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Christmas Dining Room: Navy + Red

Well, it looks like Christmas decorating is starting a little earlier than usual these days….. for everyone!!  With Thanksgiving falling earlier in November this year, and all of the dept. stores pulling out Christmas decor in like JULY, more and more of us are moving to that same trend.  And I gotta admit- I ain’t hating it!!  LOL!!  Not to dismiss Thanksgiving or anything fall related, Christmas is a magical season that brings people together!  And where does that take place (- in the bellies )….- well really in the dining room- where we gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!!  AMEN!!  So, here is my Christmas Dining Room:  Navy + Red.


So, I set up my Christmas dining room with a couple of quick swaps from my Fall Dining Room.  Click here to see Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps

It is a very informative post that helps you get ready for hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and gives you the tools to transition from one holiday to the next with little effort.

WOOHOO!!  And that means more time to spend with your family and do some Christmas shopping.  Click here to see my dining room before we flooded Blue Christmas Dining Room.


I love how easy it is to change out a couple of decorating items, and basically you have a new “season.”  Stay tuned for my next post Going from Fall to Christmas: Dining Room – (now ready)! 

Click 33 Ideas Decorating Stairs for Christmas or 20 Best Christmas Door Wreaths for more holiday decorating inspiration.


***TIP***  Make a wreath to form an “O” from a pom pom pick or floral (greenery) pick by bending the wire. 

You could always use a candle ring too….like the red ones on my 3 candle sticks. 😉


Remember to use what you have on hand to help save extra money.  I found my red napkin rings in one of my buffet drawers – that I had from 10 yrs ago. 

Just never know when you may need something small to add a big punch of color.  It’s your Christmas Dining Room, so use YOUR goodies!!


Adding Christmas words like joy, merry, hope, peace, and noel help add a touch of whimsy to a formal decor palette. 

Use them on walls, pillows, signs, or even on dishes.

Want more buffalo check ideas….click Buffalo Check Snowman Using Embroidery Hoops or Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament Balls.


Don’t forget to add a couple of sparkly ornaments to your chandelier.  Use different sizes and shapes to add interest, and also hang them at different lengths. 

Just remember to use light-weight and shatter proof ornaments.  I think I dropped all but one when trying to figure out where to hang mine – HA!!


Add some colored glasses to bring in a little holiday cheer.  I used my red glasses that my dear friend gave me over 5 years ago. 

Not only to they add some fun to the table, I think of her every time I glance over at my table – LOVE THIS!!


Make sure to add a couple of candles in your Christmas Dining Room for a little ambiance.  Use white, red, gold,  or silver – for some lower lighting.


And don’t forget to light them – LOL!!


Now, sit back and relax……well for about 30 minutes until one of your kiddos or husband needs something!! 

And then- use one of those “red martini – or wine glasses” – AND FILL IT!!


Hope you love my Christmas Dining Room & your’s too!!


Love all things blue:  Try 14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.


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Blue Christmas Dining Room- Home Tour

Since we flooded during Hurricane Harvey this August, (and decorating the dining room for Christmas is not an option this year) I decided to post pictures of my Blue Christmas Dining Room from last year.  It still makes me smile to see all the different shades of blue, and of course my crazy love affair with white feathers.   This room is one of my all-time favorites…. it’s light and airy, but packs in a whole lotta punch.  If you want to see what it looked like before we flooded  Click here-  Blue and White Fall Dining Room .


The white feather tree I bought from Michael’s (i think) about 5 years ago, and it moves from room to room each year.  But it ALWAYS comes out-LOL!!!  The tree lights up and makes the feathers look like angel wings at night-swoon!!


The white candle sticks are from Round Top, TX Antique Show.  The glass votive that sits on top of each one makes a perfect resting spot for the ornaments so they don’t roll off.  The urn is from Home Goods.

I made the white feather wreath from a couple of feather boas on a wire frame.   Easy to weave them into the wire frame.   I painted the J & Y letters gold, and attached fabric to a wooden backing I made to go inside the frames.  The frames I found at an antique store that I painted silver.  The frames are very heavy, so they are on small nails.

Of course, what is Christmas without a little leopard or cheetah ribbon/fabric???  It adds just a little personality and tones down all of the blue and gold.  The stockings for our Christmas mantel have leopard on them also….I’ll post those next year 🙂


I know it is hard to see (lighting was not the best on these from last year- obviously) but the walls are gray here.  If you look at my blue FALL dining room post, they are blue.  I spent a year painting all of the rooms downstairs in our house gray, and I was beginning to feel like I was living in  “a cloudy kind of day” mood…..and I NEED some color!!!  So, there was a little change.  Live out loud- Live in color…..right??!!





