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Home Tour: Summer Dining Room

Hi and welcome to our Home Tour:  Summer Dining Room!  I am excited to share our updated look for the summer this year with navy + green.  (Well, really it’s spring – but you know what I meant) – ha!  And nothing says “hello spring/summer” more than signs of beautiful green grass and Easter celebrations.  Click 26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes To Try or Setting a Purple Easter Table:  Spring Decor to see more spring table inspiration or 31 Cheerful & Colorful Spring Wreaths for spring wreath ideas.

  • So, how you decide which color to use each year?

Well, it depends on what colors draw you in and just make you smile. 

Especially…..if you can use it with some of your existing decorations, then you have a winner.  Are you picturing it yet?  You know the one…..Yep – that’s your color then!  Is it green like mine?


It’s funny how some colors come and go in trends, but green is always in.  And why is that you ask?  Because green is the color of all things nature-related.   

Whether you use it as an accent (decor) item, as greenery (plant), or even as food (apples) … just shouts fresh, crisp, and clean!!  Use lighter shades of green for spring, and darker shades of green for summer….  but. just. use. green. please!! 

OK-   Let’s get to it then!!

*** This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure and privacy policies down below for more information.  Thanks so much for your support πŸ™‚ *** 

***Shop Our Dining Room:  Pictures of the linked items are shown below (scroll to end) for your benefit ***


***PAINT COLORS:  Navy Accent Wall – SW Naval, Side Walls – SW Silver Strand***

You can shop more of our home on the home page now at Shop Our Home



I have to admit that our dining room is my favorite room to decorate, because #1:  it is the easiest to change out and #2:  it is the easiest to clean.   

Plus, it does not get as cluttered as the living room and kitchen with all of our “daily junk,” and that means less work!!   

Who else is with me here – LOL??!!  I just have to move the backpacks, shoes, and loose homework paper to another room and voila – it’s clean!!

So, what makes it so easy to change out?  The reason for this is that I have my core items in place, and then I can sprinkle in my accessories as needed. 

Here is a list of the 2 groups to help me explain it better.


  • Rug
  • Lamp Base
  • Mirrors – Gray and White
  • White Slipcovered Chairs
  • Chandelier
  • Buffet
  • Table
  • Candle Sconces
  • Candle Sticks


  • Lamp SHADES
  • Table Runner
  • Floral Arrangement
  • Throw Pillows
  • Wreath (if I want color on the mirror)
  • Table/Place Settings
  • Candles
  • Ceramic Orb Balls (in candle sticks)


By keeping the core (foundation) items of the room relatively the same, I can just simply “pop” in some accessories (accent items/colors) and get a whole new look. 

This keeps my decorating costs down big time….and it allows me to “feel” like I am getting a New ROOM!!

Plus, this helps me with seasonal changes as well.  I can easily “add in” the accent color of the season or holiday and not have to change the entire decor. 

I can use yellow or pink accents for Easter, orange and gold accents for Fall/Autumn, and red accents for Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, and Christmas.  Love this!!

Here are some pictures so you can see what I am talking about. 

I am a visual person, so attaching a picture along with the core items and accessories will help join the 2 elements together.


Mirror + Lamps + Candle Sticks


Round Mirror

Click here for tutorial on White Round Distressed Mirror or Click here 15 Best Round Mirrors.


Buffet + Rug


Candle Sconces


Candle Sticks




Slipcovered Chairs+ Table



Table Centerpiece:  Cobalt Vase + White Flower Stems


Green Striped Lampshades


Green and White Pillow


Solid Green Pillow + Green Buffalo Check Summer House Pillow

Click here for 10 Ways To Add Buffalo Check (without breaking the bank).


Blue Ikat Table Runner


Closeup of Blue vase + White Flowers


Closeup View of it together

So…… will you now want to try decorating or adding some green decor this spring/summer?  And where will you use it?  Can’t wait to see some pictures!!

If you have any questions, please shoot me a comment!  I’d love to hear from you!!

Have a Great Week!!  Love & Summer Hugs πŸ™‚

Want to see more pictures of our dining room click:



  1.   chandelier – with glass hereno glass here, no glass – 2 sizes available here
  2.   rug –  here, here, here
  3.   table – here, here, and here   
  4.   chair + cover (dark legs) – here, brown/white legs option also
  5.   chair frame  (white legs) – here, brown/dark brown legs option also
  6.   chair cover only – here
  7.   buffet – here, here
  8.   large rectangular mirror – smoky blue mirror here, beaded mirror here, arched mirror here
  9.   white round mirrorhere
  10.   lamp pair  – white pair here, green pair here,  navy lamp pair here
  11.   green striped lamp shades – white cotton lampshade here, white linen lampshadegreen 2″ ribbon here
  12.   white candle sticks trio – here, here, and here
  13.   navy and white orb balls – here, here
  14.   blue and white table runner – buffalo check runner here, blue stripe runner  here,  green table runner here
  15.   cobalt vase  – single vase here, trio set here
  16.   white flowers – magnolia stem here, cherry blossom stem here, dogwood stem here, hydrangea stem here
  17.   green pillows – kate spade dot pillow, green striped pillow, solid green pillow,
  18.   summer house SIGN  – here
  19.   gold sconces –  round here, round with mirror here



(Click on the picture to get to the webpage for more information)


Carmen 6-Light Foyer Pendant


Isoline 4-Light Geometric Chandelier


Orourke Abstract Ivory/Navy Blue Area Rug



Grieve Cream/Navy Area Rug

Naples Park Hand-Tufted Ivory/Navy Area Rug


Tiphaine Extendable Dining Table

Bleau Extendable Dining TableArtur Extending Dining TableHENRIKSDAL Chair with long cover IKEA You sit comfortably thanks to the high back and seat with polyester wadding.


HENRIKSDAL Chair frame IKEA You sit comfortably thanks to the high back and seat with polyester wadding.HENRIKSDAL Chair cover, long IKEA The washable cover to HENRIKSDAL chair frame is easy to put on and take off.

Colborne SideboardSaguenay Sideboard

Misty Blue Wash 32x48 Mirror

Beaded Wall Mirror, 12"x48"

Ashley Oengus Accent Mirror, Bronze Finish


White Distressed Round Wood Wall Mirror


Moira 32.5" Standard LampBilski Table Lamp Set

Parker 31.5" Table Lamp



Green Matte Grosgrain Ribbon - 2"



Deco 79 Distressed White Wood Candle Holders with Spiked Candle Plates, Traditional Style Table Decor, White Candlesticks Accent Decor | Set of 3: 4Ҁ, 6Ҁ, 8Ҁ





Brookville Runner

Wilber Stripe Runner


Dulin 5 Piece Sculpture Set

Skeens Floral Design Decorative Balls


Barski Glass - Handmade - 8" H - (8 inches High) - Barrel Vase - Cobalt Blue - Made in europeBlooms Table VaseFaux Magnolia White Branch

Faux Cherry Blossom White Branch




Faux Cream Hydrangea Stem



kate spade new york Random Dot Square Throw PillowLydia Jane Pillow, Emerald and Kelly Green and Ivory, Polyester Filler, 22"


Anley Pintucked Pillow Cover

Summer House Wall Décor


Oval Mirror Candle Holder Wall Sconce





























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12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs

Need a little help finding the perfect white dining chairs for your coastal farmhouse or chinoiserie chic kitchen or dining room? Or do you love the look of rattan, bamboo, cane, & wicker furniture, but get overwhelmed with too many choices?  Well, you’re in the right spot.  I’ve rounded up the best (and most  affordable) seating options to fit most decorating styles and budgets.  So, let’s get to it!  12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs.

  • Just a note – the last one (#12) is similar to my chairs, pictured below.
  • Scroll to the end to see the before and after pictures of new chairs!

More pictures and new posts are ready: 

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


***Note***  This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support.  πŸ™‚

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs

Common Questions:

#1)  So, what is the difference between rattan, bamboo and cane furniture – anyway?

Well, I did a little digging and found a great article from  Click here to read more about the different types in detail.


  • Bamboo is a type of grass where Rattan is a type of palm tree.
  • Rattan vines are hollow while Bamboo has a solid core. 
  • Bamboo grows straight while Rattan vines bend.
  • Cane is the outer skin of the rattan vine, and is used to tie/bind pieces together.

