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World Market Console Table Makeover: Painted Smoky Blue

We have had this World Market Console Table for awhile now, but I knew it was time for it to have a little makeover.  I have always loved it for several reasons:  1) it’s an adorable style and very sturdy;   2) it’s versatile – can be used in several rooms in the house; and most importantly 3) it’s very reasonably priced!!  But….. it needed a change (or maybe I did – who knows??)   So, for a couple of years, I was simply going to whitewash it.  Then I thought I was going to paint it black.  And then we flooded, so a whole knew idea came to mind.  The World Market Console Table Makeover:  Painted Smoky Blue.  I love how it turned out – do you??  Click here to see the console table in My Fall Home Tour.  ***If you want the look, without having to do the work, skip to the end of the post to shop console tables ***

***This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation from those links if you purchase from them, at no extra cost to you.  This allows me to write free content and to support my blog.  I only recommend products that I trust and believe in.  Thanks so much for your support!! 🙂 ***




  1. World Market Console Table
  2. Sherwin Williams- 7604  Smoky Blue Paint
  3. Liming Wax
  4. Dark Glaze
  5. 2 Glazing Brushes (1 – liming wax, 1 – dark wax)
  6. 1 Angled Paintbrush
  7. Rags and T-shirts
  8. Canva Dropcloth or Plastic Dropcloth
  9. 150 grit Sand paper
  10. Clear Wax

Everett Foyer Table



Liming Wax 3.25oz Ah

Howard CS7014 Citrus Shield Paste Wax, 11-Ounce, Dark Oak


2-in-1 Round Chalk Paint and Wax Brush for Furniture | Professional Annie Sloan Quality | All Natural Bristles with Solid Wood Handle

Purdy 144080325 XL Series Dale Angular Trim Paint Brush, 2-1/2 inch


Utopia Towels Shop Towels - (Pack of 25) - Size 13 x 13 Inches - Reusable Commercial Grade 100% Cotton Washable Cleaning Cloths - Perfect Shop Rags for Mechanic Work and Bar MopNew Premium White T-Shirt Material Cloth Rags (1 lb)


4 x 12 All Purpose Canvas Cotton Drop Cloth by Chicago CanvasPremier 9' x 12' 1 MIL Clear Plastic Drop Cloth Rolled, 3 Pack, 69730


3M 25150P-G Pro Grade No-Slip Grip Advanced Sandpaper, 9 X 11-Inches, 150 Grit. 3/Pack

Trewax Beaumont Clear Paste Wax 197101016




STEPS:  (Quick Cheat Sheet)

  1. Dry-brush smoky blue – 3 coats

  2. Sand edges, legs, drawer corners

  3. Apply liming wax

  4. Apply dark wax

  5. Apply clear wax 






***  Sorry my pictures are not so beautiful, but this is the REAL deal here – LOL!!  I did A LOT of painting while we were flooded, and all of our furniture was stored in the garage.  Just thought I should mention that to make myself feel better 😉 ***

*** After you put down your dropcloth or plastic covering down to protect your floors (or garage- even though I did not- ha!), you are ready to begin.  I always use leftover wood pieces to lift my furniture, but you could use extra paint cans, etc….


Dry-brush your table using your angled paintbrush, making sure not to cover it completely.  To dry-brush:  dip your brush into your paint, and then gently dip your brush onto a rag to get the excess paint off.  You will not want a lot of paint on your brush for this method.





Let dry overnight.  Then apply 2 more coats covering a little more of the areas where you can see the natural wood peeking through.  Let dry over night between each coat.  You will still have some natural wood peeking through after 3rd coat.






Sand edges, legs, & drawer corners with 150-grit sandpaper.  Just press firmly to sand in some spots, and then apply lighter pressure in other spots for a more natural distressed look.

*** NOTE ***  I forgot to take pictures after I sanded, so these are after the liming stage.  I just wanted to let you see the sanded areas.



*** READ this entire section before you begin this 3rd step, so that you do not make the mistake that I did. ***

You will work in small sections for this step.  Add liming wax with your wax brush in straight lines (not x-motion) brush strokes, then buff with a rag after 15 minutes (not an hour).   I buffed mine with a rag after about 15 mins (not an hour like the can says).  The longer the liming wax stayed on, the harder it was to buff off.  This was my personal preference for the look I wanted – fyi.

You will not need a lot of liming wax on your brush, but you will have to continue to add it after. EVERY. brush mark!!  This is the most time consuming step, but adds the MOST critical part of the project.

***NOTE***  I followed instructions on wax can and did x-MOTION marks (the first time – picture 2 below), but I personally did not like it.  So after it dried, I buffed it with heavy pressure to get x-shaped marks off.   I wanted a cleaner (straight line – picture 3 below) type of look.




Let dry overnight.  It is still a little tacky after the liming wax is applied, and needs to be completely dry before the next step.


Using a designated brush, apply dark wax to entire console table.  I also worked in sections for this step, but in bigger sections than liming wax.  Let dark wax sit for 15 mins, and wipe off with t-shirt (not rag).  The t-shirt allows you to glide over the wax without wiping it off completely (like the rag).  Allow some of the dark wax to remain in crevices and grooves for a more authentic antiqued look.

Let dry Completely Overnight.  Then wipe off/buff again – but this time use rag.  The rag will help get ALL excess dark wax off.





Apply clear wax to entire console table, let dry, and buff to shine.  If you want a shinier finish/look, add 2 – 3 layers of clear wax.  For a matte/flat finish, just apply one layer of clear wax.


Since I am such a visual person, I thought you would benefit from these pictures.  Here it is from beginning to end – showing the different stages.  Now you can definitely see how the liming wax softens the blue color, and adds dimension/texture to the table.  Then the dark wax changes the color again, and blends everything together.  I love how the pictures tell the story – right??




Let me know how your console table makeover turns out!!  I’d love to see it – you got this!!

Happy Painting!!  Love & Hugs 🙂

Want more painting tips or inspiration?  Try Distressed Hand Painted White Round Mirror – DIY, How to Stain Bansiters Dark with Java Gel, or Master Bed Frame Makeover – Painted White.


***Want the LOOK, but just don’t want to do the work?

No problem….try one of these!***


  1.  Click here                                                                                                     2.  Click here

Black Everett Foyer Table

Burnt Alder Wood Everett Foyer Table


3.  Click here                                                                                                          4.   Click here


5.  Click here                                                                                                                   6.  Click here

Luann Console Table






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14 Ways to Decorate With Blue: For Every Room & Budget

It is definitely no secret that our home is FILLED with all things blue.  From indigo and cobalt blue area rugs and upholstered furniture to aqua and seafoam blue lamps and pillows, every room is packed with blue home decor!    So, here are my personal blue decorating ideas and tips:  14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.   

***NOTE***This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support! 🙂

14 Ways to Decorate With Blue:  For Every Room & Budget


One of the most difficult decisions when decorating is how to use color.  So today we’re going to cover how to do that using blue, and will answer the main questions:


How can I add color to my house? 

How do you add pops of color to a room?

We will also cover:

Where can I add blue to my house?  Every room.

You can add blue to living rooms, kitchens, powder baths, dining rooms, offices, laundry rooms, hallways, master bathroom and bedrooms, and even outdoors!!

What color goes with (indigo) blue?  Every color.  

As you scroll through the pictures, you’ll see a variety of blue color schemes:  blue mixed with yellows, oranges, blush pinks, emerald greens, turquoise, & even metallic colors (like gold, silver, or copper).

