28 Incredible Barn Doors: Get The Look

You have looked forever for the perfect barn door style, and now are ready to close the deal.  Or…. maybe you are almost ready, but just want a little bit more information before you make the commitment.  Either way, I know a lot of research and time goes into making a decision like this.  So, I have hunted down the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.  If you need any help or have any questions, shoot me a comment.  I’ll try to assist you any way I can.  So, here are my picks for the best barn doors to help you get the look you’re going for.  28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.

If you are joining in from 55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas:  Not Just For Farmhouse Style, welcome.  I’m so happy you’re here!

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I wanted to start off this post with a couple of pictures from the barn doors that we have in our home.   Our doors were custom made due to the irregular sizes of our openings and due to availability (or lack of, I should say).  There was zero availability during Hurricane Harvey ….(when we flooded).  And since we added the craftman style trim around all of our doorways and windows – we created irregular-sized openings  So, needless to say – custom it was!!

source:  thetarnishedjewelblog.com


source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com


source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com

We have a double barn door set in our office/piano room (entry) and a single barn door in our master bedroom opening to our master bath.   I absolutely love them & highly recommend them.

Let’s Get to the Styles!!



  1.  X-Shaped
  2.  Z-Shaped/Z-Shaped 2
  3.  Paneled
  4.  Half-Paneled
  5.  Herringbone/Chevron/Arrow
  6.  Geometric/Patterns
  7.  W/Chalkboard
  8.  W/Mirrors
  9.  W/Glass
  10.  Plank/Shutter/Shiplap
  11.  On Furniture/TV Covers/Window Treatments

*** If you want more information on the styles or need more visual inspiration, click 55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas.  ***

If you’re ready for shopping options, see below.  Click on the link or picture to learn more.


#1 – x-shaped triple                                                                                  #2 – one x-shaped (5 colors)

Triple X Solid Manufactured Wood Panelled Interior Barn DoorClassic X Solid Panel Wood Slab Interior Barn Door









#3 – z-bar (assembly required)                                                                     #4 – z-bar 2 (4 colors), option 2

Continental MDF Engineered Wood 1 Panel Interior Barn Door

36" x 84 Sliding Wood Interior Barn Door










#5 – double z-bar                                                                                                              #6 – double z-bar 2


MMI Door 72 in. x 84 in. Primed Z-Plank MDF Barn Door with Sliding Door Hardware KitNatural Core Knotty Pine Solid Wood Panelled Slab Interior Barn Door










#7 – triple paneled                                                                                                     #8 – double paneledoption 2

Shaker Hollow Panelled MDF Interior Barn Door

PVC Millbrooke Paneled Barndoor with Hardware









#9 –half-paneled , option 2 (4 colors)                                                                      #10 –  5-panel

Craftsman Solid Wood Panelled Interior Barn Door

Manufactured Wood Rockport Paneled Barn Door without Hardware









#11 – herringbone (5 colors), option 2                                                               #12 – geometric, option 2

Herringbone Solid Panel Wood Slab Interior Barn Door

image 0
source: etsy.com










#13 – chalkboard with x                                                                                     14 – with mirror

X Blackboard MDF Panel Interior Barn Door

Modern Mirror Barn Door, 7'x3'










#15 – 5-panel glass3-panel (3 colors)                                                         #16 – custom glass doors

Manufactured Wood Paneled Barn Door with Hardware

image 0
source: etsy.com










#17 – one panel glass (2 colors), muliti -paneled (option 2)                                                                 #18 – z bar 2 glass

Continental MDF Engineered Wood 1 Panel Interior Barn DoorContinental Frosted Glass 1 Panel Ironage Laminate Interior Barn Door









#19 – white wood plank                                                                                    #20 – reclaimed wood plank

Craftsman Horizontal Panel Door, 7'x3'

Horizontal Panel Door











#21 – reclaimed wood plank gray                                                                    #22 – reclaimed wood z-bar

Reclaimed Panel Barn Door, Reclaimed Lumber, 84"x36"

Handmade Barn Door, Multicolor











#23 – x-shaped console (4 colors)                                                                       #24 – window shutters

image 0
source: etsy.com

Bluestone TV Stand for TVs up to 60"









#25 – hiding tv (over fireplace)                                                                 #26 – bookcase, option 2, option 3

image 0
source: etsy.com

Wood Farmhouse Barn Door Bookcase










#27 – plank console (5 colors)                                                                         #28 – plank entertainment center

Laursen TV Stand for TVs up to 60"Parker House Chesapeake 4-Piece Sliding Door Entertainment Wall in White



















  • This is the hardware that I used for both of my barn doors (single – 6.6 ft. and double -10 ft. doors), and I  love them.  The guys who installed the double office doors had to cut down the rails (for custom sizing), but they work great.  The handles are very nice and heavy, and look stunning.  I used brushed nickel/stainless for mine, but the black are beautiful also.


  • TIP – make sure to read carefully for sliding door hardware for single or double doors and door sizes (EX:  one 48″w SINGLE door VERSUS two DOUBLE 24″w doors = 48″W).  It gets very confusing, so just triple check yourself!!



#29 –  handle  black, stainless                                                               #30 –  sliding door hardware 6.6 ft, 10 ft

SMARTSTANDARD Heavy Duty 12" Pull and Flush Barn Door Handle Set, Large Rustic Two-Side Design, for Gates Garages Sheds Furniture, Black Powder Coated Finish, Round










If you need help with anything, or a link is broken….please let me know!  I’m here to help!

Want more barn door inspiration try 55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas or follow me on pinterest barn door love.




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