns

***TIP***  I would definitely encourage you to bring these metal lanterns indoors, when not in use.  I know they always say indoor/outdoor, but metal rusts.   If you choose to keep them outdoors indefinitely, you can always do a little touch-up painting each year (not a biggie). 

Shop Lanterns:  Black, Black 2 (more colors)White, White 2 (more colors), Outdoor Candles

NO. 4 – Storage Benches/Planter Benches

These storage benches come in very handy to provide extra seating and storage.  Having the back provides additional support and keep things from blowing around.  Plus, it gives your outdoor space a little coastal farmhouse charm.

Store extra patio cushions and pool toys inside the hidden portion, and hold your guest’s beach bags, towels, and shoes on the seating portion.  Plus, you can hang towels on the back of the bench to dry while entertaining your guests at the pool.   

Eden Resin Storage Bench

Planter Benches:

The planter bench stores…well….uhh… plants – LOL!!  I just had to include it here because it is so adorable and functional!! Use it against a wall to give a little pop of color, or use 2 or 3 together and frame out a seating area around a fire pit or deck. 

Arianna Rectangular Wood Planter Bench


Shop Storage Benches:  Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Planter Bench:  Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4


NO. 5 –  Outdoor Bar Carts

Nothing says Outdoor Summer Party more than a bar cart – on wheels.  These rolling bar carts are the ultimate entertaining accessory to accommodate all of your outdoor party needs, and help make entertaining easy and enjoyable. 

They provide long, flat surfaces for food preparation and serving, hooks for grilling utensils and pot holders, a condiments section, a spice rack, and even a paper towel roll (option 1).  Use the hidden storage to store extras like water bottles, paper goods, and even charcoal.Cambron Caster Bar Serving Cart

Shop Outdoor Bar Carts:  Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

NO. 6 –  Melamine Dinnerware & Acrylic Stemware

No summer party is “safely” complete without melamine dinnerware & stemware – LOL!!  They have come a long way since their introduction, and are available now in tons of patterns, colors, and styles.   

Plus, they are dishwasher safe and very user- friendly.  You don’t have to worry about your bestie dropping one of your glass wine stems (you know that’s happened – HA!), or one of your kiddos dropping a ceramic plate.


Cogswell Melamine Mauna Crackle 12 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

Melamine & Acrylic

These are becoming more and more popular for everyday use as well, especially when you have younger kiddos.  They are perfect when teaching kids how to help clear the table after dinner, or help empty out the dishwasher – without fear of breaking them 😉

Clarity Turquoise Acrylic Stemware


Shop Melamine Dinnerware:  Blue Solid Set – more colors), Blue Pattern Set, Blue Pattern Plates Only, Terra Cotta Set

Shop Acrylic Stemware:  Clear, Turquoise, Cobalt

Shop Acrylic Tumblers:  Clear, Turquoise, Cobalt

NO. 7 – Outdoor Ice Chests, Beverage Tubs, Beverage Dispensers

This is probably #1 on everyone’s must-haves list for Summer Fun!!  It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a Memorial Day Party, Fourth Of July Party, Graduation Party, Pool Party, Kid’s Birthday Party, Back to School Party, or even a Labor Day Party – ALL Summer Long – chilled drinks are a MUST!!

I’ve rounded up several options ranging from ice chests on wheels, to wicker or wooden ice chest boxes, to ice chest stands.  Whatever your style is, there is an outdoor ice chest that fits your outdoor living style.  

80 Qt. Oakland Patio Cooler


Shop Ice Chests:  

On Casters:   Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4

Outdoor cooler (stationary):  Wicker, Wooden, Galvanized Metal Beverage Tub

Beverage Dispensers:  Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Bar Cooler:  Option 1

32 Qt. Clarita Bar Cooler


NO. 8 – Fire Pits

Fire Pits are the perfect addition to your outdoor patio, that you can use all year long.  They make a gorgeous focal point, and create a quiet coziness for your outdoor living space. 

Use them in the evenings for an adult cocktail party with family and friends to create a little ambiance.  Or use them to toast marshmallows for s’mores, for a kid-friendly Memorial Day or Fourth of July Party.  No matter where you decide to put it, it is sure to gather people together.

Crossweave Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Shop Fire Pits:  Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4, Option 5

NO. 9 – Outdoor Lawn Games 

Summer gatherings are just not complete unless there’s a little friendly competition.  So bust out the lawn games and bring the party to life.  These games are ideal for an adult get-together, and also kid-friendly for family events.   

Couples can play against other couples, or try to play girls against guys for added fun.  Do the same with families: one family against other family, girls against guys, or kids against parents. 

It’s a great way for people to get to know one another, and for everyone to feel included.  Win- win!!

Shop Outdoor Games:  Cornhole (beanbag) Toss, Rollzee Dice Game, Ring Toss, Washers

NO. 10 – Outdoor Storage Boxes

These storage deck boxes are a must-have for outdoor organization.  They come in various sizes and styles to accommodate all of your backyard needs. 