How many accent colors should be in a room?  Typically 3 colors.

There’s the 60-30-10 rule that’s been around forever, but what does this actually mean?

*** In our house basically the dominant color is blue (navy) 60%, with secondary color (white) 30%, and then each accent color (yellow, orange, blush, green, turquoise) 10%. ***

Just don’t get to caught up into these ratios.  It’s your house, so add color that makes YOU smile.

Ok – let’s get to the good stuff!

14 Ways to Decorate With Blue:  For Every Room & Budget


  1.   Table Linens – table runners, napkins, & placemats
  2.   Window Treatments, Bath, & Bedding – curtains, shower curtains, & bedding
  3.   Chair Cushions – indoor and outdoor dining, & chaise lounge
  4.   Throw Blankets  & Throw Pillows
  5.   Walls – ladder, art work, ribbon, wallpaper, seasonal decor
  6.   Lighting – lamp, lamp shades & light pendants
  7.   Upholstered Furniture – ottomans, benches, blue couch slipcovers, & accent chairs
  8.   Dinnerware – plates, bowls, & mugs
  9.   Accessories & Miscellaneous – vases & shelf paper
  10.   Floor – rugs, wood tile, dog beds, & poufs


  1.   Walls – accent wall, entire room, & back of bookshelves
  2.   Cabinets – kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities
  3.   Furniture – end table, coffee & console table
  4.   Accessories – mirrors, picture frames, & flower pots

***If you would like more information on a particular picture, just click on the picture or link (source) under each picture to take you to the post.***



Using table linens is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to add blue to your home. 

Try adding some fun blue and white patterned napkins and placemats to your dining room or kitchen table for every day use.  Or use them for holiday and seasonal entertaining – with an accent color.


And add a fun table runner to dining tables, a buffet, or even an entry console table.  

Use a patterned blue and white ikat runner for a bohemian chic look, or a navy and white buffalo check table runner for a modern farmhouse look.


Want to to change things up?  Just turn your table runner from horizontal to vertical. 

Completely changes the focus.



Using blue and white curtains, roman shades, or valances is a great way to add color to bare windows in neutral color living spaces.  

Afraid to commit to living room or bedroom curtains?  Start out small with adding blue to a bathroom.

Try a bold, large print cobalt blue shower curtain to a guest or kids bathroom to add a little fun. 

And don’t forget about bath or hand towels.  Add solid, patterned, or striped blue towels to bring in some color also.

***TIP*** You can use curtains and shower curtains as table runners or table covers also – click here or picture below to find out how.  


You just can’t go wrong with blue and white bedding.  It’s a classic color combination that you’ll be able to use forever – really!! 

Find a reversible comforter if you like to change things up often.  Mine reverses to blue and white pin stripes, and I love having the extra decorating option.



Adding chair cushions is another easy and economical way to add blue to your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

Use them on indoor dining chairs to add a punch of color and soften hard edges in your kitchen breakfast nook. 


Or add them to outdoor dining chairs, chaise lounge chairs, and counter stools to provide extra comfort for outdoor entertaining.  





Using throw blankets and throw pillows is probably the most fun way to add blue decor to your home, but is no longer limited to just your living room.

Toss a couple of throw blankets onto your couch, tuck them a storage basket in an entry console, or drape them across your bed to add some blue to your home. 

Use solid blue or navy blankets for a bigger “pop” of color, or use blankets with patterns for a smaller punch of color.


Use navy blue or cobalt blue throw pillows on an entry bench, dining room chairs, kitchen banquette area, bed, storage bin, and of course your couch and club chairs.







Using ladders is a fun coastal farmhouse way to add a punch of blue to your walls, without doing any permanent damage.  Plus, you can move it to any room in your house.

This little gem kind of ties in with #3 – throw blankets, but can also be used to store magazines, family photos, and extra bath towels as well. 


Find a pair of framed navy and white geometric prints or hang a wreath with blue and white ribbon. 

Just a small “pop” of color goes a long way.


Wallpaper is another way to add a punch of blue to your walls.  Use it on an accent wall, half-wall with wainscoting, or even add it to the back of a bookshelf.

This is definitely on my to do list!!  Here’s a little preview of my wallpaper inspiration – dream room.  What do ya think?

source: via

Holiday navy and white wall accents are another option when adding blue to your wall decor. 

Try these diy buffalo check ornaments or diy embroidery hoops snowman for Christmas decorating this year.




Using blue lamps is one of my personal favorite ways to add color to my house, even though mine are more aqua and turquoise blue. 

They still blend in perfectly with my monochromatic blue color palette, and add a touch of coastal style as well.




And don’t forget about navy or blue lampshades for a little pop of color. 

Use patterned lamp shades for added drama, or solid lamp shades to keep your look classic.


Here is our dining room before we flooded.  Still love (and have) that indigo blue lamp shade – adds a touch of shabby chic to the room.


If I had to choose just one blue light pendant that made my heart pitter-patter, this little beauty would be it!  I love how playful it is, but yet so simplistic – all at the same time!

It’s like coastal boho meets vintage chic.



Who can resist adding some upholstered items to your home, showcasing your unique personality? 

Whether it be blue and white boho ottomans, a coastal blue and white entry bench, a solid denim blue sofa slipcover, or a navy and white buffalo check accent chair…… their is something fun for everyone!!


And like the coastal farmhouse ladder, the ottomans and benches can be moved from room to room when needed. 

Sometimes, all you need is blue and white with just a mixture of patterns and textures!! 


And don’t forget about using a blue sofa, a pair of club or accent chairs, and even blue slipcovers. 

This denim slipcover has been in our girls’ playroom for 8+ years – and it still looks good. 

If I could find a spot for this little cutie – I would get it asap.  There is just something about a navy blue buffalo check chair that makes me so happy!

Click here for more farmhouse inspiration – with this accent chair.



Using blue, or blue and white dinnerware is another way to bring in your favorite hue.  Just like the table linens, you can use these dishes every day also.

Choose more casual, playful patterns for a mix-n-match style or choose gold rimmed china for a more traditional elegant style.


Set the blue dishes up with your blue and white table linens for a cohesive look, when planning a family gathering.


And don’t forget about a little coffee bar or coffee station for your friends!  Using blue and white polka dot coffee mugs just scream good times and tons of laughter for your girlfriends!



Besides throw pillows, adding home decor accessories is the easiest (and cheapest) way to add blue to your home.  My personal favorite way to accent with any color, is by using vases.

You can choose a large coastal style blue and white striped vase, or a traditional chinoiserie style vase for big impact. 




You have probably noticed these other two throughout this post – love them!!  The rope just adds the perfect coastal touch.




This last one, that I’ll call miscellaneous, is really the easiest way to splash blue everywhere!!  It is a little time consuming, but oh-so-worth-it!

What is this little secret gem – it’s shelf paper!  I found this cute shelf liner at Target, and have it in all of my cabinets. 


Even my honey likes it, so I knew it was a winner!


#10 FLOOR 

Don’t forget about floor accents.  Use pops of blue on the floor through different styles of rugs, wood tile, dog beds or poufs. 

Basically, this applies to any blue accent that draws the eye down (toward the ground level).

Rugs are the best way to decorate with blue, but can get expensive.   Check out this post for budget-friendly navy blue and white area rugs.