I just wanted to share those details with you, so that you have a little better idea of the terms.  

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you or I are now experts on the subject (LOL!!), buy hey, it’s interesting – so why not learn something new?

Chair Sizing & Table Spacing Details:

#2)  Also, what size chairs do I need to fit my kitchen or dining table dimensions?

If you need more help on size requirements, try:

Let’s get to some tips on choosing the best rattan and bamboo dining chairs.


4 Tips: How to Choose Dining Chairs

Tip #1:  Remember to Measure  

  • Chair Height:  Back of chair height
  • Chair Width:  Widest part of chair (at seat, legs, or back)
  • Seat Height:  Floor to TOP of cushion (or upholstered seat)
  • Seat Depth:  Front to back of chair at seat

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


Tip #2:  Things To Look For

  • Weight Capacity:  How much weight can chair hold (in pounds, etc.)?
  • Seat Details:  Is the chair upholstered (with seat/fabric attached), come with cushion, or bare?
  • Cushion/Seat:  Can you select another fabric choice or change/replace cushion?

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


Tip#3:  Check Assembly & Warranty Details

  • Assembly:  Do the chairs come assembled or not, or can you pay for someone to assemble them?
  • Warranty:  How long is the chair warranty, and what does it actually cover?

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


Tip #4:  How are they sold?  

  • Sold:  Are the chairs sold individually or as a set/pair?

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


Ok, let’s get to the reason you’re REALLY here -shopping!  12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs.

12 best white rattan & bamboo dining chairs


12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs

#1:  Cross Back Chair PAIR – $345.78

Dimensions:  33” H x 20” W x 22” D,  Seat:  19″H

Upholstered:  No – Comes With Cushion

Weight Capacity:  250 lbs.

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


#2:  Chippendale Chair PAIR – $439.99

Dimensions:  39” H x 19.5” W x 23.5” D,  Seat:  21.5″H

Upholstered:  Yes

Weight Capacity:  250 lbs.

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


#3:  Rubbed Cream Chippendale PAIR – $699.00

Dimensions:  37.5″H x 21″W x 21.5″D,  Seat:  18.75″H

Upholstered:  Yes

Weight Capacity:  undisclosed

Arm Chair:  Here – Single

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs



12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


#4:  Antique White Crosssback – $641.25

Dimensions:  40.75” H x 22.5” W x 24.5” D, Seat:  19” H

Upholstered:  Yes – Linen

Weight Capacity:  250 lbs.

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs

#5:  Braxton Culler Curved Chair – $405.00

Dimensions:  40” H x 23” W x 22” D, Seat:  20” H

Upholstered:  Yes – 39 Color Choices

Weight Capacity:  275 lbs.

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


#6:  Bayou Breeze Rattan Side Chair PAIR – $669.66

Dimensions:  39” H x 21.5” W x 24” D,  Seat:  20″H

Upholstered:  No – Comes w/cushion

Weight Capacity:  250 lbs.

Arm Chair:  Here – Pair

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


#7:  Safavieh Curved Arm Chair PAIR – #273.00

Dimensions:  22.8″W x 23.6″D x 30.3″H,  Seat: 18.1″H

Upholstered:  No

Weight Capacity:  250 lbs.


12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs



#8:  Curved W/Cane Chair – $550.00

Dimensions:  25″W x 25″D x 30.5″H,  Seat:  18”H,  Arm:  26″H

Upholstered:  No

Weight Capacity:  undisclosed



12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


#9:  White Cane Curved Chair – $350.70 

Dimensions:  32.08” H x 23.82” W x 23.23” D,  Seat:  17.13″H

Upholstered:  No – Comes w/Cushion

Weight Capacity:  275 lbs.

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


#10:  East at Main Chair PAIR – $651.67

Dimensions:  39” H x 19” W x 22” D,  Seat:  18″H

Upholstered:  No – Comes w/cushion

Weight Capacity:  250 lbs.

***Back in Stock September 11, 2021***


12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


#11:  Turcotte Bamboo Chair PAIR – $309.98

Dimensions:  38” H x 18” W x 22” D,  Seat:  18.5″H

Upholstered:  No

Weight Capacity:  350 lbs.

***Back in Stock June 6, 2021***

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs


#12:  Bay Isle Cross Back PAIR – $436.45

These are very similar to my chairs.

Dimensions:  41” H x 19” W x 22” D,  Seat:  18″H

Upholstered:  No – Comes w/cushion

Weight Capacity:  300 lbs.

***Back in Stock June 1, 2021***

12 Best White Rattan & Bamboo Dining Chairs



I hope you found a chair or two that fits your coastal farmhouse kitchen or dining room style. 

If you have any questions, or need help finding anything, shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Have a Great Spring & Summer Everyone!

Love & Hugs πŸ™‚

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3 Key Elements:  Coastal Cottage Dining Room

15 Best Blue and White Curtains

15 Ways to Customize a Builder’s Grade Kitchen

11 Kitchen Upgrades:  Our Review (After 2 Years)


And here are the before and after with our new chairs!  What do you think?  

12 best white rattan & bamboo dining chairs











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3 Key Elements: Coastal Cottage Living Room

As the coastal cottage style continues to grow in popularity each year, it’s easy to see why.  With it’s effortless and laid-back approach to decorating, function and comfort remains the primary focus.  The cottage vibe brings in light and casual whites, while the coastal vibe brings in the sandy tans and ocean blues.  Throw in some jute, rattan, wicker and a touch of quirky, and let the stress melt away.  Plus, you don’t have to go the beach to get this look anymore!  Here are 3 Key Elements:   Coastal Cottage Living Room.

***NOTE*** This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my disclosure and privacy policies below.  Thanks for your support.  πŸ™‚

3 Key Elements:  Coast Cottage Living Room

People often ask me what are the main design traits of this coastal cottage style?

The 3 Key Elements are:


Cottage style is full of bright whites, worn or distressed wood, with focus on complete relaxation or comfort.  Nothing is too fancy and everyone is welcome.

Coastal style is full of colors associated with the sand, water, & sky, with focus on relaxation and function.  Indoor/outdoor items work great, and should be easy to clean.

Both styles incorporate a ton of texture.  You want to “feel the love” as soon as you walk into the room!

So, let’s get to the fun stuff!!



#1:   Anchor the space with a jute or sisal rug. 

This jute rug by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia from Target is simply stunning.  I love the understated navy/charcoal stripes on the sides of the rug. They give it just a touch of nautical charm.   

This rug could also work in a coastal farmhouse room as well.

Jute Rug Charcoal Stripe - Hearth & Handβ„’ With Magnolia : Target


#2 :  Add a beautiful jute and bamboo coffee table.

This coffee table by Serena and Lily is the perfect blend for the coastal cottage style.  Isn’t the white enamel tray such an expected  surprise?

It provides beauty and function!

#3:  Try a rattan lounge or accent chair.

This adorable rattan lounge chair by KOUBOO from Amazon adds a little playful vibe to room, keeping it from feeling too stuffy. 

The head rest and cushion provide extra comfort for complete relaxation. KOUBOO Rattan Loop Lounge Chair with Seat and Head Cushion, Natural Color, Large,: Home & Kitchen


# 4:  Use a white wooden chandelier.

This distressed white wooden beaded chandelier by World Menagerie from Wayfair checks off a few boxes really.  First of course is the most obvious – it is very open, light and airy.  

And second, the distressed white color plays into the “worn” look of the cottage style, while the wooden beads give it a weathered driftwood beach-y feel.


World Menagerie Louis 3-Light Empire Chandelier & Reviews | Wayfair


#5:  Anchor the seating with a white or linen-colored sofa. 

The clean lines and soft curves of this Alice Sofa by Birchlane in Bevin Natural is a great choice to anchor your coastal cottage living room seating group. 

It’s also a very budget-friendly option, and is available in both indoor and outdoor fabrics (like Sunbrella).  


Alice Sofa & Reviews | Birch Lane


#6 Try a White Rattan Round Mirror.

Round mirrors fit well with the nautical “porthole” look anyway, and this white bamboo rattan mirror by Longshore Tides from Wayfair adds the perfect cottage touch.

