Fall to Christmas Decorating: 3 EASY Tips

So, Thanksgiving is over and it’s officially time to pull out your Christmas decorations.  But for some reason this year, you’re a little more tired than usual!!  Could it be because:  your boss gave you an extra work assignment, or maybe the kids’ crazy schedules (school Christmas parties, extracurricular activities &  the Church Christmas program), OR maybe it’s your husband’s “football watching schedule” – hahaha!!  And don’t feel bad – all of these things are important… they really are!!  It’s just that you just could USE.A LITTLE.HELP!!  Anyone??  Fly Me In An Angel Please!!  Enter in……Fall to Christmas Decorating:  3 EASY Tips .

Click How To Make The Perfect Bow to get gorgeous bows for the Christmas Decorating season.


When making the transition from Fall to Christmas decorating, follow these 3 tips.  They work in every room of the house, and they are super EASY to follow.  It’s kind of like a math formula, except it’s for your house.  Plug the formula in, fill in the blanks, and woo-lah!!  You have a winner!!

3 EASY Tips = Decorating Formula

TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

TIP #3:  Use existing decorations (from Fall) and alter to fit new holiday (Christmas).  

These tips will work in every room of your house.  But to save some time, I am only going to focus this post on the dining room, foyer (entry), living room/kitchen.  These are my favorite rooms to decorate, so I thought I would focus on these areas.


  1. Dining Room
  2. Foyer (entry)
  3. Living Room/Kitchen


TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

In the dining room I chose navy and white as my main color theme, and then changed out the Fall (orange) to the Christmas (red).










TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

Here again I kept the same lamps/shades, mirror, and candles sticks the same…..but just changed out the wreaths and table accent pieces.









***NOTE***  I changed out my rug this year (moved to my living room), but normally this would stay the same.  Since flooding- I was a little over excited to do some switcher-oos ;).  I needed the blue and white rug to carry out the navy color theme into the living room, so I switched them out.  See how that works??


TIP #3:  Use existing decorations and alter to fit new holiday.  

If possible, use the same table linens (runner, place mats and napkins) and change out napkin rings, glasses, or chargers.  

In here, the biggest change was getting rid of the gold chargers & pumpkins (orange tones) and replacing with pops of bold red.











Here is the tablescape broken down by steps.  If you look at my post Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps, you will be able to compare the two different seasons.


Plus, you can see how easy it is to remove a couple of accents of one color, and simply replace them with another color.  LOVE IT!!





Things that remained the same in the dining room (NAVY DECOR):

  1. table runner
  2. napkins
  3. place mats
  4. plates
  5. lamps/lampshades
  6. candle sticks with navy glass balls

Things that I changed or added (RED ACCENTS):

  1. red wreath
  2. red berries candle rings
  3. red martini glasses
  4. red napkin rings
  5. red poinsettia table garland
  6.  red candles to table


I also added some silver ornaments to the chandelier,  “joy” letters to the buffet, and 2 mercury glass decanters to the table.  All of these are neutral in color, but add a metallic (shiny) component.  These help break up all of the bold, dark colors and let light bounce around.

Since I knew I was hosting Dinner this year at my house, I removed the blue vase/flowers and opted for the above mentioned silver mercury decanters instead.  I wanted to keep the sight line clear so that we could see each other and visit…. without a floating distraction on the table.  I also decided to use my plain white bowls in place of my polka dot bowls to keep the table decor all unified.  I really wanted the red to POP and get all of the glory!!

Now, we will just keep using the same tips (formula) for each room.


TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

In the foyer I kept the blue and white again, but got rid of the yellow.  I decided to use different shades of blue to add depth, and used pops of red on my Christmas tree.



















TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

On my console, I kept the basic foundation the same.  I changed the Fall decor (yellow) to Christmas  decor (3 large ornaments, trees, and sleigh).  See below for tutorial on buffalo check ornaments.










TIP #3:  Use existing decorations and alter to fit new holiday. 

In the 2 candle lanterns on the bottom shelf, I replaced the Fall decor (pine cones) with Christmas decor (ornaments).   I also kept my white basket, but simply removed the yellow throw and replaced it with a blue pillow (above picture).