Personally I have a little crush with blue and white rugs, and love that each rug has it’s own “style.”    

Go with a navy blue and white boho shag rug in the living for added texture and warmth, and use an indigo-dyed blue patterned rug for the dining room to add interest.

*Try here to add blue signs to the hanging white wreaths you see. 


A little on the pricier side, but just have to mention it, is distressed blue wood tile (flooring). 

This fun wood tile is perfect for the laundry room where you need a little “color” sunshine to brighten your day.  Anything helps – right?? LOL 🙂

My husband actually chose this flooring – what do you think?

And don’t forget about navy blue dog beds or striped blue poufs. 

Both of these probably don’t come to mind when you think of decorating, but they add just the right pop of color.  

If I had to choose a blue pouf, this would be my first pick!  It’s a little coastal boho chic style, and would go perfect in my living room.




The most popular way to add blue to your home is of course with painted walls.  You can try a navy accent wall in the dining room, master bedroom, or even your living room.


Or paint an entire room blue.  This would work great where you have a lot of white cabinets to contrast against the blue – like an office or laundry room.

Afraid to commit?  Try painting the back wall of a bookshelf for a little pop of color.

Click here for My House Paint Colors:  House Of Blues.



If you are a little more daring, try painting your kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, or bathroom vanities blue.  

Here is my master bath vanity painted SW Naval.  I have to admit that I still love the color, and it adds such depth to all of the white tile and quartz.



For those of you who are not quite as fearless – LOL – try painting a piece of furniture blue.  Start with a small piece first, like an end table, and then move on to a coffee table, or even a console table.

Here is our entry console table, painted a smoky blue.  Click here for tutorial.   Love Round Mirrors, click here and here.



And for those of you who are completely timid – try painting some accessories blue.  I recommend beginning with candle sticks or picture frames, and moving on to flower pots and mirrors.

Here are my painted flower pots – click here for the tutorial.


And then there’s my crazy turquoise blue chinoiserie mirror.  This one is still with me from my painted furniture boutique days…..and I still love it!!

I hope you found some inspiration, and will be encouraged to add some blue to your home.  If you have a favorite, let me know what it is.  I’d love to hear from you! 

Have a Great Weekend!  Love & Hugs 🙂

If you would like more information on a particular picture, just click on the picture or link (source) under each picture to take you to the post.

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9 Affordable Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space

Now that spring is here and we are finally getting some gorgeous weather, I knew it was time to direct my full attention towards the outdoor patio area.  It has been a disaster – and I mean that literally- thank you Hurricane Harvey!!  We are almost 2 years out from the flood, and still working on things.  The good news – is that we were able to save most of our outdoor furniture.  Bad news – let’s just say that everything else needed an update or floated away!!  So, since that’s what I have been working on for the last month, I thought it would be a perfect time to share those tips with you.  9 Affordable Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space.

*** NOTE***  This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below for more information.  Thanks for your support! 🙂


Just wanted to say that taking pictures of our outdoor patio area was like taking my 2 girls to a photo shoot when they were 2 and 3 years old – cra-ZEE!!!  Some days it was too sunny, or too rainy, and then too cloudy, or a little too windy – LOL!!

And just when I thought I had the perfect picture, I’d get to my computer only to realize that the TRAMPOLINE was peeking out somewhere – ugh!! – even after I had already moved it out of the way!!  Just keeping it REAL ladies 😉

OK – let’s get to it!!


*** I have provided links to some of the items that I used in our patio makeover, but will continue to add more as I find them.  Some of our items were purchased from Home Goods and Tuesday Morning, and do not have direct links.  So, I chose items (links) that are similar, or would work with our colors.  Thnx 🙂 ***

*Pictures of items are included at the end of post if you need them.*


  1. Chaise Lounge Chair Cushions – Striped Chair Cushion, Option 2
  2.  Bar Stool Cushions  (18.5×15.5×3)- Striped Cushion, Option 2
  3.  Dining Chair Cushions (20x20x3) – similar 1similar 2, similar 3, similar 4
  4.  Throw Pillows – similar 1, similar 2, similar 3, similar 4, orange 1, orange 2, orange 3, orange 4
  5.  Plants/Planters – resin terra cotta 1, resin 2, resin 3, *LARGE terra cotta pot*, SMALL dark blue planter, LARGE blue pot
  6.  Accent Tables/Ottomans – Table – option 1, option 2, Ottoman – blue/orange
  7.  Rugs – Navy/Ivory, Blue/Gray
  8.  Add Lights
  9.  Umbrellas – w/lights, without lights, umbrella stand

*LARGE terra cot pot- is smaller size than the one I have – just wanted to give you a heads up *

***  Remember, you don’t have to get everything in one year.  Choose a couple of items to update for one summer, and then work on the other items the following year. 

If you choose more classic styles for some of your larger items (like chair cushions), you will be able to use them for a longer period of time.  That way you can change out the smaller items (like throw pillows) more frequently. ***



Updating your pool lounge chair cushions is one of the easiest ways to give new life to your backyard patio, without breaking the bank. 

Choose colors and patterns that are more classic in style, and keep them stored or covered to prolong their life.

***NOTE*** They are a little pricier than some of the other cushions (that you can change out annually), so pick a style that you can live with for 5 or so years.   

I chose a two-toned blue, striped pattern for mine to keep it somewhat classic.





As you can tell from the pictures, I chose the same pattern/style for our bar stool cushions also.   We have several different outdoor living spaces in our backyard, and I wanted some of the cushions to match exactly.  Since our bar stools have smaller seats than our dining chairs, these cushions were also the perfect size.

SIDEBAR – We have had these metal swivel bar stools and matching chaise lounge chairs for about 8 years.  They DO need a little spray paint update (happening soon), and some WD-40 from time to time, but they still work great. Plus, we love that they swivel.   I know that outdoor styles have changed a lot since we bought them, but if it aint’ broke…… ;).





Changing out your dining chair cushions is another affordable way to update your outdoor space.  There are a ton of different options out there now, not only in color, but in size, shape, and seat height. 

Of course, the nicer (or thicker) the cushion is, the more expensive it will be.  Also, the ones sold as a seat and back (all-in-one) style tend to get pricey as well!!

For mine, I chose a navy global print to coordinate with the other blue chaise lounge and bar stool cushions that I am using.  This helps the look from getting too matchy-matchy, and also helps add a little personality to the mix.   

***TIP*** I chose a 2″ thick (versus a 3″ or 4″ thick) cushion to keep the cost down.

***TIP *** Since these cushions were sold in a pack of 4, I can also use the 2 leftover cushions as seat “backs” in the 2 captain chairs!  I just tied them onto the top of the chair, and now I have 2 for the price of one – even better!!  See last 2 pictures.







Adding throw pillows is obviously the most affordable way to update your outdoor patio, and to add some color.  I know people are using indoor pillows now on their outdoor furniture, but just be careful with this. 

I have done it also, but they CAN bleed onto your outdoor cushions (& may be difficult to get out).

***TIP*** If using indoor pillows, or even indoor/outdoor pillows – then try to use them under covered patio areas and keep them out of water/rain. 

Also, try to store all pillows (even outdoor pillows) in outdoor storage containers to prolong life.








Adding plants to your outdoor living space is a must – in updating your patio.  Now, I know they can tend to get pricey, but just be smart with your planting…….plans – LOL!

