28 Best Barn Doors: Get The Look

You have looked forever for the perfect barn door style, and now are ready to close the deal.  Or…. maybe you are almost ready, but just want a little bit more information before you make the commitment.   28 Best Barn Doors:  Get The Look

Either way, I know a lot of research and time goes into making a decision like this.   I have hunted down the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.  If you need any help or have any questions, shoot me a comment.  I’ll try to assist you any way I can. 

So, here are my picks for the best barn doors to help you get the look you’re going for.  28 Best Barn Doors:  Get The Look.

If you are joining in from 55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas:  Not Just For Farmhouse Style, welcome.  I’m so happy you’re here!

***UPDATED MAY 29, 2019***

***NOTE***  This post contains affiliate links.  This means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks so much for your support 🙂


I wanted to start off this post with a couple of pictures from the barn doors that we have in our home.   Our doors were custom made due to the irregular sizes of our openings and due to availability (or lack of, I should say). 

There was zero availability during Hurricane Harvey ….(when we flooded).  And since we added the craftman style trim around all of our doorways and windows – we created irregular-sized openings  So, needless to say – custom it was!!

source:  thetarnishedjewelblog.com


source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com


source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com

We have a double barn door set in our office/piano room (entry) and a single barn door in our master bedroom opening to our master bath.   I absolutely love them & highly recommend them.

Let’s Get to the Styles!!



  1.  X-Shaped
  2.  Z-Shaped/Z-Shaped 2
  3.  Paneled
  4.  Half-Paneled
  5.  Herringbone/Chevron/Arrow
  6.  Geometric/Patterns
  7.  W/Chalkboard
  8.  W/Mirrors
  9.  W/Glass
  10.  Plank/Shutter/Shiplap
  11.  On Furniture/TV Covers/Window Treatments

*** If you want more information on the styles or need more visual inspiration, click 55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas.  ***

If you’re ready for shopping options, see below.  Click on the link or picture to learn more.


#1 – x-shaped triple                                                                                 #2 – double x (assembly required)


Contemporary Barn Door, 7'x3'









#3 – z-bar, option 2, option 3                                                                    #4 – z-bar 2 (2 colors), option 2

Continental MDF Engineered Wood 1 Panel Interior Barn Door

Chalet 37 in Barn Door











#5 – double z-bar, double x-shaped                                                                            #6 – double z-bar 2


MMI Door 72 in. x 84 in. Primed Z-Plank MDF Barn Door with Sliding Door Hardware KitNatural Core Knotty Pine Solid Wood Panelled Slab Interior Barn Door










#7 – triple paneled (shaker)                                                                      #8 – double paneledoption 2

Shaker Hollow Panelled MDF Interior Barn Door

PVC Millbrooke Paneled Barndoor with Hardware









#9 – craftsman 1craftsman 2 , option 2 & option 3 (4 colors)                        #10 –  5-panel, 6-panel

Craftsman Solid Wood Panelled Interior Barn Door

Manufactured Wood Rockport Paneled Barn Door without Hardware









#11 – herringbone (5 colors), option 2, option 3                                       #12 – geometric, (15 colors)

Herringbone Solid Panel Wood Slab Interior Barn DoorVeryCustom 36 in. x 84 in. Hollywood Caribbean Wood Sliding Barn Door with Hardware Kit










#13 – chalkboard with x                                                                                     14 – with mirror

X Blackboard MDF Panel Interior Barn Door

Modern Mirror Barn Door, 7'x3'










#15 – 5-panel glass                                                                     #16 – 3-panel glass doors (2 colors) 

Manufactured Wood Paneled Barn Door with Hardware

Continental Glass Barn Door with Installation Hardware Kit









#17 – one panel glass (2 colors), z bar 2 glass                               #18 – multi- glass, multi -(option 2) 

Continental MDF Engineered Wood 1 Panel Interior Barn Door

Artisan Hardware French Panel Barn Door, 3'x7', Black, Frosted Glass









#19 – white plank, blue plank, black                                            #20 – reclaimed wood plank, natural

Craftsman Horizontal Panel Door, 7'x3'

Horizontal Panel Door











#21 – reclaimed wood gray, wood z-bar                           #22 – honey, double, gray, double, milk, double 

