Master Bed Frame Makeover – Painted White

So, we have finally moved back into our bedroom downstairs…..and I am so excited about how the entire bedroom turned out.  The  2 things that “make” the bedroom and create some drama are the navy accent wall, and the white bed frame.  And since I painted the bed, I thought it would be awesome to show you the technique if you want to change your bed also.    Here is my master bed frame makeover – painted white using the dry-brushed technique tutorial.  If you want a glazed or antiqued tutorial (like my nightstands)…  HERE. Want to see my master bath makeover, click Master Bathroom Remodel:  Hardware Bling.

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Master Bed Frame Makeover – Painted White

Where did it all begin?

Before Picture.


After Picture.


Master Bed Frame Makeover – Painted White


  • primer – I used zinsser
  • white paint – I used Behr Swiss Coffee – Home Depot
  • clear wax – I used trewax
  • paint brush – I prefer 2″ angled (angled gets into the grooves better)
  • 150-grit sandpaper or sponge -to distress bed
  • large boxes (heavy or weighted) or piece of furniture – to hold headboard/footboard upright while painting
  • wooden blocks- to hold up (rest) feet of bed on
  • rags/old shirts – to wipe off wax
  • canvas dropcloth or plastic – to protect floor


Master Bed Frame Makeover – Painted White

Step 1:  Priming

Before picture.


To Prime:

Put your primer on in long brush strokes, making sure not to cover your bed in a solid paint color.  See below.



Closeup picture.


Full view picture.


Do the same technique for footboard and side rails if you have them.







Step 2 – Painting (1st Coat)

Put your first coat of white paint over primer in long brush strokes again, but this time covering more of the wood.



BELOW:  left side painted….right sight primed


You should be able to notice that the paint covers better than the primer, and it should feel thicker as you brush it on. 

  • Just make sure NOT to cover the wood completely. 
  • You should still be able to see brush strokes.










Step 3:  Paint 2 More Coats

BELOW:   Headboard 3 coats, Footboard 2 coats

Can you tell how the headboard has more coverage on it than the footboard?


TIP:  This is the stage/step where I go back and add in some paint to cover certain areas that do no look as even. 

This is just personal preference for me.



Step 4:  Put Clear Wax On

Now you can put on your wax, let dry, and rag/buff off. 

Put on more coats of wax if you want a shinier finish- just fyi.


Step 5:  Sand/Distress

Use your 150-grit sandpaper or sponge and gently sand over random areas where you want some original wood to show. 

I like my sanded areas to be over the ornate “leaves” sections to accent the details, and then over the corners where the bed would naturally get “bumped”. 

I also added some sanded areas in the middle sections of the headboard and footboard to move the eye around.










I like to do this just to bring out the wood tone (the wax makes the wood tone darker for more contrast) against the white paint. 

But of course, this is your bed, so it is your decison!!




After Pictures









Hope you love how your bed turns out….as much as I love mine!!  Let me know how your progress is going- or if you have any questions? 

I would love to see some pictures of your bed too!!

I really feel like I got new furniture…without the high pricetag!! 

Plus the white really lifts the room so much more than the stained brown color, and it gives me the contrast I need against the navy wall.  Don’t cha think ??






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before and after master bed frame makeover. brown bed painted white using dry-brushed method






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  1. Very well done.Concise and to the point so you don’t have to read over it again to get it. The effect is picturesque.

    1. thanks mom! i tried to do a little less “wordy” this time – LOL!! i loved how the bed turned out 🙂

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