Fall Home Tour 2018

Hello Fall and Welcome to our Fall Home Tour 2018!!  It was definitely bittersweet this year setting up fall decorations throughout our house since we are just now getting settled back in.  It’s hard to believe that it was just a little over a year ago, that Hurricane Harvey hit TX and caused thousands of houses to flood, including our home. 

I will never forget that I proudly posted my very first blog article Blue and White Fall Dining Room – on Friday, August 26th, 2017, and then our house flooded that Monday, August 29th.  So for that reason, I think the fall season will always hold a special place in my heart.




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Looking Back to Fall 2017:

I have shed some tears while looking back at those first three fall posts I did from last year…..  BUT…… it has also been a time of healing, gratefulness, and joy. 

That terrible experience has actually showed us the true meaning of the words “blessed” and “thankful.”  I could not dream of a better place to begin the season of thanksgiving than to have a fresh beginning/fresh start – LIVING in our”new” home. 

****FYI*** Click Here (Fall Foyer 2017) or Here (Fall Living Room 2017) if you want to see the changes we made and compare last year’s posts to this year. 

Looking forward to Fall 2018:

Our family is finally getting back to normal – haha!!, and I am so excited for the new plans God will have for us going forward ūüôā  Now let’s get to it – Fall Home Tour 2018!!

Click 5 Secrets for Fall Decorating, Find Your Style: 37 Fabulous Fall Wreaths, and Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps if you want more decorating tips & advice for fall decorating (this year – 2018).   I hope you will be inspired to have the fall home of your dreams!!

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Fall Foyer


Loving the yellow??!!  Me too!!  In my foyer I decided to use golden & mustard yellows, and then mixed in a leopard print ….. love how it came together. 

***TIP***  Add yellow by using :  a wreath, pom pom flowers, and cable knit throw blanket. 

The golden tones give the blues a punch of color, and of course a little wow factor.  I also mixed in some bronze and gold tones to soften the bold yellows.







And of course of my “LOVE & HUGS” signs!!!  I threw in the cute little white pumpkin along with a couple of bronze berry stems to pick up the bronze in the letters.  I also added the bronze berry and pine cone stems to the candle sconces on the bottom shelf (see below).





I will post a tutorial on painting my World Market Console Table blue soon- it really changed the look of my entryway.  I just need to add some knobs to the drawers to finish it off!!



On the love pillow below, I added this little dot and leopard bow for a punch of gold tones.  I simply pinned it to the pillow so that I can remove it when fall is over.  I wanted to add something to tie in the yellow, but not be too matchy-matchy!!







So, I changed out my lamp shades (to navy) and table runner (to blue buffalo check) for the fall time and then added in some other goodies. 

I will do a separate post on Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps later this week!!  It will show you how to decorate using layers…..going from simplistic decor to over-the-top decor.  I did have a TON of fun with the dining room!!







Obviously, this is a view from the over-the-top design (no pun intended) – which I personally love!!  It’s so fun to mix different patterns using similar shades of blue for BIG impact!!  This design is for those of you who want a little drama to your fall decor!!







***TIP*** Here is a different look:   by changing the direction of the buffalo check runner…. you can really simplify the design.  I also added the cute wooden tray to hold all of the goodies in, and to drape the beads.  This design gives the room a more stately, elegant look. 

Which one do you prefer?











*** A little quiz for you. ***  Do you like Option 1) Blue Vase & white pumkin with the sign?  or Option 2) Orange pumpkin with the sign?  Shoot me your feeback in the comments section below!!  Can’t wait to see which one is the winner!!

Option 1)


Option 2)




I used some additional leopard ribbon for my iron pumpkin to give it a custom look and to tie it in to the living room decor as well.  It’s kind of like modern farmhouse meets vintage glam!! 

***TIP*** Leopard print ribbons & fabrics are great to use during the fall season because they tie in the warm orange, yellow, and brown tones….. ALL in one print.




***UPDATE***   I finally found the throw pillows and rug that I needed to complete the living room and kitchen – YAY!!!   I love how the dark blue colors pull in the colors from the plaid throw (on the ladder), and pick up both the blue and spice-y orange tones in the kitchen. 

Sometimes all you need is one perfect item to blend all of the elements together.
















Click 5 Secrets for Fall Decorating, Find Your Style: 37 Fabulous Fall Wreaths, and Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps if you want more decorating tips & advice for fall decorating (this year – 2018).   I hope you will be inspired to have the fall home of your dreams!!

