Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 2: Food Planning)

Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving and now entering into full Christmas mode- shopping, decorating, and party planning!!  It’s such a magical season, and our Lord Jesus’s birthday – so light it up!!  Ok, so if you are joining in from Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 1:  Planning Stage) welcome.  If not, check that post out so you don’t miss the decorating planning stage.   It will provide tips and decorating inspiration for a fabulous DONUT Christmas party winter wonderland!!  Now, for our next step:  Let it Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 2:  Food Planning).

***UPDATE***  Let it Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 3:  The Event) is now ready!!  See how all of the planning came together for an adorable party!!

Let it Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 2:  Food Planning)

I love all of the food ideas that can go with the Let It Snow theme…..and then combined with the Donut Sprinkles theme.  For our event, the girls chose the colors blue and white with a pink accent.  So when searching for food items, I tried to pick things that would go with their chosen color scheme and also with the DONUT Christmas theme.

***I also made for sure that I had sweets and snack foods.  The moms who co-chaired this event last year gave us that little pointer.  So, I tried to make sure we would have healthy and hardy along with our sweets. ***

I looked for:  Christmas items, donut items, blue icing/or pink icing items, and items in the shapes of donuts (like cute fruit and sandwiches).  So definitely check those out.  ***Click on the link below the picture for information on each food item.***  I can’t wait to post pictures of the actual event and see how the yummy treats and snacks turn out!!


  1. Christmas items
  2. Donut Bar
  3. Donuts
  4. Sanwiches shaped like donuts
  5. Fruit & Rice Krispies “donuts”
  6. Cake Pops
  7. Donut Cakes
  8. Candy Jars
  9. Drinks


NO. 1

source: thehouseofhendrix.com

NO. 2

source: lovefromtheoven.com


source: brit.co

NO. 4

source: delish.com


source: karaspartyideas.com


source: sugarberrysweets.us


NO. 7

source: kateaspen.com

NO. 8

source: elegantweddinginvites.com

NO. 9

source: somethingturquoise.com

NO. 10

source: weddingwire.com


NO. 11

source: private

NO. 12

source: whattheforkfoodblog.com

NO. 13

source: dessertfortwo.com

NO. 14

source: alattefood.com


NO.  15

source: thomasbreads.com

NO. 16

source: bagelgrove.com

NO. 17

source: thomasbreads.com


NO. 18

source: hellowonderful.co

NO. 19

source: nourishyourglow.com

NO. 20

source: private

NO. 21

source: butterwithasideofbread.com


NO. 22

source: karaspartyideas.com

NO. 23

source: springlane.de

NO. 24

source: brit.co


NO. 25

source: thelittleepicurean.com

NO. 26

source: sprinklebakes.com

NO. 27

source: thecakeblog.com


NO. 28

source: catchmyparty.com


NO. 29

source: brit.co

NO. 30

source: orientaltrading.com

***TIP***  For an adult party, you could put a flavored “mommy” drink in a cute glass and use the sprinkles for the rims.

Hope you got plenty of inspiration to get your Let it Snow DONUT Christmas Party Planning up and running!!  Let me know which ones you pick.  Can’t wait to see your ideas!!

If you want more donut party ideas follow my Pinterst board Sprinkle Kindness& Christmas Donut Party.

***CLICK LET IT SNOW – DONUT CHRISTMAS PARTY (PART 3:  THE EVENT) to see how all of the planning came together***



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Want more DIY ideas?  Try Buffalo Check Snowman or Buffalo Check Ornaments

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Christmas Dining Room: Navy + Red

Well, it looks like Christmas decorating is starting a little earlier than usual these days….. for everyone!!  With Thanksgiving falling earlier in November this year, and all of the dept. stores pulling out Christmas decor in like JULY, more and more of us are moving to that same trend.  And I gotta admit- I ain’t hating it!!  LOL!!  Not to dismiss Thanksgiving or anything fall related, Christmas is a magical season that brings people together!  And where does that take place (- in the bellies )….- well really in the dining room- where we gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!!  AMEN!!  So, here is my Christmas Dining Room:  Navy + Red.


So, I set up my Christmas dining room with a couple of quick swaps from my Fall Dining Room.  Click here to see Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps.  It is a very informative post that helps you get ready for hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and gives you the tools to transition from one holiday to the next with little effort.  WOOHOO!!  And that means more time to spend with your family and do some Christmas shopping.  Click here to see my dining room before we flooded Blue Christmas Dining Room.

I love how easy it is to change out a couple of decorating items, and basically you have a new “season.”  Stay tuned for my next post Going from Fall to Christmas: Dining Room – coming soon!!  Click 33 Ideas Decorating Stairs for Christmas or 20 Best Christmas Door Wreaths for more holiday decorating inspiration.

***TIP***  Make a wreath to form an “O” from a pom pom pick or floral (greenery) pick by bending the wire.  You could always use a candle ring too….like the red ones on my 3 candle sticks. 😉

Remember to use what you have on hand to help save extra money.  I found my red napkin rings in one of my buffet drawers – that I had from 10 yrs ago.  Just never know when you may need something small to add a big punch of color.  It’s your Christmas Dining Room, so use YOUR goodies!!

Adding Christmas words like joy, merry, hope, peace, and noel help add a touch of whimsy to a formal decor palette.  Use them on walls, pillows, signs, or even on dishes.

Want more buffalo check ideas….click Buffalo Check Snowman Using Embroidery Hoops or Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament Balls.

Don’t forget to add a couple of sparkly ornaments to your chandelier.  Use different sizes and shapes to add interest, and also hang them at different lengths.  Just remember to use light-weight and shatter proof ornaments.  I think I dropped all but one when trying to figure out where to hang mine – HA!!