***TIP***  To save money, buy smaller plants and plant them yourself (instead of buying bigger plants already potted).  Also, stick to 2 or 3 colors when picking flowers to make the biggest impact.   

And place them in multiple groups (like 2 or more planters) to add more color depth.

I chose hot pink shades (Dipladenia) and also coral shades (New Guinea Impatiens) for mine this year.  Now, I’m not saying that I won’t throw a lavender or yellow into this mix. 

But these 2 “pops” of color will set up my foundation (or grounding) for all of my cushion colors and other plants.

***NOTE*** Tutorial on painting tops of terra pots navy IS READY!  DIY PAINTED FLOWER POT TUTORIAL:  BLUE TOP.  See Picture Below.







Click DIY Painted Flower Pot Tutorial:  Blue Top to learn how to paint planters blue.


Use smaller accent tables to breathe new life into your outdoor patio decor.  Sometimes just a “fresh” color, or freshly painted color helps to lighten darker patio seating areas.  Of course, you can always paint an older table yourself to give it a fresh update.

***TIP***  Use smaller ottomans or larger ottomans to double as extra end tables and coffee tables.  Our tan sectional came with a small dining table and included 2 ottomans.  We can use the 2 ottomans as foot rests, extra seating, and as end tables to the sectional if needed.

Our blue sectional came with a larger, round ottoman that also doubles as a coffee table.  We can use it too as a foot rest, extra seating, or as an accent table.






#7 – RUGS

OK – so outdoor rugs have DEFINITELY gotten expensive, but not the ones that I found.  They are the newer type of outdoor rugs that are made out of a woven material (polypropylene) from World Market.  I have to say I was leary at first to try this type of rug out (they look like a shinier plastic material) – but we love them!  And they are reversible – even better.

So, I have one of the rugs under the dining table with the navy showing, and the other one under the covered patio with the ivory color showing.    Then, I have the ivory (blue) side (different pattern) showing under our blue sectional area.  And the price – $39.99 for one 6′ x 9’……  uh – YES please!!  I’ll take 3 thank you!!





If you are looking to add a little ambiance to your backyard space, then hanging some string lights is the way to go!!  I don’t know exactly how to describe the mood they create, but maybe close to being at a rustic barn wedding type of atmosphere.   They just give off a relaxed, casual, take off your shoes and have some fun feeling!  Love it!!

I added these lights to our garage and outdoor kitchen area for my oldest daughter’s homecoming party.   I set up a long serving table under the lights, and then decorated the table and wall with their school colors.

They really loved the lights – and that says a lot – since teenagers really don’t like ANYTHING their parents do – LOL!!





Remember how I suggested doing a little improvement at a time…..well the umbrella “update” will have to wait until next year for me also.  At some point,  replacing our fallen fence – became a LITTLE more important than finishing all of my patio updates this year!  And I gotta leave some things out –  to do for next summer – right?

Plus, this umbrella works just fine, and the color still works with all of the other shades of blue.   ***TIP*** Don’t forget to store your umbrella indoors when you’re not using it!  They will fade (like mine), so try to make it last for several years by keeping it covered.




Hope you found some helpful tips and inspirations to get your outdoor patio makeover or backyard update underway!  Have a wonderful summer everyone!


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Painting Garage Doors Tutorial




Wickenburg Indoor/Outdoor Chaise Lounge CushionPillow Perfect Outdoor/ Indoor In The Frame Chaise Lounge Cushion








* The 2 cushions below are rounded 18.5×15.5×3 *

Wickenburg Indoor/Outdoor Dining Chair Cushion

Pillow Perfect Outdoor/ Indoor In The Frame Rounded Corners Seat Cushion (Set of 2)








* The 4 cushions below are square – 20x20x3 *

Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Aspidoras Cobalt Squared Corners Seat Cushion 20x20x3 (Set of 2)








Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor In The Frame Sapphire Squared Corners Seat Cushion 20x20x3 (Set of 2)









Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Aspidoras Throw Pillow (Set of 2), 18.5", Cobalt









Keeley Circles Outdoor Throw Pillow

Corbin Outdoor Lumbar Pillow










Joss & Main Essentials Outdoor Throw Pillow

Lutz Outdoor Throw Pillow









Beechwood Outdoor Throw Pillow

Brennan Cotton Lumbar Throw Pillow









Estelle Plastic/Resin Pot Planter

Bellmont Composite Pot Planter








21 in. Dia Smooth Handle Terra Cotta Clay Pot

Bellmont Composite Pot Planter








Belle 8 in. Dia. Peacock Blue Plastic Planter with Attached SaucerRavenna Pottery Smooth Handle 21 in. Dia Ocean Azure Clay Pot









Griffith Steel Side Table









Baffin Cube Ottoman

Baffin Cube Ottoman




























Mastin 9' Lighted Umbrella









New Haven Market Umbrella

April Metal Free Standing Umbrella Base











If you have any questions or need help finding something, let me know 🙂



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10 Ways to Add Color To Your Entry

So, if you’re ever read any of my posts, you’ll notice that I love color.  Let me try that again…..I actually NEED color.  I have tried to mimic the adorable black and white “farmhouse look”, and have attempted to live with the sophisticated “neutrals” look – but I just can’t do it!  So, here are 10 Ways to Add Color To Your Entry (Foyer).

Color does personally affect my mood, and changes the way I feel – every. single. day!!  If you are one of those same kind of people, or just really want to try “color” out, then keep reading!  

***NOTE *** This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support 🙂 ***

***Spring Home Tour 2019, 31 Cheerful & Colorful Spring Wreaths, and 14 Easy Patriotic & Memorial Day Decorating Ideas – are NOW READY…..***

Lumbar Pillow (white with blue circles), Yellow Striped Throw Blanket


Here is the list of 10 items that I recommend for adding some color to your entryway this year.  Don’t be afraid – lol!!  Try out a couple of items first, and see how adding color makes you feel

You can always add more if want to go bold, or you can use lighter colors if you want a softer look.  Just remember, it’s your home so have some fun with it!

Just because we have all been living with neutral gray rooms and neutral beige rooms, doesn’t meant we can’t inject color into these existing color palettes.

***TIP***  You can use these tips to add color to any neutral room or monochromatic room in your house.  They are affordable, will help incorporate “pops of color,” and are easy ways to add color without painting!!  Even Better!


  1.  Throw Pillows
  2.  Throw Blankets
  3.  Benches
  4.  Console Tables
  5.  Flowers/Wreaths
  6.  Baskets
  7.  Wall Decor
  8.  Lamps/Lamp Shades
  9.  Rugs
  10.  Decor Accessories/Accents



Adding throw pillows is the easiest way to incorporate color into your entry.  Toss the pillows onto a bench, tuck them in a basket, display them under a console table, or even use them as a welcome message. 

Stick with 2 to 3 colors for a clean look, or use an assortment of colors (with same depth) for a boho look.

Click here for:  White with blue circles Lumbar Pillow, Aloha Pineapple Pillow
































Click here for:  White with blue circles Lumbar Pillow, Aloha Pineapple Pillow


Using throw blankets is another easy way to add a splash of color to your foyer.  Drape them onto an entry bench, tuck them into a basket under a console, or display them on a farmhouse ladder. 

Throw blankets are easy to change out from season to season, are budget-friendly, and add a little “warmth” (texture) to your vignette.

Click here for yellow stripe throw blanket.

The last picture (below) is from our living room.  To see more of that post click Opening Up Kitchen Walls to Living Room.






























