Painting 101: White-Washed Dresser Tutorial

Now, that I have posted our Home Tour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom, it is time to share the white-washed dresser tutorial with you – woohoo!!   It’s about time – right?   I know lots of you have been wanting to learn how to white-wash furniture, so this tutorial will give you everything you need to know (or should – lol!!!)  It is the same process as the Master Bed Frame Makeover (tutorial), but sometimes it just helps to see it on the furniture piece that you want to try it on.  So, let’s get to updating that dresser!!  Painting 101:  White-Washed Dresser Tutorial.


What is the white-washed technique?

I get asked quite often about different painting techniques, waxing, sanding, etc. that I use when painting furniture.  But the one method that comes up the most in discussion is how to get the white-washed “look.”  So, what is the white-washed technique anyway?

It’s basically a painting method that allows you to see part of the furniture peeking through (like you “wiped” something off with a rag, but the rag left some of the liquid behind).  This leftover “residue” would be “streaked” because of the motion of the rag (washed), giving it a “dulled or milky” appearance.  Does that make sense?


  1. White-Washed Method.  In this method, the paint is diluted with water to make it runnier;  therfore, making it easier to wipe off with a rag.  The paint mixture is usually 3 parts paint to 1 part water ratio (3:1 ratio).   This technique works best when you are trying to “barely” change the color of the wood.  It will basically “lighten” the existing wood tone.  The more coats you put on, the less wood that shows through.  The cons of this method is that it is VERY messy, and also VERY time consuming if not done correctly.  Thus….. alternate method #2 – dry-brushing.
  1. Dry-Brushed Method.  This is the method that I use most often to get the white-washed look.  In this method, you will not dilute the paint with water but you will use a rag to get the excess paint off of your brush.  Basically, you are working with a “DRY-BRUSH” (one with little paint on it) – get it?  HUH?  You dip your paint into the paint can, get a SMALL amount of paint onto the brush, then WIPE OFF the excess paint each time.  This dry-brush (with little paint on it) allows the paint to come out in “streaks.”  ***I will explain more below when you can see the pictures, but I just wanted to give you a brief description.***

***NOTE***This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  See my privacy and disclosure policies below for more info.  Thanks for your support.***

If you want to see my white-washed bed click Master Bed Frame Makeover:  Painted White or glazed white nightstands click Nightstands Makeover:  Painted White with Black Top.



  1. Prep Dresser & Area
  2. Prime Dresser
  3. Paint Dresser – 2 coats
  4. Spray Paint Hardware
  5. Wax Dresser
  6. Distress Dresser (optional)
  7. Wax Dresser Again
  8. Put Hardware Back On


So, here it is again – before…..


Remove all of the hardware from your dresser, and wipe down dresser with a rag.  Make sure to wipe down all of the drawers and inside the dresser also.    Set up your canvas or plastic drop cloth, and make sure you are in a well ventilated area (like outside or in your garage). Prop your dresser up onto wooden blocks or paint cans to lift it off of the ground.  You do not want it sitting directly on your painting surface.

Obviously……I needed to put down something in my garage -picture above – but I’ve painted so many pieces that I got lazy.  DON’T BE ME – lol!!

NOTE – I did not sand this piece down (prior to painting) because my primer bonds really well to the furniture surface.  You can sand it down first if you choose…but why do the extra step if you don’t need to -haha!!  If you just feel like you need to sand it down, then I would recommend sanding down the top part only.


Put a small amount of primer onto your paint brush, wipe off excess onto rag and begin gently brushing your primer onto your dresser.  You will need several rags for this process, as the paint will begin to soak through. ***TIP***The less paint you put onto the brush, the less messy it will be.  HINT-HINT!

See pictures below.  Here is what the priming stage looks like.








***TIP***  Use long, quick brush strokes and make sure to gently brush the primer on.  You will not want to fully cover your piece – should look streaked like these pictures.












Why am I showing so many pictures?  LOL!!  Once you get this priming stage done, the painting steps are much easier.  Plus I just wanted to stress that you are “not fully” covering your piece with paint – just streaks of paint.



Now you will do the exact same method, but just using your white paint.  I used Behr Swiss Coffee from Home Depot for my white paint color.

Dip your brush into the paint, wipe off excess with rag, then gently brush on.  You will do TWO coats of this method.




















Here it is with the primed picture compared to the painted (2 coats) picture.  I just wanted you to be able to see the difference.



While you are waiting for the dresser to dry, go ahead and prep area to paint your hardware.  Put plastic down on the ground, and lie your hardware onto wooden blocks or cardboard.  I always use wooden pieces from leftover projects (can you tell – lol) for mine, but just use something to lift them above the plastic.

Spray your hardware making sure to get the inside areas as well.  Wait at least 30 mins then flip them over and spray the back side.  Once again, make sure to get “all” areas of the hardware.

***TIP***  I spray all sides from the left, then spray from the top, then spray from the right, and then from the bottom.  This way, I make sure I don’t miss any of the spots.  Trust me, it is the worst feeling EVER!! to finally think you have finished your painted dresser, ONLY to realize that 2 or 3 of the hardware pulls did not fully get covered – ugh!!  Out comes the plastic, spray paint, clean up, and TIME – all again.  Make your life easier by just doing it right the first time!!









Here are some closeup pictures so you can see the brass color of the original hardware (left below) and then the oil-rubbed bronze color after it is spray painted.

***TIP***  If you have brass hardware and spray them with either bronze or black paint, you can gently sand down the edges of the pulls to get an antiqued look (the brass peaks through).  This turns out REALLY pretty!!  I’ve done it many, many times – I just wasn’t going for that “antique-y” look on this particular piece.  Give it a try if that’s what you’re going for.








Flip them over one more time (top side up), and gently spray again.  This will ensure that ALL sides are covered.



Put the 1st coat of wax on with the sponge that’s included (or rag), let sit at least 15 minutes, and wipe off to buff.  This stage is always where the magic happens – am I right?  It’s like the wax joins everything together, and makes it look a-ma-zing!!












Use the 150-grit sandpaper to lightly distress areas of the dresser where normal wear and tear would occur naturally over time.  I distressed my dresser on random places at the feet, on edges of some of the drawers,  and on the top section and edge(rim).











Repeat the same process again with the wax for the entire dresser.  Let dry overnight.

***Then put ONE more coat of wax on the TOP portion only. ***  So the entire dresser will have 2 coats total, and the TOP portion will have 3 coats total.















To see more of our master bedroom makeover and master bathroom makeover click Home Tour: Coastal Master Bedroom and Master Bath Remodel:  Hardware Accessories.


  • Have any questions?  Let me know – I’d love to help out any way I can.
  • Will you paint your bedroom furniture or try another piece to white-wash?  Let me know – I can’t wait to see the pictures of how beautiful it turns out!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

Love & Hugs 🙂 


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Home Tour: Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Today, I am finally getting to share our master bedroom home tour – woohoo!  This room is still not completely finished, but it is getting closer day by day.  Of course when that happens, I will probably be ready to change it again – lol, but for now it is working for us.  If you love all things farmhouse, and your heart beats coastal cottage, then you are at the right place.  Here it is!  Home Tour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom.

If you are joining in from Home Tour:  Summer Dining Room or My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow – welcome!

***If you’re looking for more coastal farmhouse or painting tips & inspiration, follow me on pinterest. These boards are updated daily with pictures of your favorite styles.***


So far, I have done a couple of posts on our master bed frame makeover:  painted white and our diy nightstand makeover:  painted white with dark top, to show you one side of our room.  And now, I can finally show you the rest of our bedroom.

I know there are some things that need to be tweaked, but at least it’s starting to feel more like home again.   I will finish the bedroom tour with the painted dresser tutorial – coming soon!!  So, stay tuned!!

Accent wall Sherwin-Williams Naval – SW 6244 and the side walls are Silver Strand  – SW 7057.


So, what is coastal farmhouse style anyway?  Coastal farmhouse style is really a “feeling” rather than a “look.”  Huh?  What does that mean?  It is the feeling you get when you walk into a room versus what the room actually looks like.

So, your coastal farmhouse bedroom will look a little different than mine.  It might look similar, but feel different. What’s the secret then?  Use the 10 elements below to make it personal.