These picks I found at Michael’s about 5 years ago too.  I love how the darker teal and navy really makes the turquoise and white pop…..and I can’t decorate for Christmas without some bling.



Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Love & Hugs 🙂


Need more Christmas inspiration and ideas???  Click Here for Christmas Stairs Love and here for Christmas Door Wreaths.

Want more navy and white Christmas DIY ideas or LOVE all things buffalo check??? Try Buffalo Check Snow-Woman or Buffalo Check Ornaments




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Christmas Home Tour: Let It Snow

If you have been following my blog recently, you know that I have a Let It Snow, white winter wonderland theme going on this year inside our house!  There is the snow village table setting and diy wall decor in the dining room, silver balls pine spray staircase in the entry,  wooden shelf paper Christmas tree in the living room, and the white poinsettia shimmer wreath trio in the kitchen.  So today I am excited to share the rest of my holiday decorating ideas and tips with you!  Here is Christmas Home Tour:  Let It Snow.  


For my theme this year, I chose the colors white, silver, and gold to mix in with all of my navy and indigo blues.

I used these dominate colors in all of the larger areas of our home, so that they would have a cohesive look.  Then in some of the smaller areas, (like the office and powder bath) I used reds, pinks, and turquoise to have a little fun! 

This post is filled with a ton of pictures!!  I tried to pull out as many new or different photos (from the posts mentioned above) that I could, so that you can see other areas of our home.  

Let’s get to the home tour!



Our entry is filled with a ton of white and blue already, so I really punched up the texture and glimmer. 


I added silver wreaths to the barn doors, and simply added a white grois grain ribbon tied in a loose knot.

Of course, no home tour is complete without my Boomer!!  He loves to be with me when I’m decorating, and especially when I’m taking pictures!!

Then I added the pine sprays to the staircase banisters, and kept that same theme going with the grois grain ribbon.  

I am loving my new sign from Home Goods also!! 

Click here for the song by Hillsong Worship – Words and Music by Ben Fielding & Brooke Ligertwood.  It is one of the most beautiful songs I have every heard!


Instead of tying a loose knot though, I went with a loosely tied bow.  It still gives off the same “non-stuffy” vibe, but adds a little weight to the top of the sprays.

For more information on the pine sprays, click here.


I made these navy and white buffalo check embroidery hoop ornaments a couple of years ago, and simply change them up every year.   

The gold dot bows, organza ribbons, and white pom pom ornaments were the perfect accent to my winter theme.

Click here to use them together to make a snowman, or here to use as ornaments


TIP #1:  Use cake plates or cake stands to elevate smaller Christmas accessories when decorating.  

This also helps draw attention (or extra focus) to items that wouldn’t get noticed – like my white furry silver sleigh!!


TIP#2:  Add a couple of sparkly snowflake ornaments to your candle lanterns.

I know most of us already know the little trick of adding ornaments or greenery to lanterns, but adding some snowflake ornaments gives a little extra texture too.

You can always add the ornaments to your chandeliers – like mine from last year.


Of course, there’s the literal way to express your let it snow theme – haha!!  Click here for wall sign tutorial.

But it’s really more than just a sign.  The gold glitter letters bring in that winter shimmer that I needed, and the white pom poms and feather wreath wreath bring in the snow texture.


And don’t forgot about a Christmas Tree centerpiece or using snow village ornaments .  Click here for more info on the winter tablescape.


TIP #3:  Fill a wooden tray with flocked picks, glimmer balls, and a white poinsettia to add some winter shimmer.

Turn a plain tray into an accent piece, with a couple of Christmas-y accessories and glass hurricane.


TIP #4:  Add wooden shelf paper to top of furniture to warm up your let it snow theme.

This is a great way to add a little warmth to all of your white, so it doesn’t come off too cold.

  • P.S.  I’ll try to do a post on both tips 3 & 4 soon!   But you’ll recognize something similar…..


….right here!!  Do you recognize the shelf paper?  For more info on the wall tree click here.  

I had to work around Boomer for the living room pictures.  It’s kind of like he’s one of our presents – love it!!


TIP 5:  Use pom pom garland on your tree(s) – to keep with the snow theme. 

Love white lamps?  Try Try 14 Best White Table Lamps or DIY Ceramic Lamp Makeover:  Painted White.


I used a TON of whites and ivory in the living room, with pops of gold and silver.



TIP #6:  Add wooden beads to hurricanes to warm up all of the white.


And remember that white poinsettia, flocked picks, and glimmer balls that I used to “dress” up the wooden tray in the dining room?