Add some colored glasses to bring in a little holiday cheer.  I used my red glasses that my dear friend gave me over 5 years ago.  Not only to they add some fun to the table, I think of her every time I glance over at my table – LOVE THIS!!

Make sure to add a couple of candles in your Christmas Dining Room for a little ambience.  Use white, red, gold,  or silver – for some lower lighting.

And don’t forget to light them – LOL!!

Now, sit back and relax……well for about 30 minutes until one of your kiddos or husband needs something!!  And then- use one of those “red martini – or wine glasses” – AND FILL IT!!

Hope you love my Christmas Dining Room & your’s too!!



Want more Christmas Party inspiration or DIY craft ideas – try  Let it Snow Donut Christmas Party, Donut Ornaments Using Pool Noodles, Christmas Snowman Cotton Ball Wreath.

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Christmas Snowman: DIY Cotton Ball Wreath

I am still working on the Let it Snow – Donut Christmas Party, and needed something large to cover a couple of areas on the wall in our event venue.  I had seen a couple of cute cotton ball wreaths on pinterest, and thought it would be an inexpensive way to cover a lot of wall space.  Since I had some extra pool noodles from DIY Christmas Donut Ornaments – Using Pool Noodles,  and had already done a snowman craft last year Buffalo Check DIY Snowman:  Using Embroidery Hoops ….it was the perfect marriage.  Welcome to Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath!!

***UPDATE***  You can now see how the Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 3:  The Event) turned out!!  See how the snowman looks on the wall at the Christmas party – it turned out adorable!!

***NOTE***  You can make this with 3 wreaths or just 2 wreaths (if you want a smaller snowman).  The 3-wreath snowman will measure ~ 52″H when finished.

Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath

Supplies for 3 wreaths:

  • 3 pool noodles – (1 full length 58″L, 1 mid length 42″L, 1 short length 32″L)
  • 700 cotton balls – 4 bags (200 count)
  • 60 glue sticks
  • glue gun
  • white spray paint
  • plastic or canvas painter’s cloth
  • wooden blocks
  • packing tape (or duct tape)
  • tape measure
  • knife (to cut noodle)
  • 3/8″ white grois grain ribbon – 3 yds TOTAL  (5 strips that are 18’L – 20’L each)
  • 6″L upholstery needle
  • command strips to hang snowman


CUT:  Take first pool noodle, measure out 32″L, and cut with a knife.   Use a cutting board underneath so that you don’t scratch your floor or counter top.  This will make the SMALL wreath.  Take the second  pool noodle, measure out 42″L, and cut with a knife.  This will make the MEDIUM wreath.  You will not need to cut the third pool noodle.  This will make the LARGE wreath.

TAPE:  Now, begin with the third (the long noodle that will make LARGE wreath) and bend it into a circle.  Use your packing tape and secure the ends together.  Make sure to tape down with about 4 -6 pieces of packing tape.   This noodle is the easiest one to bend because of the length.  It is the only one that will have ends that fit flush together (not pictured).

Next, do the same thing to your small & medium noodles.  See picture to right.  ***NOTE***The medium and small wreaths will have a little gap so that they can make a circle.    The smaller one will also not form a perfect circle….just thought I should mention that.  It will be the top part that goes under your santa hat, so it will be hidden.

***TIP***  I had my tape ready and attached to my counter top so that I could grab it quickly.  Bending and taping the noodle together is a little tricky, so you can grab a helper if you need to. 😉


Now, you will prep your area outside with plastic or canvas cloth.  Put a couple of wooden blocks to lift noodles off the plastic.  Lightly spray TOP side of all 3 noodles with white spray paint or white primer.  Let dry 20 mins.  Flip them over and spray the BOTTOM side.  ***TIP*** Make sure to spray the inside and outside parts of the noodles also.

I did a light spray so mine would have a baby blue color peeking through the cotton.  If you want it solid white, just spray more paint.



I want to be upfront on this part…..this is VERY time consuming.    But is sooooo worth it!!   Since I learned as I went along, this is my ***BIG TIP*** Pull your cotton balls one day (into  a rectangular shape), and hot glue the next day – for each wreath.

It helps with 3 things:  less cotton balls to purchase, easier to line up to keep them straight, and makes the hot gluing stage go by so much faster.  But if you want to just hot glue as is (with ball shape cotton ball) go right ahead!!  Both ways are adorable 🙂

FYI on time frame:  I would pull cotton balls for about 45 minutes – 1 hour one evening, and then hot glue the next day for about 45 minutes- 1 hour.


Hot glue one layer at a time.   I did one top layer, one inside layer, and then one outside layer to keep straight lines.  I also offset each layer so that it wouldn’t look like one straight line.   In other words, start 2nd layer with cotton ball in between 2 cotton balls.   See picture below left.   I hot glued cotton balls on the entire backside also, but you can leave unfinished if you want.  It would look like picture below right.


Large wreath:  315 cotton balls, 25 glue sticks, 1 hour 45 mins -2 hours completion time.

Medium wreath:  225 cotton balls, 20 glue sticks, 1 hour 45 minutes completion time.

Small wreath:  165 cotton balls, 15 glue sticks, 1 hour 30 minutes completion time.


Take your 3/8″ wide white grois grain ribbon and thread through eye of needle.  I used a 6″ upholstery needle, and ~ 18-20″L ribbon for each one (5 strips total).   Then poke your needle through the inside moving to outside of wreath, and pull the ribbon through.