Use them to store patio cushions, pool toys, planting/garden accessories, extra towels, & more.  They are light weight so you move them around easily, and can serve double-duty as extra seating or accent tables.  

Williston Resin Storage Bench & Reviews | Joss & Main

Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Deck Box

Shop Storage Boxes

Small:  Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Large:  Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4


I hope you found one or 2 essentials to get your outdoor living space summer ready!!  And you have the best. summer.  EVER!!

So, which one if your absolute FAVORITE??!!  Let me know!


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Spring Home Tour 2019,  Painting Garage Doors Tutorial, and 10 Ways To Add Color To Your Entry

Here is a picture of the watermelon doormat “party essential” on my front porch – I love it!  It just screams summer fun – doesn’t it?




Anjenette I Hope You Brought Wine Natural Coir Door mat







Markita Hello Door matSulema Hello Door mat







Belleair Bluffs Outdoor Barn LightEden 1-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern









Valeri 1-Light Outdoor Wall LanternCharleston 2-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern









Caswell 3-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern









Solar Powered Pathway Light Pack

Landen Black Metal Lanterns









Bennett Black Metal Lanterns

Landen White Metal Lanterns








Bennett White Metal Lanterns

Deco Wick™ LED Outdoor Pillar Candles








Mattapoisett 3 ft. x 1.5 ft. Raised Garden








Timeless Easy Grow 3.7 ft x 1.6 ft Resin Raised GardenFairfield Plastic Window Box Planter









Nantucket Plastic Window Box PlanterDayanara Vinyl Trellis









Providence Vinyl Lattice Panel Trellis












Eden Resin Storage Bench








Elements Storage BenchBrisbane Acacia Garden Storage Bench








Arianna Rectangular Wood Planter Bench

BestNest Dura-Trel Small Planter Boxes and Seat Package









Cedar/Fir Bench with Side Planters - Natural Cedar/Fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata), Model# CSN-CPB-07








Cambron Caster Bar Serving Cart









Eta Bar Serving Cart

Buckland Serving Cart








Cogswell Melamine Mauna Crackle 12 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

Bezu Heavy Weight 12 Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set, Service for 4








Bezu 11" Heavy Weight Melamine Dinner PlateAdah 16 Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set, Service for 4








Clarity Clear Acrylic StemwareClarity Turquoise Acrylic Stemware








Clarity Blue Acrylic StemwareClarity Clear Acrylic Tumbler








Clarity Turquoise Acrylic Tumbler








80 Qt. Oakland Patio Cooler80 Qt. Antique Patio Rolling Cooler








80 Qt. Patio Rolling Cooler77 Qt. Gallon Deck Cooler








Lamanna 60 Qt. Outdoor Cooler

Natural Wood Outdoor Cooler








710 Oz. Galvanized Steel Beverage TubMia Beverage Dispenser








Stiles Unbreakable 3.5 Gallon Beverage DispenserGilford Basics 3 Piece Beverage Dispenser Set








32 Qt. Clarita Bar CoolerBelle Stone Propane Fire Pit Table








Crossweave Steel Wood Burning Fire PitSteel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table








Stainless Steel Propane Fire Pit TableSteel Wood Burning Fire Pit Table









Giant Wooden Dice
















Williston Resin Storage Bench & Reviews | Joss & Main

Resin Storage Bench








Cube 13 Gallon Resin Deck Box

Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Deck Box









73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck BoxGlenwood 101 Gallon Resin Deck Box








Sumatra 135 Gallon Resin Deck Box









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My Easter Tablescape: Blue & Yellow

I am excited this year to be sharing our Easter table decoration with you!  We were still living upstairs (due to the flood/remodel) last year during this time, so nothing was decorated.   And honestly, it was quite depressing.  Fast forward one year …. and what a difference!!  My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow.

Love all things blue, try 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.


I am feeling so blessed to actually have a dining room this year, that it was important that it looked special (well at least to me).  And you know…..sometimes us mommas deserve to feel good about something too- ya know?? LOL!!  

If you’re joining in from 26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes To Try or 24 Adorable Easter Front Door Wreaths, welcome!!   

FYI – I picked a different color palette than the ones mentioned in the 26 tablescapes post…..just to give you another option to try. 

I hope it gives you a little inspiration, and puts a smile on your face.



  •  1)  So, what sparked the inspiration for my color palette this year?  The yellow pitcher and plates with retro style flowers were definitely the first items that came to mind. 

They instantly fill the dining room with yellow sunshine on cloudy days (& we have had  A TON of those here in Katy, TX)….and they make me happy!




  • 2)  And then I found the muted yellow striped placemats, and that adorable farmhouse truck with Easter eggs pillow…… & I knew  it was enough to get me started. 

So what do you think of the pillow – isn’t it precious?  I found all of these goodies at Home Goods (in case you’re interested).