Well, they also were used to accent the wreaths in the kitchen.


Now, your’e dining room and kitchen can have coordinating Christmas accents.  

For more information on the wreath trio, click here.



And don’t forget your gold shimmer too.  It really adds a lot of depth to all of the silver and whites.

TIP #7:  Add different shades of gold pillows to sofas, chairs, & baskets.



TIP #8:  Place gold ornaments on trays and on mantel garland to give extra depth.



I have had these 2 shimmery topiary trees for a while now also, and they find a new home each Christmas!  

This year they found their way to the mantel – love how they complete the look.




TIP #9:  Use a white fur throw blanket for your tree skirt.

Then when Christmas is over, you can continue to use it for the rest of the winter season.



And don’t forget about about your angelic or nativity ornaments to finish out your Christmas decorating!

Thanks Mom – love this one!!



I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of our office and powder bath.   

They are always a little “different” than the rest of our house, just so I can add a little whimsy and personality!


I haven’t shown any pictures of our office before – well because this room is ALWAYS a mess – haha!  So, at least I was able to clean it up enough for a couple of photos.


My mom and girls made the green garland accents with turquoise bows and hot pink ornaments years ago.  And they will always find a home each year too.

I love them in here with all of the bright colors.


The red, hot pink, and turquoise really pop off of the family photos, and against all of the black and white.   This little vignette has really been one of my favorites for the last 2 years now!

And of course, Boomer again too 😉



And last but not least is my “crazy” room!  It’s where everything is welcome & anything goes! 


My girls still love this red sleigh with the teddy bears, so I use it every Christmas. 

It always held the extra toilet paper (in our bathroom before we flooded) because we only had a pedestal sink in here.

Now, it found a new home for holding the Christmas hand towel.


The blue snowman towel (above) and the blue snowman soap (below) – still kind of have a winter snow theme LOL!

And the pom pom trees fit perfectly with my other garland on the Christmas trees and Let it Snow Sign.  I do love my white pom poms!!  


Hope you found some inspiration and helpful tips & tricks to create your own let it snow winter Christmas decorating theme this year!!



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5 Tips: Christmas Tree Snow Village Table Setting

I am so excited to show you how to create this Christmas tablescape this year.  Last year I used navy and red for my color scheme, and this year I wanted to go with navy, white and gold (because of my Let It Snow Glitter Sign).  If you are looking for winter wonderland Christmas table setting ideas, try this one out.  I hope it brings a little joy and sparkle to your Christmas Season.  Here are 5 Tips:  Christmas Tree Snow Village Table Setting.

Christmas Home Tour 2019 Coming Soon!

***NOTE*** This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.   Thanks for your support 🙂


5 Tips:  Christmas Tree Snow Village Table Setting


I would like to start off with wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and blessings for this holiday season.  Decorating for our Lord’s birthday is an honor, and we (at our house) are just so grateful to be able to share that gift with you!  

So as you create your table setting masterpiece, do it for the Glory Of God.  And as you share in that family meal, take a minute to thank Him for everything He has provided for you.   Amen!

Ok – let’s get to decorating!!

Just a FYI:  This tutorial is for 6 place settings and Shopping Supplies are at the very end of post – thanks!

5 Tips:  Christmas Tree Snow Village Table Setting

TIP #1:  Use Multiple Christmas Trees For Centerpiece

For the centerpiece, use 6 trees with different shapes, heights, dimensions, and textures. Just make sure to keep all of your trees in the white, ivory, and silver family to create this look.

You’ll notice that I have 2 silver trees that are 3-dimensional, one round tree, and one bottle brush tree trio.   

This is very important so that you add texture and dimension to your table.  Otherwise it will look flat.

I found all of mine at Home Goods.



Just pop in a couple of white or silver candles, some flocked greenery, and some pine cones to fill in the gaps.  

I found these adorable silver Christmas tree candle tea lights also, and knew that they would be a perfect fit here.  Aren’t they the cutest??




TIP #2:  Use White Wreaths as Chargers

If you have been following some of my posts, you will remember these little jewels from my frosted pink fall dining room decor.  These were the wreaths that I used to hang on the back of the chairs.

*They found a new home for Easter and I turned them into DIY wreath signs here.* 

Now, they found a new home  – as chargers.  Mine are metal, but you can use floral white wreaths instead.

You can also use grapevine wreaths and spray paint them white (see supplies at end of post).


Then simply place your dinner plate on top of your wreath.  I love that the wreath adds texture to the ceramic plates and bowls.



