Blue Christmas Dining Room- Home Tour

Since we flooded during Hurricane Harvey this August, (and decorating the dining room for Christmas is not an option this year) I decided to post pictures of my Blue Christmas Dining Room from last year.  It still makes me smile to see all the different shades of blue, and of course my crazy love affair with white feathers.   This room is one of my all-time favorites…. it’s light and airy, but packs in a whole lotta punch.  If you want to see what it looked like before we flooded  Click here-  Blue and White Fall Dining Room .


The white feather tree I bought from Michael’s (i think) about 5 years ago, and it moves from room to room each year.  But it ALWAYS comes out-LOL!!!  The tree lights up and makes the feathers look like angel wings at night-swoon!!


The white candle sticks are from Round Top, TX Antique Show.  The glass votive that sits on top of each one makes a perfect resting spot for the ornaments so they don’t roll off.  The urn is from Home Goods.

I made the white feather wreath from a couple of feather boas on a wire frame.   Easy to weave them into the wire frame.   I painted the J & Y letters gold, and attached fabric to a wooden backing I made to go inside the frames.  The frames I found at an antique store that I painted silver.  The frames are very heavy, so they are on small nails.

Of course, what is Christmas without a little leopard or cheetah ribbon/fabric???  It adds just a little personality and tones down all of the blue and gold.  The stockings for our Christmas mantel have leopard on them also….I’ll post those next year 🙂


I know it is hard to see (lighting was not the best on these from last year- obviously) but the walls are gray here.  If you look at my blue FALL dining room post, they are blue.  I spent a year painting all of the rooms downstairs in our house gray, and I was beginning to feel like I was living in  “a cloudy kind of day” mood…..and I NEED some color!!!  So, there was a little change.  Live out loud- Live in color…..right??!!





These picks I found at Michael’s about 5 years ago too.  I love how the darker teal and navy really makes the turquoise and white pop…..and I can’t decorate for Christmas without some bling.



Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Love & Hugs 🙂


Need more Christmas inspiration and ideas???  Click Here for Christmas Stairs Love and here for Christmas Door Wreaths.

Want more navy and white Christmas DIY ideas or LOVE all things buffalo check??? Try Buffalo Check Snow-Woman or Buffalo Check Ornaments




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As much as it breaks my heart that I will not be able to decorate (and celebrate) for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year in our traditional way, I try to focus on what I CAN DO….. be THANKFUL for what I do have.  I am blessed with my beautiful family & 2 dogs that are safe, a home where I can still live in & rebuild , and a support system of family, friends, & community that God has placed into our lives to help us through this disaster.

We were one of the unfortunate families that flooded during Hurricane Harvey.  A devastating storm that tore up the Texas gulf coast, and then continued to beat down torrential rain for several days in the Houston, TX region.  Our house backs up to the Barker Reservoir (retention tank) that crested & spilled over into our neighborhood- flowing upstream.  Flooding was NEVER supposed to happen, yet it did. We evacuated by walking through thigh high water, and loaded our dogs, crate, and luggage on an air mattress to get to safety.  And I consider us lucky- it could have been much worse.





Here is a picture of what the front of our house looked like the day we decided to evacuate.  Note water line at grass area at this picture and then 4th picture.  This is in the morning.  There is a grass median where that tree and shrub are, in the middle of the cul-de-sac.










Here are my 2 girls and husband leaving with the girls’ suitcases to go to our friends’ house.  Note the top of the fire hydrant to left (close to tree).






This is the last picture we took before we left- note the water line (over grass).  This was right after lunch.



BEFORE                                                    AFTER






The blue air mattress (on sectional) is what we used to evacuate our dogs and luggage on, while wading through the high water.


BEFORE                                                         AFTER










Coming into our street on a canoe …..yep this is supposed to be a street.










No one can prepare you for the emotional stress that a flooded house puts you under.  We only had 4 inches, but the destruction that comes with sitting water in a house is indescribable, as well as the smell.  It was awful.  All of the walls were cut up to 4 feet to allow for the drying process to take place.  And here is what that destruction looks like.









People have said that a “house is just a house, people make it a home” or “it’s just things.”  Well, those items are OUR things, OUR mementos.  The structure and furnishings might make up a house, but the MEMORIES made within a house along with the members inside of that house are what make it a HOME.

Our house can be rebuilt, but there is a period of mourning over the past…. that we were not ready to give up.  We did not choose to remodel or to move to another house.  There was no time to emotionally prepare and say our goodbyes to the “old.”  This is a loss of something taken without permission, and for things we will now forget.  It will take years before we remember some of the items that were damaged or destroyed in the flood.