  • 3)  Now, that I knew which color palette I was using…..I began rummaging thru my “goodies” at home to see what I could use to tie these colors together.

AND….what did I find?  Well, I found the yellow wreath and robin egg’s blue table runner – bingo!!  The yellow wreath screams “hello spring” right from 1st glance, and that quilted table runner brought in the vintage feel that I was going for. 

Yes, please – we have a winner!!


  • 4)  Plus….. I already had the geometric navy lampshades with white bases that really help the wreath “pop”off of the wall.  With all of the lighter colors on the table decor, it was important to have the darker colors against the back wall for contrast.


The dark navy wall also adds a lot of depth to the room by giving the eye a large grounding space (resting place) with all of the different patterns and colors going on in the room.   

To see more of the lamp shades in my dining room click here for my Fall Home Tour 2018 (with orange accents), and here Christmas Dining Room (with red accents).  Which one do you like more?


Here is what the dining room looks like from a distance (picture below) so you can see how the navy accent wall adds depth to the table decor and room.  Plus, it really creates a big contrast against all of the white slipcovered dining chairs.

If you want to know more about the paint colors I used click My House Paint Colors. If you want to know where I got some of my items or want to try to get the same look as my summer dining room, click shop our home:  dining room.  Have a question about an item or can’t find something, shoot me a comment.  I’d be happy to answer any questions.



Now that I can see my main decor elements:  lamp shades, wreath, yellow pitcher/plates, and pillow…..I can now start accessorizing. 

Since I already had the 2 turquoise, spa-colored pillows (from my bedroom), I popped those in to my captain chairs.  They also help ground the busyness of the decor.

I just have to say that I am LOVING that cute little farm truck with Easter eggs pillow!!  Can you tell – LOL??!! 

It just adds a little whimsy to the dining room, and plays off of the floral pitcher and plates.  Plus, its just fun!!

Now, let’s get to the tablescape accessories.  Since I know my color palette and have my accent colors in place, I just have to pop in a couple of items to complete the look. 

Here is what it looks like from the top view.

The design is kept simple in order to swap out a couple of decorations with a couple of serving platters, when Easter dinner is served. 

This way I can enjoy the tablescape for the entire Easter and spring season, but use it functionally when Easter actually arrives.

Below is a picture from the side with the chairs turned out so you can see how all of the color accents work together.  What draws YOUR eye first, then second, and so on?

My eye goes to the back wall first – right?  Then my focus travels from the navy lampshades to the yellow wreath, up to the yellow pitcher, back to the blue throw pillows and yellow farmhouse pillow, AND then back to the yellow plates. 

Amazing how it all interacts with each other!

If you want to learn how to layer the table decor, piece by piece click Setting A Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps.  Even though it for fall decor, the process will be the same.  

Since I am an “antique lover,”  my mom gave me that sweet little vintage egg pedestal candy dish a long time ago.  Most years I fill it with candy, but this year I decided to put dyed Easter eggs in it. 

Because she did those too (with my girls when they were little), it’s a perfect way to reminisce on both memories.   

One of those dyed blue Easter eggs still has a little “Disney princess” sticker still on it.  Cry-cry, sniff-sniff!!  It’s the little things …..





Use different shades of the same color to your tablescape or other vignettes, to add dimension.  The different blue and green colors of the dyed eggs really pop off against the lighter blue table runner, and spa-colored napkins. 

Plus, they are in the same color depth as the blue on the plates…even though they are a different shade.


I found those vintage style blue glasses (plastic outdoor tea glasses) to compliment my smaller antique glasses, and to add a little blue to the top of the table setting. 

I think it’s one of my favorite additions to the entire tablescape.  What do you think??


Here’s another view of the table setting from the back side.  You can tell how the white bowls, plates, and cake stand (all with dots) carry on the theme of those vintage inspired tea glasses. 

The dots really frame the dishes and give the setting texture.

Front side…..the bunny dish we got from our “holiday” wedding shower – almost 17 years ago.


Love the style of the mirror?  Click  Distressed Hand Painted White Round Mirror -DIY

There’s a painting tutorial and tips to get this exact look!

Thanks for taking a little Easter Dining Room tour with me!!  I hope you’re loving the blue and yellow as much as I do! 

Just remember to use things that you love, that are meaningful, that remind you of Jesus, and that make you smile.


Do you like the color combination and items I used?  Do you have a favorite?  Let me know!!

Love all things blue, try 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.

Have a Very Happy Easter! 

Love & Easter Hugs – jael 🙂

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10 Ways to Add Color to Your Entry

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26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes To Try

With spring right around the corner, a couple of things always pop in my mind at this time of the year.  Days filled with tons of sunshine, bluebonnets blooming in the green pastures, plans for our girls’ Spring Break and Summer, and of course celebrating Easter.  Whether you’re looking for Easter Wreaths for your front door, or decorations for your home, there are always new color palettes that inspire.  So, here are the ones I have gathered up to give you some ideas:  26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes to Try.

