41 SHIPLAP Ideas: NOT Just For Walls (Part 2)

If you are a modern farmhouse, beach house coastal , or cottage chic kind of girl, then shiplap is your new best friend.  If you didn’t know much about shiplap before Joanna and Chip Gaines started HGTV’s hit TV show “Fixer Upper,” you DO NOW.  It is the perfect combination of rustic warmth meets casual elegance, and can be incorporated into almost any decor style.  If you wan to learn more about shiplap Click  The Shiplap Guide:  Shiplap, Tongue & Groove, and Plank Walls (Part 1).

So, now that you know what shiplap is, you’re probably needing some ideas on how and where to use it- right?  Well, you’re reading the right post.  Here are 41 inspirational pictures to get you motivated!!

***  I am using the term “shiplap” in this post as a collective term that incorporates all 3 methods for getting the “shiplap look”.   These pictures will either use 1. shiplap, 2. tongue & groove, or 3. plank methods (see post 1).  Just wanted to clarify***  SO…..LET’S GET GOING!!


source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com



Use shiplap in the living room behind shelves,  as an accent wall, above the fireplace, behind built ins, or on a TV wall.  It adds just enough texture to balance out smooth surfaces (like electronics, lighting, and curtain rods), and gives the room an instant focal point.












source: goodhousekeeping.com

source: homecorner.eu


source: countryliving.com


source: instagram.com (max crosby construction)



source:  private



Use shiplap with almost any decor style:  coastal, farmhouse, shabby chic, cottage, rustic, modern, industrial, and so on.  Use it on ceilings or behind the bed to add drama, or use it on headboards/ bed frames to add instant character.









source: lollyjane.com (joanna gaines)


source: thegoodhomeinteriors.com


source: wdesign.com


source: instagram (the old house on main)


source: sitehouse.net


source: eclecticcottage.blogspot.com



source: georgianadesign.tumblr.com



Use shiplap horizontally or vertically.  The horizontal lines add visual width, whereas the vertical lines add visual height.  It looks great behind vanities and free standing tubs.  Afraid to commit?  Use a small amount (like a half wall) around the tub or in a small half bath/powder room.












source: christinasadventures.com


source: mybetterhome.org


source: private


source: countryliving.com



Shiplap is extremely versatile.  It can be painted, stained, white-washed, left natural, or sanded and sealed – to name a few.  Paint shiplap white for a fresh clean look or paint it dark for a moody, dramatic look.  Leave shiplap natural (knotty and raw) for a rustic look.













source: bhg.com


source: bluenestdwellings.com


source: private
( A Well Dressed Home)


source: houseofturquoise.com



source: favoritepaintcolors.blogspot.com
(Four Generations One Roof)

Use shiplap on entry or staircase walls.    It gives your guests a glimpse of your decor style and what they can expect to see in the rest of your home. Shiplap also adds architectural detail to small areas, where there is minimal space to place furniture.

Use shiplap in the hallway as an accent wall, or as a hidden door for the powder bath.  It adds a little excitement to an area that is usually left bare.








source:  instagram.com (park & oak design)


source: google.ca


source: barndoorslidinghardware.net


source: thecreativityexchange.com


source: either-orr.com



source: magnolia market (joanna gaines)






The kitchen gives you a ton of options to use shiplap.  Use it as backsplash, on kitchen islands, in bay window nooks, as pantry doors, barn doors, or wrapped columns.  Use small boards or wide boards to get the “look” you want.  Most common boards widths used for shiplap are 6″, 8″, or 10″.











source: homebunch.com (advanced renovations, inc.)


source: roost-blog.com


source: klighting.org


source: private


source: theinspiredroom.net


source: bellezaroom.com



source: studio-mcgee.com



Use shiplap in unexpected places like laundry rooms and mudrooms.  These rooms are not typically seen by guests, but  can still be beautiful 🙂  Plus, you might need a little inspiration while you work- LOL!!

Use it outside in patio/entertaining areas to bring the warm & welcome feeling outdoors.  These areas will feel more like extensions of your home, than feeling separate or cold.











source: onekindesign.com


source: instagram.com (cement tile shop)


source:  handywood.net


source: buffalolumber.com



source: foxhollowcottage.com





If you still aren’t sure if you want to add shiplap as a permanent structure, try it out as an accent.  It looks great (picture to the left) lying against the wall, and also in a frame (picture below).  It will add the character and charm you want without adding anything permanent to the wall.


No matter which one of these shiplap ideas you decide to try, you will have a little taste of how shiplap makes your home FEEL!!  And I know your guests will notice it too 🙂






source: naptimedecorator.net



P.S.  Which one is your favorite??  Shoot me a comment….I’d love to know!


Want more SHIPLAP inspiration follow me on pinterest:  pinterest.com/toojewels/shiplap-love/

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12 Kitchen Upgrades.