  • Relaxed, calming vibe
  • Antique, vintage furniture or accessories
  • Shades of blue, gray, or tan
  • White painted items, white-washed items
  • Lots of pillows, throws blankets, and fluffy bedding
  • Coastal Accessories: items with rope, coral or seashells, sea glass decor
  • Mementos:  items that evoke precious memories
  • Woven baskets
  • Tropical plants or natural greenery floral accents

***NOTE*** This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies in the bottom menu.  Thanks for your support. 🙂

*** Scroll Down to the end of the post to see pictures of the items.  Click on the picture or links to get more information. ***



Before we begin the tour, I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of what our bedroom used to looked like before the flood (last day before we evacuated), during the cleanup process (2nd set of pics), and after (now).

GOOD  NEWS:  The furniture was solid wood and we were able to save it.

SAD NEWS:  The water covered and damaged the feet, so we had to paint it.

END RESULT:  It was a blessing in disguise – we should have painted that furniture a long time ago!!

You can see more of our house remodel by clicking Hurricane Harvey – The Destruction (part 1) and clicking Hurricane Harvey:  House Makeover (part 2).  












So, who’s ready to begin the tour?  Let’s first start off with the obvious – the painted furniture.

It always amazes me what a fresh coat of paint can do – right?  The painted bed and painted nightstands completely transform the dark furniture, and give the room an updated, fresh look.  Plus, the white really pops off of the navy accent wall.

But I do understand that not everyone enjoys painting nor wants to take on the challenge of painting furniture.  If this is you, scroll down to the end of the post for more information on bedroom furniture ideas.

If you want more info on the white-washed bed click here, or more info on the nightstands click here.

Picture Below.  This is my first time sharing our painted dresser (making it’s official DEBUT – lol) in the master bedroom, and I will post the white-wash tutorial on that soon.  Do you like it?

The white-washing technique gives it a beach-y, more casual feel and lightens up the darker furniture.  Plus, the original color of the dark furniture blended into the color of the hardwoods, giving it zero contrast -yikes!!

When we first moved into this house (14 years ago), we had carpet in here so the dark furniture looked great.  Yep, that’s right – we’ve had that furniture for 14 years now.  So, needless to say the darker dresser was waaaaay overdo for a LITTLE update anyway- lol!!


Do you think I maybe should have been using a drop cloth all of these years when painting furniture – hahaha!!!   But I have an idea for painting the floor in the garage soon – wink wink!!

In the picture below, this is the other side of our bedroom.  And I will admit, this is the stage it is in right now….. I have not finished decorating it yet.

The master bedroom is always the last one to get done – am I right??  It comes right after volleyball lessons, teenage girls’ beauty items (don’t even get me started with that – lol!!), and well…. life.  Just keeping it real ladies!!

Above:  I did paint that floor length mirror blue (~ 8 years ago), but do not have pictures of the process – sorry!!  It’s a water-color painting technique – that I love.  I will try to figure out a way to show you the technique because it really turned out so beautiful.

More pictures of the bed and bedding…..

All of my comforter selections tend to lean botanical, floral, or boho style.  This way, I can stay within my coastal style (botanical or boho) and farmhouse style (floral) no matter which one I choose.

This blue botanical  bedding is Ralph Lauren, and has reversible stripes on the back side (which I love).  This allows me to change things around when I get a little tired of it without having to buy something new.  Win-Win!!

And of course – I’m a color gal – so it’s gotta have some punch to it!!  Scroll to the end of the post to shop bedding – I could not find this exact bedding, but found some similar choices that are equal in style.


Closeup picture of the nightstand and farmhouse lamp.  It is no longer around either, but scroll down to the end of the post for similar options.


The little white basket on the floor was painted also….but again I do not have pictures. What??  Another one with no pictures.  I know. I know.  UGH!!   It is on my to-do list for the blog though.  It was so easy to paint, and gave it new life.  What do you think – is it a winner?


This bench is definitely a life-saver.  It hides the tv cable “junk” (my husband wants to mount the tv on that wall above the bench – ?? – maybe ?? – we’ll see), and those 2 baskets store my girls’ swimsuits and favorite beach towels.

They like to just come in and quickly grab what they need to head to the pool.  But I am thinking it’s about time they could store their own stuff!!  It’s the little things – right??


Here is another picture of the blue mirror and white basket.  For now the mirror is leaning against the wall because we don’t know if the tv wall mount is a sure thing yet – hahaha!!

The floor length mirror is a must for our bedroom though, so that we have somewhere to check ourselves out!!  Plus, I really love that it bounces so much light around the room.

See Picture Below.

This picture shows the left side of the room, leading to our master bath.  If you want to see the complete transformation of the master bathroom makeover click Master Bath Remodel:  Hardware Accessories.  It is by far one of the biggest changes made to our entire house – besides the kitchen.  Everyone who has seen it in person has given us a ton of compliments – so I’m kind of proud!!  Check it out if you have time.


See pictures below.

And my must-have barn door…..that almost didn’t happen!!  That’s another whole story – but at least we got it!!  If you want to see more barn door inspiration click 55 Incredible Ideas:  Not Just For Farmhouse Style.

Our other entry door to the bath was a double door system, and blocked off the left side of the wall where the dresser sits.  We always had to push the dresser down so that it barely even fit on the wall.  Then if you wanted to get something out of the drawer, it bumped into our other furniture.

Here is the picture before the dresser made its debut…..

We had the barn door installed to slide right because it was a space we never used (in that corner).

***TIP*** Just a little head up…..remember that it’s more difficult (not impossible though) to hang something on the wall where the door slides.  So, just make sure you hang your barn door to slide to an unused area of your room, or unused/less functional wall area.

And my favorite t-bar barn door handles….I kinda have a thang for these.  They are my go-to hardware all over the house.  But I especially liked this one because it is a heavier, sturdier handle.


Plus, I knew we needed an inside way to get out of the bath -ha!!  See below.

Inside the master bath – handle……


Better view where you can see the limited amount of wall space on the left side of the doorway.  It might also be that our dresser is bigger than it should be for the space…..but who wants to admit that?



This celadon glazed pitcher has been with us for AWHILE….to say the least.  I bought it at Home Goods ~8 years ago (or longer) and it just gets moved from room to room as I need it.

There is just something about the soft color, and that rusted handle that calms my nerves and reminds me of home.  And who doesn’t want their master bedroom to be a calming and serene retreat?


This “love pillow” is another favorite of mine that gets moved from room to room.  I also have a “home pillow” that is slightly more blue-gray than this blue-aqua color.

The shabby, ruffled edges and  roped letters add the perfect amount of texture to complete the coastal farmhouse style.


And who doesn’t love throw blankets??  Can a girl ever really have too many blankets or throw pillows?  No….I don’t think so!!

In here, I like that one throw is more sophisticated in color (bed- spa blue) and the other one is more fun (basket -mint colored).  These 2 colors together add a little dimension against the navy and cobalt blue bedding and pillows.

Which throw do you like more?  The one on the bed, or the one in the basket?  Let me know?



Thanks for stopping by our

Home Tour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom!!

Hope you found a ton of inspiration to get your coastal farmhouse master bedroom makeover underway.  I’d love to see some pictures of what you do!!

*** Looking  to shop items from our bedroom?  Scroll down below.  If you have any questions, shoot me a comment. ***

Have a Great Week!!  Love & Hugs 🙂

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My Easter Tablescape: Blue & Yellow

I am excited this year to be sharing our Easter table decoration with you!  We were still living upstairs (due to the flood/remodel) last year during this time, so nothing was decorated.   And honestly, it was quite depressing.  Fast forward one year …. and what a difference!!   I am feeling so blessed to actually have a dining room this year, that it was important that it looked special (well at least to me).  And you know…..sometimes us mommas deserve to feel good about something too- ya know?? LOL!!  My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow.

If you’re joining in from 26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes To Try or 24 Adorable Easter Front Door Wreaths, welcome!!    FIY – I picked a different color palette than the ones mentioned in the 26 tablescapes post…..just to give you another option to try.  I hope it gives you a little inspiration, and puts a smile on your face.



  •  1)  So, what sparked the inspiration for my color palette this year?  The yellow pitcher and plates with retro style flowers were definitely the first items that came to mind.  They instantly fill the dining room with yellow sunshine on cloudy days (& we have had  A TON of those here in Katy, TX)….and they make me happy!




  • 2)  And then I found the muted yellow striped placemats, and that adorable farmhouse truck with Easter eggs pillow…… & I knew  it was enough to get me started.  So what do you think of the pillow – isn’t it precious?  I found all of these goodies at Home Goods (in case you’re interested).