Want more spring home decorating ideas?  Try Spring Home Tour 2019, 10 Ways to Add Color to Your Entry, 9 Affordable Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space, 33 Stunning Outdoor Patio Seating Inspirations, 33 Best Outdoor Seating Options: All Under $500.

***UPDATE:  I have finished My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow. Now you can add ONE more color palette to your idea board. ***

I love how we gladly say farewell to the colder temperatures (= rainy season around here in Texas) and darker colors of winter, and welcome in the warmth of the sun, lighter colors/fabrics, and new opportunities.

And in the spirit of all things new, like our new life that Jesus gave to us, Easter is a chance to honor His sacrifice.  So, what better way to honor His life than to set a Easter table worthy of our King – AMEN!!

Woohoo!!  Grab a Pen….because you will want to keep track of all your favs!!  These very talented women have done a fabulous job on their Easter tablescapes.  Let’s get to it!!

***Follow me on pinterest to get a ton of tips & inspiration for all things home decor, diy, and party/events.



These are the 5 color groups that I have broken this post into, to help you navigate a little easier.

  1.   Purple
  2.   Blue
  3.   Pink
  4.   Green
  5.   Multi


The color purple has always been associated with royalty – yes Kings, so I decided to begin with it first in honor of our King Jesus!!  As you scroll through the different color palettes below, you’ll notice immediately that purple is a stately color, one of class and elegance.

You can dress it up with golds and metallics, or dress it down by using natural greenery or woven baskets.  No matter which style you choose, these purple tablescapes are sure to make your heart swoon!!  Want to know how to layer dishware and set the table try Setting a Table in 8 Steps.

Purple + White


Purple + Blush


Purple + Periwinkle


Purple + White


Purple + Turquoise



The color blue has always been associated as providing a soothing, calming environment – wherever it is used.  It also a highly popular color choice because it possesses the timeless quality, therefore making it a classic color.  The soothing tones bring in a sense of calmness when using softer shades, and the richer tones bring in a touch of drama when using darker shades.

It too, can also be dressed up or down depending on what style it is paired with.  For a more regal choice, stick with the darker shades and gold/metallics.  For a more casual choice, stick with lighter shades and natural elements (like burlap, twine, or wood).  Love all things blue:  try Blue and White Fall Dining room for more inspiration.

Blue + Gold


Blue + Mint


Blue + Brown


Blue + Twine


Blue +  Christmas (beautiful Christian design, but could be used for Easter also)


Blue + Music Paper



The color green is such a nature-loving color, and actually acts as a neutral in most color palettes.  It brings in a fresh, clean feeling when paired with more yellow-green shades (think lime green and apples).    And it brings in a dramatic, masculine feeling when paired with darker shades (think hunter green and hunting lodges).

Of course, it can also be dressed up or down depending on the style you choose.  If you want a more casual look, stick with baskets and  bird’s nests.  If you want a more sophisticated look, add tapered candles sticks and crystal wine glasses.  Love the color green…..try Summer Dining Room.

Green + White


Green + Teal


Green + Twine


Green + Rose Gold


Green + Pink



The color pink evokes a sense of energy, whimsy, and elegance all at the same time.  It can be used with any other color palette to add a punch of drama and excitement, or be used as a monochromatic color scheme (different shades in one color hue – think fuchsia and blush) to add depth and dimension.

To keep the style casual, use lighter shades of pink and whimsical patterns in dishware and fabrics (think gingham/buffalo check or stripes).   To dress it up, use darker shades of pink with gold flatware and gold-rimmed dishware (think vintage dishes, cups and saucers).

Pink + Gold


Pink + Green


Pink + Blush


Pink + Blue


Pink + Gingham


Pink + Chalkboard



The multi-colored look is associated with the more “free-spirited” type of personality.  It fits best for the girl who isn’t afraid to break the rules, the trend setter.  This color palette is very easy on the eyes because the different colors and fabrics help put the tablescape into motion.

The multi color palette possesses a laid-back kind of style…..but don’t think for a second that it is not planned out or carefully crafted, it is.  For a more casual feel, mix & match 3 accessories (think placemats, napkins, and dishware).  To dress it up, keep 3 accessories similar (think pink rose, pink napkin, pink egg). This will give a little more polished look to your “relaxed vibe.”

Green + Lavendar + Periwnkle + Mint


Pink + Blue + Gold + Green


Yellow + Turquoise + Pink + Green


Pink + Lavender + Lime Green + Turquoise



Hope you found some inspiration for your Easter tablescape this year, and can see yourself in at least one of these styles.  And…..if you just HAD to choose a favorite, which one would you pick?

Let me know – can’t wait to see what everyone’s favorites are!!

  • Want more Easter inspiration click:

My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow, 24 Adorable Easter Wreaths, or follow my pinterest boards Easter Decorating love or Easter Tablescape Love.