Click Opening up Kitchen Wall to Living Room to see our completed project.  I will try to share more pictures soon.  Stay tuned for Part 3……My Home Project REVEAL. ***

Here are my inspiration pictures:

Source: studio-mcgee.com



source: instagram.com (max crosby construction)



































I am so excited for the final reveal –  Opening up Kitchen Wall to Living Room to see more pictures.


source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com

































































































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The Shiplap Guide: Shiplap, Tongue & Groove, and Plank Walls (Part 1)

I have been very excited to do a post on shiplap (for awhile now) since we will be adding it to our fireplace wall in our living room- very soon!!  So, like all good pinterest junkies do…..I started filling up my pinterest board with all things shiplap.  But after scrolling and saving pictures/ideas, I was beginning to feel a little confused of what shiplap really is.  There are like a million posts on shiplap: diy this way, diy that way, and other helpful tips/advice, etc…. but I just wasn’t getting the information I needed.  So, what does every crazy obsessed home decor blogger do…..they do a little research.  And the more I dug, the more I found…..and let me tell  you – there is a ton of information!!!  So much information, that I decided to break up the shiplap post into 3 posts.  And here we are….. post 1, part 1.  ***Update.  41 SHIPLAP Ideas:  NOT Just For Walls (Part 2) is completed.***

source: roost-blog.com

***Disclaimer- I am not a professional on wood milling – LOL!!  This post contains information that I have gathered through personal research so that I can help you understand all of this shiplap mania  – thnx ***



 For the purpose of this post, and to keep things simple, we will focus on 3 methods to add “shiplap” to your house.  I will not go over applications, supplies needed, cost, etc.  (there will be links to help you with that). This is an informative post on wood types used.   And I’m assuming all of us want to learn what it is, so we can make an educated decision when adding it to our home- right??!!

So, what did my results show:

The THREE most popular ways to shiplap walls use one of these methods

1) Shiplap method

2) Tongue & Groove method

3) Plank wall method

The methods may vary from: square edge to beveled edge boards, width or length of boards used, or thickness of plywood/MDF variations to solid planks, but the concept is the same.  The one thing that changes is how they look on the wall…..just not every single time.  And that is why the shiplap and the “shiplap look” has gotten a little confusing.



What is shiplap?

Shiplap is a beautiful marriage where old meets new, smooth meets texture, and clean lines meet graceful movement……and that is why it is popping up in the majority of remodels and new builds everywhere.


According to Merriam-Webster dictionary – Shiplap is defined as “wooden sheathing in which the boards are rabbeted so that the edges of each board lap over the edges of adjacent boards to make a flush joint.” OK…now in English.  Each board has two rabbeted (CUT) edges —one on top, one on bottom (see picture to left).  The top edge of one board will LAP over the bottom edge of the 2nd board to make a flush joint (picture below – right).

These Shiplap boards were originally designed as a type of siding for exterior structures like barns, woods, and sheds.  They kept the water out, and were attached at different angles to let water run off the structure it covered.  FUN FACT:  wooden boards (all types) were used for siding until plywood was invented.


The boards are cut with either 1/2″-3/4″ “edge” (size of edge) …….depending on the width of the board ……(6″, 8″, 10″) to create a tight seal to keep water out and allow the wood to breath – Buffalo-Lumber.com.  This website has a lot of information on all types of sidings (if you are interested to learn more).




NOTE:  There are several types of cuts made for shiplap boards, but to make things easier for this post I will focus more on the square edge.

Two of the cuts used for shiplap boards are:

1- square edge (1st picture below) and 2- beveled edge (2nd picture below).

In the first picture, the “E” is the LAP. ….you know like ship-LAP?  😉  This is where that cut will be either 1/2″ – 3/4″ long .  In the second picture “F” is the beveled (angled) part.  Can you see the difference in the look of the edges – straight vs. angled?

source: buffalo-lumber.com

source: buffalo-lumber.com


source: theharperhouse.com


This gives you a better idea of what the square edge shiplap looks like when attached to the wall, and how the boards LAP over each other.

The picture comes from an awesome DIY job by The Harper House!!!  I Love how it turned out.  If you want to see more of this shiplap update, click on the link below the picture.  This is a great post with lots of information!





Now, just when you thought you were catching on to shiplap, things begin to get a little trickier.  Stay with me here…..  There is a popular trend happening within the shiplap method itself.  It is called the nickel gap pattern – attaching shiplap without the flush joint. There is a GAP in the LAP!!! LOL!! The “G” on the picture below shows the GAP- (there is a space on this pattern, where the original shiplap pattern has no space.

FUN FACT:  The most common space between the board is 3/16″ – 3/8″ long…..the size of….drum roll please….a NICKEL.  Buffalo-Lumber.com.  You will see that nickel pop up again in the plank wall method 🙂

source: buffalo-lumber.com

source: windsorone.com


Below are some pictures of shiplap (square edge) with complete “flush joints”- no gaps, and then with the 3 other noted gaps.  The gaps give it a different kind of look- can you see it?   There is space between each board on top, and on the bottom.

I just wanted to let you know it exists so you are informed of it, but will not go into it any farther.  Just food for thought.