The natural colored edging and woven strips give it a little boho flair, keeping it from looking too feminine.


Longshore Tides Round Nautical Decorative Accent Mirror & Reviews | Wayfair

#7 Add a fun, quirky floor lamp.  

I have to admit that this little beauty is my personal favorite item – it just makes me smile.  

This white floor lamp with basketweave lamp shade by Highland Dunes from Wayfair hits the nail on the head.  It’s white, light, distressed, and quirky.  

Did I mention it can be used outdoors also?  Just adds to it’s beauty!

Highland Dunes Evert Basketweave Outdoor 59.5" Floor Lamp & Reviews | Wayfair


#8 Use a distressed white bookcase.

Whether it’s antique collectibles for the cottage lovers or seashells and coral finds for the coastal lovers, you’ll need a place to showcase your treasures.

This white etagere bookcase by Ophelia & Co. from Wayfair is the perfect blend of white and natural wood tones that are distressed and antiqued to give it pure cottage charm.

Now you can display all of your “goodies” in one spot!  

Ophelia & Co. Sara Etagere Bookcase & Reviews | Wayfair

#9 Add some faux coral accents.

Cottage coastal style is just not complete with at least one coral home decor accessory.  This coral accent piece by Beachcrest Home from Wayfair is simply stunning.

Use it on a coffee table, bookcase, end table or even your fireplace mantel.  


Beachcrest Home Hurley Coral DΓ©cor Sculpture & Reviews | Wayfair



#10 Add pops of ocean blue throw pillows to sofa.

This royal blue throw pillow by Foundstone from Wayfair brings in a ton of color, texture, and personality to your room.

The blue raised fringe pattern adds a little touch of whimsy with a side of quirky – perfect blending of both styles.

Foundstone Remi Cotton Throw Pillow & Reviews | Wayfair

#11 Use blue lumbar pillows for accent chairs.

A great way to keep a “relaxed” vibe in your living room is to use different shapes and styles of throw pillows.  

This indigo blue lumbar pillow by Bungalow Rose from Wayfair coordinates nicely with the sofa pillows, but isn’t an exact match.  This keeps with the no-fuss decorating style as well.

Bungalow Rose Saffron Diagonal Texture 100% Cotton Lumbar Pillow & Reviews | Wayfair


#12 Merge all colors together with one throw pillow.

This gorgeous lumbar throw pillow by Bungalow Rose from Wayfair combines all of the colors together.  If you look closely, it has indigo (inky blues), navy, linen whites, and sandy tans.  

It also ties into the navy/charcoal rug color, and the stripes as well.  Love it!

*UPDATE* this pillow is on back order (sorry !) – until February 15.  I’ve included a second option by Anthropologie below it.

Bungalow Rose Rosenthal Lumbar Pillow | Wayfair

Slide View: 1: Ezra Plaid Pillow


#13 Other options to consider.

Try a sand-colored or indigo blue throw blanket to create warmth and relaxation.  

Or add a blue pouf to use as extra seating, a foot rest, or even an end table. 

Both of these items add a little color, texture, and function without breaking the bank.


Chenille Streamers Gray Striped Throw



Streamers Blue Chenille Throw




Gracie Oaks Bridgecliff Pouf | Wayfair



Here are some recommendations for paint color choices to use for your coastal cottage look.  I happen to love all of these (LOL!!), because they are the colors I have in my own house.  


I hope you can use some of the items to create the coastal cottage living room you’ve been dreaming about!

Here is mine with our new curtains!

Have a Great Year!! 

Love & Sunshine Hugs πŸ™‚

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15 Best Blue and White Curtains

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10 Ways To Add Color To Your Entry

26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes To Try

DIY Painted Flower Pot Tutorial:  Blue Top

12 Best Coastal Farmhouse Dining Tables

Home Tour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom






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14 Ways to Decorate With Blue: For Every Room & Budget

It is definitely no secret that our home is FILLED with all things blue.  From indigo and cobalt blue area rugs and upholstered furniture to aqua and seafoam blue lamps and pillows, every room is packed with blue home decor!    So, here are my personal blue decorating ideas and tips:  14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.   


***NOTE***This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support! πŸ™‚

14 Ways to Decorate With Blue:  For Every Room & Budget


One of the most difficult decisions when decorating is how to use color.  So today we’re going to cover how to do that using blue, and will answer the main questions:

How can I add color to my house?  and  How do you add pops of color to a room?

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


We will also cover:

Where can I add blue to my house?  Every room.

You can add blue to living rooms, kitchens, powder baths, dining rooms, offices, laundry rooms, hallways, master bathroom and bedrooms, and even outdoors!!

What color goes with (indigo) blue?  Every color.  

As you scroll through the pictures, you’ll see a variety of blue color schemes:  blue mixed with yellows, oranges, blush pinks, emerald greens, turquoise, & even metallic colors (like gold, silver, or copper).

How many accent colors should be in a room?  Typically 3 colors.

There’s the 60-30-10 rule that’s been around forever, but what does this actually mean?

*** In our house basically the dominant color is blue (navy) 60%, with secondary color (white) 30%, and then each accent color (yellow, orange, blush, green, turquoise) 10%. ***

Just don’t get to caught up into these ratios.  It’s your house, so add color that makes YOU smile.

Ok – let’s get to the good stuff!

14 Ways to Decorate With Blue:  For Every Room & Budget


  1.   Table Linens – table runners, napkins, & placemats
  2.   Window Treatments, Bath, & Bedding – curtains, shower curtains, & bedding
  3.   Chair Cushions – indoor and outdoor dining, & chaise lounge
  4.   Throw Blankets  & Throw Pillows
  5.   Walls – ladder, art work, ribbon, wallpaper, seasonal decor
  6.   Lighting – lamp, lamp shades & light pendants
  7.   Upholstered Furniture – ottomans, benches, blue couch slipcovers, & accent chairs
  8.   Dinnerware – plates, bowls, & mugs
  9.   Accessories & Miscellaneous – vases & shelf paper
  10.   Floor – rugs, wood tile, dog beds, & poufs


  1.   Walls – accent wall, entire room, & back of bookshelves
  2.   Cabinets – kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities
  3.   Furniture – end table, coffee & console table
  4.   Accessories – mirrors, picture frames, & flower pots

***If you would like more information on a particular picture, just click on the picture or link (source) under each picture to take you to the post.***



Using table linens is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to add blue to your home. 

Try adding some fun blue and white patterned napkins and placemats to your dining room or kitchen table for every day use.  Or use them for holiday and seasonal entertaining – with an accent color.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


And add a fun table runner to dining tables, a buffet, or even an entry console table.  

Use a patterned blue and white ikat runner for a bohemian chic look, or a navy and white buffalo check table runner for a modern farmhouse look.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Want to to change things up? 

Just turn your table runner from horizontal to vertical – it will completely changes the focus of attention.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



Using blue and white curtains, roman shades, or valances is a great way to add color to bare windows in neutral color living spaces.  

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Afraid to commit to living room or bedroom curtains?  Start out small with adding blue to a bathroom.

Try a bold, large print cobalt blue shower curtain to a guest or kids bathroom to add a little fun. 

And don’t forget about bath or hand towels.  Add solid, patterned, or striped blue towels to bring in some color also.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


***TIP*** You can use curtains and shower curtains as table runners or table covers also – click here to find out how.  

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


You just can’t go wrong with blue and white bedding.  It’s a classic color combination that you’ll be able to use forever – really!! 

Find a reversible comforter if you like to change things up often. 

Mine reverses to blue and white pin stripes, and I love having the extra decorating option.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



Adding chair cushions is another easy and economical way to add blue to your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

Use them on indoor dining chairs to add a punch of color and soften hard edges in your kitchen breakfast nook. 

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Or add them to outdoor dining chairs, chaise lounge chairs, and counter stools to provide extra comfort for outdoor entertaining.  

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



Using throw blankets and throw pillows is probably the most fun way to add blue decor to your home, but is no longer limited to just your living room.

Toss a couple of throw blankets onto your couch, tuck them a storage basket in an entry console, or drape them across your bed to add some blue to your home. 

