DIY Wrapping Paper Wall Decor: Frame Ideas

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to change out your existing wall decor – cover it with wrapping paper!  Yep you read that right.  I had some leftover black and white wrapping paper from my bookshelf makeover and thought it would look so cute in one of our picture frames/wall decor.  And it does!   Plus it really helps make our fall wreath “pop!”  So, who is ready to get started?  DIY Wrapping Paper Wall Decor:  Frame Ideas.

Bonus:  I can change out the paper whenever I get tired of it, and can use the wall decor I already have up (without adding new nail holes to the walls).  Sign Me Up!  


diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


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DIY Wrapping Paper Wall Decor: Frame Ideas

I just wanted to go over a couple of questions/concerns first before we get to the wrapping paper craft tutorial.

  •   1.  Can you cover glass photo frames and canvas pictures?

Yes and No. 

You can definitely use wrapping paper/adhesive shelf liner/removable wallpaper on top of glass, but I do not recommend applying either of these over canvas wall art.

I do plan on covering some of my glass frames/wall decor very soon!!

Just make sure you TEST out any taping/securing methods FIRST, so you don’t accidentally damage your wall decor.

  • 2.  Can you use this tutorial for open picture frames?

Yes, you will just attach the wrapping paper to the wall first. 

Then secure/hang your open frame to the wall above it (on top of) so that it covers the wrapping paper completely.

  •   3.  Will removable wallpaper/adhesive shelf liner work in place of wrapping paper? 

 Yes, just make sure to test it out in an area first to double check that it won’t damage your art piece.

TIP:  Measure your wall art and frame size so that you know what dimensions to use for your wrapping paper, shelf liner, or peel and stick removable wallpaper.

It will look much better if you do not have a seam (2 matching pieces) for this project, but that is just my personal opinion – LOL!! 

Ok – let’s get to the supplies needed.

DIY Wrapping Paper Wall Decor: Frame Ideas


  1.   *wrapping paper (or removable wallpaper)
  2.   scissors
  3.   double-sided tape (or your taping preference)
  4.   tape measure
  5.   **optional orange fall wreath (or here)

I found my wrapping paper last year in the dollar section at Target (see picture below.)

*Here are Similar Wrapping Paper Options : 

diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


Let’s get to the easy 3-step tutorial!

STEP #1:  Test Wrapping Paper In Frame & Tape Top Part Down

Roll out your wrapping paper and place inside the framed wall art (or on top of glass inside frame).

You are basically trying to see how much paper you will need to cover your frame. 

Start in the top left corner and test dimensions.

Once you get your paper lined up so that it is straight, go ahead and tape the top left corner/top middle/top right corner.

This will help you line up the sides, and prevent the paper from falling down.  See pictures below.

diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


I totally lucked out on this because the frame width was the EXACT size that I needed for my wrapping paper.  Crazy – right? 

That meant I did not even have to hassle with the right side at all (to crease and cut).  *Follow Step #2 guidelines for the right side of your frame.

diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


STEP #2:  Crease And Cut Wrapping Paper Borders

After you have your top portion lined up, go ahead and smooth out the left and right sides. 

You can tape down the sides as you move towards the bottom of the frame.  Just make sure that the paper lays flat or without air pockets.

diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


Once you get the paper straight and flat, mark the bottom portion with your fingernail to make a crease.  This crease will be the line you use to cut your bottom portion.

*This is also how you will do your RIGHT side line crease also.*

diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


STEP #3:  Tape Down Bottom Piece

Now, all you have to do is tape down that bottom piece.

You might have to play around with the tape to figure out if it is easier to apply to the frame directly (picture below) or to the actual wrapping paper.

TIP:  Just be careful with the tape so that it doesn’t stick to the FRONT side of your paper – or it might tear the paper when you try to remove the tape!!  Trust me – haha!!

diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


You Are Done!! OR……

Follow along to Step #4 :  Attach A Wreath!

diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


You can add whatever you want to your new frame wall decor:

  • words and phrases
  • cut-outs
  • letters, number, & family monograms/crests
  • holiday decor (for all seasons)
  • banners, pom-poms, lights, pictures, etc…

Or…. follow along to attach a wreath.

STEP #4:  Attach a (Fall) Wreath

There are several ways to attach the wreath.  You can:  

  • nail it to the wooden frame (like mine) if it is wide enough,
  • tape the ribbon to the BACK of the frame, 
  • or attach it to the wall (with a command hook, a nail, or your choice of hanging method).

For this part I gently hammered in a small nail to the top, middle portion of the frame.  

Then I made a small knot in the burlap ribbon to hang onto the nail.

diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


Attach your wreath and fall ribbon, add a burnt orange velvet throw pillow to an entry bench, light all of your pumpkin spice candles and enjoy!!

*I already had these navy and white striped bows made up (from another project), and knew they’d be the perfect accent for my blue, white, and orange theme.  I found all of the ribbons at Hobby Lobby.*

diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


diy wrapping paper wall decor: frame ideas


Well, what do you think?  Super easy – right?  Let me know how you decide to do your frame makeover – I’d love to hear from you!

Have a Happy Fall Everyone!!

Love & Hugs 🙂

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