Click here for: Yellow Stripe Throw Blanket.


Use an upholstered bench or painted wooden bench to add color to your entryway.  Who doesn’t love a cute bench these days – right?  They are basically now a staple in home decorating because of their versatility and functionality.

Add toss pillows or throw blankets (like already mentioned), put baskets underneath it for storage, or buy a storage bench – that has hidden storage built-in. 

I’m showing 4 ways to use the entry bench –  layering on the color one step at a time.
































Click here for:  Lumbar Pillow (white with blue circles), Aloha Pineapple Pillow, Yellow Striped Throw Blanket


Paint an existing console table ( my tutorial click here ) a neutral shade to blend with other hues in the same color scheme, or go bold if you want the entry table to be a feature piece. 

I painted my entry table a deep smoky blue color with gray undertones to keep it more neutral, and to add depth/dimension to my color palette.   

This helps me to decorate with a monochromatic blue color scheme, while using yellow as my accent color.

***TIP***  Use a white or black console table as “your color” in the entry as well.  These 2 colors will also help with adding contrast to other colors (even though they read as neutrals).





























I absolutely LOVE flowers, especially at spring and summer time!!  So, I tend to go a LITTLE overboard – lol!! 

I know in the past the big thing was to go with “fresh flowers”- but they tend to get expensive- quickly.  Silk flowers have come a long way in the last 5 years or so.  It’s very difficult now to tell the difference between fresh and artificial flowers.

Add large or long stems for big impact, and use smaller blooms or bushels for soft accents.  Put flowers in vases, hang them in mason jars on the wall, or use wreaths. 

You can also tuck them in baskets or let the petals casually fall on a tray…..let your creativity go wild.  If it makes you happy – then it’s ok!!

The last 2 pictures are from our 1) fall foyer – click Fall Home Tour 2018 and 2) Easter decor – click My Easter Tablescape:  Blue & Yellow if you want to read more about those posts.





































Adding baskets is a great way to incorporate color, pattern, texture and function!!  Win- win!!  Use neutral shades to ground your color palette, or punch up your color a notch by using colored baskets.

***TIP***  Even a straw-colored “neutral” basket actually reads like a color.  It will pick up tans, yellows, wheat-color, or even gold tones.  And the farmhouse baskets….they have gray undertones.  So they can read as blues, grays, charcoal, or greige.

***TIP*** If you have some older baskets at home that you no longer care for, or they have gotten a little worn out – paint them!!  I painted the basket under the blue console table (below) white to hide some of the areas that had faded.






























Click here for:  Lumbar Pillow (white with blue circles), Aloha Pineapple Pillow, Yellow Striped Throw Blanket


Use wall art to add pops of color to your entry, and to add interest.  It’s kind of like the chicken before the egg thing – do you pick your wall decor first, and then find coordinating accents colors.  Or do you find your accent colors first, and then hope to find similar colors in your art piece.

Normally, you would pick your artwork first, and then pull colors out of the piece to work with.  But if you like to use two main colors (like blue and white) with one accent pop of color (yellow), then you can find artwork in either of these colors.

***TIP***  Use a mirror to showcase something on the opposite wall, as your accent color (see 3rd picture below).  The bottom black mirror is at a perfect angle to see my throw pillows on our bench.

The last picture is from our master bedroom.  Click Home Tour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom to see that post.






























I know that lamps and lamp shades are not the first items that come to mind when thinking of adding color to your entry vignette.  But they are one of the easiest ways to add contrast to an existing color palette, or to actually add the “pop” of color to a more neutral color palette.

I personally have a love affair with lamps, so I do go a little cra-zee with them.  I don’t really follow any rules (or trends) too much with lamps/ shades either.  If I like it – I use it 🙂

My favorite lamp bases tend to have antique shapes, and my lamp shades tend to be bold.  Just gotta roll with who you are, and use things that make you smile!!

Related posts for pictures below:  Fall Home Tour 2018, Setting a Fall Table, Opening up Kitchen Walls, Master Bed Frame Makeover – Painted White.






































# 9 – RUGS

Adding rugs (with color) is definitely one of my absolute favorite ways to add personality to an entryway.  Rugs actually set the tone of your home, and give your guests an idea of how your home life runs.   Are you more formal, casual, or playful?

I tend to choose rugs that are a color + white:  1) blue and white, 2) gray and white, 3) seafoam and white are some of mine.  This style of colorful rug choice, helps me to “pop” other accent colors out without too much effort.

This style also allows me to play with the accent hues:  1) bright yellow vs. mustard yellow, 2) dark teal blue vs. sea glass blue, 3) deep coral pink vs. rose pink.

The last 2 pictures are from other posts:  Click Hurricane Harvey Flooded House Makeover or My House Paint Colors:  House of Blues to read more.































Using decorative accents is of course the most obvious way to add color to your entry.  You can try colorful vases, books, trays, candles/candle sticks,  fill lanterns with colorful items, picture frames, or your favorite accessories (like my pineapple – lol)!!  And yes, I know that it is white – but it “pops” off my blue console table… it reads as a color.

***TIP*** Try to use home decor accents that are in one or 2 colors only .  This helps create a more unified or cohesive”look,” and keeps your console table from looking busy.

***TIP*** Don’t forget to incorporate items that represent you and your family.  Remember that your home tells YOUR story, shares YOUR memories, welcomes YOUR guests. 🙂

The last picture is from another post.  Click  Fall To Christmas Decorating:  3 Easy Tips to read more.



































Hope you found some new inspiration, and will try out a couple of the ways to add some color to your home.  If you had to pick a favorite from the list, which one would it be? 

Shoot me some pictures of your new colorful entry – I’d love to see how it turns out!

LOVE all things blue?  Try 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.

Happy Spring and Summer Everyone!!

Love & Colorful Hugs 🙂

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14 Easy Patriotic & Memorial Day Decorating Ideas

*** Looking for back to school inspiration?  Try Top 10 Best Desks for Students (under $150).  More posts coming soon 🙂 ***



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15 BEST Round Mirrors

If you are loving the round mirror trend, and are looking for some inspiration – this is the post for you.  There is something about the round mirror design:  the soft shape that allows the eye to move effortlessly around the room, and really makes a statement all at the same time.  Plus, you can use them in every room of your house.   Win-Win!!  So, here are my picks for the 15 BEST Round Mirrors.

Looking to shop round mirrors, click 15 Top-Rated Round Mirrors:  Find Your Style.


As you go through the inspiration pictures, here are some things to consider.

Mirror Styles:

  • big or small
  • simplistic or bold  (unusual or unique)
  • over wallpaper or tile
  • hanging with rope, leather, or from the ceiling

Mirror Materials:

  • metal
  • wood
  • plastic

Mirror Quantity:

  • single
  • double
  • multiple

Whatever your style, your budget, or room you want to use it……there IS a Round Mirror For You!!

Here are the 15 BEST ROUND MIRRORS

#1 – Entry Show Stopper

Isn’t this entry styled by Paloma Contreras just stunning?  This large brass round mirror is definitely a show stopper, and grabs your attention as soon as you walk in the door. 

It fits perfectly into the custom square wainscoting, and really softens all of the straight lines in the room.

Grey dresser, round mirror, vase with greenery, tabletop styling Studio McGee || Friday Inspiration: Our Top Pinned Images This Week
NO. 1 source: via studio-mcgee

#2 – Black Beauty

This bedroom styled by Amy with Homey Oh My is simplistic, modern perfection.  I love the contrast of  the black round mirror against all of the the bright white accessories and wall paint.