TIP #3:  Use Gold-Rimmed Dinnerware & Stemware

Add plates or glasses that are detailed with a simple gold rim or have gold pattern accents.  

My mom gave me these little gold rimmed antique glasses years ago, and they are definitely my favorite!!  They are sweet, simple, and just add a little glimmer to the top of the place setting and centerpiece.


These Lenox (“Vintage “Jewel”) plates are from our wedding – ya – they’re old too – LOL!!  Each dinner, accent, salad, and bread and butter plate have different trims.  

This makes it fun to mix-match the dinnerware so that it doesn’t look boring.



TIP #4:  White and Gold Christmas Word Napkins

I found these sweet little table napkins at Home Goods, and knew they were coming home with me!  I love how there are several different Christmas cheer sentiments – so that each guest could have a different word.  

I just simply folded and ironed my napkins so that the word I wanted – ended up in the center.  


Then just tuck them under your wreaths.  You can also put them directly on the table also, if you prefer the more traditional look.

Either way, just make sure you can see the words.

TIP #5:  Add your Snow Village Ornaments

My mom had given me these precious white and gold snow village ornaments when I was in college.  So, to say the least…. I’ve had them a V.E.R.Y  long time!  

They were the perfect color and look I was going for in the dining room, so it was a no-brainer.  

Each bowl has a different style house, and then I repeated that look on the other side of the table.  



And then I used the 2 extra houses and 2 santas for the centerpiece decoration.  It just ties the place settings and table runner decor together.

Here is the other house on the left side of the place setting below.

If you don’t love the snow village look, just use white or gold ornaments.  It will give you the same look overall.



Side View:


Top View:


Front View:

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These items are similar to the ones that I used. to give you the same look.  

  1.   Trees –  silver, white, white beaded, bottle brush, candles
  2.   White Wreaths – metal –  OR – 14″ grapevine wreath here and white paint
  3.   Gold-Rimmed Dinnerware – here 
  4.   Gold-Rimmed Stemware – here
  5.   White and Gold Christmas Napkins – words here or snowflakes here
  6.   Snow Village Ornaments – here, here, here and here
  7.   Snow Village Figurines – set here



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DIY Wall Christmas Tree Tutorial: Using Shelf Paper

If you are looking for easy and budget-friendly Christmas wall decorating ideas, try out this DIY Wall Christmas Tree Tutorial:  Using Shelf Paper!  It’s perfect for filling a large open space for Christmas, and you won’t need a lot of money or time to get it done.  Plus, it’s a great way to add a tree to a small living room or apartment without having to buy an actual tree.  Ok – let’s get to it!

***NOTE***This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Pleas see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support :).

DIY Wall Christmas Tree Tutorial: 

Using Shelf Paper


  1.   *Wood Shelf Paper – here – (1 Roll)*
  2.   Pom Pom Garland – here – (4 Strands) 
  3.   String
  4.   Tape
  5.   Measuring Tape 
  6.   Scissors
  7.   Pen
  8.   Yard stick or Ruler
  9.   **Gold Bows – optional **

*FYI – You can replace the shelf paper with removable wallpaper or even gift wrapping paper.    Just have fun with it!!*    


Scroll to the VERY end of the post for tree dimensions.

DIY Wall Christmas Tree Tutorial: 

Using Shelf Paper


You will cut the shelf paper in staggered widths to make the tree top and trunk.  You will need 4 pieces for the tree top, and one piece for the tree trunk.  

My bottom piece is 50″W, and then I just shortened each piece as it went up the wall. 

The trunk portion is 8 1/2″H x 12 1/2″ W.

*Please read all of step 1 before you begin! * 


***NOTE*** Put some TAPE onto the back of shelf paper for this part and attach to the wall.  DO NOT pull backing off the shelf paper and stick to the wall yet!!


This is what it should look like when you have it taped to your wall.  

It kind of ended up looking like a birthday cake – right?  Hmmm – that could be another idea – LOL!!


For this part I used some jute string that I had on hand to make the outline of the tree shape. 

You can use whatever you have at home – it is just for creating the design of your tree.

I taped my string to the wall for the starting point, but you can tape it directly to the shelf paper also.  Just make for sure that the tape is a gift tape, or one that can be removed without tearing the paper.

Here is what it looks like with the string taped onto the shelf paper. 

***NOTE*** You will need to make the top part of the tree fit onto the shelf paper to make a true point.  In my picture below, I have it taped with an OPEN space.

This was my trial run, and I ended up moving it to a true point. 


Now add some painters tape or other removable tape to keep the paper from moving onto the wall.  This will help keep the shelf paper flat, when you are tracing the line of the string.


