Spring Home Tour 2019

Since I’m running a little behind on getting my spring home tour post out this year, I guess it can now double as our summer home tour also – LOL!!  It seems like I have these great plans of ALL the things I’m going to accomplish each week (or month)…..and then….well….laundry, cooking, cleaning, girls’ activities (you get the picture) get bumped into 1st place. 

So naturally, MY plans get pushed back to the back burner.  Plus… Mother’s Day is quickly approaching.  And I gotta make sure my last, final push for getting gifts from the fam is STRONG. 

Oh, that and my hopes of getting mother of the year – AGAIN this year- haha!!  Anyhoo…..who’s ready to see our Spring Home Tour 2019?

If you want to read the full posts to some of the pictures I am using, click  10 Ways to Add Color to Your Entry, My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow, Opening Up Kitchen Wall to Living Room, 9 Affordable Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space, DIY Painted Flower Pot Tutorial:  Blue Top, and Adding a Shiplap Feature Wall to Living Room.

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14 Easy Patriotic & Memorial Day Decorating Ideas is now ready!!


You’ll notice quickly that my house kind of has a blue & yellow, and pineapple theme for the entry, dining room, and powder bath this year.  I do love yellow, ( because it just makes me happy) and I think our family needed a little extra “sunshine” this year.  

If you had to choose just one….. what would be your favorite spring color this year?  I’d love to know which color is the most popular choice for everyone – shoot me a comment.





You can also tell that I have a THANG for stripes – totally obsessed with them also!!  Want more info on the yellow striped throw blanket, click here.  I got the navy and white striped throw pillow and rug ( both) from Home Goods.

Want more info on the blue circle pillow, click here or the Aloha pillow, click here.  



To see more of our Spring Entry and learn how to incorporate color into your home,  click here.




I love how the different hues of aqua, turquoise, seafoam, and spa blue – all create interest and depth against the navy.  These blue-green colors also soften the stark contrast of navy and white when used as accents colors. 

What do you think? 



The yellows I used are all different shades also.  The yellow pitcher and daisy plates are more of a gold-yellow tone, the wreath is more of a green-yellow tone, and the place mats and farmhouse truck pillow (below) are more of a wheat-yellow tone.

These different yellow tones help keep the eye moving from place to place, and add visual weight to certain accent pieces.  

To see more of our Spring Dining Room Easter Tablescape, click here.


Sorry that the pictures from our powder bath – are just not the greatest!!  I guess since this room does not receive any natural light, the pictures turn out a little bit stark. 

And it’s probably CAMERA-USER ERROR – lol!!  Just wanted to get that out there.  Hopefully, you can still find some inspiration  🙂

*** I will be doing a post of our powder bathroom remodel – coming soon ***


So, you can tell I am crushin’ on pineapples -still! 

Picture above: is an adorable hand towel that just makes me smile every time I go into our powder bath.  It comes as a set with an aqua towel.

Picture below:  Here is the 2nd towel (the top aqua towel in the wagon).  They are such fun patterns, and add the perfect pop of color to our bath.



I am loving my new blue and yellow bath rug by Opalhouse!  What do you think?  It’s a fun twist on boho style – right? 

I like that it incorporates the bright yellow and blue (more whimsical) colors versus the darker neutral (more muted) colors.  And that fun aqua fringe – yep – makes the whole rug!

The powder bath is the perfect room in your home to have some fun decorating with!!  It’s a small room that can add TONS of personality.  So, welcome your guests with a smile 🙂  


I am using my emerald green and kelly green decor accents in my living room this spring.  They normally have a home in the dining room, but were moved due to the Easter Tablescape decor this year. 

But now….. I am kind of liking the green in here since it seems to connect the green from the outdoors as well.  I’ll keep ya updated if I decide to change it!! LOL!!



Yes – my “love & hugs” will always find a home somewhere in our house.  They just add a little daily encouragement, and can be seen from anywhere in the kitchen/living room area. 

And since these are the most used areas in our home – they do their job done all. day. long!!  It’s the little things!

If you want more information on the shiplap accent wall, white brick fireplace, or shiplap bookshelf click Adding a Shiplap Feature Wall to Living Room.


I do love how the aqua color(s) also mix with the greens and the navy blues in here as well.  It is just a subtle shift in the color wheel, but it creates such a soothing environment.   


To see more of this post, click Opening up Kitchen Wall to Living Room.


Our outdoor patio area definitely received the most attention and updates for spring this year.  After we flooded, all of our attention (and money) went into remodeling the inside of our home.  So, the backyard was looking very sad!! 

We have replaced the fence (on one side for now), and have added some new cushions, plants, and rugs to freshen it up. 

Even though we have a long way to go (the flooring around the patio (cool deck) has started peeling away, and will also need replacing- ugh)……  I can see the LIGHT!!  God is so good!!

To see more of this post, click 9 Affordable Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space or DIY Painted Flower Pot Tutorial:  Blue Top to learn how to paint planters blue.