  • Want more Spring Home Decorating Ideas click:

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  • Want more Dining Room Inspiration click:

Fall Home Tour or Summer Dining Room

Have a Very HAPPY EASTER!!

Love & Easter Hugs 🙂






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Let it Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 3: The Event)

Woohoo!!  I am sooooo happy to FINALLY be showing y’all pictures of our  Let it Snow DONUT Christmas Party!!  We had our event a little over a week ago, and it was a huge success.  We received a ton of compliments on  planning (decorations, invitations, setup, and food), execution of those plans, and overall great party atmosphere.   YAY!!  WE DID IT!!

There were 162 members who showed up to participate in the philanthropy crafts, and we couldn’t be happier with all of the items that were completed.  These philanthropies rely on organizations like our’s to help them out (especially during the Christmas season), and we feel that we completed our mission. 

The Let it Snow Party provided the perfect backdrop and ambiance to get all of our philanthropy crafts taken care of, and we were just so proud of how it all came together!  ***FYI***  GRAB a drink and a chair….because this is NOT a cliff notes short version -lol!!!  But it is soooo worth your time – I promise!!  So, Let’s get to it.


(Part 2:  THE EVENT)

The pictures that I am showing will be either the planning stage, pre-event stage , or some during the actual event.  There will not be a lot of pictures with members (due to privacy policies) but I do have a handful so you can see this very special group of moms & daughters!!

The place that we hosted our event is The Brookwood Community in Brookshire, Texas.  Their Mission:  “Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and provides meaning and purpose for adults with disabilities.”   This is a beautiful place with lots to offer –  an adorable cafe, a beautiful retail shop, and stunning facilities to tour.  All of the poinsettias (that we used to decorate) are grown in their nursery.  If you are near this area- please stop in.  You will be beyond impressed and you will leave with a heart full of love!!   Words cannot express how grateful our organization is to Brookwood for allowing us to use their facility for our Holiday Philanthropy Fair!!  THANKS Brookwood!!

I will break these pictures up into 7 GROUPS to make this little tour easier to navigate!   ***If you missed the planning posts and want to see more, click HERE – for decoration planning, and HERE for food planning.***

  1.  STAGE


Brookwood provided the 2 gorgeous Christmas trees, stage lights, gazebo pieces, and all table and chairs.  Then it was up to us to transform the facility into a winter wonderland of donuts and snowflakes. 

 The gazebo “snow house” is where all of the girls and moms take their class picture, so it had to be big and bold!  I think we got it- do you??

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to add color and fill a space is with empty wrapped Christmas presents.  We had our moms bring extra boxes and specific colors of wrapping paper to our work day……and then added them wherever we needed a “punch of color.”    Just make for sure you stick to no more than 3 colors:  we used pink/white, blue/white, silver/gold.

Do you remember some of the items from the planning post- Part 1?   I LOVE how it all came together!!   Below is a BEFORE picture from the planning post.

2)  TABLES: 


We had to make a couple of changes to our table arrangement/setup because there were not enough rectangular tables….so we used round tables.    For event planning, there are ALWAYS things that are not going to work like you “thought,” so just be prepared to roll with the flow.  We set up a day before to try to take care of all the things that might (will – lol) have to be changed.


For the tables we used 2 different turquoise plastic table covers (one solid, one polka dot), and then satin round turquoise table covers.  I’m soooooo glad I brought the 2 tubs of white and turquoise fabric table covers (from our organization) as backups……because – well – we needed them!!

And remember  the  handmade “lollipops”from the planning post…..see picture below.  These are perfect for table centerpieces because the sand in the pots hold all types of signs.  

My co-chair made the adorable snowflake signs with her cricket for each of the 13 participating philanthropies – too cute!! ( THANKS A!!) 


The registration tables worked beautifully…..after the committee turned the tables into a L-shape!  This change created much better flow, and gave this corner a cozy feel.

The silver snowflake name tags and donut ornaments worked perfectly with our Let it Snow Donut theme.  The polka dot name tag boxes sealed the deal – love these!!  Click HERE for diy Christmas donut ornaments post.

The before pic….see below.  We had these letters already (in storage), so I just simply added the pink tulle and dot ribbon for a little whimsy.  Then I used the silver chargers and stands that we also had, to make the letters look like signs.


This table was used to sell tickets for our senior recognition event, so I decided to make it fun and crazy!!  The NCL letters worked great with the 2 small white trees and donut ornaments.  Once again I added some ribbon and small ornaments to the letters to customize them.

And the pre-planning….see pictures below.

We replaced the 2 fuchsia wreaths with snowflake signs, and then used the wreaths underneath the 2 white trees.  This table really “popped” with all of the contrasting colors, and gave a TON of personality to a blank space!!


Wow…..Wow…..WOW!!  The food committee chairs and committee knocked it out of the park!!  I met with the 2 chairs for all of the “donut” shaped food ideas we needed to incorporate – and they nailed it!!  And of course – the DONUT wall we borrowed from one of our other member (thanks T!!) – it stole the show!!