Read for Back to School planning or Teacher Appreciation Celebration Ideas?  Click Halloween Fa-Boo-Lous Breakfast Party, Back to School Party for Teachers (or Kids), and Top 10 Best Desks for Students.

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5 Secrets for Fall Decorating

So you are pulling out your fall boxes out of the attic, and wondering if THIS is the year you can have that beautiful fall home that you see all over pinterest.¬† ANYONE??¬† enter eye roll here – right??¬† Their homes always look so perfect:¬† with their perfectly inviting living room, their most welcoming entryway/foyer, and their fabulous entertaining dining room,¬†blah blah blah!!!¬† But yet….. their homes STILL make you want to jump through the screen and lounge in front of their fireplace,¬† or sit on their adorable entryway bench, or eat at their dining table.¬† So how do they do this…..THEY already know the 5 Secrets for Fall Decorating:¬† they DECORATE THE 5 SENSES!!¬† Well, how do you¬†do that?¬† Stick around so I can share the main tools (the secrets) to get that beautiful fall home you’ve always wanted.

Want more fall inspiration?¬† Click here and here for fall decorating and here for halloween breakfast party.¬† ***UPDATE*** My new posts are done…… click Fall Home Tour 2018, and Setting a Fall Table in 8 Steps,¬†& Find Your Style:¬† 37 Fabulous Fall Wreaths.


  • SECRET #1 – NOSE
  • SECRET #2 – EYES
  • SECRET #5 – EARS


***First things first:¬† the good thing about fall decorating is that it should be very simple and understated to be the most effective.¬† You do NOT have to go all out to make a beautiful fall home.¬† You simply pick and choose the things that remind YOU of fall, or childhood memories, or granny’s favorite dish, etc…that create the environment that works best for you.¬† Make it personal, tell a story….. fall decorating is all about YOU (well or maybe your husband too – lol) ***

***And secondly:  decorating for fall is a little different than some of the other seasons because it evokes ALL OF THE 5 SENSES.  So what in the world does that mean?  It means that the reason you want to lounge by the fireplace,  or sit on the entryway bench, or eat at the table in those other homes, is because they create a mood, a feeling, a setting that arouses the senses.  You want to be there because they created an inviting space that lures you in.  And that is why you FALL (haha!!)  in love with their homes. So, how do you do it?

***This post contains affiliate links which means that I will make a small commission if you purchase something from these links at no extra cost to you.¬† ¬†I feel that I have provided quality products for you to help make your decorating easier, and more enjoyable.¬† Thanks for your support!! ūüôā ***


The sense of smell is by far the most important part of fall decorating.  If someone were to walk into your home with a blindfold on, there should be NO mistake that they know it is fall time. 

Use pumpkin spice, cinnamon, or sugar cookie candles in the kitchen, living room, and dining room.  Or try apple spice potpourri (in cute little wire containers), buttered pumpkin diffusers, or cinnamon pine cones to place in bathrooms or hallways.

And don’t forget about baked goods.¬† Besides baked goods¬†smelling incredible anyway…. just placing the delicious-looking cookies, pies, and pastries out in the kitchen evoke the sense of smell.

  • candles
  • potpourri
  • pine cones
  • baked goods




pumpkin spice pillar candles                                                spiced cake pillar candles

Pumpkin Spice Pillar Candles

Spiced Cake Pillar Candles


 yankee sparkling cinnamon candle                                                         yankee apple pumpkin candle


yankee vanilla cupcake candle                                                                         yankee autumn wreath



pumpkin cider apple potpourri,                                                           spiced cake potpourri

Pumpkin Cider Apple Potpourri

Spiced Cake Potpourri


pumpkin apple cider diffusers                                                              spiced cake diffusers

Pumpkin Cider Apple DiffuserSpiced Cake Reed Diffuser


sugared shortbread diffusers                                                               buttered pumpkin

Sugared Shortbread Reed Diffuser

Butter Pumpkin Reed Diffuser

pumpkin spice diffusers                                                                       pumpkin cider apple diffusers

Pumpkin Spice Mini Reed Diffuser

Pumpkin Cider Apple Mini Reed Diffuser



Decorating for fall is all about colors, accessories, & fabrics that you associate with fall time conditions (cooler weather).¬† For example….what comes to mind when you first think of fall??¬† Maybe leaves falling from trees, temperatures beginning to cool off, fall festivals, and of course pumpkins?¬† ¬†So now you will pull from all of those ideas to create your decorating scene (environment).

