9 Holiday Table Decorating Tricks: Using What You Have

Everyone loves a beautifully set table for Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners, we just don’t love the price tag.  Instead of planning the meal and spending family time during the holiday season, we are stressed over table covers and napkins, chargers and dishes, table runners and centerpieces!!  So, this year we are going to ENJOY the seasons of Gratitude and Jesus’s Birthday!  9 Holiday Table Decorating Tricks:  Using What You Have. 

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One of my favorite things to do is shop my own home (LOL), and find new uses for ordinary household items.  Yes, I know I am a little crazy!!

But you can really save A LOT of money by re-purposing items you already own, and creating beautifully decorated spaces at the same time.

So today, I am sharing my favorite tricks, tips, & let’s just be honest – hacks – that I use to decorate for the holidays without spending a dime.

Who’s ready??!!




I am showing Thanksgiving and Christmas themed tablescapes for the timing of this post, but you can use all of these tips for Easter tablescapes (and other holiday seasons) also.


I tried to use the same dishes and decorations (as much as I could) so you can see I am using a more limited supply of items.  I also chose not to show stemware or flatware in my tablescapes – so that you can picture your own items in the actual decoration.




  1.   Curtains for Table Covers & Runners
  2.   Yard Clippings for Greenery
  3.   Picture Frame for Tray
  4.   Angled Shower Curtain for Placemats
  5.   Curtain Rings for Napkin Holders
  6.   Chalkboard Place Cards from Construction Paper
  7.   Wreath for Centerpiece   
  8.   Sugared Fruit for Accents
  9.   Pillow Sham for Dining Chair Slipcover


DECORATING TRICK #1:  Use Curtains for Table Covers & Runners

Curtains are a perfect option to us as table covers for almost all dining tables (sizes).  They are usually 54″ wide and typically 84″ long or 96″ long. 

And most dining room tables are 36″- 40″ wide and roughly 60″- 78″ long (6-8 people).

Which means most curtains will be just wide enough to cover the width of your table, and long enough if you need to add in your table leaves (or extensions).

I had 2 choices (in my House) to choose from:  this blue and white patterned curtain that used to be in our living room, or a white solid linen curtain that used to be in our bedroom

But this navy one was calling my name!  Just use something you already own that can fit your holiday theme.

My curtain is 54″W x 96″L.  

I do not have either of my 2 table leaves in the picture below, but the curtain would still cover them if added.  I just wanted to give you an idea of how the curtain looks on the actual table.

I probably should have ironed it first – LOL – but you get the idea – right?? haha!


  • RUNNER:  If you want to use your curtain as a table runner, just fold it in half longways, and then fold it again.  More pictures in tip #3 with the curtain as a runner.

DECORATING TRICK #2:  Yard Clippings for Greenery

Using your own yard clippings is a great way to save money and add a natural element to your holiday tablescape. 

I used 2 crepe myrtle branches, cut into small sections, for my accent greenery.

Here is a before picture of the Fall/Thanksgiving centerpiece without greenery.

And here is a picture with the greenery cut into pieces.

If you want to use something like this for your Christmas tablescape, just exchange the white pumpkins with Christmas ornaments – easy peasy!!

Top view:

DECORATING TRICK #3:  Picture Frame for Tray

If you don’t have a tray that you can use for a holiday centerpiece, or one that doesn’t match your decor, use a picture frame.  It works great to keep things looking orderly, and gives a little more formal look to your tablescape.

I have had this open frame forever – got it at Hobby Lobby like 10 years ago – and still love it.  But if you have one with glass, gently take the glass out.

Or you can put lighter items on top of the glass (or mirrored frame) also.  

  • Here is my curtain – now turned table runner – for this display.  

So, I will add in those same decorations as before, minus the 2 white bowls.  

Now with the greenery.

And here it is from the top view so that you can how it looks compared to the other configuration (without the tray).

The picture frame “tray” would work great when you have a small table or there is a limited amount of table space (when stemware and/or serving platters are added).

You could also use 2 picture frames to spread out the table decor, if you have a really long table.  Just play around with your table decor and dimensions, to find the best configuration for you!!

And now with the greenery added in. 