Leave one part of the ribbon on outside of wreath and one part of ribbon on inside of wreath.  Then take ends of ribbon and tie a knot.  Once that is done, you will make a second knot about an inch up.  This second knot will be your loop to hang your snowman.

***NOTE***I showed it using an extra piece of pool noodle first – so you could see what it will look like better.  See picture below.  Then, I will show what it looks like with the cotton ball wreath.

Now, with the actual cotton ball wreath.  This STEP is just for the TOP of the SMALL wreath.  The “loop” is how you will hang the wreath onto the wall.  ***TIP***  Remember the “not-so-perfect” circle for the small wreath?  This is where you will poke your needle through.  This way you can hide that little cone-shape under your santa hat 😉


You will now do the same STEPS 1-3:  THREAD, PULL THROUGH, AND TIE to the bottom of the small wreath, top and bottom of the medium wreath, and top of the large wreath.

BUT…..instead of tying the loop, you will tie the bottom of the SMALL wreath to the top of the MEDIUM wreath.  And tie the bottom of the MEDIUM wreath to the top of the LARGE wreath.

***NOTE***  You will not need to thread the bottom of the LARGE wreath because it doesn’t attach to the wall or another wreath.

My picture below left shows them with loops – sorry!!  This was how I knew that I didn’t need to make the LOOPS for this part.  I forgot to take another picture with them untied.   The picture below right is the small and medium wreaths tied together.


Now you can hang it on an existing wall hook or use a command hook if you don’t want a permanent wall mark.

***Also, if you want a smaller snowman, use the SMALL AND MEDIUM wreaths only for a snowman that measures 30″ H.  Or use the MEDIUM AND LARGE wreaths only that measures  39″H.***    I cropped my picture to give you an idea.

Go to Buffalo Check DIY Christmas Ornament Balls for the large pom pom balls with bows tutorials.



























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DIY Christmas Donut Ornaments: Using Pool Noodles

I am co-hosting a Christmas Party for an organization in December, and donuts is the theme – click here for Let it Snow – Donut Christmas Party for more info.    Since we are working with a very small party budget, and definitely a very small decorating budget, buying a ton of donut ornaments wasn’t really an option.  Plus, we needed a craft that the girls could participate in for the party.  I had been looking for a couple of months trying to find a good tutorial on making “fake” donuts.  All of the tutorials with clay looked too complicated or time consuming, and the ones with making fake icing looked like too much work – LOL!!  So, that is how I ended up with DIY Christmas Donut Ormanents – Using Pool Noodles.

***UPDATE***  See how the donuts ornaments completed the look for the Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 3:  The Event).  They worked our even better than planned – they were used throughout the party decor, and made the party come to life!!

Want more Christmas craft ideas?  Click Buffalo Check DIY Snow-Woman (part 1) or Buffalo Check DIY Christmas Ornament Balls (part 2).

NOTE:  Made 2 ways:  one from fake icing (top right); one from cotton balls (bottom left)

***NOTE:  This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from those links at no extra cost to you.  I only choose items that I support and believe in.  This allows me to write free content and support my blog.  Thanks for your support!!*** 🙂



We are decorating for an event so we need quite a lot of ornaments.  Using the supplies listed below will make 180 donut ornaments (with 2 pool noodles).  If you want less, adjust supplies according to your needs.  Here is a breakdown to give you an idea.

4 COLORS Donut Ornaments:  (pink, turquoise, purple, green)

Fake icing sprinkled donuts:   24 (we will use + 24 solid colored donuts inbetween) = 48

Cotton icing sprinkled donuts:  36  (we will use + 36 solid colored donuts inbetween) = 72


For garland, you will have one donut with sprinkles & one solid.  This helps make them “pop” off of the white tinsel background.  Love the bow:  click How to Make the Perfect Bow.



PINK Donut Ornaments for Numbers:

Cotton icing sprinkled donuts:  36 (12 donuts/number 2 )

Solid colored pink donuts:  24 (extra to use as garland on sign)


The numbers are their graduating year (2022), and will go on a sign in the event center.  The girls will be decorating these for their craft project.  Just wanted to show you where we are planning on using them.



FYI:  All supplies will be the same for either ornament projects – EXCEPT last 2 items.  they have astericks * 🙂


  1. (2) Pool Noodles – I used one pink, one blue
  2. knife to cut pool noodles
  3. cutting board
  4. spray paint:  turquoise (Seaside), lime green (Key Lime), purple (French Lilac), & *** pink (Berry Pink)
  5. plastic dropcloth
  6. wooden blocks
  7. wax paper
  8. glue gun + glue sticks
  9. paper plates
  10. tweezers
  11. q-tips
  12. multi-colored sequins – I used Hobby Lobby Tree House Studio brand, not on HL website 🙁
  13. ornament hangers or paper clips
  14. ***whipple fake icing (if you’re doing fake icing ornaments) NOTE* 1 box makes ~ 24 donut rings
  15. ***bag of jumbo cotton balls – 140 count (if you’re doing cotton icing ornaments)

***FYI:  I did not have to spray my pink noodle, because it was the color I wanted.  I added the PINK (berry pink) spray paint to the supplies list to achieve the same pink color, in case you can’t find a pink noodle. ***


1.  pool noodles                                                                                                  2.  spray paint  – Seaside,

Coast Athletic CA8700 Famous Foam Pool Noodles, 4 PieceRust-Oleum 315395 Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover, 12 oz, Seaside


3.   spray paint – Key Lime,  Berry Pink**                                                                4. spray paint – French Lilac

Rust-Oleum 249104 Painter's Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, Key Lime


5.  plastic dropcloth                                                                                             6.  wax paper

