Find Your Style – FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards

Find Your Style- FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards

I love the farmhouse style and how effortless the decorating looks, knowing that it is anything but simple.  The lines are clean and the decor is understated, but the layout and the design are detailed and dynamic.  Today we will look at Find Your Style – Four Farmhouse Mood Boards:  Farmhouse Traditional, Farmhouse Coastal, Farmhouse Rustic, and Farmhouse Chic.   

***UPDATED August 2020 – thanks for your patience.***

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Find Your Style – FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards

Have you noticed when scrolling through pinterest or houzz, you’ll come across a picture titled “Modern Farmhouse,” but it isn’t exactly what you would call farmhouse style?  

Well, that is because there are branches (or other styles) stemming out from it.   Basically, there is a core root:  (farmhouse style) combined with other styles: + (traditional, coastal, rustic, and chic to name a few). 

The lines are still clean and the decor still looks effortless…….but the accessories aren’t strictly items purchased from Magnolia Market (even though you’ll see those too-thank you Joanna & Chip)!! 

Here is your fill in the blank question.  Easy-peasy!!

Find Your Style- FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards


Find Your Style – FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards

So, how does this work exactly?  

  • Basically, you can change the look of a room by simply changing out a couple of the items – even though the basic shape and styles remain the same.
  • It’s like a mix-and-match system where you can pull different items from each of the rooms to design your own personal space!!  It’s YOUR house, so decorate however it you want!!

Here below you can see all of the items that I chose to work with.  And then I simply picked out different items (from each line) to create a “farmhouse style” by switching them around.  

End Result:  Four Farmhouse Mood Boards – farmhouse traditional, farmhouse coastal, farmhouse rustic, and farmhouse chic. 

Find Your Style- FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards


I separated the items into the farmhouse style mood boards below, to give you an idea.  But have fun with it – remember it’s YOUR house!!

Let’s get to the mood boards

FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards


This style incorporates a more elegant and refined look, with a nod to the “cohesive” side in terms of color.  The darker colors give a rich grounding base to the design, and do not “pop” out to grab your attention. 

The beautiful traditional rug pulls in the colors in the room so they blend in, creating balance and sophistication.  And the rich wood tones in the coffee and end tables add warmth and a touch of masculinity.


Find Your Style- FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards



  1.  Couch
  2.  Rug or here
  3.  Chair or here
  4.  Cream and blue stripe pillow, (here, or here)
  5.  Ivory Pillow (or here
  6.  *Blue Fringe PillowIvory Fringe, or Blue Tassel Pillow  
  7.  *Cornflower blue pillow 
  8.  Coffee Table
  9.  End Table
  10.  Lamp

*Other pillow options to consider.



This style incorporates more casual furnishings to keep the look light and airy, and to provide a more relaxed and comfortable vibe.  The colors remain neutral and mirror items found at the beach: sand, water, and sky. 

The sisal rug and pillows add texture and visual interest, and the navy blue colors bring in the nautical look. 

The coffee and end tables are the perfect blend of these 2 styles:  the x-shape leans more farmhouse while the natural wood tone leans more “beachy.”  


Find Your Style- FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards



*Other pillow options to consider.


This style incorporates more earthy tones and rugged furnishings to create a sense of warmth and comfort.  It welcomes you in with a “no fuss- style” that creates a cozy environment. 

The dark rug and couch are perfect to “hide” an active family lifestyle, and the colors remain neutral.  The coffee and end tables give a nod to the industrial vibe while the brass lamp base keeps things from looking too masculine. 


Find Your Style- FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards



*Other pillow options to consider.



This style incorporates an eclectic mix of all of the other styles, and gives off a playful and happy vibe.  Visually, it is very dynamic keeping the eyes moving from one item to the other through: pops of color, different patterns, and different textures. 

The vertical stripes in the rug, x-shaped tables, blue buffalo check chair, and textured navy and gray pillows add a ton of energy throughout the space.   

The painted white coffee and end tables add just a little shabby chic to the mix, giving it a whimsical look.


Find Your Style- FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards



  • Don’t you love all of the different looks and decorating combinations you can create with only a handful of items?  The possibilities are endless…..well almost 😉
  • Now that you are at the end of the post -which one is your favorite style…..or do you like a combination of all the styles?   Or what would you pull together to make YOUR style?
  • If I had to pick one (would be a tough choice – LOL)……I would probably pick Farmhouse Chic because of all the pops of color and patterns! I kind of like all the cra-zee going on with it.   


Maybe something like this….. kind of farmhouse coastal cottage boho chic – LOL!!


Find Your Style- FOUR Farmhouse Mood Boards


Let me know what you choose!!  I’d love some feedback!! 

Have a Great Week!!  Love & Hugs 🙂

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