Next, you will take a yard stick or ruler and trace the “tree” string with a pen.  

***Just make sure not to press to hard or it will poke a hole in your shelf paper***

Follow the string exactly to make a straight line.  In the picture below, I moved the string upwards so that you could see the pen line. 


Now you can take the shelf paper off of the wall and cut your tree line. 

It should look something like this when you are done.


Start with the trunk first to attach the tree to the wall. 

TIP:  Measure the center of your wall space, and mark the center of your tree trunk.  This will help make sure that the tree is centered on your wall.

Then you can follow that same method when attaching each tree section.



Attach each section to the wall.

If you have an electrical outlet inside your tree, just cut that portion out.  You do NOT want to cover that!!


If you like the look of the tree as is, you are done!  If you want to add some pom pom garland, keep reading.


Of course, no tree is complete without a little accessorizing!  

I did a mock trial with the draped garland, like picture below first.  It’s also cute, but I ended up liking the second version better.

Here is the swagged one….. in case you like this style.


And here is the one that I liked a little better for myself.  

I just draped the pom pom garland in a diagonal “swag” pattern with clear tape, with no rhyme or reason – Ha!  Sometimes no plan is the best plan!


And with the 2 gold bows….. just adds a little whimsy.  



And You are Done!!  




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DIY Let It Snow Christmas Wall Decor

I recently made these over-sized giant gold glitter letters for my daughter’s Sweet 16 Birthday Yard Sign, and wanted to reuse them somewhere inside the house for Christmas this year.   But I needed a large open wall space.  And, I found the perfect spot – my dining room navy accent wall!  If you’re looking for Christmas wall decorating ideas and on a tight budget, try this project out.  DIY Let It Snow Christmas Wall Decor.  

5 Tips:  Christmas Tree Snow Village Table Setting is now ready!!  See how it all came together.

***NOTE***  This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support! 🙂

DIY Let It Snow Christmas Wall Decor


DIY Let It Snow Christmas Wall Decor



Since these letters were originally made to spell S-W-E-E-T, I needed to add an L and N to spell Let and Snow. 

To make the gold glitters letters, click on the tutorial here and add the N & L.  

Do not add the wooden or metal dowels from the tutorial – those are just for the yard.  I figured you knew that, but just wanted to make sure! LOL!!



Now, you will need to add the jute string to the letters for hanging them onto the wall.  I will admit that I tried a couple of other options (like clear string, etc), and it did not work.  

The just string is a good choice because it is strong enough to hold the weight of the the foam board.

Make a small loop like the one shown below, and secure with packing tape.  You might have to adjust these depending on each letter “shape.” 


***TIP***  Turn the ends of  jute string up like the picture below so that the string doesn’t slip through your tape.  This helps secure the string better, giving it a double reinforcement.

STEP 3:  

Attach your letters and white wreath to the wall by using nails, or your preferred method.    

I tried a couple of different ways to hang these, and they did not work – just a FYI.  I used the adhesive tape, and then some furniture felt pads – but they weren’t strong enough.

Here are my nails that have a small head on the end.  This helped to hold the jute string.


STEP 4:  

Now it’s time to add the “it” to the Let It Snow Wall Decor.  

I decided that the wall could use a little more white…. and a little more texture to really make the wall sign pop.  Since the letters are outlined with the white pom poms, the white pom pom garland was the perfect addition.


I secured the pom pom garland to the wall with the adhesive tape, and it worked great.  If you need to adjust the “font” then simply pull the poms off the tape.

You might have to use several pieces of tape to get the cursive font you like.


Here is my practice run with some leftover garland from my sweet 16 sign.



Here it is finished.  I angled “it” to the side just a little, to bring in some whimsy.  Then, I used a couple of extra pom poms to make the dot of the “i”.

I love how it turned out – what do you think?





I just added a couple of furry accessories to accent my winter wonderland, and it was complete!



You can use a different wreath, or make one out of the foam board also.  I already had this little beauty that I made years ago, so it was easy to incorporate it here.

Just makes the wall decoration look less formal.  Of course – gotta have some cheetah!!



***5 Tips:  Christmas Tree Snow Village Table Setting is now ready!!  See how it all came together.***



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14 Ways to Decorate With Blue: For Every Room & Budget

It is definitely no secret that our home is FILLED with all things blue.  From indigo and cobalt blue area rugs and upholstered furniture to aqua and seafoam blue lamps and pillows, every room is packed with blue home decor!    So, here are my personal blue decorating ideas and tips:  14 Ways to Decorate with Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.   