Looking for coastal farmhouse dining tables?   Check out my new post.

DECORATING TRICK #4 Angled Shower Curtain for Placemats

If you want placemats under your dishes, but don’t have any on hand, turn you shower curtain or curtain to make a diamond shape.

Since shower curtains are normally 72×72 inches (square), they will actually form a true diamond-square shape.  I didn’t have an extra one on hand, so I used my curtain again.

This worked for my table without the leaves.  So, if you’re table is larger, you might have to use the angled curtain as a centerpiece only.  

Click here for more information on navy blue and white rugs.

Here it is top view.

*** If you have a matching pair of curtains, put one on your dining table, and the other one on your breakfast table to have a coordinated look. ***

Here is what it looked like – angled – between 2 chairs.

DECORATING TRICK #5 Curtain Rings for Napkin Holders ….. and

DECORATING #6 Chalkboard Place Card from Construction Paper 

If you can’t find any napkin holders for your place setting, try using wooden or metal curtain rings (with or without clips).   I have both of these on hand, but chose the dark wooden ones for this display.

*** You can also use extra shower curtain rings for this look. ***

Both of my rings had clips attached, but you don’t have to have them.  You would simply tie the jute string (or ribbon) around the little “eye” ring.

They will work with flat napkins and fluffed napkins.


And I I already had the actual chalkboard place card name tags, but I made one from black construction paper so you could have one too!!  

Dimensions:  2″W x 3 1/8″L – angle begins at 2 5/8″L.

Just punch a hole, grab some chalk, and you’re all set.

And here they are side by side….pretty close right??  Plus, your construction paper place cards will ALL be the same color.

Top – chalkboard.  Bottom – construction paper.  

True chalkboard place card.

And the construction paper place card below.


DECORATING TRICK #7 Wreath for Centerpiece

Using a wreath for a holiday centerpiece is probably my favorite tablescape decoration.  I love that you can change the entire look of the table by just changing out wreaths.  Can’t get any easier than that!!

I did 3 different looks so you can see how the wreath “makes” the entire table.  And you’ll notice that if you just slip a cake plate underneath it, you get a little more depth + drama!!

Thanksgiving & Fall Tablescape


Christmas Reds Tablescape


Christmas Frosted Pastels Tablescape

And top views.



*** Don’t forget that you can use a Spring or Easter wreath for you Easter tablescape also.***

DECORATING TRICK #8 Sugared or Frosted Fruit

One of the prettiest decorations to use during the holidays are sugared or frosted fruit.  Use whatever fruit you have on hand, and add a little sugar to give it a seasonal sparkle.  

Cranberries, grapes, pears, apples, raspberries, and blueberries come to mind.   Of course, you can always use fruits not frosted, or pumpkins and gourds also.  

I have to admit that the frosted cranberries, pears, and apples I am showing are fake (already had these).  But just frost or use what you already have.

And don’t forget – these are not only beautiful – but edible too!

Bold colors.



I put my berries in some clear martini and margarita glasses that are different heights – just to add a little interest and movement.

For the apples and pears (below), I just set them directly on the runner.  But if these were real, I’d put them in glass bowls just so that the sugar wouldn’t ruin the velvet.

And softer colors.



DECORATING TRICK #9 Using Pillow Shams for Dining Chair Slipcovers

This trick will sound VERY crazy – but it should work – and it is my favorite hack!! 

Take a pillow sham and slide it over the back of your wooden dining chair to give it a slip-covered look.  Leave it hanging down so that it looks more formal, or tuck it under to make it more modern.

*** I used a king-sized pillow sham for mine, but a standard-sized pillow sham works also.  I also found that a quilted sham (thicker) works better, and looks a little nicer. 

But a linen sham or even a pillow case can work. 

Here are the 2 wooden chairs that I am using to slipcover.

Take your sham and slide it onto the back of the chair with the good side facing away from the table.

This sham has ties, but I know most of them have an “envelope opening.”  You will just have to pin it with stick pins or safety pins.

Here is what the long version will look like with the tail hanging down to the floor.

For the shorter slipcover, just take the excess sham and tuck it around the wooden portion (back of the chair).  It will be a little bulky, but just flatten it out the best you can.