  • 3)  Now, that I knew which color palette I was using…..I began rummaging thru my “goodies” at home to see what I could use to tie these colors together.

AND….what did I find?  Well, I found the yellow wreath and robin egg’s blue table runner – bingo!!  The yellow wreath screams “hello spring” right from 1st glance, and that quilted table runner brought in the vintage feel that I was going for.  Yes, please – we have a winner!!


  • 4)  Plus….. I already had the geometric navy lampshades with white bases that really help the wreath “pop”off of the wall.  With all of the lighter colors on the table decor, it was important to have the darker colors against the back wall for contrast.

***TIP*** The dark navy wall also adds a lot of depth to the room by giving the eye a large grounding space (resting place) with all of the different patterns and colors going on in the room.   To see more of the lamp shades in my dining room click here for my Fall Home Tour 2018 (with orange accents), and here Christmas Dining Room (with red accents).  Which one do you like more?


Here is what the dining room looks like from a distance (picture below) so you can see how the navy accent wall adds depth to the table decor and room.  Plus, it really creates a big contrast against all of the white slipcovered dining chairs.

If you want to know more about the paint colors I used click My House Paint Colors. If you want to know where I got some of my items or want to try to get the same look as my summer dining room, click shop our home:  dining room.  Have a question about an item or can’t find something, shoot me a comment.  I’d be happy to answer any questions.


Now that I can see my main decor elements:  lamp shades, wreath, yellow pitcher/plates, and pillow…..I can now start accessorizing.  Since I already had the 2 turquoise, spa-colored pillows (from my bedroom), I popped those in to my captain chairs.  They also help ground the busyness of the decor.

QUESTION:  Do you like the chairs at the table (picture below) or do you prefer them against the wall (picture above)?


I just have to say that I am LOVING that cute little farm truck with Easter eggs pillow!!  Can you tell – LOL??!!  It just adds a little whimsy to the dining room, and plays off of the floral pitcher and plates.  Plus, its just fun!!


Now, let’s get to the tablescape accessories.  Since I know my color palette and have my accent colors in place, I just have to pop in a couple of items to complete the look.  Here is what it looks like from the top view.

The design is kept simple in order to swap out a couple of decorations with a couple of serving platters, when Easter dinner is served.  This way I can enjoy the tablescape for the entire Easter and spring season, but use it functionally when Easter actually arrives.


Below is a picture from the side with the chairs turned out so you can see how all of the color accents work together.  What draws YOUR eye first, then second, and so on?

My eye goes to the back wall first – right?  Then my focus travels from the navy lampshades to the yellow wreath, up to the yellow pitcher, back to the blue throw pillows and yellow farmhouse pillow, AND then back to the yellow plates.   Amazing how it all interacts with each other!

If you want to learn how to layer the table decor, piece by piece click Setting A Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps.  Even though it for fall decor, the process will be the same.  Let me know if you have any questions.  🙂


Since I am an “antique lover,”  my mom gave me that sweet little vintage egg pedestal candy dish a long time ago.  Most years I fill it with candy, but this year I decided to put dyed Easter eggs in it.  Because she did those too (with my girls when they were little), it’s a perfect way to reminisce on both memories.   One of those dyed blue Easter eggs still has a little “Disney princess” sticker still on it.  Cry-cry, sniff-sniff!!  It’s the little things …..




***TIP***  Use different shades of the same color to your tablescape or other vignettes, to add dimension.  The different blue and green colors of the dyed eggs really pop off against the lighter blue table runner, and spa-colored napkins.  Plus, they are in the same color depth as the blue on the plates…even though they are a different shade.


I found those vintage style blue glasses (plastic outdoor tea glasses) to compliment my smaller antique glasses, and to add a little blue to the top of the table setting.  I think it’s one of my favorite additions to the entire tablescape.  What do you think??



Here’s another view of the table setting from the back side.  You can tell how the white bowls, plates, and cake stand (all with dots) carry on the theme of those vintage inspired tea glasses.  The dots really frame the dishes and give the setting texture.


Front side…..the bunny dish we got from our “holiday” wedding shower – almost 17 years ago.



Love the style of the mirror?  Click  Distressed Hand Painted White Round Mirror -DIY.  There’s a painting tutorial and tips to get this exact look!


Thanks for taking a little Easter Dining Room tour with me!!  I hope you’re loving the blue and yellow as much as I do!  Just remember to use things that you love, that are meaningful, that remind you of Jesus, and that make you smile.


Do you like the color combination and items I used?  Do you have a favorite?  Let me know!!

Have a Very Happy Easter! 

Love & Easter Hugs – jael 🙂




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26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes To Try

With spring right around the corner, a couple of things always pop in my mind at this time of the year.  Days filled with tons of sunshine, bluebonnets blooming in the green pastures, plans for our girls’ Spring Break and Summer, and of course celebrating Easter.  Whether you’re looking for Easter Wreaths for your front door, or decorations for your home, there are always new color palettes that inspire.  So, here are the ones I have gathered up to give you some ideas:  26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes to Try.

***UPDATE:  I have finished My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow. Now you can add ONE more color palette to your idea board. ***

I love how we gladly say farewell to the colder temperatures (= rainy season around here in Texas) and darker colors of winter, and welcome in the warmth of the sun, lighter colors/fabrics, and new opportunities.

And in the spirit of all things new, like our new life that Jesus gave to us, Easter is a chance to honor His sacrifice.  So, what better way to honor His life than to set a Easter table worthy of our King – AMEN!!

Woohoo!!  Grab a Pen….because you will want to keep track of all your favs!!  These very talented women have  done a fabulous job on their Easter tablescapes.    Let’s get to it!!

***Follow me on pinterest to get a ton of tips & inspiration for all things home decor, diy, and party/events.

***This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure and privacy policies below.  Thanks for your support 🙂



These are the 5 color groups that I have broken this post into, to help you navigate a little easier.

  1.   Purple
  2.   Blue
  3.   Pink
  4.   Green
  5.   Multi


The color purple has always been associated with royalty – yes Kings, so I decided to begin with it first in honor of our King Jesus!!  As you scroll through the different color palettes below, you’ll notice immediately that purple is a stately color, one of class and elegance.

You can dress it up with golds and metallics, or dress it down by using natural greenery or woven baskets.  No matter which style you choose, these purple tablescapes are sure to make your heart swoon!!  Want to know how to layer dishware and set the table try Setting a Table in 8 Steps.

Purple + White


Purple + Blush


Purple + Periwinkle


Purple + White


Purple + Turquoise



The color blue has always been associated as providing a soothing, calming environment – wherever it is used.  It also a highly popular color choice because it possesses the timeless quality, therefore making it a classic color.  The soothing tones bring in a sense of calmness when using softer shades, and the richer tones bring in a touch of drama when using darker shades.

It too, can also be dressed up or down depending on what style it is paired with.  For a more regal choice, stick with the darker shades and gold/metallics.  For a more casual choice, stick with lighter shades and natural elements (like burlap, twine, or wood).  Love all things blue:  try Blue and White Fall Dining room for more inspiration.

Blue + Gold


Blue + Mint


Blue + Brown


Blue + Twine


Blue +  Christmas (beautiful Christian design, but could be used for Easter also)


Blue + Music Paper



The color green is such a nature-loving color, and actually acts as a neutral in most color palettes.  It brings in a fresh, clean feeling when paired with more yellow-green shades (think lime green and apples).    And it brings in a dramatic, masculine feeling when paired with darker shades (think hunter green and hunting lodges).

Of course, it can also be dressed up or down depending on the style you choose.  If you want a more casual look, stick with baskets and  bird’s nests.  If you want a more sophisticated look, add tapered candles sticks and crystal wine glasses.  Love the color green…..try Summer Dining Room.

Green + White


Green + Teal


Green + Twine


Aren’t these little flocked bunnies so adorable?  They add such whimsy to the garden setting.  Find out more:  green flocked bunny, white flocked bunnies, 6″ green bunny, bunny with wreath.

Green + Rose Gold


Green + Pink



The color pink evokes a sense of energy, whimsy, and elegance all at the same time.  It can be used with any other color palette to add a punch of drama and excitement, or be used as a monochromatic color scheme (different shades in one color hue – think fuchsia and blush) to add depth and dimension.