***NOTE***This post contains affiliate links which means I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my privacy and disclosure policies below.  Thanks for your support! 🙂

14 Ways to Decorate With Blue:  For Every Room & Budget


One of the most difficult decisions when decorating is how to use color.  So today we’re going to cover how to do that using blue, and will answer the main questions:


How can I add color to my house? 

How do you add pops of color to a room?

We will also cover:

Where can I add blue to my house?  Every room.

You can add blue to living rooms, kitchens, powder baths, dining rooms, offices, laundry rooms, hallways, master bathroom and bedrooms, and even outdoors!!

What color goes with (indigo) blue?  Every color.  

As you scroll through the pictures, you’ll see a variety of blue color schemes:  blue mixed with yellows, oranges, blush pinks, emerald greens, turquoise, & even metallic colors (like gold, silver, or copper).

How many accent colors should be in a room?  Typically 3 colors.

There’s the 60-30-10 rule that’s been around forever, but what does this actually mean?

*** In our house basically the dominant color is blue (navy) 60%, with secondary color (white) 30%, and then each accent color (yellow, orange, blush, green, turquoise) 10%. ***

Just don’t get to caught up into these ratios.  It’s your house, so add color that makes YOU smile.

Ok – let’s get to the good stuff!

14 Ways to Decorate With Blue:  For Every Room & Budget


  1.   Table Linens – table runners, napkins, & placemats
  2.   Window Treatments, Bath, & Bedding – curtains, shower curtains, & bedding
  3.   Chair Cushions – indoor and outdoor dining, & chaise lounge
  4.   Throw Blankets  & Throw Pillows
  5.   Walls – ladder, art work, ribbon, wallpaper, seasonal decor
  6.   Lighting – lamp, lamp shades & light pendants
  7.   Upholstered Furniture – ottomans, benches, blue couch slipcovers, & accent chairs
  8.   Dinnerware – plates, bowls, & mugs
  9.   Accessories & Miscellaneous – vases & shelf paper
  10.   Floor – rugs, wood tile, dog beds, & poufs


  1.   Walls – accent wall, entire room, & back of bookshelves
  2.   Cabinets – kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities
  3.   Furniture – end table, coffee & console table
  4.   Accessories – mirrors, picture frames, & flower pots

***If you would like more information on a particular picture, just click on the picture or link (source) under each picture to take you to the post.***



Using table linens is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to add blue to your home. 

Try adding some fun blue and white patterned napkins and placemats to your dining room or kitchen table for every day use.  Or use them for holiday and seasonal entertaining – with an accent color.


And add a fun table runner to dining tables, a buffet, or even an entry console table.  

Use a patterned blue and white ikat runner for a bohemian chic look, or a navy and white buffalo check table runner for a modern farmhouse look.


Want to to change things up?  Just turn your table runner from horizontal to vertical. 

Completely changes the focus.



Using blue and white curtains, roman shades, or valances is a great way to add color to bare windows in neutral color living spaces.  

Afraid to commit to living room or bedroom curtains?  Start out small with adding blue to a bathroom.

Try a bold, large print cobalt blue shower curtain to a guest or kids bathroom to add a little fun. 

And don’t forget about bath or hand towels.  Add solid, patterned, or striped blue towels to bring in some color also.

***TIP*** You can use curtains and shower curtains as table runners or table covers also – click here or picture below to find out how.  


You just can’t go wrong with blue and white bedding.  It’s a classic color combination that you’ll be able to use forever – really!! 

Find a reversible comforter if you like to change things up often.  Mine reverses to blue and white pin stripes, and I love having the extra decorating option.



Adding chair cushions is another easy and economical way to add blue to your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

Use them on indoor dining chairs to add a punch of color and soften hard edges in your kitchen breakfast nook. 


Or add them to outdoor dining chairs, chaise lounge chairs, and counter stools to provide extra comfort for outdoor entertaining.  





Using throw blankets and throw pillows is probably the most fun way to add blue decor to your home, but is no longer limited to just your living room.

Toss a couple of throw blankets onto your couch, tuck them a storage basket in an entry console, or drape them across your bed to add some blue to your home. 

Use solid blue or navy blankets for a bigger “pop” of color, or use blankets with patterns for a smaller punch of color.


Use navy blue or cobalt blue throw pillows on an entry bench, dining room chairs, kitchen banquette area, bed, storage bin, and of course your couch and club chairs.







Using ladders is a fun coastal farmhouse way to add a punch of blue to your walls, without doing any permanent damage.  Plus, you can move it to any room in your house.

This little gem kind of ties in with #3 – throw blankets, but can also be used to store magazines, family photos, and extra bath towels as well. 


