30 Stunning White Brick Fireplace Ideas

So besides me, who is loving the white brick fireplace trend?  It is just so clean and fresh, and can be incorporated into almost any home decor style.  Plus, the subtle texture of the brick blends seamlessly with the smooth lines of the mantel (creating such a subtle touch of quiet drama).   And I do love some drama – lol!  So Let’s get to it!  30 Stunning White Brick Fireplace Ideas (Part 1).

I decided to  break these up into 3 posts: 

Scroll to the VERY end to see our white brick fireplace (#31) + shiplap feature wall.


30 Stunning White Brick Fireplace Ideas (Part 1)

What makes these 30 white brick fireplaces so stunning?


As you scroll through the white brick fireplace pictures, you can tell how different all the styles are:  modern farmhouse,  coastal, boho chic, modern, cottage, traditional, and more. 

Each fireplace is also one-of-a-kind.  Don’t we all want to say we have something “custom” in our house?  

You can do a ton of different looks with the brick:  change the direction of the brick pattern, layer it high or keep it low, use as a fireplace surround or as the entire fireplace, keep straight lines or use arches, etc. 

Plus if you already have it in your house (& it’s an ugly color because it’s from the 80’s) you change the color by painting it – like – today!!! 


I just have to give a shout out to the QUEEN of white brick fireplace inspiration – Joanna Gaines!!  Everything she does is magical, and the white brick fireplace is no exception!! 

Her shiplap and white brick creation is simple perfection, and I love it so much that I am adding it to my house (even as we speak).  


If you are looking for more help on this as a diy project, scroll down to the end of the post for some tutorials. 

These tutorials are not mine or performed by me (just wanted to get that out there), but ones that I recommend for you to try.   

Hopefully, theses tutorials will help you decide if this is a diy project you can take on, or something that you should hire out.

So, let’s get rolling….

30 Stunning White Brick Fireplace Ideas (Part 1)

#1 – Coastal Cottage

Isn’t it great how the color and style of the mantel completely sets the tone and style of the room? 

It can be painted white for a crisp, clean  (modern look), left natural (boho look), stained dark (traditional look), cedar (rustic or modern farmhouse look), hung with corbels (cottage), etc. 

#1 –  source: heatherbullard.stfi.re


#2 Rustic Farmhouse

The mantels can be prominent or subtle, and sometimes there is no mantel at all.  The possibilities are endless!!  As you scroll through these, you’ll be able to see the differences. 

And you’ll also begin to lean towards one or 2 distinct styles- right??

In Joanna’s fireplace design below, the stained “beefy” mantel is the focal point.

#2 – source: hgtv.com (fixer upper)


#3 Simplistic Showstopper

This fireplace is definitely the focal point of Emily Clark’s living room.  There are are no bookshelves or built-in cabinets to distract from it’s beauty.  

It is basically made from all brick as well.  Even the the mantel has 2 brick corbels to hold the wooden mantel – did you catch that?

#3 – source: emilyaclark.com


#4 Modern Boho Farmhouse

This white brick fireplace design is created to be the focal point of a “lived in” living room.  The open shelves with decor accessories, books, and firewood lean to a more laid back lifestyle.

The bold black and white harlequin tile and the bohemian blue rug bring a fun, playful energy to the room, while adding contrast to the white fireplace. 

#4 – source: mrandmrs2015.tumblr.com


#5 Arched Beauty

This arched brick fireplace exudes a very simplistic elegance to the living room.  Even the black firescreen is arched to add that touch of class.

Again the mantel is completely white, giving high contrast to the black and white picture gallery placed on top.  

#5 – source: decorpad.com


#6 Shabby Farmhouse

Doesn’t this fireplace design just make you smile?  It is so simple, yet so striking all at the same time.  The mantel is just an old cedar board placed on top of the brick to give a little more room for collectibles.

And then there’s the beautiful painted black hearth to give a focal point to the painted harlequin yellow wood floors.

#6 – source: bhg.com


#7 Shiplap & Brick Combo

This is one of my all-time favorites from Joanna and Chip!  I love the clean look of the horizontally planked white shiplap overmantel with the brick fireplace surround style.

Even though the design of the actual fireplace is simplistic, the built-in cabinets feature wall really anchor the entire room.