A standard sham will work easier for this style because there is less sham length to tuck – FYI.

This one I was able to tie on the sides, when flattened out.


Ok, so now let’s see what they actually look like in the room.

BEFORE – just the 2 wooden chairs, no slipcovers.


AFTER – with short slipcovers.

AFTER – with long slipcovers.

Want to add some wreaths? (not on tricks list, but just for fun)

After – with wreaths.

Hope you found a couple of tips and tricks that you can use to make your holiday table decorating easier, so that you can spend more time enjoying your family!! 

Click here for more information on coastal farmhouse dining tables and here for navy blue and white area rugs.

Have a Blessed Fall & Christmas Season!!

Love & Hugs 🙂 

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Fall Home Tour 2019: Pink Pumpkin Patch

Hi and Happy Fall everyone!!  I am so excited to show you our fall decorations this year because I changed up the color palette a little bit – to fall pinks!  And I know it seems like pink isn’t the first color that comes to mind for fall decorations, but it coordinates beautifully with spice-y oranges, and navy blues.  So, if you’re looking for some autumn inspiration and fall decorating ideas, you’ve come to the right place.  Welcome to our Fall Home Tour 2019:  Pink Pumpkin Patch!!

***NOTE*** I’ve Sprinkled in 8 Fall Decorating Ideas that will help you add “in” some pink to your fall home decor.  

To Shop Pink Pumpkin Patch:  Scroll to End of Post

Bookshelf Vote-Find Your Style:  Vote for your favorite styled bookshelf option (end of post also)

***NOTE*** This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my Privacy and Disclosure Policies below.  Thanks for your support. 🙂

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So, why did I choose shades of pink for fall decor this year?  I have been wanting to try some different colors to punch out all of the blues in our house, and knew that shades of pink would give me a lot of options.

Since I already decorated with orange and navy (in the dining room), and blue and yellow (in the foyer) – for our fall home tour last year, I wanted to try something fresh.  And Pink delivered!!

Check out the pink color chart with names below.  Isn’t it amazing how wide a spectrum you can cover with all of the different pink hues?  

source: digitalsynopsis.com

And here are some orange hues below. 

You can now see which pink shades above (have a little orange in them) and could blend or merge with some of the orange shades below – right?

source: digitalsynopsis.com

So, here is my color palette with shades of pink only.

But…. I still wanted to add some of the orange hues, while keeping the entire house looking cohesive.

So here is the color palette with some of my spice-y oranges sprinkled in.  It just seems to warm up the color palette, while still keeping the “pink” undertones.  

What do you think?   Now, I can mix and match these items throughout the house.

 Here are my 3 color palettes:

  1.  Fall Dining Room –  one tone (Pinks Only)
  2.  Fall Entry –  combined tones (Pinks & Oranges)
  3.  Fall Living Room and Kitchen – coordinated tones (Pinks + Oranges) – love it!!   

Plus I can add shades of purple or red during the Christmas season, and this “fall” palette can easily transition into our “Christmas” palette!  Win-win!!

  • So, let’s get to the good stuff – the Home Tour and 8 Fall Decorating Ideas!!



In the dining room, I decided to keep the color palette one tone so that there would be more contrast against the navy and white.  I also used softer shades of pink but paired it with velvet fabric, to add warmth and texture.

If you go back to the pink color chart above, you will notice that I chose more”blue” pinks that lean closer to the purple side (like lavender and lilac) for this room. 

I wanted to use pinks that would blend in with my lavender flowers.



The pink velvet table runner is the perfect color for the lavender flowers, and really grounds the entire fall tablescape.   It allows me to decorate tone-on-tone with the pumpkins, and makes the white wooden tray centerpiece “pop.”



Sprinkled throughout the house, are the adorable pink velvet pumpkins with rose gold stems.  I love them!!  These were the items that started the whole “pink pumpkin patch” color palette.


I kept all of the other decorations white or natural – like the wooden beads, pine cones, fall candles, and gourds.





This combination was my favorite fall decoration this year!!  I fell in love with these white metal wreaths (clearance at Hobby Lobby), and added this gorgeous pink velvet ribbon to attach to the side chairs.  