Find a pair of framed navy and white geometric prints or hang a wreath with blue and white ribbon. 

Just a small “pop” of color goes a long way.


Wallpaper is another way to add a punch of blue to your walls.  Use it on an accent wall, half-wall with wainscoting, or even add it to the back of a bookshelf.

This is definitely on my to do list!!  Here’s a little preview of my wallpaper inspiration – dream room.  What do ya think?

source: via

Holiday navy and white wall accents are another option when adding blue to your wall decor. 

Try these diy buffalo check ornaments or diy embroidery hoops snowman for Christmas decorating this year.




Using blue lamps is one of my personal favorite ways to add color to my house, even though mine are more aqua and turquoise blue. 

They still blend in perfectly with my monochromatic blue color palette, and add a touch of coastal style as well.




And don’t forget about navy or blue lampshades for a little pop of color. 

Use patterned lamp shades for added drama, or solid lamp shades to keep your look classic.


Here is our dining room before we flooded.  Still love (and have) that indigo blue lamp shade – adds a touch of shabby chic to the room.


If I had to choose just one blue light pendant that made my heart pitter-patter, this little beauty would be it!  I love how playful it is, but yet so simplistic – all at the same time!

It’s like coastal boho meets vintage chic.



Who can resist adding some upholstered items to your home, showcasing your unique personality? 

Whether it be blue and white boho ottomans, a coastal blue and white entry bench, a solid denim blue sofa slipcover, or a navy and white buffalo check accent chair…… their is something fun for everyone!!


And like the coastal farmhouse ladder, the ottomans and benches can be moved from room to room when needed. 

Sometimes, all you need is blue and white with just a mixture of patterns and textures!! 


And don’t forget about using a blue sofa, a pair of club or accent chairs, and even blue slipcovers. 

This denim slipcover has been in our girls’ playroom for 8+ years – and it still looks good. 

If I could find a spot for this little cutie – I would get it asap.  There is just something about a navy blue buffalo check chair that makes me so happy!

Click here for more farmhouse inspiration – with this accent chair.



Using blue, or blue and white dinnerware is another way to bring in your favorite hue.  Just like the table linens, you can use these dishes every day also.

Choose more casual, playful patterns for a mix-n-match style or choose gold rimmed china for a more traditional elegant style.


Set the blue dishes up with your blue and white table linens for a cohesive look, when planning a family gathering.


And don’t forget about a little coffee bar or coffee station for your friends!  Using blue and white polka dot coffee mugs just scream good times and tons of laughter for your girlfriends!



Besides throw pillows, adding home decor accessories is the easiest (and cheapest) way to add blue to your home.  My personal favorite way to accent with any color, is by using vases.

You can choose a large coastal style blue and white striped vase, or a traditional chinoiserie style vase for big impact. 




You have probably noticed these other two throughout this post – love them!!  The rope just adds the perfect coastal touch.




This last one, that I’ll call miscellaneous, is really the easiest way to splash blue everywhere!!  It is a little time consuming, but oh-so-worth-it!

What is this little secret gem – it’s shelf paper!  I found this cute shelf liner at Target, and have it in all of my cabinets. 


Even my honey likes it, so I knew it was a winner!


#10 FLOOR 

Don’t forget about floor accents.  Use pops of blue on the floor through different styles of rugs, wood tile, dog beds or poufs. 

Basically, this applies to any blue accent that draws the eye down (toward the ground level).

Rugs are the best way to decorate with blue, but can get expensive.   Check out this post for budget-friendly navy blue and white area rugs.


Personally I have a little crush with blue and white rugs, and love that each rug has it’s own “style.”    

Go with a navy blue and white boho shag rug in the living for added texture and warmth, and use an indigo-dyed blue patterned rug for the dining room to add interest.

*Try here to add blue signs to the hanging white wreaths you see. 


A little on the pricier side, but just have to mention it, is distressed blue wood tile (flooring). 

This fun wood tile is perfect for the laundry room where you need a little “color” sunshine to brighten your day.  Anything helps – right?? LOL 🙂

My husband actually chose this flooring – what do you think?

And don’t forget about navy blue dog beds or striped blue poufs. 

Both of these probably don’t come to mind when you think of decorating, but they add just the right pop of color.  

If I had to choose a blue pouf, this would be my first pick!  It’s a little coastal boho chic style, and would go perfect in my living room.




The most popular way to add blue to your home is of course with painted walls.  You can try a navy accent wall in the dining room, master bedroom, or even your living room.