Reclaimed Panel Barn Door, Reclaimed Lumber, 84"x36"


Sliding Barn Door 36 x 80 & 6.6FT Rail| Planum 0010 Honey Ash|











#23 – x-shaped console (4 colors), option 2                                                         #24 – window shutters

image 0
source: etsy.com

Bluestone TV Stand for TVs up to 60"









#25 – hiding tv (over fireplace)                                                           #26 – bookcase, option 2, option 3

Pacific Entries 24 in. x 36 in. TV Prefinished White Wood Interior Barn Door with Oil Rubbed Bronze HardwareWood Farmhouse Barn Door Bookcase










#27 – plank console (5 colors)                                                           #28 – plank entertainment center

Laursen TV Stand for TVs up to 60"Parker House Chesapeake 4-Piece Sliding Door Entertainment Wall in White



















  • This is the hardware that I used for both of my barn doors (single – 6.6 ft. and double -10 ft. doors), and I  love them.  The guys who installed the double office doors had to cut down the rails (for custom sizing), but they work great.  The handles are very nice and heavy, and look stunning.  I used brushed nickel/stainless for mine, but the black are beautiful also.


  • TIP – make sure to read carefully for sliding door hardware for single or double doors and door sizes (EX:  one 48″w SINGLE door VERSUS two DOUBLE 24″w doors = 48″W).  It gets very confusing, so just triple check yourself!!



#29 –  handle black, stainless                                                  #30 –  sliding door hardware 6.6 ft, 10 ft

SMARTSTANDARD Heavy Duty 12" Pull and Flush Barn Door Handle Set, Large Rustic Two-Side Design, for Gates Garages Sheds Furniture, Black Powder Coated Finish, Round










If you need help with anything, or a link is broken….please let me know!  I’m here to help!

Want more barn door inspiration try 55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas or follow me on pinterest barn door love.




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55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas: NOT Just For Farmhouse Style

I know that barn doors have been around for awhile now, but I STILL believe they are worth all the hype. Since Joanna & Chip put them on the map in home design, they continue to show up in tons of house plans and evolve:  a character of timeless decor.  Thanks to the Gaines’, we not only have stylish door options, but functional door options to problematic/awkward/tight spaces (and they are just plain fun!!)  So if you haven’t jumped on board yet to this barn door craze – beware – this post is filled with tons of inspirational eye candy & products galore.  So here are 55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas:  NOT Just For Farmhouse Style. 

Looking to shop barn doors, try 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.

*Check out some of my new posts:  Top 10 Best Desks for Students and Back to School Party for Teachers (or Kids).



So what makes barn doors so special?

Chip and Joanna Gaines may be miracle workers but they simply can't do everything. So when they opened Magnolia House B&B they recruited semi-retirees Rob and Marianne Ward as potential managers. First, though, they'd have to convince the Wards to move into the adjacent carriage house. And before that could happen, they'd have to undertake a major renovation on the carriage house itself.
source: hgtv.com (fixer upper)
  1.   They can be used in any decor style – (not just for  modern farmhouse style anymore)
  2.   They can be used in tight spaces- (they move side to side vs. in an arc motion with doors on hinges)
  3.   They add architectural design to a plain wall – (you choose the door style, ranging from simplistic to ornate)
  4.   They can be used to hide items you don’t want seen – (tv’s, bookshelf clutter, pantry items, laundry, etc.)
  5.   They can be used as window treatments
  6.   They can be used as a single door, double door, or even quadruple doors
  7.   They can be used with glass to let light in
  8.   They can be used with mirrors to reflect light or use  for full-length viewing
  9.   They can be used with chalkboards to add function and whimsy
  10.  They can even be used outdoors – yep check out #9!!

SECONDLY: I have 2 barn doors in my own house: 1)  a pair that replaced french doors to our office/piano room  (see below), and 2) one in my bedroom to my master bath (see 2nd set below).  And I absolutely LOVE them and highly recommend them!

outside entry
inside room










Both of these rooms had awkward areas for opening up the doors into the room.  As a result, this awkward area became useless and really limited furniture placement.  By adding the barn doors, we actually gained usable space, allowing for better flow/better function of both rooms. 