Use solid blue or navy blankets for a bigger “pop” of color, or use blankets with patterns for a smaller punch of color.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Use navy blue or cobalt blue throw pillows on an entry bench, dining room chairs, kitchen banquette area, bed, storage bin, and of course your couch and club chairs.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Don’t forget about your outdoor patio as well.  Using throw pillows is another great way to add blue, and connect your indoor and outdoor color palettes together.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



Using ladders is a fun coastal farmhouse way to add a punch of blue to your walls, without doing any permanent damage.  Plus, you can move it to any room in your house.

This little gem kind of ties in with #3 – throw blankets, but can also be used to store magazines, family photos, and extra bath towels as well. 

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Find a pair of framed navy and white geometric prints or hang a wreath with blue and white ribbon. 

Just a small “pop” of color goes a long way.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Wallpaper is another way to add a punch of blue to your walls.  Use it on an accent wall, half-wall with wainscoting, or even add it to the back of a bookshelf.

This is definitely on my to do list!!  Here’s a little preview of my wallpaper inspiration – dream room.  What do ya think?

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue
source: via


Holiday navy and white wall accents are another option when adding blue to your wall decor. 

Try these diy buffalo check ornaments or diy embroidery hoops snowman for Christmas decorating this year.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue




Using blue lamps is one of my personal favorite ways to add color to my house, even though mine are more aqua and turquoise blue. 

They still blend in perfectly with my monochromatic blue color palette, and add a touch of coastal style as well.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


And don’t forget about navy or blue lampshades for a little pop of color. 

Use patterned lamp shades for added drama, or solid lamp shades to keep your look classic.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Here is our dining room before we flooded.  Still love (and have) that indigo blue lamp shade – adds a touch of shabby chic style to the room.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


If I had to choose just one blue light pendant that made my heart pitter-patter, this little beauty would be it!  I love how playful it is, but yet so simplistic – all at the same time!

It’s like coastal boho meets vintage chic.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



Who can resist adding some upholstered items to your home, showcasing your unique personality? 

Whether it be blue and white boho ottomans, a coastal blue and white entry bench, a solid denim blue sofa slipcover, or a navy and white buffalo check accent chair…… their is something fun for everyone!!

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue

And like the coastal farmhouse ladder, the ottomans and benches can be moved from room to room when needed. 

Sometimes, all you need is blue and white with just a mixture of patterns and textures!! 

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


And don’t forget about using a blue sofa, a pair of club or accent chairs, and even blue slipcovers. 

This denim slipcover has been in our girls’ playroom for 8+ years – and it still looks good. 

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


If I could find a spot for this little cutie – I would get it asap.  There is just something about a navy blue buffalo check chair that makes me so happy!

Click here for more farmhouse inspiration – with this accent chair.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



Using blue, or blue and white dinnerware is another way to bring in your favorite hue.  Just like the table linens, you can use these dishes every day also.

Choose more casual, playful patterns for a mix-n-match style or choose gold rimmed china for a more traditional elegant style.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Set the blue dishes up with your blue and white table linens for a cohesive look, when planning a family gathering.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


And don’t forget about a little coffee bar or coffee station for your friends! 

Using blue and white polka dot coffee mugs just scream good times and tons of laughter for your girlfriends!

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



Besides throw pillows, adding home decor accessories is the easiest (and cheapest) way to add blue to your home. 

My personal favorite way to accent with any color, is by using vases.

You can choose a large coastal style blue and white striped vase, or a traditional chinoiserie style vase for big impact. 

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


You have probably noticed these other two throughout this post – love them!!  The rope just adds the perfect coastal touch.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


This last one, that I’ll call miscellaneous, is really the easiest way to splash blue everywhere!!  It is a little time consuming, but oh-so-worth-it!

What is this little secret gem – it’s shelf paper!  I found this cute shelf liner at Target, and have it in all of my cabinets. 

Even my honey likes it, so I knew it was a winner!

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


#10 FLOOR 

Don’t forget about floor accents.  Use pops of blue on the floor through different styles of rugs, wood tile, dog beds or poufs. 

Basically, this applies to any blue accent that draws the eye down (toward the ground level).

Rugs are the best way to decorate with blue, but can get expensive.   Check out this post for budget-friendly navy blue and white area rugs.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Personally I have a little crush with blue and white rugs, and love that each rug has it’s own “style.”    

Go with a navy blue and white boho shag rug in the living for added texture and warmth, and use an indigo-dyed blue patterned rug for the dining room to add interest.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


A little on the pricier side, but just have to mention it, is distressed blue wood tile (flooring). 

This fun wood tile is perfect for the laundry room where you need a little “color” sunshine to brighten your day.  Anything helps – right?? LOL πŸ™‚

My husband actually chose this flooring – what do you think?

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


And don’t forget about navy blue dog beds or striped blue ottomans/poufs. 

Both of these probably don’t come to mind when you think of decorating, but they add just the right pop

of color.  

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


If I had to choose a blue pouf, this would be my first pick!  It’s a little coastal boho chic style, and would go perfect in my living room.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue





The most popular way to add blue to your home is of course with painted walls.  You can try a navy accent wall in the dining room, master bedroom, or even your living room.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


Or paint an entire room blue.  This would work great where you have a lot of white cabinets to contrast against the blue – like an office (pictured) or laundry room.

Afraid to commit?  Try painting the back wall of a bookshelf for a little pop of color.


14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



If you are a little more daring, try painting your kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, or bathroom vanities blue.  

Here is my master bath vanity painted SW Naval.  I have to admit that I still love the color, and it adds such depth to all of the white tile and quartz.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



For those of you who are not quite as fearless – LOL – try painting a piece of furniture blue. 

Start with a small piece first, like an end table, and then move on to a coffee table, or even a console table.

Here is our entry console table, painted a smoky blue.  Click here for tutorial.   

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue



And for those of you who are completely timid – try painting some accessories blue.  I recommend beginning with candle sticks or picture frames, and moving on to flower pots and mirrors.

Here are my painted flower pots – click here for the tutorial.

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue

And then there’s my crazy turquoise blue chinoiserie mirror.  This one is still with me from my painted furniture boutique days…..and I still love it!!

14 Ways to Decorate with Blue


I hope you found some inspiration, and will be encouraged to add some blue to your home.  If you have a favorite, let me know what it is. 

I’d love to hear from you! 

BONUS:  One more way to decorate with blue – click Adding Removable Wallpaper To Stair Risers:  Under $35.

Have a Great Weekend! 

Love & Hugs πŸ™‚


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Spring Home Tour 2019

Since I’m running a little behind on getting my spring home tour post out this year, I guess it can now double as our summer home tour also – LOL!!  It seems like I have these great plans of ALL the things I’m going to accomplish each week (or month)…..and then….well….laundry, cooking, cleaning, girls’ activities (you get the picture) get bumped into 1st place. 

So naturally, MY plans get pushed back to the back burner.  Plus… Mother’s Day is quickly approaching.  And I gotta make sure my last, final push for getting gifts from the fam is STRONG. 

Oh, that and my hopes of getting mother of the year – AGAIN this year- haha!!  Anyhoo…..who’s ready to see our Spring Home Tour 2019?

***NOTE***  This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below for more information.  Thanks for your support. πŸ™‚

31 Cheerful & Colorful Spring Wreaths and 14 Easy Patriotic & Memorial Day Decorating Ideas are now ready!!


You’ll notice quickly that my house kind of has a blue & yellow, and pineapple theme for the entry, dining room, and powder bath this year. 

I do love yellow, ( because it just makes me happy) and I think our family needed a little extra “sunshine” this year.  

If you had to choose just one….. what would be your favorite spring color this year?  I’d love to know which color is the most popular choice for everyone – shoot me a comment.





You can also tell that I have a THANG for stripes – totally obsessed with them also!!  Want more info on the yellow striped throw blanket, click here.  I got the navy and white striped throw pillow and rug ( both) from Home Goods.

Want more info on the blue circle pillow, click here or the Aloha pillow, click here.  



To see more of our Spring Entry and learn how to incorporate color into your home,  click here.




I love how the different hues of aqua, turquoise, seafoam, and spa blue – all create interest and depth against the navy. 

These blue-green colors also soften the stark contrast of navy and white when used as accents colors. 

What do you think? 