Use darker colors:  golden/mustard yellows, cinnamon/spiced oranges, deep reds or burgundy, olive greens, deep teals, dark browns, rich purples, and black.

Choose accessories (that have words on them that you associate with fall events):¬† throw pillows that say “gather” or “autumn blessings,” pennant banners that say “thankful” or “happy harvest,” or wooden signs that say “hello fall,” or “hayrides $1.”¬† I even like to use football events (see tip below in “ears” section).

Incoporate fall fabrics: plaids, tweed & buffalo check; leopard prints, suede, & velvet;  fur, flannel & corduroy.  Just make sure to stay away from light colors or light-weight fabrics.  Want more buffalo check inspiration, click here.

And of course the more obvious decor:  fall flowers (mums, sunflowers, and nature-inspired wreaths); pumpkins, scarecrows and cornucopias.

***TIP***  just remember to choose the items that remind YOU of fall.***

  • warm colors:¬† mustard yellows, spiced oranges, deep (reds, greens, teals), dark browns and black
  • accessories with “fall – associated” words, such as “gather, blessed, or thankful”
  • heavier fabrics like plaid, buffalo check, darker colors
  • mums or sunflowers
  • nature- inspired wreaths
  • scarecrows & cornucopias




BOO sign                                                                                              Welcome or Gather pumpkin sign 

"Boo" Halloween Wall Sign - Hanging Wood Letters with Burlap Bow - 18 Inches Long

One Holiday Way Tiered Vertical Rustic Pumpkin Welcome Sign Wall Art - Wall Hanging Fall Decoration (Gather)

hello fall pumpkin sign                                                                               gather sign

Hello Fall Wooden Pumpkin Wall Decor

Gather Galvanized Metal Hanging Wall Decor

gather doormat                                                                                        farmhouse happy fall yall doormat



autumn greetings doormat                                                                                   thankful pumpkin doormat


Mud Pie 4124005 Thankful Pumpkin Fall Front Doormat, Orange


mustard yellow wreath                                                                                 farmhouse cotton wreath

Shola Flower Wreath - Yellow - Smith & Hawken√ʬĄ¬Ę

wheat burlap wreath                                                                                 pumpkin berry wreath 




When you see pictures of other houses you love….they make you feel warm and comfortable.¬† And how is this achieved – through¬†texture.¬† Use throw blankets¬† and toss pillows that are made from cable-knit wool, fleece, fur or cashmere.¬† ¬†Want more shiplap inspiration, click here or here.

Rugs are another way to add texture.  Again stay with darker colors, wool or shag rugs to create warmth.

Don’t forget about woven baskets.¬† They are a great way to add texture and function.¬† Use them to store blankets, pillows, magazines, & firewood.

Hay bales provide a lot of texture also.¬† Just popping in a couple of hay bales to an area creates a perfect little vignette- without a ton of thought.¬† If you don’t want the mess, keep in in the plastic it comes in.

  • throw blankets
  • toss pillows
  • rugs
  • woven baskets
  • hay bale











yellow throw blanket with pom poms                                                           chenille chunky cable knit throw


spiced orange knit throw blanket                                                           farmhouse plaid chenille blanket

Farmhouse Plaid Chenille Throw



farmhouse harvest pillow                                                                           black buffalo check pillow

orange pumpkin pillow                                                                        give thanks pillow

Chunky Jute Pumpkin Mini Pillow


plaid rug                                                                                                    plaid pillow

wool rug                                                                                                            neutral gray area rug

Marcelo Hand Woven Ivory Area Rug

Olga Gray Area Rug



woven basket round                                                                                 woven basket  rectangular

Wicker Large Round Basket Dark Brown - Threshold√ʬĄ¬Ę


woven basket oval                                                                                          basket trio set


Seagrass 3 Piece Basket Set



Taste can go in a lot of different directions.¬† This involves putting things out that you associate with food/drinks¬†or dining.¬† (Like your kitchen or dining room).¬† Use items that you associate with eating, especially “fall foods/drinks.”¬† ¬†What??¬† Stay with me here.