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If you would like more info on the ivory paisley mat, click here.

***  Want to learn how to paint the tops of your flower pots blue, try DIY Painted Flower Pot Tutorial:  Blue Top. ***






If you would like more info on the navy mat, click here or the blue medallion mat, click here.

Hope you found some spring decorating inspiration and tips to bring fresh, colorful updates to your spring home.  Thanks for stopping by!

If you want to read the full posts to some of the pictures I am using, click  10 Ways to Add Color to Your Entry, My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow, Opening Up Kitchen Wall to Living Room9 Affordable Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space, DIY Painted Flower Pot Tutorial:  Blue Top, and Adding a Shiplap Feature Wall to Living Room.

Have a  Wonderful Spring and Summer!!

Love & Hugs 🙂

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My Easter Tablescape: Blue & Yellow

I am excited this year to be sharing our Easter table decoration with you!  We were still living upstairs (due to the flood/remodel) last year during this time, so nothing was decorated.   And honestly, it was quite depressing.  Fast forward one year …. and what a difference!! 

I am feeling so blessed to actually have a dining room this year, that it was important that it looked special (well at least to me).  And you know…..sometimes us mommas deserve to feel good about something too- ya know?? LOL!!  My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow.

If you’re joining in from 26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes To Try or 24 Adorable Easter Front Door Wreaths, welcome!!    FIY – I picked a different color palette than the ones mentioned in the 26 tablescapes post…..just to give you another option to try.  I hope it gives you a little inspiration, and puts a smile on your face.

Want more spring home decorating ideas?  Try Spring Home Tour 2019, 10 Ways to Add Color to Your Entry, 9 Affordable Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space, 33 Stunning Outdoor Patio Seating Inspirations, 33 Best Outdoor Seating Options: All Under $500.



  •  1)  So, what sparked the inspiration for my color palette this year?  The yellow pitcher and plates with retro style flowers were definitely the first items that came to mind.  They instantly fill the dining room with yellow sunshine on cloudy days (& we have had  A TON of those here in Katy, TX)….and they make me happy!




  • 2)  And then I found the muted yellow striped placemats, and that adorable farmhouse truck with Easter eggs pillow…… & I knew  it was enough to get me started.  So what do you think of the pillow – isn’t it precious?  I found all of these goodies at Home Goods (in case you’re interested).


  • 3)  Now, that I knew which color palette I was using…..I began rummaging thru my “goodies” at home to see what I could use to tie these colors together.

AND….what did I find?  Well, I found the yellow wreath and robin egg’s blue table runner – bingo!!  The yellow wreath screams “hello spring” right from 1st glance, and that quilted table runner brought in the vintage feel that I was going for.  Yes, please – we have a winner!!


  • 4)  Plus….. I already had the geometric navy lampshades with white bases that really help the wreath “pop”off of the wall.  With all of the lighter colors on the table decor, it was important to have the darker colors against the back wall for contrast.

***TIP*** The dark navy wall also adds a lot of depth to the room by giving the eye a large grounding space (resting place) with all of the different patterns and colors going on in the room.   To see more of the lamp shades in my dining room click here for my Fall Home Tour 2018 (with orange accents), and here Christmas Dining Room (with red accents).  Which one do you like more?


Here is what the dining room looks like from a distance (picture below) so you can see how the navy accent wall adds depth to the table decor and room.  Plus, it really creates a big contrast against all of the white slipcovered dining chairs.

If you want to know more about the paint colors I used click My House Paint Colors. If you want to know where I got some of my items or want to try to get the same look as my summer dining room, click shop our home:  dining room.  Have a question about an item or can’t find something, shoot me a comment.  I’d be happy to answer any questions.


Now that I can see my main decor elements:  lamp shades, wreath, yellow pitcher/plates, and pillow…..I can now start accessorizing.  Since I already had the 2 turquoise, spa-colored pillows (from my bedroom), I popped those in to my captain chairs.  They also help ground the busyness of the decor.

QUESTION:  Do you like the chairs at the table (picture below) or do you prefer them against the wall (picture above)?


I just have to say that I am LOVING that cute little farm truck with Easter eggs pillow!!  Can you tell – LOL??!!  It just adds a little whimsy to the dining room, and plays off of the floral pitcher and plates.  Plus, its just fun!!


Now, let’s get to the tablescape accessories.  Since I know my color palette and have my accent colors in place, I just have to pop in a couple of items to complete the look.  Here is what it looks like from the top view.

The design is kept simple in order to swap out a couple of decorations with a couple of serving platters, when Easter dinner is served.  This way I can enjoy the tablescape for the entire Easter and spring season, but use it functionally when Easter actually arrives.


Below is a picture from the side with the chairs turned out so you can see how all of the color accents work together.  What draws YOUR eye first, then second, and so on?