To keep the style casual, use lighter shades of pink and whimsical patterns in dishware and fabrics (think gingham/buffalo check or stripes).   To dress it up, use darker shades of pink with gold flatware and gold-rimmed dishware (think vintage dishes, cups and saucers).

Pink + Gold


Pink + Green


Pink + Blush


Pink + Blue


Pink + Gingham


Pink + Chalkboard



The multi-colored look is associated with the more “free-spirited” type of personality.  It fits best for the girl who isn’t afraid to break the rules, the trend setter.  This color palette is very easy on the eyes because the different colors and fabrics help put the tablescape into motion.

The multi color palette possesses a laid-back kind of style…..but don’t think for a second that it is not planned out or carefully crafted, it is.  For a more casual feel, mix & match 3 accessories (think placemats, napkins, and dishware).  To dress it up, keep 3 accessories similar (think pink rose, pink napkin, pink egg). This will give a little more polished look to your “relaxed vibe.”

Green + Lavendar + Periwnkle + Mint


Pink + Blue + Gold + Green


Yellow + Turquoise + Pink + Green


Pink + Lavender + Lime Green + Turquoise



Hope you found some inspiration for your Easter tablescape this year, and can see yourself in at least one of these styles.  And…..if you just HAD to choose a favorite, which one would you pick?

Let me know – can’t wait to see what everyone’s favorites are!!

  • Want more Easter inspiration click:

My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow, 24 Adorable Easter Wreaths, or follow my pinterest boards Easter Decorating love or Easter Tablescape Love.

  • Want more Dining Room Inspiration click:

Fall Home Tour or Summer Dining Room

Have a Very HAPPY EASTER!!

Love & Easter Hugs 🙂






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Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie: The NEW Collection

So, if you haven’t heard the official news yet – Joanna Gaines has just launched her NEW Home Decor line at Anthropologie (rugs & pillows) – and it is gorgeous!  From her timeless styles and muted colors….to her whimsical creations and flair for simplicity, this line is a true standout.  Products include: 11 globally-inspired pillows and 8 timeless rugs.  (And since Joanna named one of her throw pillows Sadie….my oldest daughter’s name, of course this is now my new favorite pillow)!!

Ladies….it’s like God has just answered our prayers……Well, at least my prayers – lol!!

Joanna Gaines + Anthropologie = BOHO Farmhouse love!! 

If you love all things Joanna, and your heart leans bohemian style – then you are going to love this line!!  So, who is ready to see the goods??  Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie:  The NEW Collection.

*** This post contains affiliate links – please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.   Thanks for your support! 

***BONUS***  Scroll to the end for a sneak peek of the 8 NEW Magnolia Home Wallpaper selections also.  Click here or follow me here if you need a little inspiration to take the wallpaper plunge.  You can do it – I believe in you!!



Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Textured Eva Pillow - add a little texture with these knobby woven pillows. 3 beautiful colors
EVA PILLOW: Ivory, Terra Cotta, Turquoise


CAMILLE PILLOW: Square, Oblong



SADIE PILLOW: Blush, Ochre (rust), Ivory, Sky Blue


OLIVE PILLOW: Ivory/Charcoal, Blush





Did you know that Anthropologie has this great payment plan for purchases between $35- $1,000?  They totally understand that money should not come between you and great taste, and that we all need a little help sometimes.  Check it out if it’s something that you want to look in to.






EVA RUG: Ivory, Blue, Terra Cotta


RUBY RUG: Blue, Medium Pink




If you want to learn more about Joanna’s style, her life, and specific decorating guides –  Homebody can give you some insight into her world of incredible design.



















So which ones are your favorites…and why??  Let me know your thoughts – I love to hear from my readers!!

Mine, you ask…..well the SADIE PILLOW (pink and blue), OLIVE RUG, and HOPSCOTCH WALLPAPER are my favs.

Have any questions or just want to shoot the breeze, shoot me a message!!





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55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas: NOT Just For Farmhouse Style

I know that barn doors have been around for awhile now, but I STILL believe they are worth all the hype. Since Joanna & Chip put them on the map in home design, they continue to show up in tons of house plans and evolve:  a character of timeless decor.  Thanks to the Gaines’, we not only have stylish door options, but functional door options to problematic/awkward/tight spaces (and they are just plain fun!!)  So if you haven’t jumped on board yet to this barn door craze – beware – this post is filled with tons of inspirational eye candy & products galore.  So here are 55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas:  NOT Just For Farmhouse Style.



So what makes barn doors so special?

Chip and Joanna Gaines may be miracle workers but they simply can't do everything. So when they opened Magnolia House B&B they recruited semi-retirees Rob and Marianne Ward as potential managers. First, though, they'd have to convince the Wards to move into the adjacent carriage house. And before that could happen, they'd have to undertake a major renovation on the carriage house itself.
source: (fixer upper)
  1.   They can be used in any decor style – (not just for  modern farmhouse style anymore)
  2.   They can be used in tight spaces- (they move side to side vs. in an arc motion with doors on hinges)
  3.   They add architectural design to a plain wall – (you choose the door style, ranging from simplistic to ornate)
  4.   They can be used to hide items you don’t want seen – (tv’s, bookshelf clutter, pantry items, laundry, etc.)
  5.   They can be used as window treatments
  6.   They can be used as a single door, double door, or even quadruple doors
  7.   They can be used with glass to let light in
  8.   They can be used with mirrors to reflect light or use  for full-length viewing
  9.   They can be used with chalkboards to add function and whimsy
  10.  They can even be used outdoors – yep check out #9!!

SECONDLY: I have 2 barn doors in my own house: 1)  a pair that replaced french doors to our office/piano room  (see below), and 2) one in my bedroom to my master bath (see 2nd set below).  And I absolutely LOVE them and highly recommend them!

outside entry
inside room










Both of these rooms had awkward areas for opening up the doors into the room.  As a result, this awkward area became useless and really limited furniture placement.  By adding the barn doors, we actually gained usable space, allowing for better flow/better function of both rooms.  We installed the office doors on the outside wall (entry wall- above) to gain more space inside the room, and also to add detail to the tall foyer walls.  In the bedroom we added one large door (below), and had it slide to an area that we did not use.  It was a no-brainer for us!  Click Master Bath Remodel:  Hardware Accessories and Home Tour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom to see more of our home.

outside bedroom
inside bathroom











***TIP***  As you scroll through the different styles, keep a piece of paper handy and write down the numbers to the ones that really grab your attention.  It will help you decide on pattern/color/style when you begin shopping.  Plus, it will help you “picture” where you might want to use them in your own house.

If you want to Follow my pinterest board –  click BARN door love for more inspiration and tips.


***NOTE***  This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks so much for your support 🙂

***Scroll to end of the post to SHOP Barn Doors + Hardware***


Painted doors with glass--3 panel or glass only at top if one over two


  • Office
  • Living Room – Covers TV, Bookshelves
  • Kitchen – Pantry, Coffee Bars
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry
  • Bedrooms – Closets
  • Dining Rooms
  • Outdoor Kitchens


Knotty Alder Barn Door Styles More
  • X-Shaped
  • Z-Shaped/Z-Shaped 2
  • Paneled
  • Half-Paneled
  • Herringbone/Chevron/Arrow
  • Geometric/Patterns
  • W/Chalkboard
  • W/Mirrors
  • W/Glass
  • Plank/Shutter/Shiplap
  • On Furniture/TV Covers/Window Treatments


So…..let’s get to the GOOD stuff !! 