Click Buffalo Check DIY Christmas Ornament Balls (part 2) for the tutorial or Buffalo Check DIY Snowman: Using Emboridery Hoops (part 1) for that tutorial.

Either of these DIY projects would be perfect for an Christmas entry or foyer.





Things that remained the same (BLUE/WHITE DECOR):

  1. two pictures
  2. two lamps
  3. wall hanger knob
  4. blue console
  5. white basket


Things that I changed or added ( CHRISTMAS DECOR):

  1. three buffalo check ornaments
  2. white bottle brush tree set
  3. white fur, silver  and navy sleigh
  4. two turquoise ornaments
  5. blue home pillow

*** replaced Fall decor from silver lanterns with Christmas decor….. photo below***







TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

In my living room, I used the same blue and white color theme again, and switched out the pops of orange with pops of red, green and turquoise.












Click Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath for the tutorial.  It’s a very

budget friendly way to decorate a large wall.

It can be made with 2 or 3 wreaths, depending on your wall dimension.









TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

In my breakfast nook I switched out my orange pillow with the matching plaid pillow.  I love this rug and pillow combo!!  The rug has both orange and red tones so I can use it for both seasons – win-win!!

Click Fall Home Tour 2018 to see more pictures of my house or 5 Secrets to Fall Decorating.










TIP #3:  Use existing decorations and alter to fit new holiday. 

In my living room, I used the same throw pillows, lamp, and ladder decor ….but just switched some accents out.  I removed  the fall orange plaid and dark teal throw blankets, and replaced with a muted cornflower blue throw blanket.  I switched the linen lampshade for a dark navy lampshade.   And then I changed out Fall (oranges) for Christmas (reds).









I also changed out my rugs (went to dining room) so that I could add more navy and white to the living room.  I love how I can switch out those 2 rugs.  It’s like getting a new room without a new pricetag!!



Want to see how I painted the entry table blue, Click World Market Console Table Maekover:  Painted Smoky Blue.

Want more Christmas Decorating inspiration, Click Christmas Dining Room:  Navy + Red, 20 Best Christmas Wreaths,  or 33 Fabulous Christmas Stairs Ideas.

Want ideas for an adorable Christmas Party, Click Let It Snow DONUT Christmas Party:  (part 1) and Food Planning (part 2)

Have a great week!!  Love & Hugs 🙂




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Christmas Snowman: DIY Cotton Ball Wreath

I am still working on the Let it Snow – Donut Christmas Party, and needed something large to cover a couple of areas on the wall in our event venue.  I had seen a couple of cute cotton ball wreaths on pinterest, and thought it would be an inexpensive way to cover a lot of wall space.  Since I had some extra pool noodles from DIY Christmas Donut Ornaments – Using Pool Noodles,  and had already done a snowman craft last year Buffalo Check DIY Snowman:  Using Embroidery Hoops ….it was the perfect marriage.  Welcome to Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath!!

***UPDATE***  You can now see how the Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 3:  The Event) turned out!!  See how the snowman looks on the wall at the Christmas party – it turned out adorable!!

***NOTE***  You can make this with 3 wreaths or just 2 wreaths (if you want a smaller snowman).  The 3-wreath snowman will measure ~ 52″H when finished.

Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath

Supplies for 3 wreaths:

  • 3 pool noodles – (1 full length 58″L, 1 mid length 42″L, 1 short length 32″L)
  • 700 cotton balls – 4 bags (200 count)
  • 60 glue sticks
  • glue gun
  • white spray paint
  • plastic or canvas painter’s cloth
  • wooden blocks
  • packing tape (or duct tape)
  • tape measure
  • knife (to cut noodle)
  • 3/8″ white grois grain ribbon – 3 yds TOTAL  (5 strips that are 18’L – 20’L each)
  • 6″L upholstery needle
  • command strips to hang snowman


CUT:  Take first pool noodle, measure out 32″L, and cut with a knife.   Use a cutting board underneath so that you don’t scratch your floor or counter top.  This will make the SMALL wreath.  Take the second  pool noodle, measure out 42″L, and cut with a knife.  This will make the MEDIUM wreath.  You will not need to cut the third pool noodle.  This will make the LARGE wreath.