I bought 6 of the white magnolia leaves wreaths, so that I could use them somewhere else in the future.  It’s always good to have decorations that can transition into other seasons.


I attached the ribbons to the top portion of the white slip-covered chairs with stick pins, but would use safety pins when entertaining guests.  You wouldn’t want to accidentally poke someone (well depends on who it is – LOL)!!


Here you can see the lavender floral stem with the pink runner, pumpkin, and ribbon.  They are all different shades and depths, but blend beautifully together.


Click here for more information on coastal farmhouse dining tables and navy blue and white rugs.



The blush pink flowers were actually one of my favorite decorating items for the entire Pink Pumpkin Patch also!!  I love how they are lighter at the petals and darker at the stem – this adds a ton of dimension.

Plus, it was a great way to connect the entry to the living room.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors that aren’t exactly the same, as long as they are similar in depth (or darkness).

The orange shades in the football sign and throw blanket play well with the oranges AND pinks because they are all a medium depth in color. 

They are also surrounded by a good amount of white and blue accents, which act as grounding elements (or neutrals). 

Show and share the Love!!

Fall is not just a season – it’s really a feeling!!  And our fall home would not be complete without a daily reminder of how grateful we feel for all of God’s blessings.  Amen!!




I decorated with pink shades in the living room, and orange shades in the kitchen.  Since both of these rooms are connected – open concept – I wanted them to at least coordinate with each other.

And I’m so happy with my blue and white rug – right?  You can tell that all of the navy and white in both rooms, helps to unite the pinks with the oranges.

Click here for more information on coastal farmhouse dining tables and navy blue and white rugs.


I used a variety of throw pillows:  rose pink, blush pink, fun pink pom-poms, and ones with pink tassels in the living room.   The different shades and styles really help unite both rooms’ color palettes, because they coordinate with the plaid pillow in the kitchen.




And of course a soft, pink buffalo check throw blanket brings just the right look and feel to the living room.  How can you have fall decorations without at least one buffalo check item – right?





These dark pink (magenta) and white vases were just the right color and size for my fall bookshelf styling this year.  I love that they have a lot of white so that the hot pink and coral flowers really pop!!




And my farmhouse wagon from Round Top…. knew he’d be paired with something floral and glam for fall – LOL!!

And speaking of farmhouse glam…..can you see the shimmer of the glitter on the white pumpkin candles??  Love these little candles!!




Don’t forget about storage bins, photos boxes, or baskets to pop in some pink to your fall color palette.  I put one bin underneath each of our end tables to hold magazines and remotes.

And those rose gold handles – swoon!!


Here are some pictures of the kitchen where I used blue, white and orange tones.  I really love how these rooms came together this year.  

Don’t forget about fruit:  apples, pears, and peaches all can lean orange- to-pink, which are perfect for fall decorating.  





Just to make things a little fun, I decided to style our fall bookshelf 3 different ways.  So, choose your favorite by leaving your vote in the comments section below!!

Can’t wait to see which one y’all pick!!  

#1 – Love & Hugs signs together, Pink Flowers Wagon


 #2 – White Pumpkins Wagon & Pink Pumpkin Patch Sign


#3 Without Pink Pumpkin Patch Sign, Love and Hugs Word Signs




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I bought most of my items from Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, & Target.  Here are some items that will give you a similar look.

  1. Blush Pink Table Runner – Here, Here, Tablecloth
  2. Pink Velvet Pumpkins – Here 
  3. Pink Velvet Ribbon – Here
  4. Blush Flowers –  Light Pink, Deep Pink
  5. Dusty Pink & Blush Throw Pillows – Here, Here, Here, Thankful, Pumpkin
  6. Pink Vases – Here, Here, Here
  7. Hot Pink Flowers – Here, Here
  8. Buffalo Check Throw Blanket – Here, Solid, Solid, W/Pom Poms
  9. Storage Box –  Here, Here, Here
  10. Purple Flowers- Here
  11. ***White Wreaths – (mine were clearance)

***Recommend:  using 10″ grapevine wreath & paint white, or attach white berries or garland.  They are light, and will be easier to hang on your dining chairs.




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