Second method:



The tongue and groove board has a nitch (tongue) on one side and an opening (groove) on the other side so that they join together tightly.  On the picture to the left you can see how the tongue and groove board has openings that look more like a puzzle piece.  The tongue side of this board would fit into the groove side of the adjoining board.  This is different than the shiplap…..where those boards overLAP each other, and here they “FIT OR JOIN” together.



source: woodsource.com


In the profile pics below, you can see the square edge and beveled (eased edge) tongue and groove patterns and what they look like.  This gets technical very quickly on all the measurements, cuts. etc….and definitely over my pay grade.  I just wanted you to see that the tongue and groove boards also have the different edges (like the shiplap).



source: eastteak.com

This picture gives you a better idea of comparing the shiplap to the tongue and groove (rainscreen won’t be discussed- it was just a great pic)!

You can see the square edge on both of the board profiles side by side.  It also shows the difference in how they are attached to the wall- look at the nail placement.  The shiplap is attached with straight nails, and the tongue and groove is attached with angled nails.  Just a FYI.


The picture to the LEFT below shows the tongue and groove and how it joins together. This beveled (angled) edge on the board is very small like the micro eased bevel edge on the profile picture above (pic #3).

On the picture to the RIGHT below you can see this beveled edge is more pronounced than the picture to the left.  The angle creates a “v” look, which is like profile picture above (pic #1).











In both pictures you can tell how the tongue and groove joint looks more like puzzle pieces fitting together; they have tighter joints which provide stronger joints.


Third Method:  WHAT IS A PLANKED WALL???

The plank wall is made with boards that have not been rabbeted, nor have tongue and groove.  This type of “shiplap look” seems to be the most popular for the diy’ers – since you have less cuts and easier cuts per board (compared to shiplap or tongue and groove boards).

DIY’ers can also achieve the “shiplap look” for less money using plywood or MDF (medium density fiber board) sheets.  They use large sheets that are 1/4″ or 1/2″ thick, and then cut them down to the specific widths (6″, 8″, 10″ boards) they desire.  The thinner boards are easier to attach to the wall since they aren’t as heavy, and the skill level needed is less than it would be for the other 2 methods.



Here are pictures so you can the plywood planks and tongue and groove side by side.

This is an awesome post with great advice from someone who has experience using both plank and tongue and groove methods in her home.  Click under the picture to read her full story- she has a ton of important info to share.

source: 4men1lady.com
source: 4men1lady.com













Through my digging, I have noticed that the plank wall can be installed flush (board to board), or with a gap (similar to the nickel gap mentioned above with shiplap).  DIY’ers are actually putting nickels (or coins) in between the planks to mimic the shiplap look.  See pictures below and click on links for more information, tips & advice.

source: mylove2create.com


source: sypsie.com









Hope you are feeling like a Shiplap, Tongue & Groove, and Plank EXPERT!!  Sorry it was sooooo long….I just didn’t want to leave anything out that might be important in helping you make your SHIPLAP DREAMS COME TRUE!!

Stay tuned for Shiplap – Part 2  ***UPDATE…… Part 2 is completed!***  41 SHIPLAP ideas:  NOT Just For Walls (Part 2)

Stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon!!

Have A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!!!  Love & Hugs 🙂
















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Blue Christmas Dining Room- Home Tour

Since we flooded during Hurricane Harvey this August, (and decorating the dining room for Christmas is not an option this year) I decided to post pictures of my Blue Christmas Dining Room from last year.  It still makes me smile to see all the different shades of blue, and of course my crazy love affair with white feathers.   This room is one of my all-time favorites…. it’s light and airy, but packs in a whole lotta punch.  If you want to see what it looked like before we flooded  Click here-  Blue and White Fall Dining Room .


The white feather tree I bought from Michael’s (i think) about 5 years ago, and it moves from room to room each year.  But it ALWAYS comes out-LOL!!!  The tree lights up and makes the feathers look like angel wings at night-swoon!!


The white candle sticks are from Round Top, TX Antique Show.  The glass votive that sits on top of each one makes a perfect resting spot for the ornaments so they don’t roll off.  The urn is from Home Goods.

I made the white feather wreath from a couple of feather boas on a wire frame.   Easy to weave them into the wire frame.   I painted the J & Y letters gold, and attached fabric to a wooden backing I made to go inside the frames.  The frames I found at an antique store that I painted silver.  The frames are very heavy, so they are on small nails.

Of course, what is Christmas without a little leopard or cheetah ribbon/fabric???  It adds just a little personality and tones down all of the blue and gold.  The stockings for our Christmas mantel have leopard on them also….I’ll post those next year 🙂


I know it is hard to see (lighting was not the best on these from last year- obviously) but the walls are gray here.  If you look at my blue FALL dining room post, they are blue.  I spent a year painting all of the rooms downstairs in our house gray, and I was beginning to feel like I was living in  “a cloudy kind of day” mood…..and I NEED some color!!!  So, there was a little change.  Live out loud- Live in color…..right??!!





These picks I found at Michael’s about 5 years ago too.  I love how the darker teal and navy really makes the turquoise and white pop…..and I can’t decorate for Christmas without some bling.



Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Love & Hugs 🙂


Need more Christmas inspiration and ideas???  Click Here for Christmas Stairs Love and here for Christmas Door Wreaths.