The yellows I used are all different shades also. 

The yellow pitcher and daisy plates are more of a gold-yellow tone, the wreath is more of a green-yellow tone, and the place mats and farmhouse truck pillow (below) are more of a wheat-yellow tone.

These different yellow tones help keep the eye moving from place to place, and add visual weight to certain accent pieces.  

To see more of our Spring Dining Room Easter Tablescape, click here.


Sorry that the pictures from our powder bath – are just not the greatest!!  I guess since this room does not receive any natural light, the pictures turn out a little bit stark. 

And it’s probably CAMERA-USER ERROR – lol!!  Just wanted to get that out there.  Hopefully, you can still find some inspiration  πŸ™‚

*** I will be doing a post of our powder bathroom remodel – coming soon ***


So, you can tell I am crushin’ on pineapples -still! 

Picture above: is an adorable hand towel that just makes me smile every time I go into our powder bath.  It comes as a set with an aqua towel.

Picture below:  Here is the 2nd towel (the top aqua towel in the wagon).  They are such fun patterns, and add the perfect pop of color to our bath.



I am loving my new blue and yellow bath rug by Opalhouse!  What do you think?  It’s a fun twist on boho style – right? 

I like that it incorporates the bright yellow and blue (more whimsical) colors versus the darker neutral (more muted) colors.  And that fun aqua fringe – yep – makes the whole rug!

The powder bath is the perfect room in your home to have some fun decorating with!!  It’s a small room that can add TONS of personality.  So, welcome your guests with a smile πŸ™‚  


I am using my emerald green and kelly green decor accents in my living room this spring.  They normally have a home in the dining room, but were moved due to the Easter Tablescape decor this year. 

But now….. I am kind of liking the green in here since it seems to connect the green from the outdoors as well.  I’ll keep ya updated if I decide to change it!! LOL!!



Yes – my “love & hugs” will always find a home somewhere in our house.  They just add a little daily encouragement, and can be seen from anywhere in the kitchen/living room area. 

And since these are the most used areas in our home – they do their job done all. day. long!!  It’s the little things!

If you want more information on the shiplap accent wall, white brick fireplace, or shiplap bookshelf click Adding a Shiplap Feature Wall to Living Room.


I do love how the aqua color(s) also mix with the greens and the navy blues in here as well.  It is just a subtle shift in the color wheel, but it creates such a soothing environment.   


To see more of this post, click Opening up Kitchen Wall to Living Room.


Our outdoor patio area definitely received the most attention and updates for spring this year.  After we flooded, all of our attention (and money) went into remodeling the inside of our home.  So, the backyard was looking very sad!! 

We have replaced the fence (on one side for now), and have added some new cushions, plants, and rugs to freshen it up. 

Even though we have a long way to go (the flooring around the patio (cool deck) has started peeling away, and will also need replacing- ugh)……  I can see the LIGHT!!  God is so good!!

To see more of this post, click 9 Affordable Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space or DIY Painted Flower Pot Tutorial:  Blue Top to learn how to paint planters blue.

If you are looking for more outdoor entertaining tips, summer decorating inspiration, or want to shop outdoor patio furniture try 10 Ultimate Outdoor Summer Party Essentials, 33 Stunning Outdoor Seating Inspirations, and 33 Best Outdoor Seating Options:  ALL Under $500.


If you would like more info on the ivory paisley mat, click here.

***  Want to learn how to paint the tops of your flower pots blue, try DIY Painted Flower Pot Tutorial:  Blue Top. ***






If you would like more info on the navy mat, click here or the blue medallion mat, click here.

Hope you found some spring decorating inspiration and tips to bring fresh, colorful updates to your spring home.  Thanks for stopping by!I

Have a  Wonderful Spring and Summer!!

Love & Hugs πŸ™‚

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Opening Up Kitchen Wall to Living Room

Out of all the changes that we have made to our home, opening up the kitchen wall to the living room was the best decision for us.  Now, it wasn’t our first choice (thank you Hurricane Harvey flood), but it definitely was the right choice!!  We had already opened up the kitchen wall to the dining room about 5 years ago, and then shortly after we had our kitchen cabinets painted whiteAND then we flooded – UGH!!  So…..needless to say, this was the perfect time to Open Up the Kitchen Wall To the Living Room.


So, where did it all begin?  From dark cabinets with 2 arches, to white cabinets, to flooded home, to open concept living area.  What a journey -right???










And Now…..


AND YES!!  I know my green lamp shades and pillows are supposed to be in the summer dining room – but we have our Easter Tablescape set up right now.  So, the green decor got a new home for a couple of months.  What do you think – do you like it?

***NOTE***  This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support πŸ™‚

***Shop: Bar Stools, Island Light Pendants, Breakfast Light Pendant***



So, just like our kitchen wall to the dining room, we had similar problems with the kitchen walls to the living room.

  • PROBLEM #1:  Walls Blocked Natural Light
  • PROBLEM #2:  Limited Traffic Flow Into Kitchen
  • PROBLEM #3:  Limited Number of Guests for Entertaining
  • PROBLEM #4:  Angled Room

PROBLEM #1: Walls Blocked Natural Light

You can see from the pictures below, that both of the arched walls block off the natural light coming in from the kitchen.  And since both of these walls provided some sort of function, we had to figure out  what we could live without more.

The raised bar top provided extra counter top space, extra cabinet storage, and extra seating for guests.  The built-in bookshelf provided a mini “mudroom” space to store backpacks, shoes, and dog accessories. 

In the end, you just have to decide what is more important for you and your family.

We chose more light – lol!!

***These are the last pictures taken from our home before we flooded.  The sheetrock is cut up to 4 feet, in case you are wondering why it looks like that.***


























PROBLEM #2: Limited Traffic Flow Into Kitchen

This problem ties in a little with problem #1.  The only way we could enter the kitchen (from the living room) is through the larger arched opening .

In fact, we always had to push the living room furniture (sectional) into the corner so that it wouldn’t block that entrance.   You can see that it is still kind of hanging out into that opening.

On a personal note… does bring tears to my eyes to see our “former” living room.  Home is home – ya know – no matter what it looks like?  OK…..let ‘s get back to it πŸ˜‰









PROBLEM #3:  Limited Number Of Guests for Entertaining

The layout of our former kitchen was great for setting up a buffet-style type of party, but limited the amount of guests we could have in one area. 

We could put roaster ovens on the counter tops and keep hamburgers, or brisket, etc…. warm, and let our family and friends just move down the line. 

But the angled cabinet/counter top design caused a traffic jam because you could only serve from ONE side, and you would bump into the island.









Now don’t get me wrong, this kitchen layout definitely served it’s purpose over the years.  But once open concept living started to take off in popularity, we (well – I) began to dream of a new kitchen design.

PROBLEM #4:  Angled Room

In the pictures below,  you can see that our kitchen/living room space is designed with this unusual angled  layout.  The home builder must have “bumped” this part out to enlarge the kitchen dimensions, but in doing so shrunk the living room dimensions.

This angled cabinet/counter top/ceiling structure created challenges for the living room furniture placement because the bar stools crept into the living room area.










We couldn’t put the two club chairs closer to the hall entrance (by the clock) because we had to keep the walkway to the kitchen open (back to problem #2).











As soon as the workers cleared out all of the lower cabinets (due to the flood), we could finally begin visualizing the space. 

I sketched drawings of the existing cabinets, and replaced them with 3 new cabinet layout options (so that I knew where that column would join the new island).

***NOTE***  I’ll do a separate post on kitchen cabinets – coming soon.









It is amazing to see our kitchen like this because it looks so much bigger with the cabinets out – right?  Plus you can tell exactly where the cabinet bases sat, so it helped with the existing spacing needed.

We were not planning to move our plumbing or gas lines (to save money), and had to work around them when planning out the new design.









We decided to keep the (one) column, and do the (two) beams installation due to money – period. 

We were quoted ~ $5,000 for this option, but to remove both beams and support column (FULL open concept) we were  quoted~$20,000 – $25,0000.  HUGE difference in money!!   

So, yeppers – the decision was pretty easy for us!!

I also knew that I could work around the beams and column, and try to make them “disappear” as much as I could.  And I haven’t regretted keeping them not once!!