We installed the office doors on the outside wall (entry wall- above) to gain more space inside the room, and also to add detail to the tall foyer walls.  In the bedroom we added one large door (below), and had it slide to an area that we did not use. 

It was a no-brainer for us!  Click Master Bath Remodel:  Hardware Accessories and Home Tour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom to see more of our home.

outside bedroom
inside bathroom










source: houzz.com

***TIP***  As you scroll through the different styles, keep a piece of paper handy and write down the numbers to the ones that really grab your attention.  It will help you decide on pattern/color/style, and help you “picture” where you might want to use them in your own house.

If you want to Follow my pinterest board –  click BARN door love for more inspiration and tips.

If you want to shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.




Painted doors with glass--3 panel or glass only at top if one over two
source: mouldings-toronto.com


  • Office
  • Living Room – Covers TV, Bookshelves
  • Kitchen – Pantry, Coffee Bars
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry
  • Bedrooms – Closets
  • Dining Rooms
  • Outdoor Kitchens


Knotty Alder Barn Door Styles More
source: glassdoorstampa.com
  • X-Shaped
  • Z-Shaped/Z-Shaped 2
  • Paneled
  • Half-Paneled
  • Herringbone/Chevron/Arrow
  • Geometric/Patterns
  • W/Chalkboard
  • W/Mirrors
  • W/Glass
  • Plank/Shutter/Shiplap
  • On Furniture/TV Covers/Window Treatments


So…..let’s get to the GOOD stuff !! 

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.



#1 – source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com


This is a beautiful twist on the traditional barn door. That gold handle really sets this off👍🏼
#2 – source:  private


Aqua Blue Pantry Barn Door on Rails
#3 – source: decorpad.com (dina holland interiors)


Project Flower Streets Reveal
#4 – source: blackbanddesign.com


Geoff Chick :: Architect | Sandhill | 33
#5 – source: geoffchick.com

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.


I would love a sliding door somewhere in our house--preferably vintage/recycled...maybe for the office?
#6 – source: blog.thenest.com


And so it begins. By the time you read this, the scaffolding should be going up and work on converting the loft about to start. Which means that I need to stop dreaming about what it might look like (and, crucially, stop pinning wildly unrealistic and unaffordable images) and start researching for the things we…
#7 – source: madaboutthehouse.com


41 SHIPLAP Ideas: NOT Just For Walls (Part 2)
#8 – source: decorpad.com


Patio Ideas. Patio Design Ideas. #Patio #Deck #BBQArea
#9 – source: homebunch.com


Barn door Laundry. I wonder if this would be easier than doing a pocket door. (Love the door color too!)
#10 – source: purewow.stfi.re

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.


#11 – source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com


DIY Double barn doors - like the concept, the door handles & most of all the idea of the cover over the top rail
#12 – source: thelearnerobserver.com


Check out these amazing pantries and butler's pantries for tons of inspiration and great ideas!
# 13 – source: houseofhargrove.com


Double Shaker style barn doors painted navy blue.
#14 – source: patinayard.com


Sliding barn door vintage 5 panel door with home depot hardware kit
#15 – source: youtube.com

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.


#16 – source: studio-mcgee.com


#17 – source: etsy.com


We are thinking about doing a barn door like the one we built in the last house over the pantry in this house, it’s currently just a regular door, what do y’all think? That or a pantry door with the frosty window? I can’t decide! I will share an updated kitchen photo with y’all soon, aside from counters it’s just about finished 😍 #homerenovation #homereno #renovation #thisisus #kitchendecor #kitchendreams #kitchendesign #kitchenremodel #farmersmarket #freshmarket #barndoor #home
#18 – source: instagram.com


14 Tips For Incorporating Shiplap Into your Home
#19 – source: homedit.com


Barn door in master bathroom renovation
#20 – source: uniquelyyoursomine.com

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.


Spotlight: Paneled Doors | Centsational Girl | Bloglovin’
#21 – source: bloglovin.com


Herringbone on the wall...where can we use that detail? maybe we use that in the Down Powder Bath for the wood accent wall instead of making the floor complicated. Rustic Barn Doors | Modern Barn Home Ideas
#22 – source: instagram.com


DIY Barn Door Using an Interior Door
#23 – source: hometalk.com


Master bedroom barn sliding door.
#24 – source: thecreativityexchange.com


HIS & HER sliding barn doors - Barn Doors and Custom Furniture
#25 – source: hisandherhome.ca

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.