Premier 9' x 12' 1 MIL Clear Plastic Drop Cloth Rolled, 3 Pack, 69730

Cut-Rite Wax Paper by Reynolds 75 Sq.Ft


7.  glue gun, glue sticks                                                                                      8.  tweezers

AdTech High Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun in Black Daisy | Arts and Crafts and DIY | Fun and Cute Tool | Item #0502

Revlon Stainless Steel Accurate Tweezing 1 ea (Pack of 2)



9.  q-tips                                                                                                    10.  multi-colored sequins , assorted sizes

Q-tips Cotton Swabs, 500 ct




11. ornament hooks                                                                                                 12.  jumbo cotton balls

Silver Metal Ornament Hooks - 34mm

Swisspers Premium Hypoallergenic Super Jumbo Cotton Balls, 140 count


13.  Whipple fake icing














STEP 1:  

Cut each pool noodles at about 5/8″ sections (5/8′ is between 1/2″ and 3/4″ – fyi).  Each noodle should make roughly 90 small donut rings.  So you will have 90 blue donut rings + 90 pink donut rings at this point = 180.



Spray paint the BLUE rings only if you are using blue and pink noodles.  Spray paint both sides.  Use plastic dropcloth to cover ground & use wooden blocks to lift donut rings up off of the ground.  Let dry 20 minutes before flipping to other side.  When finished drying, group into colors and store on wax paper or paper plates.  ***You will need to spray paint pink if you aren’t using a pink noodle.***


Inspiration Picture below from Hobby Lobby Ornaments







Follow directions on Whipple box.  After getting it ready, gently squeeze icing onto donut ring.  Use sparingly so that you can make 24 donuts.  After squeezing a small amount on top and sides, use q-tip to spread out.

Do all of the icing on donuts fairly quickly so that the Whipple doesn’t begin to dry.  You will need it damp so that the sequins can stick into it and mold.

***TIP***  This step took about an hour by myself – fyi.  If you want to work at a faster rate – get a helper 😉








Place chosen sequins on with tweezers and push down into icing with q-tips.   Put sequins out in colors and sizes to make this process go faster.

***TIP***  Work quickly with this section so that icing doesn’t dry.  Also, gently place sequins onto icing so that your tweezers don’t get icing on them.  It will get very messy if your tweezers get dirty.






One jumbo cotton ball will cover 2 donuts rings.  Gently pull the cotton ball from both sides until it makes a very long cotton strand (will almost look like a mustache – ha!).  Then tear it in half.  One section will fit one donut.  Then hot glue cotton strand onto tops & sides of donut.

***TIP***  You might have to play around with the cotton to see how much your want on the sides.  It should mimic icing dripping down.

***TIP***  I got about 6 cotton balls (12 pieces) ready at a time so that I could do a lot of hot gluing in groups.  This step also takes about an hour.









This will be similar to the fake icing tutorial except you will be using hot glue to secure sequins to cotton balls.  Choose the sequins you want to use and grab with tweezers.  You will add a SMALL drop of hot glue to SEQUIN (not cotton) and gently place onto cotton top.  Use your q-tip to hold sequin down.

***TIP***  Do not get into a rush with this step or you will have a hot glue + cotton ball mess!!  To make this step easier, I picked all of the larger sequins I wanted to use, and then put them on first.  They took up more room on the donut, and then I could tell what other colors and sizes to fill in the gaps with.  This step takes another hour – fyi.







Add a small ornament hook into top and back side of donut.  The foam makes it very easy to poke your hook through.  I tried a paper clip, short hook, and long hook to see which one I preferred….and ended up liking the short hook the best.  The paper clip of course is the cheapest version if working with a low budget and is the strongest (fyi).


paper clip – straightened













Add them to garland, trees, wreaths, and more!!  What will YOU use them for??  Let me know.  I can’t wait to see !!  Want to see the What we will be using them for??  Here is the link again Let It Snow – Donut Christmas Party.

Next post Let it Snow – Donut Christmas Party:  Food  (donut inspired food & snacks)….coming soon!!

Want more decorating inspiration??  click 41 Shiplap Ideas:  Not Just for Walls, 29 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas, or Master Bathroom Remodel:  Hardwar Bling.







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Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 1: Planning Stage)

I am planning a Christmas Party with another mom for an organization that my girls belong to, and we needed a cute idea for the theme.    Most of the traditional Christmas themes have been done like a zillion times, and we thought it would be fun to try something a little different.  Initially, I liked the idea – ” let it snow”, but unfortunately the place where we are having it doesn’t allow glitter.  Bummer- there goes that idea.  So, I kept searching through pinterest and began to notice a lot of “donut sprinkles” ideas show up.  Another adorable theme, but no shimmery Christmas donut ideas popped up.  Bummer X2!!!  And let me  tell you….. there is NOTHING on this idea….. with these 2 themes joined together.

Light bulb moment:  I thought of our adorable donut bar (see food section below) we borrowed for our school’s 8th grade dance last year…..but still no combo ideas to get inspiration from!!  So, what’s a blogger supposed to do??  Well, make a combo idea come to life:  enter “Let it Snow” + “Donut Sprinkles” =  Let it Snow – DONUT Christmas Party with the “o” in snow as a donut!!  And the LOVE STORY begins – hahaha!!!

There is so much information (= adorable goodies) to cover …. that I decided to split this event into 3 posts. The first 2 parts of the series will have several tutorials attached (I will get to these asap)!!

  1.  Part 1:  Planning Stage
  2.  Part 2:  Food & Snacks
  3.  Part 3:  The Actual Event

Here is the PREVIEW of some of the items we will be using!!