The bohemian diamond rug really pulls the room together, and helps make the black mirror pop!

29+ Gorgeous Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas You Need to Know - scandinavian interior design, scandinavian interior, scandinavian design, scandinavian furniture, scandinavian living room, scandinavian interior design, scandinavian decor, scandinavian design furniture, scandinavian style, scandinavian interior, scandinavian style furniture scandinavian home decor, interior design, home interior, interior decoration, interior design ideas, modern interior design, interior design for living room
NO. 2 source:

#3 Cottage Cozy

This stunning German Schmear fall-inspired fireplace is just so inviting.  I do not know who styled it, but it is one of my all time favorites pictures.

This round gold mirror adds the perfect metal element to all of the brick, wood mantel, and neutral fall accessories.  It unites all of the warm tones used: tans, browns, and reds.

Click here for more brick fireplace inspiration.

35 Gorgeous Natural Brick Fireplace Ideas (Part 2)
NO.3  source:

#4 Golden Goddess

Ummmm…..Yes Please!!  All I can is Wow!  This bathroom by Amber Interiors is definitely numero uno for me personally.  

The blue patterned tile and vanity really ground the style of the bathroom, and the gold round mirror, hardware, & cabinet pulls add the perfect touch of simple glam.

// thoughts on things // check this tiny boho retreat
NO. 4  source:

#5 Double Dose

This pair of oil-rubbed bronze mirrors really add a whimsical touch to this elegant bathroom designed by Joanna Gaines.  

The bronze color helps tie the cabinet hardware together and brings a more rustic farmhouse look to the bathroom.   And using them as a pair adds a little understated drama – that Joanna is famous for.

The master bedroom’s closet was transformed into a private master bathroom, since the previous floor plan provided only one bathroom upstairs. We added a large, spacious shower with carrara marble tile, carrara marble countertops, shiplap for dimension, built-in shelving, new fixtures and hardware. The original hardwood floors were also able to be saved in this space, so they were refinished and looked good as new.
NO. 5  source:

#6 Coastal Waves

This fun white “waves” round mirror brings a playful touch to the sophisticated styling of this Hamptons House bathroom.  It also adds a  more modern approach to the typical round nautical style mirror.

The white mirror pops off of the navy blue wallpaper, white marble vanity, and chrome fixtures.

hamptons mansion - love the textured dark blue wallpaper in the powder room with white vanity and marble top
NO. 6  source:

#7 Distressed in the Dining Room

Of course I have to admit that I do LOVE this one as well – probably because – it’s mine – LOL!!  This is a mirror that I purchased from Hobby Lobby years ago, that got a little white distressed paint “makeover.”  

The raised inner and outer edges really give it a ton of texture, and the distressed look adds the coastal farmhouse style I have throughout our house.

Click here for the distressed white mirror tutorial.

Welcome to the blog's NEW category Shop Our Home: Dining Room by Get links to your favorite items!
NO. 7  source:

#8 Good Morning Sunshine

This happy entry by Better Homes & Gardens – post for wallpaper calculator – blends a variety of styles. 

This large bronze mirror has an industrial style that contrasts with the traditional sconces, farmhouse stool, and yellow wallpaper with Moroccan motif.

This entryway packs a punch with pops of bold yellow and a patterned wall. The wallpaper accent wall peeks through at the end of the room for a perfect dose of pattern and the yellow in the design matches the color of the door. The console table serves as a dropping zone for small objects with a basket underneath to stores other necessary items.
NO. 8  source:

#9 Bamboo Beauty

The natural warm tones of this wooden round mirror tone down the sophisticated elegance of the navy trellis wallpaper – via Dering Hall.  

This bamboo beauty unites the wooden elements (small powder bath vanity) together, giving it a more modern vibe.

29 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas to Try for Your Powder Bathroom
NO. 9  source:

#10 California Coastal

This gorgeous coastal entry designed by Blackband Design, features a stunning thin-rimmed black metal over-sized mirror.  

Isn’t it amazing how each of these round mirrors can be paired with ANY style, or ANY room in your house, and still look fabulous?  No wonder they are so popular and a now a decorating staple.

Fresh olive branches bring this sweet + simple dresser vignette to life More #projectcostamesa photos coming to a feed near you soon! // @chadmellon
N0. 10  source: (blackband design)

#11 Nautical Rope Style

This round mirror definitely leans to the coastal/nautical style with it’s woven rope design.  It adds a ton of  texture to the smooth clean lines of this elegant powder bathroom.

It also brings a lot of character to the space and a no-fuss, relaxed coastal vibe as well.

Beach Style Powder Room Design
NO. 11  source:

#12 Suspended from the Ceiling

When you need a little drama……you’re welcome!!  Isn’t this pair of hanging round mirrors simply stunning?  The Serras Hotel has it going on – right?

I love how the mirror are suspended from the ceiling, but hang over (or in front of) a very large mirror to create layers of drama.  You have to look good in at least ONE of the angles 😉

The Serras Hotel Barcelona ***** | Luxury Hotel Gothic Quarter Barcelona | OFFICIAL SITE
NO. 12  source:

#13 Champagne Shimmer

This pair of champagne-colored mirrors have that same “wavy” pattern like pic #6 above, but give off more of a coastal glam style here in this bathroom.

The metallic shimmer and shape adds some whimsy to the plain round mirrors, and adds texture to the clean linear subway tile accent wall.

framed mirrors on tiled wall, like the towel storage unde the vanity a lot.
NO. 13  source:

#14 Modern Farmhouse

This has been one of my favorite styled modern farmhouse living rooms (and most popular pins) designed and styled by CC+Mike.  

I love that they propped this smaller gold round metal mirror on the mantel, where it simply leans gracefully against the fireplace wall.  

It looks so effortless, yet simply perfect!

30 Stunning White Brick Fireplace Ideas (Part 1)
NO. 14  source:

#15 Simply Stunning

Sometimes you just have to hang something on a wall, take a step backwards and look at it, and then pat yourself on the back – Lauren Conrad!!  What a beautiful mirror and master bathroom!

This brass round mirror is the perfect addition to complete this elegantly designed bathroom.  It ties all of the other gold elements together and softens all of the hard lines.  

Gorgeous feminine all-white bathroom with brass fixtures and pretty pink roses. Perfection!
NO. 15  source:


So, which one is your favorite??  I’d love to hear some feedback from you?  My absolute favorite is NO. 4 – just love how happy that room makes me feel!  

Looking to shop round mirrors, click 15 Top-Rated Round Mirrors:  Find Your Style.



Want More Decorating Inspiration, click:

3 Key Elements:  Coastal Cottage Living Room

Smoky blue console table makeover

Distressed round mirror tutorial

Home Tour:  Summer Dining Room

12 Kitchen Upgrades

Opening Kitchen Wall To Living Room



























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My House Paint Colors: House of Blues

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed spending time with family and friends!!  Christmas is always such a magical season each year and I hang on to all of the memories as long as I can….and then it’s back to work – LOL!!  So, here we go!!  My House Paint Colors:  House of Blues.

To continue along with this magical theme, I decided it was time to do a post about entire house paint colors.  I have been wanting to do a post on the colors we used downstairs in our rebuild (FOR.EV.ER), but time has just breezed by this fall.  