Dove Studio | House of Turquoise | Bloglovin’
#26 – source: bloglovin.com


Just installed favorite black barn door! Yes, again favorite color for all doors! #jamieherzlingerinteriors #jamieshop #barndoor #blackdoor…
#27 – source: instagram.com


The barn door is a custom designed door from a local carpenter and painted by the designer in Annie Sloan - custom mix of Duck Egg Blue, Old White, French Linen, and Coco
#28 – source: internalbarndoors.com


Lovely Modern Sliding Doors and Best 25 Modern Sliding Doors Ideas On Home Design Sliding Door
#29 – source: centralazdining.com


Amazingly Crafty Uses For Your Old Junk...saw this door idea on HGTV...love it, might try to talk J into it instead of a pocket door for the new bathroom.
#30 –  source:  dumpaday.com

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.


DIY Barndoors with magnetic chalkboard inserts and galvanized pipe pantry shelves!
#31 – source:  private


Top Ceiling Mount Black Steel Rustic Modern Sliding Barn door Hardware Wood Closet Door Interior Doo
#32 – source: etsy.com


Sliding pantry door with chalkboard face - slimmer door profile PLUS space to display and/or write stuff on the wall. So useful
#33 – source: thekitchn.com


How to Measure for a Sliding Barn Door - Grain Designs
#34 – source: graindesigns.com

***over chalkboard below – adorable!!***

Neutral tones & textures, sliding KITCHEN - barnyard door, straw high back stools, light fixtures that are modern yet country, grey wooden floors - all make for a delightful kitchen space
#35 – source: blog.yellowprairieinteriors.com

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.


Wall mirror mounted on a Sliding barn track door
#36 – source: interiorbarndoors.org


Cerramientos, paredes y puertas industriales de metal con cuarterones de cristal
#37 – source: milideas.net


Mpls.St.Paul Magazine ASID MN Showcase Home | House of Turquoise
#38 – source: houseofturquoise.com


narrow double doors with mirrors give a sophisticated and more modern look
#39 – source: youtube.com


Mirrored Barn Doors More
#40 – source: thecreativityexchange.com

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.


Serene and hardworking: Really, what more could you want in a family home? Lilli Lee's is a treasure chest of smart storage and soothing style. Take the tour and grab some tips for your own place.
#41 – source: realsimple.com


#42 – source: doornmore.com


Iron, Hot Rolled Steel barn rolling doors {Straus Job, glass panel for light and privacy, Attic Bathroom}
#43 – source: luxesource.com


Serious question for professionals in residential construction: when laying a wood or laminate floor, is there a rule of thumb about which direction the planks go? In particular, what about laying them perpendicular to a hallway run at a room transition (as seen above). Is that unconventional?
#44 – source: instagram.com


#45 – source: private

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.


A stunning plank barn door on rails opens to reveal a small hall laundry room fitted with a stacked white front loading washer and dryer.
#46 – source: decorpad.com


41 SHIPLAP Ideas: NOT Just For Walls (Part 2)
#47 – source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com


Project San Juan
#48 – source: blackbanddesign.com


Marie Flanigan Interiors - Have you Seen us Lately - Architectural Digest Coastal Transformation - Coastal Sitting Room - Contemporary Trundle Bed
#49 – source: marieflanigan.com


Kitchen Makeover Ideas From Fixer Upper | HGTV's Fixer Upper With Chip and Joanna Gaines | HGTV
#50 – source: hgtv.com (fixer upper)

To shop barn doors, click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.



TV behind barn doors recessed over the mantel...love it!
#51 – source: homebunch.com


#52 -source: bwncy.com


Learn how to build a DIY Sliding Barn Door Loft Bed. Easy-to-follow tutorial by Jen Woodhouse. This bed fits a Full Size mattress.
#53 – source: jenwoodhouse.com


***Barn door console
#54 – source: private (ana white)


Barn door window shades
#55 – source: private

So, which one is your favorite??  Or do you already have one in your house – shoot me a picture, I’d love to see it!! *** If you’re ready to shop barn doors Click 28 Incredible Barn Doors:  Get The Look.***



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