***NOTE*** Part 2 AND Part 3 ARE BOTH done – woohoo!!  Click Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 2:  Food Planning) for donut and Christmas themed food!!  Click Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 3:  The Event) to see how it all came together!!


***This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from those links, at no extra cost to you.  I only choose products that support my blog content, and are intended to help you, my reader.  This allows me to write free content.  Thanks for your support!*** 🙂  

***FYI – The event will take place in early December at a beautiful place that needs a little ” decorating love” for Christmas events.  They do provide Christmas trees and other items to set the stage, but of course we want to add some extras!!  These items I’m showing are just a little set up of what we will be using, and I will post pictures when it is all set up.***

***NOTE:  the 3 white fence posts (stands) are part of our organization’s personal decorations, but we will be using them.  I will try to find out how to make them, but until then see Donut Party Shop at the end of the post for more info.  Aren’t they adorable??***

Looking for more Christmas DIY Ideas:  Try Buffalo Check DIY Snow-Woman or Buffalo Check DIY Ornament Balls, Want more Christmas Inspirations:  Try 20 Best Christmas Door Wreaths or 33 Ideas – Decorating Stairs for Christmas

***Want to SHOP this Post?  Scroll to the end of the post for DONUT PARTY SHOP***

Let is Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 1:  Planning Stage)


  1.   Donut Ornament Invitations
  2.   Colors:  Blue + white + pink  (the girls chose these colors)
  3.   Snow – ish decorations
  4.   Whimsical decorations
  5.   Donut decorations
  6.   Food:  Donut shaped food (next post – part 2)


NOTE:  I created all of these through Canva, each with a little different personality  The first three were voted on by the girls,  but were not chosen.  Cry-Cry, Sniff-Sniff!   But it’s my blog, so I’m using my ideas – LOL!!!  Just wanted to be honest!  The Christmas tree one I did earlier, so I included it here as well.  *** fyi- all names & addresses have been changed for safety reasons 😉 ***

  1.  Colorful                                                                                                                   2.  Candyland


3.    Sophisticated                                                                                                        4.  Whimsical



These blue and white “lollipops” immediately came to mind.  I used these as flowers for my “flower pot cupcake party” several times now, and knew I would just have to convert them into lollipops.  These will be used as table centerpieces for the event.  Click here How to Make the Perfect Bow.

*** STAY TUNED***  I’ll do a tutorial on these lollipops soon, and I’ll add the flower pot cupcake party too.


I knew we would need to have a TON of white:   snowflakes, fake snow items, shimmery tinsel & garland,  and pom poms (cotton balls) because they’re just too fun!!

Inspiration photo:                                                                                 Trial Photo:  My house

source: jamiedphoto.com



Pom Pom Garland with bells                                                                  More Pom Pom Garland


Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath…. is Ready!!  Click link for the tutorial



Donut floats:  on shiplap wall


Donut Ornaments:   from pool noodles.  ***  TUTORIAL is  ready!!***  Click DIY Donut Christmas Ornaments using Pool Noodles.

Donut ornaments with fake icing                                                    Donut ornaments with snow (cotton balls)




*** FOOD:  DONUT SHAPED FOOD INSPIRATION (part 2 coming soon) is done!!  Click Let It Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 2:  Food Planning) to get tips & donut party food inspiration***

FOOD INSPIRATION:  (just a little teaser….)

source: love the dress


So, “donut” you just love the theme – knee slap, snort-snort!!!  Wow – I am really getting old here!!  I gotta have a little fun with it to keep my sanity sometimes 😉


Will you try Let it Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 1:  Planning Stage) tips & tutorials?

Which one of the invitations is your favorite, and would you use it???

What is your favorite part of the planning stage so far?  The colors?  The donut floats?  The donut ornaments?  The fake “snow”?  Let me know what you’re thinking – I’d love to hear from you!!

Have a great week!!  Love & Hugs 🙂


Want more Christmas DIY Ideas:  Try Buffalo Check DIY Snow-Woman, Buffalo Check DIY Ornament Balls, or Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath.

Want more Christmas Inspiratons:  Try 20 Best Christmas Door Wreaths or 33 Ideas – Decorating Stairs for Christmas


  1. Donut Floats                                                                      2.  White Christmas Tree, 2FT  3FT

4E’s Novelty Inflatable Donut Tubes Decoration Pack of 12, Great Pool and Beach Party Favor Supplies, 15" Bulk Party Favors


3.  Turquoise Paper Fans                                                      4.  Pom Pom Tinsel Garland

Bright Blue Printed Multi-Design Paper Fans

Plush Tinsel Pom Pom Garland


5.  Blue Bench Brown top, Turquoise Bench Solid                         6.  Wooden Rail Posts

4 in. x 4 in. x 5 ft. Western Red Cedar French Gothic Fence Post (2-Pack)


7.  Snowflake Lights, Snowflakes Projector white &     8.    Let It Snow – Projector Light

Projector blue

150-Light Clear Random Sparkle Snowflake Icicle Light Set


9.  Donut Ornaments                                                            10.  Snowflake Ornament Hangers

Kurt Adler Donut Ornament (Set of 12), 2.75"

White Glitter Snowflake Metal Ornament Hooks



11. Single Donut Ornament                                             12.  Foam Snowflakes Stencils


Donut With Pink Frosting & Sprinkles Ornament

6 ~ Foam Snowflake Stencils ~New



13.  Fake icing – donut ornaments                                    14.  Large Donut float (selfie station)







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World Market Console Table Makeover: Painted Smoky Blue