TAPE:  Now, begin with the third (the long noodle that will make LARGE wreath) and bend it into a circle.  Use your packing tape and secure the ends together.  Make sure to tape down with about 4 -6 pieces of packing tape.   This noodle is the easiest one to bend because of the length.  It is the only one that will have ends that fit flush together (not pictured).

Next, do the same thing to your small & medium noodles.  See picture to right.  ***NOTE***The medium and small wreaths will have a little gap so that they can make a circle.    The smaller one will also not form a perfect circle….just thought I should mention that.  It will be the top part that goes under your santa hat, so it will be hidden.

***TIP***  I had my tape ready and attached to my counter top so that I could grab it quickly.  Bending and taping the noodle together is a little tricky, so you can grab a helper if you need to. 😉


Now, you will prep your area outside with plastic or canvas cloth.  Put a couple of wooden blocks to lift noodles off the plastic.  Lightly spray TOP side of all 3 noodles with white spray paint or white primer.  Let dry 20 mins.  Flip them over and spray the BOTTOM side.  ***TIP*** Make sure to spray the inside and outside parts of the noodles also.

I did a light spray so mine would have a baby blue color peeking through the cotton.  If you want it solid white, just spray more paint.



I want to be upfront on this part…..this is VERY time consuming.    But is sooooo worth it!!   Since I learned as I went along, this is my ***BIG TIP*** Pull your cotton balls one day (into  a rectangular shape), and hot glue the next day – for each wreath.

It helps with 3 things:  less cotton balls to purchase, easier to line up to keep them straight, and makes the hot gluing stage go by so much faster.  But if you want to just hot glue as is (with ball shape cotton ball) go right ahead!!  Both ways are adorable 🙂

FYI on time frame:  I would pull cotton balls for about 45 minutes – 1 hour one evening, and then hot glue the next day for about 45 minutes- 1 hour.


Hot glue one layer at a time.   I did one top layer, one inside layer, and then one outside layer to keep straight lines.  I also offset each layer so that it wouldn’t look like one straight line.   In other words, start 2nd layer with cotton ball in between 2 cotton balls.   See picture below left.   I hot glued cotton balls on the entire backside also, but you can leave unfinished if you want.  It would look like picture below right.


Large wreath:  315 cotton balls, 25 glue sticks, 1 hour 45 mins -2 hours completion time.

Medium wreath:  225 cotton balls, 20 glue sticks, 1 hour 45 minutes completion time.

Small wreath:  165 cotton balls, 15 glue sticks, 1 hour 30 minutes completion time.


Take your 3/8″ wide white grois grain ribbon and thread through eye of needle.  I used a 6″ upholstery needle, and ~ 18-20″L ribbon for each one (5 strips total).   Then poke your needle through the inside moving to outside of wreath, and pull the ribbon through.

Leave one part of the ribbon on outside of wreath and one part of ribbon on inside of wreath.  Then take ends of ribbon and tie a knot.  Once that is done, you will make a second knot about an inch up.  This second knot will be your loop to hang your snowman.

***NOTE***I showed it using an extra piece of pool noodle first – so you could see what it will look like better.  See picture below.  Then, I will show what it looks like with the cotton ball wreath.

Now, with the actual cotton ball wreath.  This STEP is just for the TOP of the SMALL wreath.  The “loop” is how you will hang the wreath onto the wall.  ***TIP***  Remember the “not-so-perfect” circle for the small wreath?  This is where you will poke your needle through.  This way you can hide that little cone-shape under your santa hat 😉


You will now do the same STEPS 1-3:  THREAD, PULL THROUGH, AND TIE to the bottom of the small wreath, top and bottom of the medium wreath, and top of the large wreath.

BUT…..instead of tying the loop, you will tie the bottom of the SMALL wreath to the top of the MEDIUM wreath.  And tie the bottom of the MEDIUM wreath to the top of the LARGE wreath.

***NOTE***  You will not need to thread the bottom of the LARGE wreath because it doesn’t attach to the wall or another wreath.

My picture below left shows them with loops – sorry!!  This was how I knew that I didn’t need to make the LOOPS for this part.  I forgot to take another picture with them untied.   The picture below right is the small and medium wreaths tied together.


Now you can hang it on an existing wall hook or use a command hook if you don’t want a permanent wall mark.