BEFORE picture of the food/drinks setup area.
and AFTER…… What do you think about the DONUT WALL???  I LOVE IT!!  
Remember the snowman skewers (bottom right) and donut holes Christmas trees from (Part 2- food planning)…..well here they are!!  We added the adorable tiffany blue stands (that we had in storage) to give the table a little glam and the pom pom garland with donut ornaments to add a little fun!  The polka dot table cover finished the whimsical look off perfectly!!  But what really makes it POP – is the “DONUT GOLD LETTERS!”  Great job ladies!!
From the precious homemade cupcakes to the rice kripsies “donuts” (also from Part 2), all of the colors fit exactly as planned.  
Rice Krispies “donuts” made by one of our moms and her daughter!!  They did a great job!
Above – is another before picture so you can see the table arrangement.  
And our girls wanted the “fruit” Christmas tree- adorable!
What is the “white” in the jars…..not milk??  It’s sugar – genius idea food committee!!  And those sprinkled donut holes are so fun!
I have to brag on these ladies – they REALLY did a fantastic job!!  Even the donut icing is perfect!!  Can’t have a DONUT Christmas party without going BIG on the donuts!


What is a girl supposed to do when she cannot remove (9) 4×4′ canvas fruits and veggies prints from the wall…..well she creates 9 Christmas word signs using the “O’S”  as donuts!!  These 9 blue wall signs completed the DONUT party theme!!  The blue created our “winter” color, and the hanging donuts added to our donut-themed Christmas Party.  

They were a LITTLE tricky to execute – so that we would not damage the existing prints, but our moms did it!!  And they turned out great!! BELOW – is a BEFORE picture of the five prints on the left side…..and then the after with them covered.

And AFTER…..
Those 2’s are made with the DONUT ornaments that our girls made – too cute!!  
BEFORE….. this is where the food tables are.  JOY and HOPE signs.
work in progress….
BEFORE picture of back wall…..NOEL on left LOVE on right.  I did not take a picture of the noel sign  – cry cry- sniff, sniff!!!  But I did mock ups of all of them so you can see what it was supposed to look like.
So, this is how the signs were all planned out.  I laid the 4×4′ blue wrapping paper down and placed all of the accessories on top how I wanted them to look.  This allowed me to figure out which donut color went with the different letter colors, and also spacing.  This is also how I knew that I needed something extra covering the bottom portion.
So, I sprayed the bottom portion with “spray on” fake snow…..
…… and then added the different sized cotton balls to that!!!  The cotton balls were not very cooperative sticking onto the fake snow – LOL, but they eventually stayed put!!
I think they ended up looking like snow globes – what do you think??


Remember the Christmas Snowman diy cotton ball wreath……well here it is!  There are  2 roll top doors (like accordion style bread bins) on the kitchen walls that were kind of eye sores.  YIKES!!  I really felt like we needed to cover at least one of those doors – just for aesthetic reasons.  So, that’s exactly what we did.

BEFORE….with door open.
….and AFTER !!  Popped in a couple of poinsettias to try to hide that cord & it was perfect!!
Here is the pre-planning stage at my house.  I used the same blue wrapping paper that I used for the blue word signs so that all of the walls would look uniform.
And here is a wider view so you can see it with the word signs.  I decided not to do the other rolling door to the right of the donut wall, so we it wouldn’t have to compete with any other decor.    It was definitely the right call!!  


The back window decorations went just as planned.  There were 4 sets (of 2 together), so I just used 2 at my house to plan them out.  We used the snowflakes again (that the girls made) and a couple of larger snowflakes to take up more window space.  Then we used the same white tinsel (like the blue word signs) to tie the windows and wall decor together.

BEFORE picture…..
and AFTER…..
BEFORE picture…..
and AFTER…..
planning it at my house …..


INCREDIBLY TALENTED!!  One of our moms (and her husband) created this one-of-a-kind snowman selfie station for us!!  She drew it out, and he built it from wood – genius!!  I can’t say enough how fabulous this was.  All of the moms and daughters LOVED taking pictures with these snowmen and her adorable handmade props!!  It is going to make very memorable mother-daughter photos.  Thanks so much N!!

and all of the adorable props she made…..
and with the huge pool float donut (brought by another mom)….  Precious – right??!!  Who wouldn’t want to take a selfie with those??


In the entrance, we placed the beautiful red poinsettias (from Brookwood) on and around more wrapped presents to add color and height.  We had the girls make the sign on the chalkboard  (since it was really THEIR party – wink, wink), and we used one of the adorable cricket snowflakes again to seal the deal!!

BEFORE picture……
and AFTER…..