We have had this World Market Console Table for awhile now, but I knew it was time for it to have a little makeover.  I have always loved it for several reasons:  1) it’s an adorable style and very sturdy;   2) it’s versatile – can be used in several rooms in the house; and most importantly 3) it’s very reasonably priced!!  But….. it needed a change (or maybe I did – who knows??)   So, for a couple of years, I was simply going to whitewash it.  Then I thought I was going to paint it black.  And then we flooded, so a whole knew idea came to mind.  The World Market Console Table Makeover:  Painted Smoky Blue.  I love how it turned out – do you??  Click here to see the console table in My Fall Home Tour.  ***If you want the look, without having to do the work, skip to the end of the post to shop console tables ***

***This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation from those links if you purchase from them, at no extra cost to you.  This allows me to write free content and to support my blog.  I only recommend products that I trust and believe in.  Thanks so much for your support!! 🙂 ***




  1. World Market Console Table
  2. Sherwin Williams- 7604  Smoky Blue Paint
  3. Liming Wax
  4. Dark Glaze
  5. 2 Glazing Brushes (1 – liming wax, 1 – dark wax)
  6. 1 Angled Paintbrush
  7. Rags and T-shirts
  8. Canva Dropcloth or Plastic Dropcloth
  9. 150 grit Sand paper
  10. Clear Wax

Everett Foyer Table



Liming Wax 3.25oz Ah

Howard CS7014 Citrus Shield Paste Wax, 11-Ounce, Dark Oak


2-in-1 Round Chalk Paint and Wax Brush for Furniture | Professional Annie Sloan Quality | All Natural Bristles with Solid Wood Handle

Purdy 144080325 XL Series Dale Angular Trim Paint Brush, 2-1/2 inch


Utopia Towels Shop Towels - (Pack of 25) - Size 13 x 13 Inches - Reusable Commercial Grade 100% Cotton Washable Cleaning Cloths - Perfect Shop Rags for Mechanic Work and Bar MopNew Premium White T-Shirt Material Cloth Rags (1 lb)


4 x 12 All Purpose Canvas Cotton Drop Cloth by Chicago CanvasPremier 9' x 12' 1 MIL Clear Plastic Drop Cloth Rolled, 3 Pack, 69730


3M 25150P-G Pro Grade No-Slip Grip Advanced Sandpaper, 9 X 11-Inches, 150 Grit. 3/Pack

Trewax Beaumont Clear Paste Wax 197101016




STEPS:  (Quick Cheat Sheet)

  1. Dry-brush smoky blue – 3 coats

  2. Sand edges, legs, drawer corners

  3. Apply liming wax

  4. Apply dark wax

  5. Apply clear wax 






***  Sorry my pictures are not so beautiful, but this is the REAL deal here – LOL!!  I did A LOT of painting while we were flooded, and all of our furniture was stored in the garage.  Just thought I should mention that to make myself feel better 😉 ***

*** After you put down your dropcloth or plastic covering down to protect your floors (or garage- even though I did not- ha!), you are ready to begin.  I always use leftover wood pieces to lift my furniture, but you could use extra paint cans, etc….


Dry-brush your table using your angled paintbrush, making sure not to cover it completely.  To dry-brush:  dip your brush into your paint, and then gently dip your brush onto a rag to get the excess paint off.  You will not want a lot of paint on your brush for this method.





Let dry overnight.  Then apply 2 more coats covering a little more of the areas where you can see the natural wood peeking through.  Let dry over night between each coat.  You will still have some natural wood peeking through after 3rd coat.






Sand edges, legs, & drawer corners with 150-grit sandpaper.  Just press firmly to sand in some spots, and then apply lighter pressure in other spots for a more natural distressed look.

*** NOTE ***  I forgot to take pictures after I sanded, so these are after the liming stage.  I just wanted to let you see the sanded areas.



*** READ this entire section before you begin this 3rd step, so that you do not make the mistake that I did. ***

You will work in small sections for this step.  Add liming wax with your wax brush in straight lines (not x-motion) brush strokes, then buff with a rag after 15 minutes (not an hour).   I buffed mine with a rag after about 15 mins (not an hour like the can says).  The longer the liming wax stayed on, the harder it was to buff off.  This was my personal preference for the look I wanted – fyi.

You will not need a lot of liming wax on your brush, but you will have to continue to add it after. EVERY. brush mark!!  This is the most time consuming step, but adds the MOST critical part of the project.

***NOTE***  I followed instructions on wax can and did x-MOTION marks (the first time – picture 2 below), but I personally did not like it.  So after it dried, I buffed it with heavy pressure to get x-shaped marks off.   I wanted a cleaner (straight line – picture 3 below) type of look.




Let dry overnight.  It is still a little tacky after the liming wax is applied, and needs to be completely dry before the next step.


Using a designated brush, apply dark wax to entire console table.  I also worked in sections for this step, but in bigger sections than liming wax.  Let dark wax sit for 15 mins, and wipe off with t-shirt (not rag).  The t-shirt allows you to glide over the wax without wiping it off completely (like the rag).  Allow some of the dark wax to remain in crevices and grooves for a more authentic antiqued look.

Let dry Completely Overnight.  Then wipe off/buff again – but this time use rag.  The rag will help get ALL excess dark wax off.





Apply clear wax to entire console table, let dry, and buff to shine.  If you want a shinier finish/look, add 2 – 3 layers of clear wax.  For a matte/flat finish, just apply one layer of clear wax.


Since I am such a visual person, I thought you would benefit from these pictures.  Here it is from beginning to end – showing the different stages.  Now you can definitely see how the liming wax softens the blue color, and adds dimension/texture to the table.  Then the dark wax changes the color again, and blends everything together.  I love how the pictures tell the story – right??