And those custom arched windows- swoon!!

#7 – source: magnolia.com


#8 Outdoor Oasis

White fireplaces are not limited only to the indoors.  Continue the fireplace theme onto an attached outdoor patio, a closed-in sun room or porch, or a detached outdoor kitchen/seating area. 

It will add texture to smooth surfaces like concrete and tiled floors, and will create a beautiful ambiance for nighttime entertaining. 

Can’t you just see the kiddos toasting marshmallows for s’mores while the adults sip wine?  Oh yeah- I’m there!!!

#8 – source: decorpad.com


# 9 Curved Brick Hearth

Kristi transformed an outdated brick fireplace, and built this incredible DIY wooden mantel for her client’s home.  Complete overhaul!!

The curved hearth makes this living room corner so cozy and inviting.  Plus, it’s perfect for little toddlers who make accidentally bump into rough corners.

#9 – source: addicted2decorating.com


#10 Traditional Ranch 

In this fixer upper design, Joanna kept the fireplace a classic design for the traditional style of the home. 

Did you notice that even though the living room is exceptionally large, the fireplace isn’t overly exaggerated to match?  It’s a trick on the eyes.

The mantel is wider and the hearth is larger, forcing the eyes to move horizontally (expanding the room)  versus vertically (lengthening the room).

#10 – source: hgtv.com


#11 California Coastal

You can tell how the different shades of white paint colors (on the fireplace) change the mood and feel of the room as well. 

The brighter whites create a “cleaner” formal style (below), whereas the softer whites create a more “relaxed’ style (#12). 

#11 – source:   private


#12 Farmhouse Ranch

This fireplace design is massive and completely becomes the feature wall in this living room.  Like #10, the mantel and hearth are wider to lengthen the room horizontally.  

But the difference in this ranch-style room, is the addition of the stained beams that run perpendicular to the fireplace wall.  Amazing- right?  

The beams help draw the eyes up, to visually “lift” the low ceiling height.

#12 – source: hg.tv


#13 Modern Coastal Farmhouse  

What a gorgeous room designed by Sita Montgomery Interiors!!  And look at that draw-dropping fireplace.

Can you see how the height of the fireplace also changes the feel of the room?

Lower ceilings and fireplaces lean toward a more casual style (above) and create a cozier environment whereas as a taller fireplace adds more drama and sophistication (below) creating a more formal environment. 

BOTH of these rooms are extremely gorgeous…..it just depends on the look you are going for, and the mood you want to create for your home.

#13 – source: sitamontgomeryinteriors.com


#14 Whimsical Beach Cottage

This fireplace design features an angled top portion at the ceiling, and is surrounded by beautiful wainscoting on the walls.  

Doesn’t this scream co-zy??  It’s clean and striking without being too fussy.

#14 – source: houseofturquoise.com


#15 Sensational Sunroom

All I can say here is WOW!  This is such an understated grand champion.  The gentle curves replicated throughout the design are simply stunning!

I also love how there is no mantel on this fireplace, and that it is flanked by 2 large windows. 

This keeps the priority of focus on the beautiful scenery of the outdoors, the bead board ceiling above, and the ambiance of the 2 over-sized black lanterns.

#15 – source: decorpad.com


#16 Dining Room Diva

And who doesn’t love a fireplace in the dining room?  Jade Of Interiors has created a simple design, that delivers a whole lot of punch.

In the picture below, the fireplace does not have a hearth because it is set up to provide warmth and ambiance to the dining room.   

It doesn’t need to invite guests to sit down and relax, because they are close enough to the fire while they are sitting in the dining chairs. 

#16 – source: houseofjadeinteriors


#17 Asian Ranch

In the picture below, the fireplace does have a hearth and is set up for a place to come and “cozy up” in the larger family room.   The Gaines’ love family gatherings, and it shows in all of their brick fireplace ideas and designs.

Once again…just depends on the function and style of your room.

#17 – source: magnoliahomes.net


#18 Scandinavian Loft

Don’t think that white brick designs aren’t suited for contemporary or minimalist styles as well.  

By just changing the brick pattern of the top portion of the fireplace (to herringbone), the fireplace adds an entire new dimension to the room.