That’s me on top left 😉


And here is our adorable t-shirt created by my co-chair…..Amazing job A!!
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Fall to Christmas Decorating: 3 EASY Tips

So, Thanksgiving is over and it’s officially time to pull out your Christmas decorations.  But for some reason this year, you’re a little more tired than usual!!  Fly Me In An Angel Please – Fall to Christmas Decorating:  3 EASY Tips.  Your Welcome 🙂

Why are you so tired anyway? 

Could it be because:  your boss gave you an extra work assignment, or maybe the kids’ crazy schedules (school Christmas parties, extracurricular activities &  the Church Christmas program), OR maybe it’s your husband’s “football watching schedule” – hahaha!! 

And don’t feel bad – all of these things are important… they really are!!  It’s just that you just could USE.A LITTLE.HELP!! 

Anyone??  Let’s get this party started – shall we?

Click How To Make The Perfect Bow to get gorgeous bows for the Christmas Decorating season.


When making the transition from Fall to Christmas decorating, follow these 3 tips.  They work in every room of the house, and they are super EASY to follow. 

It’s kind of like a math formula, except it’s for your house.  Plug the formula in, fill in the blanks, and woo-lah!!  You have a winner!!

3 EASY Tips = Decorating Formula

  • TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.
  • TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.
  • TIP #3:  Use existing decorations (from Fall) and alter to fit new holiday (Christmas).  

These tips will work in every room of your house.  But to save some time, I am only going to focus this post on the dining room, foyer (entry), living room/kitchen. 

These are my favorite rooms to decorate, so I thought I would focus on these areas.

  1. Dining Room
  2. Foyer (entry)
  3. Living Room/Kitchen



TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

In the dining room I chose navy and white as my main color theme, and then changed out the Fall (orange) to the Christmas (red).










TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

Here again I kept the same lamps/shades, mirror, and candles sticks the same…..but just changed out the wreaths and table accent pieces.









***NOTE***  I changed out my rug this year (moved to my living room), but normally this would stay the same.  Since flooding- I was a little over excited to do some switcher-oos ;). 

I needed the blue and white rug to carry out the navy color theme into the living room, so I switched them out.  See how that works??


TIP #3:  Use existing decorations and alter to fit new holiday.  

If possible, use the same table linens (runner, place mats and napkins) and change out napkin rings, glasses, or chargers.  

In here, the biggest change was getting rid of the gold chargers & pumpkins (orange tones) and replacing with pops of bold red.











Here is the tablescape broken down by steps.  If you look at my post Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps, you will be able to compare the two different seasons.


Plus, you can see how easy it is to remove a couple of accents of one color, and simply replace them with another color.  LOVE IT!!





Things that remained the same in the dining room (NAVY DECOR):

  1. table runner
  2. napkins
  3. place mats
  4. plates
  5. lamps/lampshades
  6. candle sticks with navy glass balls

Things that I changed or added (RED ACCENTS):

  1. red wreath
  2. red berries candle rings
  3. red martini glasses
  4. red napkin rings
  5. red poinsettia table garland
  6.  red candles to table


I also added some silver ornaments to the chandelier,  “joy” letters to the buffet, and 2 mercury glass decanters to the table.  All of these are neutral in color, but add a metallic (shiny) component. 

These help break up all of the bold, dark colors and let light bounce around.

Since I knew I was hosting Dinner this year at my house, I removed the blue vase/flowers and opted for the above mentioned silver mercury decanters instead. 

I wanted to keep the sight line clear so that we could see each other and visit…. without a floating distraction on the table. 

I also decided to use my plain white bowls in place of my polka dot bowls to keep the table decor all unified.  I really wanted the red to POP and get all of the glory!!

Now, we will just keep using the same tips (formula) for each room.


TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

In the foyer I kept the blue and white again, but got rid of the yellow.  I decided to use different shades of blue to add depth, and used pops of red on my Christmas tree.



















TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

On my console, I kept the basic foundation the same.  I changed the Fall decor (yellow) to Christmas  decor (3 large ornaments, trees, and sleigh).  See below for tutorial on buffalo check ornaments.









Love all things blue (and white) click 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:   For Every Room & Budget.


TIP #3:  Use existing decorations and alter to fit new holiday. 

In the 2 candle lanterns on the bottom shelf, I replaced the Fall decor (pine cones) with Christmas decor (ornaments).   

I also kept my white basket, but simply removed the yellow throw and replaced it with a blue pillow (above picture).











Click Buffalo Check DIY Christmas Ornament Balls (part 2) for the tutorial or Buffalo Check DIY Snowman: Using Emboridery Hoops (part 1) for that tutorial.

Either of these DIY projects would be perfect for an Christmas entry or foyer.




Things that remained the same (BLUE/WHITE DECOR):

  1. two pictures
  2. two lamps
  3. wall hanger knob
  4. blue console
  5. white basket


Things that I changed or added ( CHRISTMAS DECOR):

  1. three buffalo check ornaments
  2. white bottle brush tree set
  3. white fur, silver  and navy sleigh
  4. two turquoise ornaments
  5. blue home pillow

*** replaced Fall decor from silver lanterns with Christmas decor….. photo below***







TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

In my living room, I used the same blue and white color theme again, and switched out the pops of orange with pops of red, green and turquoise.