Want more navy and white Christmas DIY ideas or LOVE all things buffalo check??? Try Buffalo Check Snow-Woman or Buffalo Check Ornaments




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Christmas Sanity Checklist

Yes ma’am – YOU. DID. IT!!  Your Christmas decorations are all up inside the house (you are actually waiting for HGTV to call you  any minute- for your new show….. wink-wink) and you are just getting ready to sit down and relax with your much-deserved “mommy drink” in hand…..but then something happens.   Your enemy calls, and her name is “next”!!   That irritating nag that keeps you at night, and wakes you up in a cold sweat, the TO DO list for tomorrow, the enemy of all enemies, the nightmares of all nightmares….. the “what do I need to do NEXT??!!”….. pest.

Well, it’s not like you have anything important to do anyway- right??  You really ONLY need to get yourself in gear for the outside decorations…..OH, and remember to check the light bulbs, and your families’ gifts, and don’t forget the teachers’ gifts and coaches/dance instructor’s gifts, and help out at church, and work in some holiday baking, and, And, AND, AND AND AND…… Calgon take me away already!!!!  Gosh I’m old!!

You haven’t even had your first mommy sip ….and you are ALREADY cra-zee!!!.   All you can think is “How am I going to get it ALL done (by myself of course),  and “Why does this happen to me every year?”  RING ANY BELLS??

Let’s change things up this year….. by getting this anxiety in check.


The Christmas Sanity Checklist – 

(Secrets for a STRESS-FREE Christmas)

1) DIVIDE UP DUTIES– Don’t feel like you have to do Christmas all by yourself – anymore!!  Ask your husband to help with his side of the families’ gifts and wishlists, and ask your side of the family to do the same.  You won’t have to spend extra time “thinking” about what to get everybody, and wondering if they will like it or not.  They wished it & you gifted it – period.

Get your kiddos to help with teachers/coaches/instructors’ gift ideas also.  They can make a special card or help you bake (or pick up baked goods- my style) for them.  Your kiddos will feel proud of their gifts, and you will get to spend extra time with your kiddos!   All of these tips will help will take pressure off of you.

2) MAKE A LIST (and stick to it)Get a detailed wishlist from your immediate family (husband and kiddos).  You can knock items off the list faster since you won’t have to come up with your own ideas, and you can cut down on shopping time by knowing which stores carry specific items.  Once you get the bulk of the list done, you’ll have more free time to do your special “surprise” gifts – the ones that get you those “extra hugs.”

STICK TO THE LIST– Do NOT stray from the list (I know it’s hard to do)- keep the straying for the surprise gifts.    Do not keep adding to the list, or continue purchasing more and more presents just because you are out shopping for other people either.  When your list is completed and you have your surprise gifts taken care of, you are done!!  More presents cause extra gift wrapping, extra money, extra time, extra stress…..and well extra wine!!  The list was created for a reason….for you to enjoy the Christmas season!!

3) CREATE A BUDGET (and stick to it) – Attach a firm budget to the list that you feel comfortable with.  If you are feeling a little nervous about it, then trim items off of the list.  You can bend a little one way or the other, but have an idea of what you are planning to spend on each item.  That way if you have a little extra you can buy yourself something for your resourceful efforts- hahaha!!  see #4.

STICK TO THE BUDGET – Don’t overspend.  This will cause stress on it’s own, and in addition will mess up the planning method that you worked so hard on.  Since you spent more money on little Johnny, now you’ll have to find something extra for little Susie.  And on and on…..  Do not overspend.

4) TREAT YOURSELF–  Go ahead and allow yourself to have some wine, dessert coffee, a yummy pastry, etc….. to get you through the holidays- whenever the mood strikes.  Worry about calories and exercising AFTER Christmas.  Sometimes all you need is a break from ….well yourself….. to add a little pep to your step.

5) PAY IT FORWARD– By focusing on others, you will be reminded of how blessed you truly are.  Do some holiday baking for friends or neighbors, volunteer for church events, donate food/clothing to shelters, etc.  You can actually enjoy these activities without feeling like they are obligations.  And isn’t that what the true meaning of Christmas is all about anyway…. the season of giving? Amen.

6) PLAY CHRISTMAS MUSIC –  Find a radio station, pop in a CD, or download your favorite songs from I-tunes.  All your stress and worries will begin to melt away as soon as you hear Christmas carols.    It’s like God sprinkles a little magic every time a Christmas song is played!!  No matter your age or your music genre, there is something for everyone.

7) WRAP PRESENTS/GIFT BAGS–  Get all of your presents wrapped as soon as possible.   Pick a night where you can spend some time wrapping multiple gifts in one setting.  That way you don’t have to keep pulling out the paper/bags for each gift.  If you choose to wrap, try using only 2 or 3 patterns/rolls to cut down on choices, and do several simple looks while mixing in one “fancy” gift to add a little sparkle.  Need the perfect bow -Click Here for my easy Bow tutorial.

Even though using gifts bags cut down on time, they can also get a little expensive.    If you choose gift bags, try buying in bulk & then adding pretty ribbon/bows or contrasting tissue paper.

8) PLAN A GNO– Now that you have purchased your gifts, wrapped them, and have money to spare….plan a Girls’ Night Out with your girlfriends.  You deserve a break, and you can let off some “shopping” steam to them.  Women NEED to vent, so what better way to get it all out than to share some stories with your favorite gal pals.  A couple of hours out with your friends = almost ONE  full week of less griping to your honey!!  Am i right??!!