***Also, if you want a smaller snowman, use the SMALL AND MEDIUM wreaths only for a snowman that measures 30″ H.  Or use the MEDIUM AND LARGE wreaths only that measures  39″H.***    I cropped my picture to give you an idea.

Go to Buffalo Check DIY Christmas Ornament Balls for the large pom pom balls with bows tutorials.



























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DIY Christmas Donut Ornaments: Using Pool Noodles

I am co-hosting a Christmas Party for an organization in December, and donuts is the theme – click here for Let it Snow – Donut Christmas Party for more info.    Since we are working with a very small party budget, and definitely a very small decorating budget, buying a ton of donut ornaments wasn’t really an option.  Plus, we needed a craft that the girls could participate in for the party.  I had been looking for a couple of months trying to find a good tutorial on making “fake” donuts.  All of the tutorials with clay looked too complicated or time consuming, and the ones with making fake icing looked like too much work – LOL!!  So, that is how I ended up with DIY Christmas Donut Ormanents – Using Pool Noodles.

***UPDATE***  See how the donuts ornaments completed the look for the Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 3:  The Event).  They worked our even better than planned – they were used throughout the party decor, and made the party come to life!!

Want more Christmas craft ideas?  Click Buffalo Check DIY Snow-Woman (part 1) or Buffalo Check DIY Christmas Ornament Balls (part 2).

NOTE:  Made 2 ways:  one from fake icing (top right); one from cotton balls (bottom left)

***NOTE:  This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from those links at no extra cost to you.  I only choose items that I support and believe in.  This allows me to write free content and support my blog.  Thanks for your support!!*** 🙂



We are decorating for an event so we need quite a lot of ornaments.  Using the supplies listed below will make 180 donut ornaments (with 2 pool noodles).  If you want less, adjust supplies according to your needs.  Here is a breakdown to give you an idea.

4 COLORS Donut Ornaments:  (pink, turquoise, purple, green)

Fake icing sprinkled donuts:   24 (we will use + 24 solid colored donuts inbetween) = 48

Cotton icing sprinkled donuts:  36  (we will use + 36 solid colored donuts inbetween) = 72


For garland, you will have one donut with sprinkles & one solid.  This helps make them “pop” off of the white tinsel background.  Love the bow:  click How to Make the Perfect Bow.



PINK Donut Ornaments for Numbers:

Cotton icing sprinkled donuts:  36 (12 donuts/number 2 )

Solid colored pink donuts:  24 (extra to use as garland on sign)


The numbers are their graduating year (2022), and will go on a sign in the event center.  The girls will be decorating these for their craft project.  Just wanted to show you where we are planning on using them.



FYI:  All supplies will be the same for either ornament projects – EXCEPT last 2 items.  they have astericks * 🙂


  1. (2) Pool Noodles – I used one pink, one blue
  2. knife to cut pool noodles
  3. cutting board
  4. spray paint:  turquoise (Seaside), lime green (Key Lime), purple (French Lilac), & *** pink (Berry Pink)
  5. plastic dropcloth
  6. wooden blocks
  7. wax paper
  8. glue gun + glue sticks
  9. paper plates
  10. tweezers
  11. q-tips
  12. multi-colored sequins – I used Hobby Lobby Tree House Studio brand, not on HL website 🙁
  13. ornament hangers or paper clips
  14. ***whipple fake icing (if you’re doing fake icing ornaments) NOTE* 1 box makes ~ 24 donut rings
  15. ***bag of jumbo cotton balls – 140 count (if you’re doing cotton icing ornaments)

***FYI:  I did not have to spray my pink noodle, because it was the color I wanted.  I added the PINK (berry pink) spray paint to the supplies list to achieve the same pink color, in case you can’t find a pink noodle. ***


1.  pool noodles                                                                                                  2.  spray paint  – Seaside,

Coast Athletic CA8700 Famous Foam Pool Noodles, 4 PieceRust-Oleum 315395 Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover, 12 oz, Seaside


3.   spray paint – Key Lime,  Berry Pink**                                                                4. spray paint – French Lilac

Rust-Oleum 249104 Painter's Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, Key Lime


5.  plastic dropcloth                                                                                             6.  wax paper