***NOTE***  These prices were just what we were quoted, so it may be different in your area.


Now that the cabinets were out, it was time for the installation of the beams.  They used these framing boards to actually hold the second floor from falling down – really!!  Amazing! 

In fact, the workers asked that we did not stand under the framing or too close – in case something happened.  Safety first!!

Just a little FYI.  The left side of the wall was not load bearing, but the right side was.  So, we chose to do the left beam just like the right beam, so that they would look exactly the same.

Do you like the toilet (picture to the right)- haha!!
















Picture below right – the area to the left side (the half wall) was originally going to be a pony wall that had a small bookshelf in it. 

Since we already had that small “mudroom” cabinet there before, I felt like we still needed something for backpacks, shoes, etc.

But once they cleared out the original framing, all I could picture was ONE large area. 

Plus, the pony wall columns were done incorrectly anyway (and they would have had to be redone)!!  ARGHHH – the contractor STORY is a whole other post!!  Trust me!!








There was never a question in my mind that the beams and column would be wrapped with wood. 

The contractor wanted to cover the 2 support beams with sheetrock and then paint them…..and I knew that was not going to look good. 

So happy I stuck to my guns – right??




















***Our trim, cabinets, and ceilings paint color is SW Snowbound 7004 – just a FYI***

SOLUTION #1:  Let in More Natural Light

By removing both of the walls to the living room, we now get a ton of light into this entire space.  We get all of the light from the kitchen breakfast area, as well from the kitchen island side.

Since our house faces west, we receive the best light in the evening through our dining room. 

That is why we decided to open up that wall several years ago.




SOLUTION #2:  Better Traffic Flow Into Kitchen

Opening up both walls into the kitchen really helped with traffic flow from the former bar side of the kitchen.  We love this entrance!! 

It is so much easier to go grab a snack from the pantry or grab a drink from the fridge because of this opening. 

Plus, now we can use all four bar stools (instead of just 2) because the tv is viewable from all angles.  And if you have kiddos, you know how important this is!!





SOLUTION #3:  Increased Number of Guests In Kitchen for Entertaining

Now, guests can move around to the dining room, to the kitchen breakfast nook, to the outdoor patio, and to the living room……while still feeling like they are all together. 

We can now serve from both sides of the L-shaped island, and also have guests sit at the island for extra seating as well.  Win-Win!!



Want more custom tips and advice?  Try 15 Ways to Customize a Builder’s Grade Kitchen.


SOLUTION #4:  Able to Move Furniture into Middle of Room

Now that we don’t have to worry about the angled living room, our furniture can be moved away from that corner. 

We still have to keep the walkway open from the foyer to the kitchen, but at least the couch is in a better central position.


If you want more information on the shiplap accent wall, white brick fireplace, or shiplap built-in  click Adding a Shiplap Feature Wall to Living Room.




So, what do ya think?  Was it the right decison?  Let me know!!


If you have any questions about anything, shoot me a comment.  I’d love to help with anything I can!

Have an Awesome Weekend!! 

Love & Hugs πŸ™‚


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Home Tour: Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Today, I am finally getting to share our master bedroom home tour – woohoo!  This room is still not completely finished, but it is getting closer day by day.  Of course when that happens, I will probably be ready to change it again – lol, but for now it is working for us.  If you love all things farmhouse, and your heart beats coastal cottage, then you are at the right place.  Here it is!  Home Tour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom.

2022 Updated Paint Color & Decor:



So far, I have done a couple of posts on our master bed frame makeover:  painted white and our diy nightstand makeover:  painted white with dark top, to show you one side of our room.   (see links below pictures below)

And now, I can finally show you the rest of our bedroom.

I know there are some things that need to be tweaked, but at least it’s starting to feel more like home again.   

Accent wall Sherwin-Williams Naval – SW 6244 and the side walls are Silver Strand  – SW 7057.


So, what is coastal farmhouse style anyway?  Coastal farmhouse style is really a “feeling” rather than a “look.”  Huh?  What does that mean? 

It is the feeling you get when you walk into a room versus what the room actually looks like.

So, your coastal farmhouse bedroom will be a little different than mine.  It might look similar, but feel different.

What’s the secret then?  Use the 10 elements below to find out!


  1. Relaxed, calming vibe
  2. Antique, vintage furniture or accessories
  3. Shades of blue, gray, or tan
  4. White painted items, white-washed items
  5. Lots of pillows, throws blankets, and fluffy bedding
  6. Coastal Accessories: items with rope, coral or seashells, sea glass decor
  7. Mementos:  items that evoke precious memories
  8. Woven baskets
  9. Tropical plants or natural greenery floral accents
  10. Make it personal


***NOTE*** This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies in the bottom menu.  Thanks for your support. πŸ™‚

*** Scroll Down to the end of the post to see pictures of the items.  Click on the picture or links to get more information. ***



Before we begin the tour, I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of what our bedroom used to looked like before the flood (last day before we evacuated), during the cleanup process (2nd set of pics), and after (now).

GOOD  NEWS:  The furniture was solid wood and we were able to save it.

SAD NEWS:  The water covered and damaged the feet, so we had to paint it.

END RESULT:  It was a blessing in disguise – we should have painted that furniture a long time ago!!


You can see more of our house remodel by clicking:












So, who’s ready to begin the tour?  Let’s first start off with the obvious – the painted furniture.

It always amazes me what a fresh coat of paint can do – right?  The painted bed and painted nightstands completely transform the dark furniture, and give the room an updated, fresh look. 

Plus, the white really pops off of the navy accent wall.

But I do understand that not everyone enjoys painting nor wants to take on the challenge of painting furniture. 

If this is you, scroll down to the end of the post for more information on bedroom furniture ideas.


Picture Below. 

This is my first time sharing our painted dresser (making it’s official DEBUT – lol) in the master bedroom, and the white-wash tutorial is ready (see below).

Do you like it?


The white-washing technique gives it a beach-y, more casual feel and lightens up the darker furniture. 

Plus, the original color of the dark furniture blended into the color of the hardwoods, giving it zero contrast -yikes!!

When we first moved into this house (14 years ago), we had carpet in here so the dark furniture looked great.  Yep, that’s right – we’ve had that furniture for 14 years now. 

So, needless to say the darker dresser was waaaaay overdo for a LITTLE update anyway- lol!!


Do you think I maybe should have been using a drop cloth all of these years when painting furniture – hahaha!!!   

But I have an idea for painting the floor in the garage soon – wink wink!!

In the picture below, this is the other side of our bedroom. 

And I will admit, this is the stage it is in right now….. I have not finished decorating it yet.

The master bedroom is always the last one to get done – am I right?? 

It comes right after volleyball lessons, teenage girls’ beauty items (don’t even get me started with that – lol!!), and well…. life. 

Just keeping it real ladies!!


Above Picture:  I did paint that floor length mirror blue (~ 8 years ago), but do not have pictures of the process – sorry!! 

It’s a water-color painting technique – that I love. 

I will try to figure out a way to show you the technique because it really turned out so beautiful.

More pictures of the bed and bedding…..


All of my comforter selections tend to lean botanical, floral, or boho style. 

This way, I can stay within my coastal style (botanical or boho) and farmhouse style (floral) no matter which one I choose.

This blue botanical  bedding is Ralph Lauren, and has reversible stripes on the back side (which I love). 

This allows me to change things around when I get a little tired of it without having to buy something new.  Win-Win!!

And of course – I’m a color gal – so it’s gotta have some punch to it!! 

Scroll to the end of the post to shop bedding – I could not find this exact bedding, but found some similar choices that are equal in style.


Closeup picture of the nightstand and farmhouse lamp.  It is no longer around either, but scroll down to the end of the post for similar options.


The little white basket on the floor was painted also….but again I do not have pictures. What??  Another one with no pictures.  I know. I know.  UGH!!   

It is on my to-do list for the blog though.  It was so easy to paint, and gave it new life. 

What do you think – is it a winner?


This bench is definitely a life-saver.  It hides the tv cable “junk” (my husband wants to mount the tv on that wall above the bench – ?? – maybe ?? – we’ll see), and those 2 baskets store my girls’ swimsuits and favorite beach towels.

They like to just come in and quickly grab what they need to head to the pool. 