9) ENJOY YOUR FAMILY (and the season of Christmas)- Give your loved ones a hug, say a prayer, and soak in the JOY.

Yes Ma’am – YOU. DID. IT!!!




 ***Need Christmas inspiration??  Check out these posts….Click here for Christmas Wreath Ideas or Here for Christmas Staircase Ideas. ***


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Buffalo Check DIY Christmas Ornament Balls – (Part 2)

What do you get when you mix navy Buffalo Check, Embroidery Hoops, and one Crazy Christmas fanatic…..well you get a beautiful combination of oversized Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament Balls!!!  These balls are so stinkin’ cute, and have endless decorating possibilities.


You can mix and match fabrics, hoop colors and sizes, ribbons and bows, and hang them wherever your little heart desires.  Since I have already posted on how to use them as a Snow-Woman (Part 1 of the series), click HERE for the supplies needed and tutorial on making the buffalo check hoops.  Want to simplify….leave out fur ball ornaments and fur ball picks (scroll down for pictures).
















Now, that you have seen the tutorial….

here they are as Christmas Ornament Balls









Once the 3 hoop are done, we cans add the ribbon, bows, and fur balls/picks.

The fur ornament balls have a clear hanger that you will attach to the tying ribbon of the bow – click here for Bow Tutorial.  I used the navy ribbon for the single fur ball and dot gold ribbon for the double fur balls.


I used the same gold ribbon for the small hoop and large hoop (with 4 loops each) bows, but just made a larger bow to fit scale of large hoop.  I stuck the fur balls picks into the right and left sides of the bow.






I used the dot bow from the snow-woman tutorial for the medium hoop.






Here are the ribbon lengths, and the navy ribbon is 2.5″wide.  You can choose whatever width you want.  I used the navy ribbon to add contrast, and to cover more of the stair wall.


Where to put nails or hangers:

1) Starting with LARGE HOOP:  go (19.5″ Right, 4″ Down)……. for 2 fur balls

2) From 2 FUR BALLS: go (12″ Up, 8″ Right) …..for small hoop

3) From LARGE HOOP again:  go (18″ Up, 8″ Right) for medium ball

4) From LARGE HOOP again:  go (11″ Left, 10″ Up)









If you want to use the 3 ornaments only….  put the small ornament into 2 fur balls spot and lose the other goodies 🙂























Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!  Love & Hugs 🙂


Want more Christmas Ideas??  Front Door Christmas Wreath Ideas or Decorating Stairs Ideas for Christmas

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Buffalo Check DIY Snowman: Using Embroidery Hoops (Part 1)

Ever since I posted my  Blue and White Fall Dining Room and 10 Ways To Add Buffalo Check, I have been determined to do a DIY Christmas project using my navy and white buffalo check fabric.    I have pinned tons of Christmas inspirations for black and white check, red and white check, and red and black check, but wanted to try something different.  And since I am in love with all things blue and white anyway….I came up with a couple projects where I finally got to use my navy buffalo check fabric- YAY!!  Buffalo Check  DIY Snowman:  Using Embrodery Hoops (part 1).

***FYI***  Click here to see  Christmas Ornament Balls (Part 2)  or Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath if you love all things snowmen!!  Let’s get rolling……

 Buffalo Check DIY Snowman:  Using Embroidery Hoops


  • 8″, 12″, 18″ embroidery hoops
  • white spray paint or white primer
  • buffalo check fabric – 1 yard
  • ***fabric liner (optional) – 1 yard***
  • different sizes of gold ribbon & gold dot ribbon
  •  hot glue/glue gun
  • fabric scissors

*** I purchased all my goodies at Hobby Lobby  except…… 1 gold ribbon- Target from last year & spray paint Home Depot***


  • navy ribbon
  • white fur ornament balls (set of 6- used 3)
  • 2 white fur balls picks












 Spray paint hoops front and back sides – keeping loops together (don’t need to unscrew hoops and separate for this part)







Here they are white.  If you want to choose a different color,  go for it.  The spray paint acts as a trim color so be creative.









Lay hoops out on fabric to get an idea of where you will want your checks to go.  I used the check on the diagnol for the small & large hoops, and straight for the middle hoop- just to give it a little interest.  You can always use a coordinating fabric also.

Cut a square around hoop first- see picture to right.——->

TIP:  Make sure you like up your checks straight…they are kind of tricky like stripes.  If they are crooked, and you CUT crooked…..well you might be back at the fabric store 😉



This is optional****

I cut out a piece of liner to go behind my fabric so you can’t see through it.  You can always double up on fabric too (but who wants to waste the cute buffalo check on the back side)??

Top picture- with lining

Bottom picture- without lining







Unscrew at top to loosen hoops.  Pull gently to separate hoops.








Lay bottom hoop down on hard surface.  Place fabric (and liner) on top covering bottom hoop….with equal amount of extra fabric hanging over the entire loop.  Make sure checks are in a straight line.