#1 – source:


This is a beautiful twist on the traditional barn door. That gold handle really sets this off👍🏼
#2 – source:  private


Aqua Blue Pantry Barn Door on Rails
#3 – source: (dina holland interiors)


Project Flower Streets Reveal
#4 – source:


Geoff Chick :: Architect | Sandhill | 33
#5 – source:



I would love a sliding door somewhere in our house--preferably vintage/recycled...maybe for the office?
#6 – source:


And so it begins. By the time you read this, the scaffolding should be going up and work on converting the loft about to start. Which means that I need to stop dreaming about what it might look like (and, crucially, stop pinning wildly unrealistic and unaffordable images) and start researching for the things we…
#7 – source:


41 SHIPLAP Ideas: NOT Just For Walls (Part 2)
#8 – source:


Patio Ideas. Patio Design Ideas. #Patio #Deck #BBQArea
#9 – source:


Barn door Laundry. I wonder if this would be easier than doing a pocket door. (Love the door color too!)
#10 – source:



#11 – source:


DIY Double barn doors - like the concept, the door handles & most of all the idea of the cover over the top rail
#12 – source:


Check out these amazing pantries and butler's pantries for tons of inspiration and great ideas!
# 13 – source:


Double Shaker style barn doors painted navy blue.
#14 – source:


Sliding barn door vintage 5 panel door with home depot hardware kit
#15 – source:



#16 – source:


#17 – source:


We are thinking about doing a barn door like the one we built in the last house over the pantry in this house, it’s currently just a regular door, what do y’all think? That or a pantry door with the frosty window? I can’t decide! I will share an updated kitchen photo with y’all soon, aside from counters it’s just about finished 😍 #homerenovation #homereno #renovation #thisisus #kitchendecor #kitchendreams #kitchendesign #kitchenremodel #farmersmarket #freshmarket #barndoor #home
#18 – source:


14 Tips For Incorporating Shiplap Into your Home
#19 – source:


Barn door in master bathroom renovation
#20 – source:



Spotlight: Paneled Doors | Centsational Girl | Bloglovin’
#21 – source:


Herringbone on the wall...where can we use that detail? maybe we use that in the Down Powder Bath for the wood accent wall instead of making the floor complicated. Rustic Barn Doors | Modern Barn Home Ideas
#22 – source:


DIY Barn Door Using an Interior Door
#23 – source:


Master bedroom barn sliding door.
#24 – source:


HIS & HER sliding barn doors - Barn Doors and Custom Furniture
#25 – source:



Dove Studio | House of Turquoise | Bloglovin’
#26 – source:


Just installed favorite black barn door! Yes, again favorite color for all doors! #jamieherzlingerinteriors #jamieshop #barndoor #blackdoor…
#27 – source:


The barn door is a custom designed door from a local carpenter and painted by the designer in Annie Sloan - custom mix of Duck Egg Blue, Old White, French Linen, and Coco
#28 – source:


Lovely Modern Sliding Doors and Best 25 Modern Sliding Doors Ideas On Home Design Sliding Door
#29 – source:


Amazingly Crafty Uses For Your Old Junk...saw this door idea on it, might try to talk J into it instead of a pocket door for the new bathroom.
#30 –  source:



DIY Barndoors with magnetic chalkboard inserts and galvanized pipe pantry shelves!
#31 – source:  private


Top Ceiling Mount Black Steel Rustic Modern Sliding Barn door Hardware Wood Closet Door Interior Doo
#32 – source:


Sliding pantry door with chalkboard face - slimmer door profile PLUS space to display and/or write stuff on the wall. So useful
#33 – source:


How to Measure for a Sliding Barn Door - Grain Designs
#34 – source:

***over chalkboard below – adorable!!***

Neutral tones & textures, sliding KITCHEN - barnyard door, straw high back stools, light fixtures that are modern yet country, grey wooden floors - all make for a delightful kitchen space
#35 – source:



Wall mirror mounted on a Sliding barn track door
#36 – source:


Cerramientos, paredes y puertas industriales de metal con cuarterones de cristal
#37 – source:


Mpls.St.Paul Magazine ASID MN Showcase Home | House of Turquoise
#38 – source:


narrow double doors with mirrors give a sophisticated and more modern look
#39 – source:


Mirrored Barn Doors More
#40 – source:



Serene and hardworking: Really, what more could you want in a family home? Lilli Lee's is a treasure chest of smart storage and soothing style. Take the tour and grab some tips for your own place.
#41 – source:


#42 – source:


Iron, Hot Rolled Steel barn rolling doors {Straus Job, glass panel for light and privacy, Attic Bathroom}
#43 – source:


Serious question for professionals in residential construction: when laying a wood or laminate floor, is there a rule of thumb about which direction the planks go? In particular, what about laying them perpendicular to a hallway run at a room transition (as seen above). Is that unconventional?
#44 – source:


#45 – source: private


A stunning plank barn door on rails opens to reveal a small hall laundry room fitted with a stacked white front loading washer and dryer.
#46 – source:


41 SHIPLAP Ideas: NOT Just For Walls (Part 2)
#47 – source:


Project San Juan
#48 – source:


Marie Flanigan Interiors - Have you Seen us Lately - Architectural Digest Coastal Transformation - Coastal Sitting Room - Contemporary Trundle Bed
#49 – source:


Kitchen Makeover Ideas From Fixer Upper | HGTV's Fixer Upper With Chip and Joanna Gaines | HGTV
#50 – source: (fixer upper)



TV behind barn doors recessed over the it!
#51 – source:


#52 -source:


Learn how to build a DIY Sliding Barn Door Loft Bed. Easy-to-follow tutorial by Jen Woodhouse. This bed fits a Full Size mattress.
#53 – source:


***Barn door console
#54 – source: private (ana white)


Barn door window shades
#55 – source: private

So, which one is your favorite??  Or do you already have one in your house – shoot me a picture, I’d love to see it!!

Want to see more of my house click :  master bathroom remodel, click master bed frame makeover or   nightstands makeover.




#1 – x-shaped triple                                                                                  #2 – one x-shaped (5 colors)

Triple X Solid Manufactured Wood Panelled Interior Barn DoorClassic X Solid Panel Wood Slab Interior Barn Door









#3 – z-bar (assembly required)                                                                     #4 – z-bar 2 (4 colors), option 2

Continental MDF Engineered Wood 1 Panel Interior Barn Door

36" x 84 Sliding Wood Interior Barn Door










#5 – double z-bar                                                                                                              #6 – double z-bar 2

Double Stile and Rail Z Planked 2 Panel Interior Barn Door with Hardware

Natural Core Knotty Pine Solid Wood Panelled Slab Interior Barn Door










#7 – triple paneled                                                                                                     #8 – double paneledoption 2

Shaker Hollow Panelled MDF Interior Barn Door

PVC Millbrooke Paneled Barndoor with Hardware









#9 –half-paneled , option 2 (4 colors)                                                                      #10 –  5-panel

Craftsman Solid Wood Panelled Interior Barn Door

Manufactured Wood Rockport Paneled Barn Door without Hardware









#11 – herringbone (5 colors), option 2                                                               #12 – geometric, option 2

Herringbone Solid Panel Wood Slab Interior Barn Door

image 0










#13 – chalkboard with x                                                                                     14 – with mirror

X Blackboard MDF Panel Interior Barn Door

Modern Mirror Barn Door, 7'x3'










#15 – 5-panel glass3-panel (3 colors)                                                         #16 – custom glass doors

Manufactured Wood Paneled Barn Door with Hardware

image 0










#17 – one panel glass (2 colors)                                                                   #18 – z bar 2 glass

Continental MDF Engineered Wood 1 Panel Interior Barn DoorContinental Frosted Glass 1 Panel Ironage Laminate Interior Barn Door









#19 – white wood plank                                                                                    #20 – reclaimed wood plank

Craftsman Horizontal Panel Door, 7'x3'

Horizontal Panel Door











#21 – reclaimed wood plank gray                                                                    #22 – reclaimed wood z-bar

Reclaimed Panel Barn Door, Reclaimed Lumber, 84"x36"

Handmade Barn Door, Multicolor











#23 – x-shaped console (4 colors)                                                                       #24 – window shutters

image 0

Bluestone TV Stand for TVs up to 60"








#25 – hiding tv (over fireplace)                                                                 #26 – bookcase, option 2, option 3

image 0

Wood Farmhouse Barn Door Bookcase










#27 – plank console (5 colors)                                                                         #28 – plank entertainment center

Laursen TV Stand for TVs up to 60"Parker House Chesapeake 4-Piece Sliding Door Entertainment Wall in White



















  • This is the hardware that I used for both of my barn doors (single – 6.6 ft. and double -10 ft. doors), and I  love them.  The guys who installed the double office doors had to cut down the rails (for custom sizing), but they work great.  The handles are very nice and heavy, and look stunning.  I used brushed nickel/stainless for mine, but the black are beautiful also.


  • TIP – make sure to read carefully for sliding door hardware for single or double doors and door sizes (EX:  one 48″w SINGLE door VERSUS two DOUBLE 24″w doors = 48″W).  It gets very confusing, so just triple check yourself!!