But I am thinking it’s about time they could store their own stuff!! 

It’s the little things – right??


Here is another picture of the blue mirror and white basket.  For now the mirror is leaning against the wall because we don’t know if the tv wall mount is a sure thing yet – hahaha!!

The floor length mirror is a must for our bedroom though, so that we have somewhere to check ourselves out!! 

Plus, I really love that it bounces so much light around the room.

See Picture Below.

This picture shows the left side of the room, leading to our master bath. 

If you want to see the complete transformation of the master bathroom makeover click Master Bath Remodel:  Hardware Accessories or Shower Remodel Design Guide:  10 Things You Must Know.

It is by far one of the biggest changes made to our entire house – besides the kitchen.  Everyone who has seen it in person has given us a ton of compliments – so I’m kind of proud!! 

Check it out if you have time.


See pictures below.

And my must-have barn door…..that almost didn’t happen!!  That’s another whole story – but at least we got it!!  If you want to see more barn door inspiration click 55 Incredible Ideas:  Not Just For Farmhouse Style.

Our other entry door to the bath was a double door system, and blocked off the left side of the wall where the dresser sits.  We always had to push the dresser down so that it barely even fit on the wall. 

Then if you wanted to get something out of the drawer, it bumped into our other furniture.



We had the barn door installed to slide right because it was a space we never used (in that corner).

***TIP*** Just a little head up…..remember that it’s more difficult (not impossible though) to hang something on the wall where the door slides.  So, just make sure you hang your barn door to slide to an unused area of your room, or unused/less functional wall area.

And my favorite t-bar barn door handles….I kinda have a thang for these.  They are my go-to hardware all over the house.  But I especially liked this one because it is a heavier, sturdier handle.


Plus, I knew we needed an inside way to get out of the bath -ha!!  See below.

Inside the master bath – handle……


Better view where you can see the limited amount of wall space on the left side of the doorway. 

It might also be that our dresser is bigger than it should be for the space…..but who wants to admit that?



This celadon glazed pitcher has been with us for AWHILE….to say the least.  I bought it at Home Goods ~8 years ago (or longer) and it just gets moved from room to room as I need it.

There is just something about the soft color, and that rusted handle that calms my nerves and reminds me of home.  And who doesn’t want their master bedroom to be a calming and serene retreat?


This “love pillow” is another favorite of mine that gets moved from room to room.  I also have a “home pillow” that is slightly more blue-gray than this blue-aqua color.

The shabby, ruffled edges and  roped letters add the perfect amount of texture to complete the coastal farmhouse style.


And who doesn’t love throw blankets??  Can a girl ever really have too many blankets or throw pillows?  No….I don’t think so!!

In here, I like that one throw is more sophisticated in color (bed- spa blue) and the other one is more fun (basket -mint colored).  These 2 colors together add a little dimension against the navy and cobalt blue bedding and pillows.

Which throw do you like more?  The one on the bed, or the one in the basket?  Let me know?



Thanks for stopping by our

Home Tour:  Coastal Farmhouse Master Bedroom!!

Hope you found a ton of inspiration to get your coastal farmhouse master bedroom makeover underway.  I’d love to see some pictures of what you do!!

*** Looking  to shop items from our bedroom?  Scroll down below.  If you have any questions, shoot me a comment. ***

Have a Great Week!!  Love & Hugs πŸ™‚

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(Click on Links or Pictures to connect to product’s web page)

BED – Arched, Panel, 4 Poster                                                                                       Shutter 1, Shutter 2

Trenton Arched Panel Headboard & Reviews | Birch LaneShop for Summer House Oyster White Cottage Low Poster Bed. Get free shipping at Overstock - Your Online Furniture Outlet Store! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! - 12027320









Nightstand, Option 2                                                                                                       Dresser, Option 2

Trenton 3 Drawer Nightstand

McGregor 9 Drawer Dresser









RugOption 2                                                                                                  Bedding, Option 2 , Option 3

Elise 100% Cotton Comforter Set by Laura Ashley Ho










Lamp, Option 2                                                                                                                 Option 3, Option 4

Courtland 22" Table Lamp








White coverlet                                                                                               Euro sham, Option 2, Option 3

Comfy Bedding 3-Piece Bedspread Coverlet Set Oversized and Prewashed Lantern Ogee Quilted, King/Cal King WhiteHarbor House Ocean Stripe European Pillow Sham in Blue










Aqua Pillow                                                                                                                       Gold Dot Pillow

Safavieh Chy 18-inch Aqua Blue Decorative Throw Pillow (Set of 2)


Nadia Dot Metallic Gold Embroidery Oblong Pillow









Bench, Option 2                                                                                                              Floor Length Mirror

Letellier Upholstered Bench










Barn Door, Hardware, Handles                                                                                           Aqua Pitcher 

Shaker Hollow Panelled MDF Interior Barn Door

Orono Large Pitcher Sculpture









Teal Throw, Option 2                                                                                                  Aqua Throw, Option 2

Parma Teal Throw

Guillaume Oversized Double Sided Faux Fur Throw Blanket









Pillow – Love , Home, Family                                                                           White Distressed Tray Set

Lismond Love Script Rope Decorative Pillow by Thro by Marlo Lorenz


Hargrave 2 Piece Serving Tray Set















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Our Home

HI!  This section of my blog is set up for posts and pictures of our house.   

***UPDATED July 2020***  New post links, house paint colors, and more pictures added to the “Our Home” Section.

Looking to shop items from our home click Home Shop.  Need some help or can’t find something specific, shoot me a comment on the contact page. 

Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚


  1.  Dining – Naval, Silver Strand
  2.  Master  Bed- Naval, Silver Strand
  3.  Master Bath – Silver Strand
  4.  Entry/Foyer/Stairwell – Tinsmith
  5.  Living/Kitchen – Silver Strand
  6.  Office/Laundry – Aqua Sphere
  7.  Powder Bath – Lakeshore
  8.  Hall – Tempe Star, Silver Strand
  9.  Outside Bath – Silver Strand
  10.  White Trim/Cabinets – Snowbound
  11.  Navy Cabinets – Naval


  1.  Railing – General Finishes Java Gel
  2.  Risers/Spindles – Snowbound
  3.  Treads – Minwax Dark Walnut and Jacobean

Click here to see full post on:



New pictures of posts from our home are now available !! Click on the picture to link to the blog post.








































































































































































Thanks for stopping by the tarnished jewel blog!!  If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email in the contact page. 

I’d love to hear from you πŸ™‚











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Opening up Kitchen Wall to Dining Room

I have always liked our kitchen, but the floorplan for the connecting dining room was awkward.  The wall between the two rooms had a dead space on the kitchen side that really couldn’t be used for anything, and the dining room side had two panel doors that were taking up space that the room really couldn’t afford to give up.  I knew if we could open the wall up between these two rooms, the dining room would feel bigger…… and the kitchen would get more natural light.  Plus, it would just give the area better flow between both rooms.   Let ‘s get to it!  Opening Up Kitchen Wall To Dining Room.

To see more of our updated kitchen click Hurricane Harvey Flooded (part 2) –  for our most current pictures.  To see our painted cabinets makeover (before we flooded) click Painting Dark Kitchen Cabinets White.

***NOTE***  This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support! πŸ™‚


BEFORE from dining room side:



The panel doors take up space on the adjoining wall and just don’t allow for enough room to move around the table.  When there is a Captain’s chair placed at the end of the table, the doors bump into it which is highly annoying.

I first thought about putting a single or double barn door here to save space, but quickly realized that decision would solve only one problem-  the “hinged door” problem.If I was going to change this area and spend the money, I knew opening up the wall would give me the best option for both rooms.








BEFORE from kitchen side:



Here is the dead space to the left side of the opening on the kitchen side.   I have tried everything in that space, and nothing seems to work properly.   I have used a rolling microwave cart, hooks for hanging functional items, decorative items, etc…. but there is just not enough room.

The rolling cart was functional so I could bump it up to the island to gain extra work space, but moving  it back and forth got old quick.  Anything that attached to the wall, only interfered with walking traffic.  Plus, when the pantry door opens (door to the left), it would bump into anything new I tried.  BRU-TAL!!