Use coffee mugs/tea cups in “fall” colors in your table decoration or leave out and make a small coffee/tea/hot chocolate bar.¬† ¬† Coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate are warm drinks, and people automatically associate these drinks with “hot” temperature.¬† I’ve heard soooo many people tell me that they can’t drink “hot” coffee in the summer time because it makes them HOTTER just looking at it – what???!!!¬† So they choose iced coffees, iced teas, frappuccinos, etc….¬† So, I am telling you….it works!!¬† Put some cute mugs out girl- you’ll get¬†it!!


Same for baked goods (like I mentioned above)….sprinkle them around your kitchen/dining room.¬† Add them to cake plates, or fall-themed “gather” serving platters/trays.

Don’t forget about fruits and vegetables as well.¬† Apples and pumpkins are associated with warm baked pies, or use gourds, cranberries, and squash to associate with thanksgiving dinners.¬† The great thing about using fruits and vegetables is that they are inexpensive and provide a ton of natural color.¬† Plus, they just happen to be the colors that we associate with warmth- win-win!!!

***TIP*** S’mores is another fall favorite of mine!!¬† It reminds me of¬† fall, fun, & family time.¬† ¬†So try to make some this fall – you (& your kiddos) will NOT be disappointed!!


  • coffee/hot chocolate mugs, tea cups
  • baked goods:¬† cookies, pies, pastries
  • fruits & vegetables:¬† apples, cranberries, pumpkins,¬†gourds, & squash
  • s’mores




orange table runner                                                                        buffalo check table runner (more colors)

Bernadette Table Runner

kate spade Рindigo                                                                                       kate spade Рblack

Charlotte Street North 4 Piece Place Setting, Service for 1


velvet pumpkins                                                                                   gather serving platter

Hostess Gather Serving Platter


centerpiece votives set                                                                         large candle lantern 

Glass Votive Set



There is nothing more soothing than¬†listening to wood crackling in the fireplace on a chilly autumn night – am I right??¬† Just lighting the wood makes you want to snuggle on the couch with warm blankets, play your favorite movie, and sip on hot cocoa (or maybe some wine – LOL), as the stress of your day melts away.¬† ¬†And why do you feel this way?¬† Well, it’s because you associate the burning of wood in a fireplace with warmth, relaxation, and a sense of togetherness.¬† It’s a place where family and friends come to gather for a night of s’mores & game night (if you have kiddos) or for hors d’oeuvres & drinks (if you’re having an adult party).¬† ¬†So it makes perfect sense to “dress” up your fireplace and hearth during fall time, and make both of these decorated focal points.

Use garland or pennant banners on the mantel, and place some of you favorite candle sconces or flowers there as well.¬† But don’t forget the hearth (or base if you don’t have one).¬† Use baskets or metal bins to put cut firewood in (or extra throw blankets and pillows), add a fireplace tools set, and square floor cushions and poufs for extra seating.¬† Make it c-o-z-y!!!¬† Can you hear the wood crackling already??!!


***This is a personal favorite for my house for fall decorating, but I wanted to add it to this section.  Football (both professional & college) is another event/sound that reminds me of fall.   HUH??  What I mean is that I love the sound of the the band playing during college football games, and the announcers/fans cheering for their teams, and even the smacking around of helmets.

So…… this is another way I decorate for fall (because it’s a pretty big deal here at the Prothro house). So, if this is something you love also, pull out all things football to decorate with during fall time.¬† Use hand towels, spoon rests, mugs, wreaths, throw blankets, signs, and more.¬† If it makes YOU happy, then use it!!¬† It is YOUR house, and personalizing it is what makes it a home :)***

  • firewood holder (baskets or metal)
  • garland
  • floor pillow or pouf
  • fireplace tools set
  • football accessories:¬† hand towels, spoon rests, mugs, wreaths, throw blankets, signs





sunflower garland                                                                               natural pine garland

Pinecone, Berry & Metallic Leaf Garland

felt pumpkin garland                                                                     cotton garland 

Felted Wool Fall Pumpkin Garland


blue floor pouf                                                                                               orange knit pouf


Grimes Pouf


square floor pillow                                                                               floor pouf (more designs)


So, I hope you feel better now about getting into your attic and pulling out YOUR fall decorations.  Assess what you have and go through the 5 Secrets For Fall Decorating list again.  Pick out what you want to use, and go through my FALL FAVORITES SHOP for things you may need to purchase.  And just remember to have some fun and enjoy the season!!




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Posts are DONE!!   Setting a Fall Table in 8 Steps, Fall Home Tour 2018, Find Your Style:  37 Fabulous Fall Wreaths.







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