Let me know how your console table makeover turns out!!  I’d love to see it – you got this!!

Happy Painting!!  Love & Hugs 🙂

Want more painting tips or inspiration?  Try Distressed Hand Painted White Round Mirror – DIY, How to Stain Bansiters Dark with Java Gel, or Master Bed Frame Makeover – Painted White.


***Want the LOOK, but just don’t want to do the work?

No problem….try one of these!***


  1.  Click here                                                                                                     2.  Click here

Black Everett Foyer Table

Burnt Alder Wood Everett Foyer Table


3.  Click here                                                                                                          4.   Click here


5.  Click here                                                                                                                   6.  Click here

Luann Console Table






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Master Bathroom Remodel: Hardware Accessories

Now that we have settled into our home (a little more) after flooding, I can honestly say that it’s slowly beginning to feel like normal!!!  Hallejuhah!!!  Cue to the angels & the choir, because HOPE is in the air!!  It might also be due to the fact that I am taking a fabulous bible study class called “Anchored in Hope,” (taught by an incredibly blessed woman), but regardless, something beautiful inside the soul is taking place!!   And that hope has inspired me to finally get around to do a post on our Master Bathroom Remodel: Hardware Accessories.  

***Update***  Click HomeTour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom or Home Tour:  Summer Dining Room to see more of our house makeover.

I’ll be covering all things crystal, glass, and mirrors:

  1.   Chandelier
  2.   Crystal knobs
  3.   Glass pulls
  4.   Door knobs
  5.   Mirrors

Sink, shower, tub, and Barn door Hardware will come in next post – so stay tuned!!


I knew there was a ton to cover in this room, and that is probably why I have been procrastinating on getting this post done – LOL!!  Now, that I am looking through pictures, etc…., I know that I will have to split the master bath remodel into several posts.   So, just sit tight…. it’s coming!!

I will honestly admit that I had NO idea how much thought and planning went into a master bathroom remodel.  It’s very overwhelming (probably because I hadn’t planned on flooding – arrrrrgh!!) at first, but with the right planning it is achievable.  For this post, I will do some before, during, and after pictures on our master bath remodel…..and share my picks for master bathroom remodel: hardware accessories!!

Out of all of the changes that I made, the hardware accessories are what makes the bathroom mine!!  HUH????  The hardware and chandelier are the final accessories of the Master Bath;  they are the jewelry that adds the final touch.  And they reflect my (our – ha!) personality.  So, where did I get that bling…..?  Let’s find out 🙂

***NOTE***  This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase from those links at no cost to you.  This helps support my blog, and allows me to write freely.   Thanks so much for your support!!

***Skip to the end of post for the links to purchase hardware accessories.” ***








So, this is what it used to look like after the flood…… (sorry for the bad lighting)


This is during the sheetrock phase…..


And now…..






***  Some of the pictures don’t have all 3 phases…..just what I could find!! ***





Want more information on barn doors, click 55 Incredible Barn Door Ideas:  Not Just For Farmhouse Style.















Shop Hardware Accessories

Chandelier – click HERE                              2.  Cabinet Knobs – click here large, click here small



3.  Cabinet Pulls                                                                                                      4.  Door Knobs –   tulip here

Click here 3″, here 3 3/4″,  here 5 1/16″                                                 round bubblefaceted 1, faceted 2

mine are 3 3/4″ (linen closet), 5 1/16″ (on vanities)                                        (passage= closet),  (privacy=bath LOCK)

Liberty 5-1/16 in. (128mm) Polished Nickel and Clear Acrylic Bar Drawer Pull

5.  Mirrors 20″x30″, 24″x36″, 30″x40″, 24″x54″

mine are (30″ x 40″)












If you have any questions, let me know!  Did you like the changes we made….and if so, which one was your favorite?  Shoot me a comment – I’d love to know what y’all think!!

Have a Fabulous Week!!!  

Love & Hugs 🙂


Want to see more before & after pictures of our remodel click:  Hurricane Harvey Flooded: House Makeover.  Want more painting advice…try Master Bed Makeover or Painting Kitchen Cabinets White.

Love modern farmhouse:  try 12 Best Modern Farmhouse Bar Stools, Modern Farmhouse Staple:  the Antique Black Bed, or 41 Shiplap Ideas:  Not Just for Walls.









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Find Your Style: 37 Fabulous Fall Wreaths

I just could not finish out my Fall posts series without including Find Your Style:  37 Fabulous Fall Wreaths!!  There is just something magical when a fall wreath is placed on the front door!  It is like you are telling the world….YEP, our home is ready for fall – so come on in!!  And make no mistake – it is not just simply a wreath for decorative purposes only.  It is an introduction to a season of gathering and giving, an invitation to our homes filled with hospitality and hugs, and a reminder of nature’s bounty and blessings given from God above.  It is the epitome of fall decorating….and a must-have if you’re a southern gal!!  Let’s get to it then!!

*** If you want more fall decorating secrets or inspiration….. click 5 Secrets to Fall DecoratingMy Fall Home Tour 2018,  Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps, or Halloween FaBOO-lous Breakfast Party ***



So, what is your wreath style (probably depends on your mood -right?? LOL!!)  There are tons of different styles of fall wreaths to choose from:  homemade and diy, over-the-top to simplistic, natural greenery to colorful flowers, ribbon & bow classics to embroidery hoop trendiness, whimsical farm trucks to terry cloth ghosts, hanging floral baskets to orange berries & pumpkins.  In a nutshell, there is something for everyone!!  So, whatever wreath style you choose to adorn your front door with this year (because I know it changes from year to year), make it a reflection of you and your beautiful home!!