Thank you soooooo much to all of you who have helped us during this roller coaster of a  ride- words can NOT express how much it means to us to have you in our lives- BIG HUGS!!!!  Please continue to pray for our communities & cities affected.









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Blue and Orange Fall Living Room

Hi and welcome to our Blue and Orange Fall Living Room.  I carried on the aqua and orange in here from the foyer because the colors just make me happy and smile.  There’s something soothing and refreshing about these 2 colors when paired with gray, pops of white, and dark browns.  You can see our fall dining room here  and halloween-fall foyer here.


I love colors, pattern and texture when decorating our house.  I begin with big impact- like the rug, then go from there.  I try to keep other accents pieces neutral or in the same color palette, and use accessories to add big impact.


The oversized clock is an example of the “punch” of impact.

It ties in with the dark color of the chair legs, curtain rods, tv, and fireplace.



The lampshades are another “pop” of pattern/color.  I love how dramatic they are- they add just the right funkiness to the room.

The navy shades pick up the cobalt in Boomer’s dog bed.

The orange in all of the accessories spring to life against the aqua, and give the room a certain playfulness/whimsy.



I borrowed the “love” pillow from the foyer to accent the chair, and tie in the orange in the pumpkin.  The black and white striped basket also ties in with foyer and the clock.

Here’s the view from the foyer side- below.

Here’s the view from the kitchen side.  The barstools carry on the same warm gray undertones to keep things neutral.    This is one of Boomer’s favorite places to sleep during the day- under that chair.


I am writing this post as well as the foyer post with a very heavy heart.  We were flooded by Hurricane Harvey in Katy, TX (Houston area) a month ago, and all of these pictures were taken beforehand.  My first blog post of the dining room was published the Friday the storm hit the TX gulf coast, and this has been my first chance to post these other 2 rooms.

Our house will never look like this again, so it tears me apart to post these pictures.   Please pray for our area as we rebuild our homes and our community.  I will post pictures of our recovery/rebuilding as it happens.  Thanks for your understanding.

Have a VERY HAPPY FALL!!!!  Love & Hugs 🙂


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Halloween-Fall Foyer

Hi and Happy Sunday!  I have gotten my Halloween-Fall foyer completed, and wanted to show yall some fun pics.  If you are heading over from my fall dining room or my fall living room, welcome also.  

I started with these 2 cubby bookshelves that I found at Home Goods a couple of years ago, and just pushed them together so that I could have 8 cubes.  I love how versatile they are.  I can use them as separate pieces- like as night stands, or together as a console or sofa table.


I have loved the different shades of aqua/teal/mint with orange for Fall decorating for several years, and decided to add the black and white this year. 

The striped baskets and love tote are also from Home Goods, and make the cubbies come to life.  They act as a grounding base/neutral for my other colors, plus they give the eye somewhere to rest.


The cubbies are also great for adding your kiddos’ art work they have made over the years, candles, cute Halloween pics, candy, shoes, etc.  The possibilities are endless. 

The Blue love pillow is also from Home Goods – I just added the orange and blue ribbons to bring in my colors.



Here is a view from our front door before I added the lights.  The spa blue lamps add additional light at night, plus add a big punch to the cubbies to tie in the other blues.


Here is what it looks like with the ghost lights, and the BOO lit up. 

Both of these lights are from Target.








Have a very Happy Halloween!! love & hugs 🙂


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Blue and White Fall Dining Room

Hi ladies!  Just wanted to show yall my new FALL Dining room.

I wanted to try a different color scheme for fall in here, and love how it turned out.  The contrast of the blue and white

really makes the orange pop!!  And who doesn’t like a little drama? You can see my fall living room here and my halloween-fall foyer here.




  I kind of have always had a thang for the buffalo check fabric- so once I saw this in navy (Hobby Lobby), I knew it was coming

home with me.  This check fabric was the only item I purchased- everything else I already had on hand.  I added the chevron ribbon

to the wreath and popped in a couple of the pumpkins to tie in the orange.




I do have a slight obsession with mirrors- can you tell??? wink-wink.  They make taking photos so much fun.

  There I am in the white mirror – lol!

The lamp base, gray and white mirrors, white candle sticks, and table I hand painted.  More on the white mirror click here.

The candle sticks and ladder are from Round Top antique show….Round Top, TX.




The Chandelier is a new addition- when we opened the wall to the kitchen.  I really love the simplicity of the lines, and how the light

passes through the glass.


And of course my Boomer helping me.

Have a Very Happy Fall!!  Love & Hugs 🙂



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