Place second hoop (one with screw) on top of fabric and bottom hoop.  Might need to give it a gentle pull or unscrew a little more to loosen if it won’t cover fabric and bottom hoop.

***double check one more time to make sure checks run in straight line.***  Then tighten screw- but not completely tight.




Flip over.  Gently lift up on fabric to pull any bumps tight. Once fabric is all smooth and pulled firm……tighten screw completely.

TIP:  you will have to pull check fabric and liner separately sometimes to get bumps out.







Now cut about 3/4 inch or inch around hoop in a circular direction.









Should look like this when finished- upside down


And right side up————>

Here you can see that I laid mine out in a diagnol pattern.





Glue down fabric (and liner) to wooden loop.  Be careful when doing this so that you don’t accidentally get glue on your top fabric (you can hold the loop upright like a hula hoop and glue like that).







both fabric and liner glued down








I laid mine out just to see what it would look like.  Here you can see the top and bottom loops are on the diagnol, and the middle hoop is straight.

Attach a gold ribbon around each screw by tying a knot.  Begin at the bottom hoop, and give yourself A LOT of extra ribbon for this before cutting.






Hang it on the door to help with the next part.  The hoops will look like they “are dancing around.”  TIP*** Tie knot in top part of ribbon to anchor in door so that it won’t slide out.

Hot glue top hoop (wooden part) to gold ribbon to lie flat. ——–>

Repeat for middle hoop to connect to ribbon.

TIP***Make sure your hoop is straight (screw part is lined up to ribbon) before pressing down.  Otherwise your hoop will lie crooked.  If so, pull gently….and try again!!





see How to Make a Perfect Bow

I used 4 loops – just a fyi- and tied to existing gold ribbon.

















Hang on the wall with a nail if you want inside the house.










Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!   Love & Hugs 🙂

***stay tuned (is ready) for part 2 of buffalo check Christmas project***


Love snowmen?  Try Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath.  Or want more navy Christmas Ideas?  Try Christmas Dining Room:  Navy + Red.


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33 Ideas – Decorating Stairs for Christmas

Decorating your staircase for Christmas is a great way to bring in some holiday cheer, and to show off some of your creative talents.  And since there are like a million options out there to try, decorating them should be a cinch-right?  Not always.  Coming up with new ideas and (yes, executing those ideas)…..can be a little overwhelming.  So, lose your anxiety!!  If you are tired of coming up with YOUR OWN designs, and/or looking for new inspiration this year, here are 33 fresh ideas to get your creativity ….. a kick start!!




Using words, song lyrics, or reindeer names is a fun way to bring in Christmas cheer.  Put words on stair treads, risers, spindles and walls.  It will definitely catch your guests’ attention and add a little smile to their hearts.














Hanging stockings on banisters is a classic look that can be changed every year, just by switching out stockings.  Throw in some color and patterns to shake things up, or keep them simple.  Here are some adorable ideas for giving this classic style a fresh look.  And it’s also functional….especially if you don’t have a mantel or another way to hang stockings.








Hanging wreaths gives you a lot of versatility.  Use the same length ribbon with wreaths in groupings for a traditional style, or use different lengths to create a playful style.  Odd numbers work best with either look.  Go bold with contrasting ribbon, or soft with neutral colors.  The round wreaths lying against the vertical spindles add visual interest- simple yet stunning.













Love the look of Christmas ornaments balls for decorating the stairs.  They give off a playful vibe, and can be displayed a million (or close) different ways.  Hang one by a ribbon between each spindle to add a splash of color, or hang them in groupings or clusters for big impact.  However you decide to use them, you’re sure to create a  happy environment for your home & guests.














Using garland is such a lush & gorgeous way to decorate banisters and spindles, it basically screams drama.  Garland can be understated with natural greenery and small ribbon ties, or extravagant- filled with lights and accessories.  Make no mistake …..it will create a statement as soon as your guests enter your home.










Using hanging stars, gifts, and bells are unique ways to decorate banisters and spindles….. if you are looking for something unexpected.  Try different sizes and colors to add whimsy, and don’t be afraid to go crazy with the quantity.  If you have a bold personality and like doing things with a little twist, these styles are just right for you.






Who doesn’t love a soft glow shimmering during Christmas?  Candles add warmth, softness, & ambiance, and you can choose the fragrance that matches your style.  Plus, they illuminate the stair tread to add light. Win-win!!   TIP:  If you have kiddos, you may want to use lanterns for safety.  Hot wax and little toes are not a good match :).







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20 Best Christmas Door Wreaths

Decorating for Christmas ranks right up there on the top of my list for all-time LOVES.   This includes my husband & beautiful girls, our incredible families, Texas Longhorns football, and well….. the season of Christmas.   It adds warmth to my heart as we get to share an entire month dedicated to the birth of our Lord and Savior- Jesus Christ.  Amen!!  So, let’s get rolling with The 20 Best Christmas Door Wreaths.



I know there is so much that goes into putting all of the Christmas decorations out each year:  first the decorations go up inside the house, next the Christmas tree and ornaments get adorned, followed by the outdoor ground lights & inflatables (if you have kiddos), and the finale – the Christmas front door wreath.