#29 –  handle  black, stainless                                                               #30 –  sliding door hardware 6.6 ft, 10 ft

SMARTSTANDARD Heavy Duty 12" Pull and Flush Barn Door Handle Set, Large Rustic Two-Side Design, for Gates Garages Sheds Furniture, Black Powder Coated Finish, Round














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44 Adorable Wallpaper Ideas (Part 2)

Well, you have been asking for them, and I finally have found them:  44 Adorable Wallpaper Ideas (Part 2)!! If you haven’t had a chance to look at the first post click 29 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas (Part 1).

The first post gives you inspiration pictures of the cutest wallpaper ideas (used in powder bathrooms), and this post provides the links so that you can purchase the wallpaper, if you choose to do so.  ***  I have searched for the closest matches for the wallpaper ideas, that will give you the look of those rooms. ***

I am REALLY excited to show you what I have found – I am pretty proud of myself!!  LOL!!  So, let’s get to it – shall we??

*** NOTE ***  This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure and privacy policies down below.  Thanks for your support. 🙂

Want more wallpaper ideas?  Follow my pinterest board WALLPAPER love.


(PART 2)

There are 9 Wallpaper SECTIONS:

  • Navy/Blue
  • Gray/Tan
  • Dot/Dalmatian
  • Green Bamboo/Trellis
  • Pineapple
  • Botanical/Floral
  • Butterfly
  • Buffalo Check
  • Helpful Links


1 – Blue Tulip                                                                                                             2 –  Navy Geometric

Ladwig Scandinavian 33' x 20.5" Block Tulip Floral Wallpaper Roll

Ami Gigi 33' x 20.5" Geometric Wallpaper Roll










3 – Indigo Arrow                                                                                                   4 – Blue Ikat

Alaya 33" x 20.5" Geometric Wallpaper Roll

Abra 33' x 20.5" Ikat Wallpaper Roll










5 – Blue Toile                                                                                                   6 – Blue Ikat











7 – Navy Trellis                                                                                                        8 – Navy Large Print Leaves

Schroeders Lattice 27' x 27" Geometric Wallpaper RollGrove 33' x 20.5" Tree Wallpaper Roll










9 – Blue Medallion                                                                                                        10 – Navy Leaves

Ryker Maya 33' x 20.5" Medallion Wallpaper Roll









11 – Blue Small Stripes                                                                                                  12 – Navy Cabana Stripes

Manhattan comfort NWSH34555 Glasgow Series Vinyl Stripe Design Large Wallpaper Roll, 20.5" W x 32.7' L, Navy Blue/White










13 – Gray  & Silver                                                                                                   14 –  Light Gray Geometric

Nu 18' x 20.5" Circulate Light Silver Wallpaper Roll

Ami Gigi 33' x 20.5" Geometric Wallpaper Roll










15 – Charcoal Arrow                                                                                              16 –  Gray Trellis

Alaya 33" x 20.5" Geometric Wallpaper Roll

Symetrie Frequency Ogee 33' x 20.5" Geometric Wallpaper










17 –  Beige Moroccan                                                                                                18 –  Silver Trellis

Harkins 4' L x 2' W Moroccan Small Pattern Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll

Alhambra Alcazaba 33' x 20.5" Trellis Wallpaper










19 –  Gray Trellis Montauk                                                                                  20 – Taupe/Gray Ikat

Essentials 33’ x 20.5" Trellis Montauk Wallpaper Roll











21 – Black Dot, Gold Dot                                                                                22 –  Black Dalmatian

Akil 16.5' L x 20.5" W Polka Dot Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll










23 – Black Dot DECALS (19 color options)                                                    24 – Black Quatrefoil

Symetrie 33' x 20.5" Tetra Quatrefoil Wallpaper Roll











25 –  White/Green Bamboo                                                                                       26 – Green Trellis

Ashford Tropics 27' x 27" Trellis Wallpaper Roll

Schroeders Lattice 27' x 27" Geometric Wallpaper Roll









27 – Green Bamboo                                                                                               28 – White/Green Trellis











29 –  Pink Pineapple                                                                                                   30 – Navy Pineapple

Ryker Copacabana 33' x 20.5" Pineapple Wallpaper Roll









31 – Gold Pineapple, Black                                                                                                 32 – Gold Wall Decals

Wall Pops WPK1908 Pineapple Wall Art Kit











33 – Black Hydrangea                                                                                                 34 – Gold Hydrangea

Hydrangea 15' x 27" Floral and Botanical Wallpaper Roll

Hydrangea 15' x 27" Floral and Botanical Wallpaper Roll










35 – Black Rose,  Option 2                                                                                    36 – Black Tulip

Ladwig Scandinavian 33' x 20.5" Block Tulip Floral Wallpaper Roll












37 – Black Leaves Butterfly                                                                                      38 –  Blue Leaves Butterfly

Ashford Toiles 27' x 27" Papillon Roll

Ashford Toiles 27' x 27" Papillon Roll











39 –  Black Check                                                                                                          40 – Navy Check, Blue Check



41 – Thibaut Island Ikat

42 – Thibaut Thai Ikat

43 – Thibaut Patara Ikat

44 – Quadrille Sigourney (16 colors)










GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK: I’d love to see some pictures of how it all comes together!!

  • which one is your favorite?
  • where will you use it?
  • will it be an accent wall, full room, or half of the room?


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15 BEST Round Mirrors

So I have been in LOVE with round mirrors for so long I can’t even remember when it began!!  There is something about the soft shape that allows the eye to move effortlessly around the room, and really makes a statement all at the same time.  Plus, you can use them in every room of your house.   Win-Win!!  So, here are my picks for the 15 BEST Round Mirrors.


Pick your own mirror style:

  • big or small
  • simplistic or bold
  • by itself or in groups
  • over wallpaper or tile
  • hanging with rope or leather

Pick your own mirror material:

  • metal
  • wood
  • plastic

Whatever your style, your budget, or room you want to use it……there IS a Round Mirror For You!!

Want more round mirror eye candy:  check out my pinterest board round MIRROR love.

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Grey dresser, round mirror, vase with greenery, tabletop styling Studio McGee || Friday Inspiration: Our Top Pinned Images This Week
NO. 1 source: studio-mcgee


29+ Gorgeous Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas You Need to Know - scandinavian interior design, scandinavian interior, scandinavian design, scandinavian furniture, scandinavian living room, scandinavian interior design, scandinavian decor, scandinavian design furniture, scandinavian style, scandinavian interior, scandinavian style furniture scandinavian home decor, interior design, home interior, interior decoration, interior design ideas, modern interior design, interior design for living room
NO. 2 source:


35 Gorgeous Natural Brick Fireplace Ideas (Part 2)
NO.3  source:


// thoughts on things // check this tiny boho retreat
NO. 4  source:


The master bedroom’s closet was transformed into a private master bathroom, since the previous floor plan provided only one bathroom upstairs. We added a large, spacious shower with carrara marble tile, carrara marble countertops, shiplap for dimension, built-in shelving, new fixtures and hardware. The original hardwood floors were also able to be saved in this space, so they were refinished and looked good as new.
NO. 5  source:


hamptons mansion - love the textured dark blue wallpaper in the powder room with white vanity and marble top
NO. 6  source:


Welcome to the blog's NEW category Shop Our Home: Dining Room by Get links to your favorite items!
NO. 7  source:


This entryway packs a punch with pops of bold yellow and a patterned wall. The wallpaper accent wall peeks through at the end of the room for a perfect dose of pattern and the yellow in the design matches the color of the door. The console table serves as a dropping zone for small objects with a basket underneath to stores other necessary items.
NO. 8  source:


29 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas to Try for Your Powder Bathroom
NO. 9  source:


Fresh olive branches bring this sweet + simple dresser vignette to life More #projectcostamesa photos coming to a feed near you soon! // @chadmellon
N0. 10  source: (blackband design)


Beach Style Powder Room Design
NO. 11  source:


The Serras Hotel Barcelona ***** | Luxury Hotel Gothic Quarter Barcelona | OFFICIAL SITE
NO. 12  source:


framed mirrors on tiled wall, like the towel storage unde the vanity a lot.
NO. 13  source:


30 Stunning White Brick Fireplace Ideas (Part 1)
NO. 14  source:


Gorgeous feminine all-white bathroom with brass fixtures and pretty pink roses. Perfection!
NO. 15  source:




  1.  Bronze Metal – Here                                                                       2.  Black Rubber  – Here

Minerva Accent Mirror

Hub Accent Mirror










3.  Brown Wood                                                                                           4.  Gold Metal

Arvid Accent Mirror










5.  Oil-Rubbed Bronze                                                                                       6. Brown Wood

Colton Wall Mirror

Delilah Wall Accent Mirror









7. On Rope                                                                                                8. Rose Gold

Bem Decorative Wall Mirror

Rhein Accent Mirror










9. Black Medium                                                                                     10.  Rope  Style

Wegman Accent Wall Mirror

Mcnary Accent Mirror










11.  Whitewash, Option 2                                                                         12.  Small, Medium, Large, Option 2

White Wash Round Wall MirrorLoftis Round Wood Frame Wall Mirror









13. Glam Waves                                                                                    14.  Bronze Waves

Vertical Round Wall MirrorRound BathroomVanity Mirror










15.  Silver, Black, Brass (6 sizes)

Joss & Main Essentials Accent Mirror

So, which one is your favorite??  I’d love to hear some feedback from you?  My absolute favorite is NO. 4 – just love how happy that room makes me feel!


love & hugs 🙂

Click here for smoky blue console table makeover or distressed round mirror tutorial.



