It now becomes a feature statement instead of a backdrop, in an otherwise minimalist decorated space.

#18 – source: decorpad.com


#19 Wrapped Fireplace

Did you notice how the mantel actually wraps the entire brick fireplace?  This is a great idea and way to “expand” your living room (like mentioned above). 

The ceiling height is very low, and the wider stained wooden mantel really helps to draw the eye up and out.  It’s amazing what you can to trick the eyes – right?

#19 – source: sitehouse.net


#20 Old World Charmer

Notice the arch again, and the angled overmantel in the picture below?  It really adds a ton of character to this outside fireplace design.

The arch softens all of the other linear elements like the siding, roof, and brick mantel lines.  It also adds an “old world” or authentic look to the fireplace-right? 

But don’t be fooled….arches can be incorporated into more modern fireplaces too. It just depends on what you do to the rest of the fireplace design that changes the style.

#20 – source: decorpad.com


#21 Back Door Fireplace

Note the position of the fireplace position in all of the rooms pictured also.  Some fireplaces are designed to go in the middle of the room, whereas some are off-centered (picture below) or positioned in the corner of a room. 

Some have bookshelves adjoining them, some have windows, some have walls, and some have open spaces (outdoors or two-sided fireplaces). 

Each fireplace has it’s own unique look- love this!!

#21 – source:  magnolia.com


#22 Firebox Delight

Don’t forget about the inside of the fire box either.  The herringbone pattern (above) with the soft or dark yellows hues adds interest and character to a simple fireplace design. 

Want it to look more subtle, go with the lighter shades of yellow.  Want more drama, go with the darker or brighter shades of yellow (like the last picture by Studio-McGee).   

It also creates a natural focal point, drawing the eye down away from the not-so-attractive TV!!!  What will they think of next?

#22 – source: decorpad.com


#23 Shabby Chic Cottage

This one has a ton of charm.  I love that the fireplace appears to sit on top of the shiplap wall instead of designed to be included with the wall.

The mantel also stands alone, which is a very unique feature.  Most corbels and mantels are built to fit within the width of the fireplace.  

These over-sized corbels actually attach to the shiplap wall, not the fireplace wall.  This creates a more authentic look versus a modern look.

#23 – source: meganbrookehandmdeblog.com


#24 Patio Perfection

This inviting patio is designed with entertaining guests in mind.  The tall angled fireplace is built very close to the wall to save room and flanked with 2 gorgeous sconces for night time ambiance.

Unlike the other outdoor fireplaces show above, there is no hearth attached here.  This helps to save space when entertaining multiple guests, and helps to keep better traffic flow from dining to living areas.

#24 – source: decorpad.com


#25 Modern Farmhouse

This fireplace seems to embody the coined term Modern Farmhouse – to me.  I feel like Joanna and Chip incorporated all of their design elements into this style.

It has the shiplap paneling, brick surround, wood trim apron and legs, simplistic mantel board, and the black painted firebox.

This fireplace is simple, classy and timeless.

#25 – source: photos.hgtv.com


#26 Cozy Corner

This corner fireplace is definitely a one-of-a-kind design by CC + Mike.  What is not to love about it – right?

The corner position makes the room more inviting by opening up the space, and allowing all of the natural light to enter in.  

By keeping the corbels white and using a lighter stained rustic mantel, the fireplace takes on a softer, warmer look.  This allows the black framed windows and black firebox to “pop” without feeling too stark or cold.

#26 – source: ccandmike.com


#27 The Dream by Studio-McGee

So, I have to admit that this one is my favorite!!  It is like a dream design, and love everything Studio-McGee did here!

I love the dramatic height, shiplap overmantel, brick surround, clean wood trim legs, and the gorgeous yellow herringbone firebox.

It is creative and fearless design, and it is perfect!! 

#27 – source:  studio-mcgee.com



If you have existing brick on your fireplace that you have been wanting to paint white, read the 3 tutorials listed below (just click on the link below the picture). 

Each of these tutorials gives great advice and tips to help you through the process, and take your worries away. 

No reason to keep that ugly old fireplace anymore…..especially when painted brick fireplaces are on trend.  Painting it will lighten your entire room, giving it a much more modern and fresh look, and will change the entire style of your room. 