It is the jewel of the season, and sets the tone for your entire Christmas theme.  It is your “hello” to welcome your guests when they arrive, and your “hug goodbye” as they leave and travel safely back home.  The right wreath can add warmth, happiness, elegance, color, and personality to your home.  It represents….you & your family.  So, what is your style and what does it say about who you are?










Source: fleaingfrance.tumblr.com

Source: Jane-can.com

Source: anextraordinaryday.net



You don’t crave attention, but always turn heads.  You are tasteful and classy, but not the least bit stuffy.   You are the perfect hostess, and people love to come to your house.  Is this you?








Source: instagram.com








Source: garnethill.com

SOURCE: Veranda Magazine





You dare to be different.  You aren’t just the life of the party, you ARE the party.  You own it, and everyone knows it!!  You are not the first person to arrive at an event, but always the last one to leave.  You bring energy & excitement as soon as you enter a room.  Is this you?










Source: Hometalk.com









Source: photos.hgtv.com
Source: dreamywhitesblogspot.com




You are always smiling and a blast to be around.   You are quite mischievous, love a good prank, and are THE class clown.    You draw people in with your quick wit, and ability to make them laugh.  You beat to your own drum and never follow the crowd (that is why your wreaths……are NOT the typical style wreaths)!!  Is this you?








Source: craftysisters-nc.blogspot.com











Source: justagirlblog.com


Source: escapadeblog.com



You have a timeless style that brings warmth and beauty, and you are always stunning.  You are tailored, structured and polished, yet exude effortless elegance.  Your grace shines through in everything you do and say, and you are always THE best-dressed at any function.   You do not call anyone for fashion advice, you give it.   You. Are. Style.  Is this you?








Source: etsy.com






Source: etsy.com
Source: etsy.com







Source: etsy.com
Source: etsy.com




Your eyes twinkle when you smile,  you love to sing- a lot, and you pass out hugs to everyone!!  Admit it- YOU ARE HAPPY!!  You choose friends, clothes, decor, etc…. anything that brings a little sunshine to your life.  You love what you love, and you aren’t afraid to go out on a limb to have the perfect item.  So, be you and spread your joy!!  Is this you?




Source: 88homedecor.com








Source: shine.yahoo.com
Source: amymeierdesign.com


You are flawless and exquisite in your own  bare skin.  You love the sun peeking into your window in the morning, and the stars lighting up the sky at night.   You LOVE all things green.  You find inspiration for your home & life through hiking the great outdoors.  You love the smell of rain, fresh cut grass, and wood burning by a firepit.  Keeping things simple is not a trend for you, it IS you.  Is this you?





Have a Very Merry Christmas & Happy Wreath Hunting!!

Love & hugs 🙂




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Halloween Fa-BOO-lous Breakfast Party

If you are looking for a cute and easy Halloween Party, this post is for you.  Our PTA Hospitality has done this Fa-BOO-lous Breakfast Party for the second year in a row for our Junior High FaBOOlous teachers and staff, and it always turns out to be such a hit!!   It is a super fun way to say “thank you” to them for all that they do for our kiddos, and it’s easy to get together.  It would also work for a Kids’ Halloween breakfast party too.




Black construction paper or some kind of black paper (at least 13 sheets- can stencil letters on leftover construction paper)

Orange and white dot banner (found it at Target) or you can get dot scrapbook paper and make your own

Stencils- 3″ H for banner,  8″ H for “BOO”

Jute string- Hobby Lobby

Hole punch


Double-sided tape or glue/glue dots

Packing tape to hang sign

***Take one piece of the orange dot banner and lay on top of one black piece of paper.  Trace around the orange dot banner (use chalk to see your line better), then cut about 1 1/2″ OUTSIDE that chalk line to give it a nice border.  Turn the black paper over (back side) so you don’t see the  chalk line, and glue/tape orange dot paper in middle of black paper.

***Do hole punches in black paper too (use holes in orange paper as reference).   If you’re not using the target banner, you’ll need to put 2  hole punches in dot banner and black paper for the jute string to go through.   TIP***Do the hole punches before you glue letters on so the string doesn’t cover your letter.***

***Trace your letters with the smaller 3″ stencils on black paper, cut out and glue or tape to orange dot banner.

Trace B-O-O letters using the bigger 8″ stencils on black paper, cut out and do 2 hole punches each.  The “B” letter will have  hole punches a little bit farther apart than the  “O’s” because it will not lay right if they are too close together.

Start threading jute string through hole punches (LEFT hole first),  entering from the BACK side of the banner, through both holes, and back through so that the string is showing on the banner (top) side.  Cut 2 strings- top section ( U R SO)  will be shorter than the bottom section (FABOOLOUS), leaving extra string to tape to wall.




1-2 Orange plastic table covers (we had 2 tables)

Plates- solid orange and orange/white patterned  (Target)

Napkins – solid or orange/white patterned (Target)

White plastic flatware

Black and white bins/baskets (something black and white to hold food/plates in). Could add black and white ribbon to something also.  (I bought my black & white striped baskets and black and white crates (with chalkboards) – all at Home Goods.