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7 STEPS: Painting Your Bedroom Trim DIY

HI everyone!!  I know that I haven’t been posting as much as I would like this 2019 (sorry) – so I thought I would share what I have been up to.  Painting, PAINTing, and yes – more PAINTING!!   So what could I possibly have to paint – I have a new downstairs – right??   But….what about the upstairs? Yep, look at the picture below right…..YIKES!!  And that’s how you get 7 STEPS:  Painting Your Bedroom Trim DIY.  

There are three main reasons for this painting craziness:  1 – Since we flooded, we changed all of our old trim color downstairs, and 2-  Because we flooded, cash-ola for hiring painters is nada – and 3- Remember how I tend to have these genius new year resolutions of “getting organized??” LOL!!

If you put these 3 circumstances together  (and you are slightly insane) you decide to paint all of the upstairs trim, closets, ceilings, doors, and vanities yourself!!    So, here are my 7 STEPS:  Painting Your Bedroom Trim DIY.

***Note***  This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below for more information.  Thanks so much for your support.

Want to see more pictures of the flood and our house before & after?  Click  Hurricane Harvey Flooded (part 1) and the Makeover (part 2).  Want to shop our home?  Click here or on the shop our home tab now on the home page!



  1.   Prep area
  2.   Paint All Baseboards & Door Frames – 1st coat
  3.   Paint entire CLOSET & ceiling – 1st coat (latex)
  4.   Paint CLOSET baseboards – 2nd coat (oil)
  5.   Paint bedroom BASEBOARDS – 2nd coat
  6.   Paint bedroom CEILING  (one coat only)
  7.   Paint All DOORS (2 coats)



***For this project I used:  Sherwin Williams  Snowbound  (SW 7004)***

  • OIL-BASED SEMI-GLOSS:  Bedroom – Baseboards, Door Frames, All Doors
  • LATEX SATIN:  Closet – (ceiling, walls, shelves, door frames)
  • LATEX FLAT:  Bedroom Ceiling

These are the paint quantities that I have used at my house (upstairs):

*** 1 gallon oil-based paint covers ~3-4 rooms and doors ***

*** 1 gallon latex satin covers ~ 4 closets ***

*** 1 gallon latex flat covers ~ 2 ceilings ***


Please do NOT skip this tip!!  Oil-based paint is very strong smelling and could make you sick.  Open a couple of windows while working and put a standing fan in the room with you.  The fan will help especially when painting the closet where the space is closed up.


  • Paint:  oil-based, latex satin, latex flat – 1 GALLON each
  • 2 – 2 1/2″ angled brushes (1-oil, 1- latex) – combo set
  • 3″ brush (oil)
  • large roller brush, handle, & tray, liners
  • large roller extender *optional* (for ceiling)
  • small roller brush, handle, & tray
  • refills (large & small roller brushes)
  • plastic (cover furniture)
  • canvas drop cloths for carpet
  • painter’s tape
  • paint brush cleaner  – OIL only
  • ladder/step stool
  • goggles (for ceilings)


  • Move all furniture to middle of room –  including closet
  • Cover all furniture with plastic
  • Vacuum – really good (especially where carpet meets baseboards)
  • Clean all baseboards and closet shelves – with a little soap and water on rag
  • Tape down carpet at baseboards – 2 layers
  • Put down canvas drop cloths

***NOTE*** We are getting new carpet, so I did not have to worry about saving the carpet with drop cloths.  The paint splatter from the ceiling and doors will be messy, so protect your flooring!!



TIME FRAME: 3-4 Hours

Paint all of the baseboards and door frames with the OIL-BASED paint.  I used the 2 1/2″ angles brush for the top part of the baseboards and sides of door frames (where frame meets wall) to get a straighter line.  You can used tape if you want – it’s just personal preference.

I used the 3″ brush for the bottom (wider) part of the baseboard to make it easier, and less brush strokes.  ***TIP***  Since you will be working with TWO paint brushes,  use the lid of the paint can to store the 2nd paint brush.  Ijust slid the paint can around the room with me so that I would have both brushes near me at all times.




TIME FRAME:  2 Hours

Paint the walls, closet ceiling, shelves, rod, and baseboards with LATEX SATIN paint.  I used another 2 1/2″ angled paint brush for all of the corners, shelves, rod, and baseboards.  Then I used a foam roller brush for the walls and ceiling.

***NOTE***  I used all of the same paint in the closet for the first coat to make it easier.  If you want to leave it with latex paint, skip STEP 4.  I painted the baseboards and rod with oil-based paint for a second coat (just because I thought they would get the most scratched).




TIME FRAME :  3 Hours

Paint all of the bedroom baseboards and door frames again (2nd coat) with the OIL-BASED paint AND paint the closet baseboards/closet rod.   The second coat goes on much faster than the first coat – yay!!  It will also look whiter and will cover the pre-existing scratches better

***TIP***Oil-based paint is more durable than latex paint so I decided that the closet baseboards and rod would get the most use.  I didn’t want wire coat hangers to scratch the paint off of the rod (painted with latex), or baseboards to get banged up either.  Once again, personal preference.




TIME FRAME:  3 Hours

Use LATEX FLAT paint for the ceilings.  Paint corners, tops and sides of door frames with 2 1/2″ angled brush to get into crevices.  The angled brush also helps to keep paint lines straighter – especially where the wall meets the ceiling.  Then roll with large roller brush.

***NOTE***  I only did one coat for the ceiling, but make sure you put a decent amount of paint on your roller brush to cover existing paint color.  Ceilings are very textured and will require more paint to cover the bumps.




TIME FRAME:  2 Hours (for 4 doors)

Paint the doors using the OIL-BASED paint, and do 2 coats.  My doors have an arch in them, so I painted the inset first with a brush.  Then I painted all of the flat surfaces with the smaller roller brush.

***The roller brush was the bomb – it was the perfect size for painting the door!!  Plus, no brush strokes!!***

You can tape off the door handle, take it off, or just paint around it (like me) using the angled paint brush.  I kept some paper towels and old rags around to wipe excess paint off of mine.

***TIP***Don’t forget to do the inside and outside parts of the door… well as the hinges.  I painted 2 coats on these also.

***LET DRY OVERNIGHT, and paint the 2nd coat the next day.***



















Now, you can move on to the next room or bathroom – right?  Just remember to take a break during all of the painting so you don’t get overwhelmed – trust me!!  I am on room 4 – so I’ll keep you updated!!





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Get House Organized: Top Ten List

Happy New Year Everyone!!  I am wishing all of you a year filled with love, good health, and tons of laughter.  At our home, I get excited for all of the new and wonderful things that will happen for our family, and I also reflect and thank God for all of the past blessings from the previous year.  And then …..  I get into “CLEAN UP” mode around our house – LOL!!  I start going through cabinets, closets,  and drawers like a crazy madwoman.  I begin making mental notes of what needs to go, what needs to stay, and then what needs to get organized.  Nothing is safe – really – not even my husband or girls – JK!!   So, who is ready to…. Get House Organized:  Top Ten List.

***This post contains affiliate links.  Please read my disclosure and privacy policies for more info – thnx!!***


  1.   Shelf Paper

  2.   White Containers  (small) – Makeup

  3.   White Containers (medium/large) – Kitchen

  4.   White Divided Container – Kitchen/Office

  5.   Metal/Woven Baskets – Pantry

  6.   Silver Metal Rack – Pantry

  7.   White Expandable Shelf – Pantry

  8.   White Lazy Susan (Turntable) – Kitchen

  9.   Clear Shoe Box w/Lid – Crafts

  10.   White Shoe Rack (hack) – Laundry, Kitchen

These 10 items are a must-have at my house, and therefore my Top Ten Picks for house organization.  The only one that I do not own yet is the lazy susan #8, but it is on my list to purchase asap!!