Plus, it will be clean!!  Ok- so who’s in??  Try it and let me know how it goes.

#28 Little Vintage Nest

#28 source: littlevintagenest.com


#29 Accidental Suburbanites

#29 – source: accidentalsuburbanites.com


#30 Emily Clark

#30 – source: emilyaclark.com

Have a Great Weekend!! 

Love & Hugs 🙂

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and…#31 – MINE!!  Well, What do you think?  Do you like it?













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  1. I really like the one that you are building.
    From the others, #1 would be hg.tv.
    and #2 is the meganbrooke…or decorpad
    maybe because I have the huge beam from the old cotton oil mill as my mantle.

  2. Should the white color of the brick match your white walls or should it match your white trim? My walls will be alabaster by SW and the trim is a more of a bright white. I am trying to stay away from trendy and keep the basics timeless. Not an easy task! I really enjoyed reading this article. It helped with the final decision of an all white brick fireplace versus a lime wash or German smeared one.

    1. Hi Alisa! I would highly recommend painting your brick the same color as your trim – one cohesive unit. This would also keep with your classic (clean) and timeless look. If you ever decide to paint your walls a different color other than alabaster, you would then either have to repaint the brick also or you would have 3 colors (walls + trim + brick). Hope this helps – so excited for you 🙂

  3. This is a followup to Alisa’s question: My walls are accessible beige (SW). I want my fireplace to be a different color so was planning on white to match my trim (currently many different colors). I am leaning toward alabaster because that’s what I am thinking for trim, but don’t want 1) fireplace to be whiter than it should be 2)have to repaint all later if I change my wall color. Most of these pics seem to have white walls too, so concerned my fireplace will be too bright now! Can you give me some thoughts on whites for trim and fireplace with another color wall?

    1. Hi Laura! I definitely think that the fireplace/trim painted with alabaster and the walls painted with accessible beige will be a beautiful combination. Alabaster has a slight yellow undertone, which brings in a little extra warmth to a white paint color. Another white to consider might be elder white SW 7014 – it reads more gray. SW pairs it with one of their coastal cool color collections here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/556335360201742046/
      I know it will turn out gorgeous!
      Jael 🙂

  4. I like your’s. I have the same fireplace as yours. I tried to whitewash it but forgot to songs of the pain as I went along so it’s shabby white.☹️All the ones you show have light it white walls around it and my walls are barnboard France so if I finish it fully white(simply white) I feel like it’ll look too stark white against the dark wall setting. So don’t know what to do. How can I send you before and after photos. Would be grateful if you could help. Thank you.

    1. hi neline! can you try to go through my contact page on my thetarnishedjewelblog.com – home page. top menu – hit contact. try that and hopefully that will work.
      thanks – jael 🙂

  5. I love this post! I was wondering if you know where the fan from #24 Patio Perfection is from? I love how the ceiling fan looks with the white fireplace!

  6. Love your fireplace! Just the look we are going for.
    Question, the shiplap we have above the mantel will be painted with a flat paint, do we paint the bricks with flat paint as well? It will all be the same color.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. hi janet! i would recommend using at least a satin (eggshell) finish or even semi-gloss (like our’s). the reason is that a flat finish isn’t as durable and when you clean or bump that painted brick (which happens – lol), it will scuff. even our semi-gloss white paint is scuffed from gentle wear and tear.
      just food for thought! good luck with the new fireplace – you will love it!
      hugs – jael 🙂

  7. I have a floor to ceiling fireplace, traditional brick red with the variables for interest in the late 70’s. I am donating white wash, or painting completely white. I have concrete hearth and mantel which also need an overhaul. I plan make a wooden oak box to cover the mantel, but should I paint the hearth a decorative stone look or plain white?

    1. hi lorna! here are some suggestions:
      – you could paint the hearth white or white-wash (just like the brick) to make your wooden mantel pop and bring the focus up,
      – you could paint the hearth gray or charcoal to give weight to the bottom of the fireplace, or
      – could paint the hearth top (where you sit) a darker color to give focus and add dimension at the bottom.
      i recommend going to pinterest and find some ideas for “concrete fireplace” and see if there is one look that really catches your attention. that is probably the style you’ll end up liking for your fireplace too.
      hope this helps –
      jael 🙂

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