Here are my categories and top picks for 37 fabulous fall wreaths: 

  1. black and white ribbons  – greenery
  2. orange ribbons & bows – floral
  3. embroidery hoop wreaths
  4. natural colors – neutrals
  5. door hangers and baskets
  6. orange berries
  7. whimsical themed (ghosts, pickup trucks, turkeys, etc….)
  8. pumpkins

Scroll through and let me know which one (or two, or three) you love!!  I’m dying to know which one is the favorite pick from you, my readers!!



#1) source: etsy.com


#2) source: etsy.com


#3) source: etsy.com


#4) source: etsy.com



#5) source: etsy.com


#6)) source: etsy.com


#7) source: etsy.com


#8) source: etsy.com


#9) source: thepickledrose.com


#10) source: lollyjane.com


#11) source: etsy.me


#12) source: sisterssuitcaseblog.com


#13) source: goodhousekeeping.com


#14) source: lollyjane.com


#15) source: dearlillieblog.blogspot.com


#16) source: etsy.com


#17) source: etsy.com


#18) source: onsuttonplace.com


#19) source: etsy.com


#20) source: etsy.com


#21) source: etsy.com


#22) source: chatfieldcourt.com



#23) source: etsy.com


#24) source: etsy.com


#25) source: tosimplyinspire.com


#26) source: etsy.com


#27) source: etsy.com


#28) source: sandandsisal.com


#29) source: etsy.com


#30) source: etsy.com


#31) source: etsy.com


#32) source: etsy.com


#33) source: thirtyhandmadedays.com


#34) source: etsy.com


#35) source: etsy.com


#36) source: etsy.com


#37) source: etsy.com


So, which one is YOUR style?  or do you have a couple of styles?  Which ones are your favorites?  I’m kind of leaning towards the orange berry pumpkin – wink-wink!!! haha!!  I’m kind of a classic gal meets whimsy…..anything that puts a smile on my face.

***  Let me know which one you LOVE  ***

Want more fall decorating secrets or inspiration….. click 5 Secrets to Fall DecoratingMy Fall Home Tour 2018Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps, or Halloween Fa-BOO-lous Breakfast Party.

Happy Fall & Have a Great Weekend!!  Love & Hugs 🙂





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Recreate This Room – Cozy Cottage

We all know there are just some pins that everyone LOVES, and get pinned over and over again!!  Every time you scroll through pinterest, it keeps popping up, and you STILL click on it every time.  No matter what you do, you can’t control yourself!!  You know the ones that I am talking about!!  They are Magical & Dreamy- just like the picture below!  There is just something special about this room that makes you want to curl up on the couch and get cozy – am I right??     So, what’s a girl supposed to do??  Well, if you’re a blogger like me……you create a new blog series – called Recreate This Room where I show you how to get this look.  Let’s go!!  Who’s ready to create this room:  cozy cottage??!!


source: instagram.com


First things first:

What makes this room sooooo special?  Well, from the sheepskin rug on the sectional to the white-washed brick fireplace with cascading greenery….it just screams “welcome.”  It is soft, yet sophisticated.  It is understated, yet balanced.  It is white and fresh, but still warm.  It is gorgeous!!


The room is not “staged.”  What does that mean??  The bean bag is somewhat crumpled, the sheepskin rug is gently hanging off the chaise sofa, and none of the decorating is symmetrical.  You “love” the room…..well because it looks “lived in.”  And if you love it that much (because we know it is a top pinned image), how can you duplicate this look?


***This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small commission if you purchase something from these links.  I only recommend products that support my blog content, and are intended to help your decorating process easier & more enjoyable!!  Thanks for your support***

If you are looking for more brick fireplace inspiration or more information on German Schmear technique…..click here or here.



  1. couch
  2. fur rug
  3. striped pouf
  4. ivory curtain
  5. black rod
  6. white cabinet
  7. bronze lantern
  8. 2 baskets
  9. white window pane
  10. greenery garland – mantel
  11. topiary ball
  12. wooden trough

  1.  Couch with Chaise, Option 2                                                                      2.  Sheepskin Fur Rug, Fur Throw

Hainesville Sectional




3.  PoufOption 2Option 3, Option 4                                                         4.  Ivory CurtainsOption 2, Option 3


Urban Shop Square Striped Pouf in NavyMILDRID Curtains, 1 pair IKEA The curtains let the light through but provide privacy so they are perfect to use in a layered window solution.


5.  Curtain Rod- black, Option 2- bronze                                          6.  White HutchOption 2, Option 3

Westmont Standard Bookcase

7.  LanternOption 2, Option 3                                           8.  Large Baskets, Option 2, Option 3

Pinckneyville Triple LED Candle Glass Lantern


Round Woven Tray with Handles




9.  Window Pane, Option 2, Option 3                                         10.  Greenery Garland, Option 2

Barn Window Pane Mirror Homesteader Style-23.5-inch X 33.25-inch


Live Olive Leaf & Myrtle Garland



11.  Topiary Ball, Option 2, Option 3                                                           12.  Wooden troughOption 2


Phoenix 2 Piece Wood Planter Box Set

If you are looking for more brick fireplace inspiration click:  35 Gorgeous Natural Brick Fireplaces Ideas, or 30 Stunning White Brick Fireplace Ideas.





Happy Shopping!!  Have a great weekend!!

Love & Hugs 🙂


p.s.  What is your favorite item from the list?  or do you have more than one??  I am torn…I think the woven tray and lantern are my picks!!  Let me know if you have any questions or need help finding anything?
















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