My eye goes to the back wall first – right?  Then my focus travels from the navy lampshades to the yellow wreath, up to the yellow pitcher, back to the blue throw pillows and yellow farmhouse pillow, AND then back to the yellow plates.   Amazing how it all interacts with each other!

If you want to learn how to layer the table decor, piece by piece click Setting A Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps.  Even though it for fall decor, the process will be the same.  Let me know if you have any questions.  🙂


Since I am an “antique lover,”  my mom gave me that sweet little vintage egg pedestal candy dish a long time ago.  Most years I fill it with candy, but this year I decided to put dyed Easter eggs in it.  Because she did those too (with my girls when they were little), it’s a perfect way to reminisce on both memories.   One of those dyed blue Easter eggs still has a little “Disney princess” sticker still on it.  Cry-cry, sniff-sniff!!  It’s the little things …..




***TIP***  Use different shades of the same color to your tablescape or other vignettes, to add dimension.  The different blue and green colors of the dyed eggs really pop off against the lighter blue table runner, and spa-colored napkins.  Plus, they are in the same color depth as the blue on the plates…even though they are a different shade.


I found those vintage style blue glasses (plastic outdoor tea glasses) to compliment my smaller antique glasses, and to add a little blue to the top of the table setting.  I think it’s one of my favorite additions to the entire tablescape.  What do you think??



Here’s another view of the table setting from the back side.  You can tell how the white bowls, plates, and cake stand (all with dots) carry on the theme of those vintage inspired tea glasses.  The dots really frame the dishes and give the setting texture.


Front side…..the bunny dish we got from our “holiday” wedding shower – almost 17 years ago.



Love the style of the mirror?  Click  Distressed Hand Painted White Round Mirror -DIY.  There’s a painting tutorial and tips to get this exact look!


Thanks for taking a little Easter Dining Room tour with me!!  I hope you’re loving the blue and yellow as much as I do!  Just remember to use things that you love, that are meaningful, that remind you of Jesus, and that make you smile.


Do you like the color combination and items I used?  Do you have a favorite?  Let me know!!

Have a Very Happy Easter! 

Love & Easter Hugs – jael 🙂

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24 Adorable Easter Front Door Wreaths

If you haven’t had a chance to decorate for Easter yet- don’t worry- you still have time!!  From table decor and centerpieces, to Easter treats and diy craft projects, there is something for everyone when it comes to Easter decorating and entertaining.  24 Adorable Easter Front Door Wreaths.

The front door is no exception- it is the welcome committee to your heart and home!!  It is your “hello” to welcome your guests when they arrive, and your “hug goodbye” as they leave and travel safely back home (thetarnishedjewelblog.com – 20 Best Christmas Front Door Wreaths).

No matter what your “level of creative experience” is…. the only thing that truly matters is that you are honoring and celebrating our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ…and I know He will be happy with whatever you can come up with 🙂 Amen!! So…..here are 24 Adorable Easter Front Door Wreaths to sing praises and joy to our Lord Jesus!!


NO. 1- Blue Egg

source: splendidsass.blogspot.com

NO. 2 – Twine Bunny

source: etsy.com


NO. 3 – Natural w/Burlap & Bunny

source: ladybugwreathdesigns.com


NO. 4- Blue and Orange Egg

source: etsy.com

NO. 5 –  Burlap Blue Cross

source: etsy.com


NO. 6 – Blue Chevron Bunny

source: etsy.com


NO. 7- Natural Green w/Egg

source: etsy.com


NO. 8 – Yellow Duck

source: etsy.com


NO. 9 –  Burlap Buffalo Check Bunny

source: etsy.com


NO. 10 –  Twine & Berries Bunny

source: etsy.com


NO. 11- Framed Eggs

source: flamingotoes.com


NO. 12-  Burlap Bunny w/Tail

source: etsy.com


NO. 13 – Black Gingham, Floral, & Bunny

source: etsy.com

NO. 14 – Colorful Egg

source: etsy.com


NO. 15 – Painted Blue Cross

source: etsy.com

NO. 16 – Carrots w/Dot


source: etsy.com


NO. 17 – Green Twine Bunny

source: etsy.com


NO. 18 –  Bunny’s Bottom

source: craftoutlet.com


NO. 19 – Blue Burlap w/Cross

source: diy.allwomenstalk.com


NO. 20 – Turquoise/Coral Chevron Bunny

source: craftytexasgirls.com


NO. 21 –  Pink Ribbon Colorful Egg

source: etsy.com


NO. 22 – Burlap Bunny w/Chevron Bow

source: private


NO. 23 – Twine Bunny Pink Bow

source: etsy.com


***I know this one isn’t exactly for the front door, but the front porch would be perfect!!!***

NO. 24 –  Wooden Bunny Stand

source: myrecipeconfessions.com


***So, which one is your favorite?  Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.***

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Have a Wonderful and Blessed Easter!!! 

Love & Easter Hugs 🙂 

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