Ghost lights – Target

Boo light – Target

Orange cups (put white plastic silver ware in)

Chalkboard – both chalkboards came from Home Goods

****other halloween accessories like pumpkins, plastic serving trays, etc…. to add to decor.

*** The crates are turned upside down so we could put boxed donuts & other goodies on top of them.  Love how this creates interest by having several items at different levels.






Bagels- cinnamon raisin, blueberry, pumpkin spice, plain.  All Thomas brand already sliced in halves.

Cream cheese- strawberry, blueberry, honey pecan.  Kraft Philly brand.

Assorted mini muffins- cranberry streusel, pumpkins streusel, cinnamon rolls, coffe cream cheese filling

Strawberry cream cheese Bites

***all muffins came from HEB bakery ***

Spider Chocolate Donuts- click here

Monster Teeth Donuts – click here 

Fruit Tray

Bear Claws

Banana Nut Bread

Flavored Coffee Creams- Pumpkin spice, Peppermint Mocha, Butter Toffee.  All Coffee Mate Brand.

The Spider donuts and Monster Donuts really make the table come to life.  They are so stinkin’ cute AND edible- plus the teachers LOVE them!!












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Opening up Kitchen Wall to Dining Room

I have always liked our kitchen, but the floorplan for the connecting dining room was awkward.  The wall between the two rooms had a dead space on the kitchen side that really couldn’t be used for anything, and the dining room side had two panel doors that were taking up space that the room really couldn’t afford to give up.  I knew if we could open the wall up between these two rooms, the dining room would feel bigger…… and the kitchen would get more natural light.  Plus, it would just give the area better flow between both rooms.   Let ‘s get to it!  Opening Up Kitchen Wall To Dining Room.

To see more of our updated kitchen click Hurricane Harvey Flooded (part 2) –  for our most current pictures.  To see our painted cabinets makeover (before we flooded) click Painting Dark Kitchen Cabinets White.

***NOTE***  This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support! 🙂


BEFORE from dining room side:



The panel doors take up space on the adjoining wall and just don’t allow for enough room to move around the table.  When there is a Captain’s chair placed at the end of the table, the doors bump into it which is highly annoying.

I first thought about putting a single or double barn door here to save space, but quickly realized that decision would solve only one problem-  the “hinged door” problem.If I was going to change this area and spend the money, I knew opening up the wall would give me the best option for both rooms.






BEFORE from kitchen side:



Here is the dead space to the left side of the opening on the kitchen side.   I have tried everything in that space, and nothing seems to work properly.   I have used a rolling microwave cart, hooks for hanging functional items, decorative items, etc…. but there is just not enough room.

The rolling cart was functional so I could bump it up to the island to gain extra work space, but moving  it back and forth got old quick.  Anything that attached to the wall, only interfered with walking traffic.  Plus, when the pantry door opens (door to the left), it would bump into anything new I tried.  BRU-TAL!!



BEFORE from living room side:



The kitchen floorplan is designed at an angle (at the bar area shown here) so that the area of focus nauturally directs the eye to the pantry door & dead space.  Since the height of the panel doors was the same height as  the pantry door, I knew something was lacking here.

This little area is also my “mama” space where I have my morning coffee and check emails.   It was essential to my sanity that I had something more inspiring to look at than a blank wall.







Taking out the doors completely changes the look and function of both rooms, and adds extra space to the dining area around the table.  There are no longer doors bumping into chairs or guests.

BEFORE …..                                                        AFTER…..


The dead space is  completely gone, and is now replaced with a view of the outside.   The awkward wall area is removed creating  better traffic flow between rooms and more light.

BEFORE…..                                                      AFTER……


The opening to the dining room is higher than the pantry door which allows the focus to be  diverted into the dining room.  The pantry door is still in view, but the lamp and buffet draw your attention away from it.  The extra height also allows for more natural light to shine into the kitchen, and helps make the kitchen feel bigger.

BEFORE…..                                                        AFTER…..

***FYI- In this picture, the pantry door is still the old builder grade paint color, but has been changed.  I’ll show updated pictures later when I do the post on painting the cabinets white.  One project always leads to the next….am I right?  Click Painting Dark Kitchen Cabinets White to see that post.


So, how does something like this come together?  Let’s take a look at the process.  Clear your dining room and kitchen as much as you can, and cover everything.  It WILL get dusty.

First, the panel doors and frame come off.  You (or your contractor) decide where to cut the wall, and move any electrical switches, plugs, etc…  I wanted to keep the light switch, but removed the plug.

I also asked that they make the opening the same height as the arch on the other side of the dining room opening.  This will also help the room feel more balanced.


Then, they will cut out the frame and put in bracing boards on top and sides.  They will add sheet rock, and begin the tape and float process.


Closeup of tape and float and adding texture.


Next they will add the trim pieces to match existing trim, or you can buy new trim for all of it.

At this point, I chose to prime and paint the trim myself to save the $300 painting quote.  (no picture)

I also had them change out my chandelier in the dining room and the foyer, because there’s ALWAYS something new to add to every project.

The dining room light pendant is by Regina Andrews from Horchow.

Source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com

And the light pendant in the foyer is E.F. Chapman Darlana 6-Light Pendant, polished nickel.








Source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com


Have a Great Day!!  Love & Hugs 🙂

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