Premier 9' x 12' 1 MIL Clear Plastic Drop Cloth Rolled, 3 Pack, 69730

Cut-Rite Wax Paper by Reynolds 75 Sq.Ft


7.  glue gun, glue sticks                                                                                      8.  tweezers

AdTech High Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun in Black Daisy | Arts and Crafts and DIY | Fun and Cute Tool | Item #0502

Revlon Stainless Steel Accurate Tweezing 1 ea (Pack of 2)



9.  q-tips                                                                                                    10.  multi-colored sequins , assorted sizes

Q-tips Cotton Swabs, 500 ct




11. ornament hooks                                                                                                 12.  jumbo cotton balls

Silver Metal Ornament Hooks - 34mm

Swisspers Premium Hypoallergenic Super Jumbo Cotton Balls, 140 count


13.  Whipple fake icing














STEP 1:  

Cut each pool noodles at about 5/8″ sections (5/8′ is between 1/2″ and 3/4″ – fyi).  Each noodle should make roughly 90 small donut rings.  So you will have 90 blue donut rings + 90 pink donut rings at this point = 180.



Spray paint the BLUE rings only if you are using blue and pink noodles.  Spray paint both sides.  Use plastic dropcloth to cover ground & use wooden blocks to lift donut rings up off of the ground.  Let dry 20 minutes before flipping to other side.  When finished drying, group into colors and store on wax paper or paper plates.  ***You will need to spray paint pink if you aren’t using a pink noodle.***


Inspiration Picture below from Hobby Lobby Ornaments







Follow directions on Whipple box.  After getting it ready, gently squeeze icing onto donut ring.  Use sparingly so that you can make 24 donuts.  After squeezing a small amount on top and sides, use q-tip to spread out.

Do all of the icing on donuts fairly quickly so that the Whipple doesn’t begin to dry.  You will need it damp so that the sequins can stick into it and mold.

***TIP***  This step took about an hour by myself – fyi.  If you want to work at a faster rate – get a helper 😉








Place chosen sequins on with tweezers and push down into icing with q-tips.   Put sequins out in colors and sizes to make this process go faster.

***TIP***  Work quickly with this section so that icing doesn’t dry.  Also, gently place sequins onto icing so that your tweezers don’t get icing on them.  It will get very messy if your tweezers get dirty.






One jumbo cotton ball will cover 2 donuts rings.  Gently pull the cotton ball from both sides until it makes a very long cotton strand (will almost look like a mustache – ha!).  Then tear it in half.  One section will fit one donut.  Then hot glue cotton strand onto tops & sides of donut.

***TIP***  You might have to play around with the cotton to see how much your want on the sides.  It should mimic icing dripping down.

***TIP***  I got about 6 cotton balls (12 pieces) ready at a time so that I could do a lot of hot gluing in groups.  This step also takes about an hour.









This will be similar to the fake icing tutorial except you will be using hot glue to secure sequins to cotton balls.  Choose the sequins you want to use and grab with tweezers.  You will add a SMALL drop of hot glue to SEQUIN (not cotton) and gently place onto cotton top.  Use your q-tip to hold sequin down.

***TIP***  Do not get into a rush with this step or you will have a hot glue + cotton ball mess!!  To make this step easier, I picked all of the larger sequins I wanted to use, and then put them on first.  They took up more room on the donut, and then I could tell what other colors and sizes to fill in the gaps with.  This step takes another hour – fyi.







Add a small ornament hook into top and back side of donut.  The foam makes it very easy to poke your hook through.  I tried a paper clip, short hook, and long hook to see which one I preferred….and ended up liking the short hook the best.  The paper clip of course is the cheapest version if working with a low budget and is the strongest (fyi).


paper clip – straightened













Add them to garland, trees, wreaths, and more!!  What will YOU use them for??  Let me know.  I can’t wait to see !!  Want to see the What we will be using them for??  Here is the link again Let It Snow – Donut Christmas Party.

Next post Let it Snow – Donut Christmas Party:  Food  (donut inspired food & snacks)….coming soon!!

Want more decorating inspiration??  click 41 Shiplap Ideas:  Not Just for Walls, 29 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas, or Master Bathroom Remodel:  Hardwar Bling.







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