BEFORE from living room side:



The kitchen floorplan is designed at an angle (at the bar area shown here) so that the area of focus nauturally directs the eye to the pantry door & dead space.  Since the height of the panel doors was the same height as  the pantry door, I knew something was lacking here.

This little area is also my “mama” space where I have my morning coffee and check emails.   It was essential to my sanity that I had something more inspiring to look at than a blank wall.










Taking out the doors completely changes the look and function of both rooms, and adds extra space to the dining area around the table.  There are no longer doors bumping into chairs or guests.

BEFORE …..                                                        AFTER…..


The dead space is  completely gone, and is now replaced with a view of the outside.   The awkward wall area is removed creating  better traffic flow between rooms and more light.

BEFORE…..                                                      AFTER……



The opening to the dining room is higher than the pantry door which allows the focus to be  diverted into the dining room.  The pantry door is still in view, but the lamp and buffet draw your attention away from it.  The extra height also allows for more natural light to shine into the kitchen, and helps make the kitchen feel bigger.

BEFORE…..                                                        AFTER…..

***FYI- In this picture, the pantry door is still the old builder grade paint color, but has been changed.  I’ll show updated pictures later when I do the post on painting the cabinets white.  One project always leads to the next….am I right?  Click Painting Dark Kitchen Cabinets White to see that post.


So, how does something like this come together?  Let’s take a look at the process.  Clear your dining room and kitchen as much as you can, and cover everything.  It WILL get dusty.

First, the panel doors and frame come off.  You (or your contractor) decide where to cut the wall, and move any electrical switches, plugs, etc…  I wanted to keep the light switch, but removed the plug.

I also asked that they make the opening the same height as the arch on the other side of the dining room opening.  This will also help the room feel more balanced.


Then, they will cut out the frame and put in bracing boards on top and sides.  They will add sheet rock, and begin the tape and float process.


Closeup of tape and float and adding texture.


Next they will add the trim pieces to match existing trim, or you can buy new trim for all of it.

At this point, I chose to prime and paint the trim myself to save the $300 painting quote.  (no picture)

I also had them change out my chandelier in the dining room and the foyer, because there’s ALWAYS something new to add to every project.

The dining room light pendant is by Regina Andrews from Horchow.


And the light pendant in the foyer is E.F. Chapman Darlana 6-Light Pendant, polished nickel.


E. F. Chapman Darlana Large Lantern, Polished Nickel









Have a Great Day!!  Love & Hugs πŸ™‚

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Christmas Dining Room



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Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas

Do you have faded faux plants, trees or flowers that you can’t use anymore, but they are just too expensive to toss out?  Give them an instant update with spray paint!  Today I want to show you how to refresh your faded, discolored artificial plants with white spray paint, so you can repurpose them for your Fall, Christmas, or Holiday front porch decor.  Win-Win! So, let’s get to it.  Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas. 

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


***Note:  This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support. πŸ™‚

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas

I wanted to begin by strolling down memory lane with some before pictures (for you visual learners out there)!

Do you remember our front door reveal with the summer front porch decor from last year?

  • Here is what it used to look like in the picture below (with the artificial green plants), and before we painted our brick white

Before picture.

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


And here is a closeup of the faux plants (trees) so you can see them better.

Before Picture:

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


I have really loved these fake plants and planters because they are the perfect size to accent our front door and entry dimensions.

But these plants have started to fade since they get about 6 hours of direct sunlight/day and face the west – ugh!

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


They started turning a blue-green kind of color, and I knew it was time to take them to the garage. 

  • So they waited patiently for their turn in the “project line” – plan B – that is.
  • And after 3 months or so, these green faux plants moved to the front of the line for their next calling – getting to become painted white faux plants.  LOL!!

Let’s get to it!  Spray Painting Fake Plants White:  Front Porch Ideas.


Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas

Here are the supplies I used for spray painting the artificial plants and setting them up into the black planters.


For Spray Painting:

  • faded, old (or new) artificial plants
  • 4 cans of blossom white or (heirloom white spray paint)
  • plastic floor covering
  • wooden blocks 
  • *optional –  1 clear spray paint to seal
  • *optional – rubber gloves

For Black Planters:

  • 2 planters
  • 2 plastic bins
  • 4 pavers (or brick pieces)
  • 4 wood remnants (like 1×4’s, etc)
  • foil
  • potting soil
  • plastic cup
  • scissors

I found a great deal for my artificial plants at Michael’s for 50% off, but they no longer carry them – sorry! 

Here are some similar options:

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas

Step #1:  Protect Floor/Ground With Plastic

The first thing you will want to do is put plastic down to protect your driveway, grass, or ground.

I will say that these were VERY tricky to do on the grass.  

So, I would recommend trying to do this project on solid ground or your driveway – where they don’t tip over easily.

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


Step #2:  Spray Paint Fake Plants Upright

Once you have your ground protected, it’s time to start spraying your fake plants (trees) in the upright position.

Just use a gentle sweeping back and forth type of movement so that the white paint goes on smoothly for this first coat.

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


You will not cover it completely with the spray paint (unless you want it solid white – and that’s ok too). 

This method will give them a more “white-washed” look, where a little of the veins peek through.

Spray both plants.

This step will take one can of spray paint = 1 can so far.

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas

Let them dry for about 5-10 minutes.


Step #3:  Spray Paint Fake Plants Lying Flat

Now, you will lie your fake plants flat onto your plastic and spray paint them in this position.

Use that same sweeping motion again.

In the picture below, the right one has been sprayed, and the left one has not.

  • I just wanted to show you why it’s best to lie them flat – so you can spray the under side of the fake leaves.

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


In this picture below, the left side has been sprayed twice and right side still just once.

You will use another can of spray paint for this step = 2 cans so far.

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


TIP:  Make sure to lift some of the leaves up while spraying just to make sure they are not “hiding” underneath another leaf….. because they are πŸ˜‰

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


Let them dry 15-20 minutes.

Here is what they will look like after using 2 cans.

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


Repeat Steps #2/#3 Again

Now, you will simply repeat the same steps again – spraying them upright, spraying them lying down.

  • (And I mean the plants lying down, not you) Haha!!

Make sure to let them dry between each step.

You will use 2 more cans = ~ 3 cans total.


Step #4:  Do Touch-ups

Now it’s time to poke around and do some touch-ups on all of the leaves that you missed.

This will be frustrating – sorry!  

Try to get as many spots as you can, but don’t worry too much.

  • As long as it’s not completely “green” in some spots, you won’t notice.

This will take up your last can = 4 cans total.

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


You Are Done!!  

(What about the planters?  Keep reading…)

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas



Step #5: Add Plants to Planters

I used plastic buckets from Michael’s and filled them with 2 leftover pavers from our pool decking. 

  • But you could also fill them with board remnants, bricks, rocks, etc.
  • You just need something to weight down your fake plants so they stay put.

Bucket + Pavers:

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


Then add some flat wood pieces on top of your pavers or rocks.

Bucket, Pavers, & wood (1″x 4″s):

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


Step #6: Add Foil & Soil

Now, it’s time to add foil and potting mix/plant soil to make your faux plants look real.

You will simply cut a large piece of foil that is a little larger than the size of your planter (see picture below).

  1.  Then cut a line in the front middle
  2.  Wrap your foil piece around your fake plant
  3.  Push foil around flat around sides of the planter
  4.  Cut small piece of foil/cover middle gaps with it

Repeat for second planter.

Adding Foil:

I mean, this is SO fancy – right?  LOL πŸ˜‰

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


Then, it’s time to add soil/potting mix (see picture below).

  1.  Just use a plastic cup to get soil/potting mix from bag
  2.  Pour soil on top of foil and spread out
  3.  Repeat about 5-6 cups to cover all of the foil

Repeat for second planter.

Adding Soil:

Looks like a real plant – right?Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


You are ALL Done!!

Put your planters on your front porch, driveway, around the pool, or wherever you need a little contrast.


So, how did they turn out at our house?

Here is how our front porch looks like now, with our exterior brick house makeover, and the artificial plants spray painted white.

Isn’t paint just so awesome? 

Spray Painting Fake Plants White: Front Porch Ideas


To see more using these planters and front porch decorating ideas click:

Have a Great Week!!

Love & Hugs πŸ™‚


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