Click Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath for the tutorial.  It’s a very

budget friendly way to decorate a large wall.

It can be made with 2 or 3 wreaths, depending on your wall dimension.








TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

In my breakfast nook I switched out my orange pillow with the matching plaid pillow.  I love this rug and pillow combo!! 

The rug has both orange and red tones so I can use it for both seasons – win-win!!

Click Fall Home Tour 2018 to see more pictures of my house or 5 Secrets to Fall Decorating.










TIP #3:  Use existing decorations and alter to fit new holiday. 

In my living room, I used the same throw pillows, lamp, and ladder decor ….but just switched some accents out. 

I removed  the fall orange plaid and dark teal throw blankets, and replaced with a muted cornflower blue throw blanket. 

I switched the linen lampshade for a dark navy lampshade.   And then I changed out Fall (oranges) for Christmas (reds).









I also changed out my rugs (went to dining room) so that I could add more navy and white to the living room.  I love how I can switch out those 2 rugs. 

It’s like getting a new room without a new pricetag!!



Want to see how I painted the entry table blue, Click World Market Console Table Maekover:  Painted Smoky Blue.

Want more Christmas Decorating inspiration, Click Christmas Dining Room:  Navy + Red, 20 Best Christmas Wreaths,  or 33 Fabulous Christmas Stairs Ideas.

Want ideas for an adorable Christmas Party, Click Let It Snow DONUT Christmas Party:  (part 1) and Food Planning (part 2)

Have a great week!!  Love & Hugs 🙂




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Christmas Dining Room: Navy + Red

Well, it looks like Christmas decorating is starting a little earlier than usual these days….. for everyone!!  With Thanksgiving falling earlier in November this year, and all of the dept. stores pulling out Christmas decor in like JULY, more and more of us are moving to that same trend.  And I gotta admit- I ain’t hating it!!  LOL!!  Not to dismiss Thanksgiving or anything fall related, Christmas is a magical season that brings people together!  And where does that take place (- in the bellies )….- well really in the dining room- where we gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!!  AMEN!!  So, here is my Christmas Dining Room:  Navy + Red.


So, I set up my Christmas dining room with a couple of quick swaps from my Fall Dining Room.  Click here to see Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps

It is a very informative post that helps you get ready for hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and gives you the tools to transition from one holiday to the next with little effort.

WOOHOO!!  And that means more time to spend with your family and do some Christmas shopping.  Click here to see my dining room before we flooded Blue Christmas Dining Room.

I love how easy it is to change out a couple of decorating items, and basically you have a new “season.”  Stay tuned for my next post Going from Fall to Christmas: Dining Room – (now ready)! 

Click 33 Ideas Decorating Stairs for Christmas or 20 Best Christmas Door Wreaths for more holiday decorating inspiration.

***TIP***  Make a wreath to form an “O” from a pom pom pick or floral (greenery) pick by bending the wire. 

You could always use a candle ring too….like the red ones on my 3 candle sticks. 😉

Remember to use what you have on hand to help save extra money.  I found my red napkin rings in one of my buffet drawers – that I had from 10 yrs ago. 

Just never know when you may need something small to add a big punch of color.  It’s your Christmas Dining Room, so use YOUR goodies!!

Adding Christmas words like joy, merry, hope, peace, and noel help add a touch of whimsy to a formal decor palette. 

Use them on walls, pillows, signs, or even on dishes.

Want more buffalo check ideas….click Buffalo Check Snowman Using Embroidery Hoops or Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament Balls.

Don’t forget to add a couple of sparkly ornaments to your chandelier.  Use different sizes and shapes to add interest, and also hang them at different lengths. 

Just remember to use light-weight and shatter proof ornaments.  I think I dropped all but one when trying to figure out where to hang mine – HA!!

Add some colored glasses to bring in a little holiday cheer.  I used my red glasses that my dear friend gave me over 5 years ago. 

Not only to they add some fun to the table, I think of her every time I glance over at my table – LOVE THIS!!

Make sure to add a couple of candles in your Christmas Dining Room for a little ambience.  Use white, red, gold,  or silver – for some lower lighting.

And don’t forget to light them – LOL!!

Now, sit back and relax……well for about 30 minutes until one of your kiddos or husband needs something!!  And then- use one of those “red martini – or wine glasses” – AND FILL IT!!

Hope you love my Christmas Dining Room & your’s too!!

Love all things blue:  Try 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.


Want more Christmas Party inspiration or DIY craft ideas – try  Let it Snow Donut Christmas Party, Donut Ornaments Using Pool Noodles, Christmas Snowman Cotton Ball Wreath.

Need a gorgeous bow for your tree – try How to make the perfect Bow



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