***TIP***Even though you think an item is for a kitchen, a closet, etc….. don’t let that distract you.  Just because it says “shoe rack “or “shoe bin”, doesn’t mean you have to use it in your closet.  (see my #9 and #10).

Let’s get to it!!


I use shelf paper in ALL of my cabinets and drawers -period.  It is first on my list because it is a life-saver for the bottoms of all drawers and cabinets.   Over time, cabinets and drawers get scratched with pans, utensils, laundry detergent, etc…. so why not protect it before it happens.  Here is a picture of it – yep- even my spice rack get its!

Now YES it IS a little time consuming to install and does cost a little money.  But definitely less expensive than having to repaint all of the cabinets in your house just because they look dinged up and dirty.  Plus, shelf paper helps with spills or drips from household cleaners, wet sponges, makeup, etc…. so that it doesn’t destroy your wood.  Use different patterns in different rooms for fun, or keep the pattern universal for your entire house.





Click Adhesive (pictured) or Non-Adhesive.



I use small containers to group things together so that they don’t roll around or damage the shelf liner.  I love these little white containers (they come in different sizes) to keep all of my makeup, toothbrush/toothpaste, jewelry, glasses, etc…. organized.  They also connect to each other which helps them from sliding around your drawer – love this!  If you prefer acrylic containers over white, I have linked those as well below.

I also use these containers in my kitchen to organize extra batteries, tools, nails, etc….. for the same purpose.  They help keep batteries from rolling around, and help me keep all of my tools (screwdrivers, wire cutters, etc…) all in one spot.



Click here white pack of 8 – (pictured below), acrylic:  long, skinny, medium, square


These containers are sooooo versatile!!  They come in different sizes, shapes, and also different depths to hold a large variety of household items.  I use the more shallow containers for extra kitchen utensils like spatulas, potato peelers, wine openers, etc…. and the deeper containers for bulkier items like notepads, extra packing tape refills, furniture pads, rope, etc.   They are perfect for under-the-sink item like cleaners, extra sponges, rubber gloves, etc.

You could use these in the laundry room for clothespins or stain removal brushes or use in a playroom for kids art supplies or toys.   Use them in the bathroom  for extra toiletries or in the pantry for chips, paper towels.  The possibilities are endless.  I am constantly finding new ways to use these containers – now my girls are even using them!!


They come in 5 stylish colors and an adorably cute weave pattern:  white, black, gray, jade green, and beige.

Click here 5-piece containers large (pictured below), 3-piece containers medium, 3-piece small, and individual sizes small, medium,  and large cube.



If you are looking for something to organize your “work area” in you kitchen or office, a divided container works best.  This container has a place for scissors, tape, paper clips, stapler/staples, rubber bands, small notepads, whole punch, etc…. to keep everything in it’s place.  I keep mine on the top drawer for easy access, and make sure all of the items stay in their individual compartments.

The same concept is essential for keeping silverware organized.  I have been using a metal one (personal preference) for awhile now, but I linked some that are plastic, metal,  bamboo, and also expandable.  I could not live without one of these divided containers for our utensil drawer.


Click here for white divided container (pictured below)

Click here for silverware plastic expandable container, metal container, bamboo container, bamboo expandable



I use metal baskets in my pantry to store items into groups, to eliminate extra clutter, and to help save money when shopping.  For some reason, I have a hard time with plastic packages (like pasta bags, chip bags, rice bags,) or anything that is “loose” in structure!!  YEP – someone call in an OCD therapist for me – lol!  For real!! ha!

It is so much easier to put several packages into a basket or tub so that they stand upright (for easier viewing) and also to gain more space in the pantry.  I personally like the metal baskets (vs. woven baskets) just because I want to be able to see all of the contents.  But the woven baskets tend to hold more items – just a FYI.  Either way, using baskets will give the pantry a cleaner look and a more organized feeling.  My silver metal baskets have been discontinued (I’ve had them over 10 years, cry-cry – sniff-sniff), but I found something similar below.


Click here – white metal basket, white open front metal basket, woven basket set, bronze or silver metal

VonHaus Set of 4 Seagrass Storage Baskets with Insert Handles Ideal for Home and Bathroom Organization - 12(L) x 9(W) x 6(H) inches


I love these racks for can goods, snack boxes, and extra storage for dishes.  They come in a variety of depths so that the more shallow depths fit better in the pantry, and the deeper ones fit better in kitchen cabinets.

I personally used the silver expandable ones in my pantry so that I can double up on height.  These allow me to keep all of the can goods in the same area, but I can store a ton on top and underneath this rack.  The white ones I use in my kitchen cabinets to store corning ware, mixing bowls, pans, etc…. for the same reason.  I can fit more items into a drawer or cabinet by using the space underneath the rack.




Click here silver (expandable) rack,  white metal rack,


These shelves are perfect for smaller items.  Some people use these racks for can goods also (which is great), I use them to store peanut butter, pam, olive oil, vinegar, food coloring, and our “extra” take out food sauces that are leftover – LOL!!  Basically, anything small that gets lost in the pantry.  ***Mine is 2-tiered, but I would love to have one extra shelf***

You could also use these in your kitchen cabinets to store medications, bandaids, thermometers, etc…. so that you can see all of the smaller items.  Or use them for spices, coffee mugs, or even keurig coffee pods.  Again, these shelves are so versatile.


Click here white expandable shelf, white non-skid shelfbamboo rack, bamboo expandable rack, silver metal rack



There is always that ONE spot (or more) in your pantry or cabinets that just isn’t functional – right?  No matter what you do, it’s a blind spot, or corner, or just plain tricky!!  And it’s a complete waste of usable storage space- enter in the lazy susan.

This little device is a genius, and really can be used almost anywhere in the house (fingernail polish- hint, hint).  Use it for spices, cleaning supplies, arts/crafts – you name it.  It will make your life soooo much easier….well your organizational life that is!!  Leave it out on top of your counter also….you don’t have to “hide” it.  This is definitely on my list to buy asap!


Click here white turntable, bamboo turntable, acacia turntable


I have been using these boxes for years, and years, and years -they are not just good for shoes!!  They come in so handy for just about everything small.  Use them to store craft supplies or kids’ art supplies (like acrylic paints, markers/map pencils, crayons) or use them in your sewing room for thread, scissors, and extra needles.

You can also use them for extra toiletries like deodorant, lotions, hairspray, etc…. to keep items from falling over.  Or use them for fingernail polish, polish remover, extra nail file, cotton balls, etc….  Once you have them, you’ll find hundreds of ways to start organizing items in your house.  Plus, you can stack them – win-win!!


Click here clear shoe box with lid,  set of 6



I LOVE this little guy here!!  He is not just for shoes and the closet!!  If you have any cabinets if your house that have no shelving, or need shelving….this rack comes in soooo handy!!

I use these racks in my laundry closet to store extras rags, sheets, and towels.  I can roll up the linens so that they work perfect in the 2 smaller shelves, and then I can stack the other linens on the very top shelf.  It’s like I have custom built-in shelving….and I don’t!!  I also store my decorative vases, smaller knick-knacks, and books on these as well.

In my kitchen, I put 2 of these racks back-to-back to make ONE large shelf over my ovens.   This allows me to store all of my china and Christmas china in one cabinet.  The smaller racks work perfectly for coffee/tea cups and also for stacked plates.  Then I use the top portion for glasses and serving bowls.

Pictured below is just ONE rack put into the  cabinet.  I can store so much more in here with the shelves, plus I can see everything when I need to rotate out my decorating accessories.


Pictured below are the TWO racks put back to back over my ovens.  These over-the-oven cabinets are built deep to allow for the depth of the oven space, so they are perfect for these shelves.  Now, I can stack all of my China and stemware here.


Click here white shoe rack, espresso shoe rack




Want an organized kitchen?  Click 15 Easy Solutions:  Kitchen Organization

Need some kitchen inspiration?  Click 12 Kitchen Upgrades (You Can’t Live Without) or 5 TIPS:  Painting your Kitchen Cabinets White.


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