There is something truly magical about the way paint color transforms a room, and I wanted to share the names and paint colors we chose for each room.  I hope you find tons of inspiration to begin your 2019 off with a bang!!

***I’ll do a post on How to Choose Paint Colors in the next post.  This post will just contain pictures and names of our house paint colors.***


  My House Paint Colors:  House of Blues

***ALL SHERWIN WILLIAMS –  Latex, Eggshell ***

  • FOYER –  Tinsmith (SW 7657)
  • DINING – Silver Strand (SW 7057), Accent  Wall – Naval (SW 6244)
  • KITCHEN – Silver Strand (SW 7057)
  • LIVING ROOM – Silver Strand (SW 7057)
  • OFFICE – Aqua-Sphere (SW 7613)
  • POWDER BATH – Lakeshore (SW 6494)
  • HALL – Silver Strand (SW 7057), Accent Wall – Tempe Star (SW 6229)
  • LAUNDRY – Aqua-Sphere (SW 7613)
  • MASTER BEDROOM – Silver Strand (SW 7057), Accent Wall – Naval (SW 6244)
  • MASTER BATHROOM – Silver Strand (SW 7057)

***All Trim/Cabinets/Vanities – OIL BASED Semigloss***

  • KITCHEN CABINETS/TRIM – Snowbound (SW 7004)
  • MASTER BATH VANITIES – Naval (SW 6244)

My House Paint Colors

So you can tell from the colorsnap tool, that our house paint colors have a  blue/gray base to them, with hints of a green undertone. 

I personally tend to lean green (because I am a nature lover) – so my paint colors reflect that in their base color. 

I also choose paint colors with a blue-base rather than a yellow-base.  Those are the colors I wear in clothing, and therefore the ones I like to work with.

If I had to pick a decor “style” for our house from my color palette, I would describe it as coastal farmhouse chic…..kinda – LOL!! 

What do you think?  What is your style?  Let’s get to some colors!!




***Want to see more foyer pictures, click Fall Home TourFall to Christmas Decorating, or Smoky Blue Console Table.***


***Want to see more dining room pictures, click Christmas Dining Room or Setting a Fall Table.***



***Want to see more kitchen and living room pictures, click Five Secrets for Fall Decorating or Hurricane Harvey Flooded House Makeover (part 2).***




Love all things blue, try 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.







***Want to see more master bedroom pictures, click Master Bed Frame Makeover or Nightstands Makeover.***



Want to see more master bath pictures, click Master Bath Remodel and Shower Remodel Design Guide:  10 Things You Must Know.




So, which color is your favorite?  And will you use one of the colors in your house?  Let me know what you decide!!




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Fall to Christmas Decorating: 3 EASY Tips

So, Thanksgiving is over and it’s officially time to pull out your Christmas decorations.  But for some reason this year, you’re a little more tired than usual!!  Fly Me In An Angel Please – Fall to Christmas Decorating:  3 EASY Tips.  Your Welcome 🙂

Why are you so tired anyway? 

Could it be because:  your boss gave you an extra work assignment, or maybe the kids’ crazy schedules (school Christmas parties, extracurricular activities &  the Church Christmas program), OR maybe it’s your husband’s “football watching schedule” – hahaha!! 

And don’t feel bad – all of these things are important… they really are!!  It’s just that you just could USE.A LITTLE.HELP!! 

Anyone??  Let’s get this party started – shall we?

Click How To Make The Perfect Bow to get gorgeous bows for the Christmas Decorating season.


When making the transition from Fall to Christmas decorating, follow these 3 tips.  They work in every room of the house, and they are super EASY to follow. 

It’s kind of like a math formula, except it’s for your house.  Plug the formula in, fill in the blanks, and woo-lah!!  You have a winner!!

3 EASY Tips = Decorating Formula

  • TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.
  • TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.
  • TIP #3:  Use existing decorations (from Fall) and alter to fit new holiday (Christmas).  

These tips will work in every room of your house.  But to save some time, I am only going to focus this post on the dining room, foyer (entry), living room/kitchen. 

These are my favorite rooms to decorate, so I thought I would focus on these areas.

  1. Dining Room
  2. Foyer (entry)
  3. Living Room/Kitchen



TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

In the dining room I chose navy and white as my main color theme, and then changed out the Fall (orange) to the Christmas (red).










TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

Here again I kept the same lamps/shades, mirror, and candles sticks the same…..but just changed out the wreaths and table accent pieces.









***NOTE***  I changed out my rug this year (moved to my living room), but normally this would stay the same.  Since flooding- I was a little over excited to do some switcher-oos ;). 

I needed the blue and white rug to carry out the navy color theme into the living room, so I switched them out.  See how that works??


TIP #3:  Use existing decorations and alter to fit new holiday.  

If possible, use the same table linens (runner, place mats and napkins) and change out napkin rings, glasses, or chargers.  

In here, the biggest change was getting rid of the gold chargers & pumpkins (orange tones) and replacing with pops of bold red.











Here is the tablescape broken down by steps.  If you look at my post Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps, you will be able to compare the two different seasons.


Plus, you can see how easy it is to remove a couple of accents of one color, and simply replace them with another color.  LOVE IT!!





Things that remained the same in the dining room (NAVY DECOR):

  1. table runner
  2. napkins
  3. place mats
  4. plates
  5. lamps/lampshades
  6. candle sticks with navy glass balls

Things that I changed or added (RED ACCENTS):

  1. red wreath
  2. red berries candle rings
  3. red martini glasses
  4. red napkin rings
  5. red poinsettia table garland
  6.  red candles to table


I also added some silver ornaments to the chandelier,  “joy” letters to the buffet, and 2 mercury glass decanters to the table.  All of these are neutral in color, but add a metallic (shiny) component. 

These help break up all of the bold, dark colors and let light bounce around.

Since I knew I was hosting Dinner this year at my house, I removed the blue vase/flowers and opted for the above mentioned silver mercury decanters instead. 

I wanted to keep the sight line clear so that we could see each other and visit…. without a floating distraction on the table. 

I also decided to use my plain white bowls in place of my polka dot bowls to keep the table decor all unified.  I really wanted the red to POP and get all of the glory!!

Now, we will just keep using the same tips (formula) for each room.


TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

In the foyer I kept the blue and white again, but got rid of the yellow.  I decided to use different shades of blue to add depth, and used pops of red on my Christmas tree.



















TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

On my console, I kept the basic foundation the same.  I changed the Fall decor (yellow) to Christmas  decor (3 large ornaments, trees, and sleigh).  See below for tutorial on buffalo check ornaments.









Love all things blue (and white) click 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:   For Every Room & Budget.


TIP #3:  Use existing decorations and alter to fit new holiday. 

In the 2 candle lanterns on the bottom shelf, I replaced the Fall decor (pine cones) with Christmas decor (ornaments).   

I also kept my white basket, but simply removed the yellow throw and replaced it with a blue pillow (above picture).











Click Buffalo Check DIY Christmas Ornament Balls (part 2) for the tutorial or Buffalo Check DIY Snowman: Using Emboridery Hoops (part 1) for that tutorial.

Either of these DIY projects would be perfect for an Christmas entry or foyer.




Things that remained the same (BLUE/WHITE DECOR):

  1. two pictures
  2. two lamps
  3. wall hanger knob
  4. blue console
  5. white basket


Things that I changed or added ( CHRISTMAS DECOR):

  1. three buffalo check ornaments
  2. white bottle brush tree set
  3. white fur, silver  and navy sleigh
  4. two turquoise ornaments
  5. blue home pillow

*** replaced Fall decor from silver lanterns with Christmas decor….. photo below***







TIP #1:  Start with a  color scheme that you can work with for both seasons,  in order to keep decorations to a minimum.

In my living room, I used the same blue and white color theme again, and switched out the pops of orange with pops of red, green and turquoise.












Click Christmas Snowman:  DIY Cotton Ball Wreath for the tutorial.  It’s a very

budget friendly way to decorate a large wall.

It can be made with 2 or 3 wreaths, depending on your wall dimension.








TIP #2:  Keep big items the same…..and change out the smaller accent pieces.

In my breakfast nook I switched out my orange pillow with the matching plaid pillow.  I love this rug and pillow combo!! 

The rug has both orange and red tones so I can use it for both seasons – win-win!!

Click Fall Home Tour 2018 to see more pictures of my house or 5 Secrets to Fall Decorating.










TIP #3:  Use existing decorations and alter to fit new holiday. 

In my living room, I used the same throw pillows, lamp, and ladder decor ….but just switched some accents out. 

I removed  the fall orange plaid and dark teal throw blankets, and replaced with a muted cornflower blue throw blanket. 

I switched the linen lampshade for a dark navy lampshade.   And then I changed out Fall (oranges) for Christmas (reds).









I also changed out my rugs (went to dining room) so that I could add more navy and white to the living room.  I love how I can switch out those 2 rugs. 

It’s like getting a new room without a new pricetag!!



Want to see how I painted the entry table blue, Click World Market Console Table Maekover:  Painted Smoky Blue.

Have a great week!!  Love & Hugs 🙂

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Our Home

HI!  This section of my blog is set up for posts and pictures of our house.  I will be adding some home tours as soon as I get settled in.  We are still unpacking and getting organized post Hurricane Harvey, but hopefully in the next week or two I will be adding to this section.  Here are some preview pictures of our home.

***UPDATED MARCH 20, 2019***  New post links, house paint colors, and more pictures added to the “Our Home” Section.

Looking to shop items from our home click Home Shop.  Need some help or can’t find something specific, shoot me a comment on the contact page.  Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  1.  Dining – Naval, Silver Strand
  2.  Master  Bed- Naval, Silver Strand
  3.  Master Bath – Silver Strand
  4.  Entry – Tinsmith
  5.  Living/Kitchen – Silver Strand
  6.  Office/Laundry – Aqua Sphere
  7.  Powder Bath – Lakeshore
  8.  Hall – Tempe Star, Silver Strand
  9.  Outside Bath – Silver Strand
  10.  White Trim/Cabinets – Snowbound
  11.  Navy Cabinets – Naval


New pictures of posts from our home are now available – yay!! Click on the picture to link to the blog post.













































































Thanks for stopping by the tarnished jewel blog!!  If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email in the contact page.  I’d love to hear from you 🙂











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Projects & Tips

HI there!!   Projects & Tips is set up as my main category for all of my posts.   If you want to search for something specific, you can also type it into the search bar on my home page. 

I have my posts divided into decorating tips, holiday decorating,  home projects, painted furniture/items, and parties/events/cooking. 

I also have a category for our home where I will post some home tours of well – “our home”(LOL), and Gabbi’s Corner (posts that I will do with my mom).


Here are some of my most popular blog posts:  Check them out by clicking on the  picture!

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Thanks for stopping by!  Love & Hugs 🙂


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Modern Farmhouse Staple: The Antique Black Bed (Part 1)

In every industry, you have go-to items – staples that people cannot live without.  In the consumer industry, you have food and drinks.  In the fashion industry you have clothes and shoes.  And in the Modern Farmhouse Industry (yep, i called it an industry 😉 ) … have barn doors, shiplap walls, brick fireplaces, and YES….the Modern Farmhouse Staple:  The Antique Black Bed.

To Shop Black Beds, click Modern Farmhouse Staple:  The Antique Black Bed (Part 2).


The antique (or reproduction) black bed is the epitome of farmhouse style: bold frame, simple lines, and a very understated cry for attention. But make no mistake… makes the biggest impression in the bedroom!! It. IS. Farmhouse…. and is a must-have to complete your modern farmhouse look!!   

It can go with any farmhouse transitional style as well:  farmhouse chic, farmhouse coastal, farmhouse boho, farmhouse traditional, farmhouse rustic, and more.  So, if you are not completely committed to the modern farmhouse style, simply change out the accessories in the room, and you have a new style!!


***UPDATE:  Part 2 is now finished. ***

Click the link To Shop Black Beds Modern Farmhouse Staple:  The Antique Black Bed (Part 2).



So, what is the skinny on this modern farmhouse antique black bed?  There are two styles that show up in most modern farmhouse bedrooms.


1.  Wooden Spool Bed 

2.  Iron Bed

The Modern Farmhouse Staple: The Antique Black Bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

1)  The wooden spool bed– is named after a famous Swedish Opera Singer,  Johanna “Jenny” Maria Lind, born in Stockholm in 1820 ( 

She was a very popular singer in Europe, but didn’t come to tour in America until 1850 (  It was during this time in America that she began to favor the spool bed, and that is how it got it’s name ( 

But the story has a little twist.  Of the two pictures to the left, the bottom picture is actually the spool bed of that time, but the top picture is what has been “coined” (incorrectly) as the Jenny Lind bed ( 

So if you want to learn the true history of the Jenny Lind bed, click   This is a great article for all you antique lovers out there!!



The Modern Farmhouse Staple: The antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.


2)   Iron beds (metal bed frames) were made in the USA and Europe, and were popular from the early 1800’s until about 1914 (

Production of iron beds came to a stop because of iron needed for World War I ( and the war efforts at that time. Once the war ended in 1918, styles changed, and iron bed frames were no longer cost effective (

It would take days for small furniture makers to make ONE hand-made iron bed. Cry- cry, sniff- sniff!! Thank goodness furniture companies have been able to build reproductions similar to the antique versions.

If you want to learn more about the 8 iron bed frame styles, tubing, and castings ….. click This company is incredible, and rich in knowledge and product!

  • As you scroll through the 35 Antique Black Bed pictures below, what catches your eye?  Are you a straight lines kind of girl/guy…..or do you like some curves?
  • Do you like the delicate lines or more masculine lines?  Wooden Spool or Iron?   ***This post will contain pictures of both iron & wooden, antique & reproduction, – black beds. ***


NO. 1

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 2

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 3

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 4

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 5

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 6

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 7

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.


NO. 8

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 9

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 10

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 11

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 12

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.
source: (pottery barn)

NO. 13

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 14

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 15

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 16

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 17

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makover.

NO. 18

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 19

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 20

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.
source: (

NO. 21

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 22

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 23

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 24

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 25

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 26

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to completer your bedroom makeover.

NO. 27

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 28

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 29

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 30

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 31

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 32

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 33

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 34

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

NO. 35

The modern farmhouse staple: the antique black bed to complete your bedroom makeover.

Do you have a favorite?  Wooden or Iron?  Simple lines, Curves, or Scrolls?  Four Poster, Canopy or Plain frame? Shoot me a comment.

SHOP THE LOOK: Looking to purchase the bed of your dreams, click (Part 2)

Have a Great Week!!  Love & Hugs 🙂

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