Or paint an entire room blue.  This would work great where you have a lot of white cabinets to contrast against the blue – like an office or laundry room.

Afraid to commit?  Try painting the back wall of a bookshelf for a little pop of color.

Click here for My House Paint Colors:  House Of Blues.



If you are a little more daring, try painting your kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, or bathroom vanities blue.  

Here is my master bath vanity painted SW Naval.  I have to admit that I still love the color, and it adds such depth to all of the white tile and quartz.



For those of you who are not quite as fearless – LOL – try painting a piece of furniture blue.  Start with a small piece first, like an end table, and then move on to a coffee table, or even a console table.

Here is our entry console table, painted a smoky blue.  Click here for tutorial.   Love Round Mirrors, click here and here.



And for those of you who are completely timid – try painting some accessories blue.  I recommend beginning with candle sticks or picture frames, and moving on to flower pots and mirrors.

Here are my painted flower pots – click here for the tutorial.


And then there’s my crazy turquoise blue chinoiserie mirror.  This one is still with me from my painted furniture boutique days…..and I still love it!!

I hope you found some inspiration, and will be encouraged to add some blue to your home.  If you have a favorite, let me know what it is.  I’d love to hear from you! 

Have a Great Weekend!  Love & Hugs 🙂

If you would like more information on a particular picture, just click on the picture or link (source) under each picture to take you to the post.

Some of the Posts Used in this Article: 

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12 Best Coastal Farmhouse Dining Tables

Dining table styles and function have come a long way.  They are no longer just a piece of furniture used for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter family gatherings.  Nor do they have to be formal, shiny, or placed exclusively in a dining room setting.  But they do more than occupy a space:  they bring families together to celebrate life, share memories, and to praise God for the meals provided.  Here are the 12 Best Coastal Farmhouse Dining Tables.

*Updated May 2020*

***NOTE*** This post contains affiliate links which means that I will receive a small compensation if you purchase something from these links.  Please see my disclosure and privacy policies below.  Thanks for your support. 🙂


What is coastal farmhouse style? 

Coastal farmhouse is the simplicity of modern or vintage farm-style furniture merged with elements of water, sand, and sky.

The LOOK:  worn pieces or distressed furnishings + colors associated with the ocean or beach.  

 Think granny’s vintage or antique coffee table + navy striped rug

The FEEL:   extreme comfort + complete relaxation.

Think favorite over-sized sweatshirt + no shoes required vibe.

What is coastal farmhouse dining room style?

The LOOK:  distressed white farmhouse table + wooden chairs (painted seafoam blue)

The FEEL:   no drink coasters needed + wet swimsuits allowed

Need more Farmhouse Style Inspiration and Ideas?  Try Find Your Style:  Four Farmhouse Mood Boards


I just wanted to share some pictures of our coastal farmhouse dining tables: in the kitchen breakfast nook, and in our dining room.  Hopefully, they will give you some ideas of paint colors, fabric colors, and lighting choices to help visualize your own space.  

#1 Here is our coastal farmhouse breakfast nook

I tend to lean more to the casual, modern farmhouse side in this room.

This table comes with 1 leaf to create a square table (not pictured) to fit our banquette seating.


#2 Here below is our coastal farmhouse dining room

I tend to lean a little more to the formal, shabby chic side in this room.

This table comes with two leaves (not pictured) to create a long table to fit the dining space.


#3 Pictured below is our fall dining table showing the double-pedestal legs. 

The pedestal legs open up the bottom of the table for different seating options:  chairs and bench seating


#4 And here is the Christmas holiday table showing it with bench seating.

So, you can tell that there are many different “looks” of coastal farmhouse style kitchens and dining rooms….. just in our house. 

Remember:  It is your house, so choose what best fits your family, style and function!!





  1. For modern farmhouse style, choose tables with straight lines. For french country, cottage or shabby chic styles, choose tables with curved lines. 



  1. Choose rectangular tables if you want bench seating. 
  2. Go more formal in the dining room, and more casual in the breakfast nook. 
  3. Choose tables with leaves for larger dining rooms/areas.
  4. Choose round or oval tables for smaller dining rooms/areas. 
  5. Go with pedestal tables when you need more leg room.



Most common height for a dining table is 30″H (just wanted to pass that along).


Here is a helpful chart in case you are also needing a rug.  If you are looking blue or navy and white rugs, this post has some inexpensive rug options as well.


Now that you have some helpful tips and answers to some of you dining table questions, it’s time to get to the good stuff!! 

What are the different coastal farmhouse dining table styles that I chose?  

table tops:   rectangular, round, and oval-shaped 

bases: four- legged, pedestal, and double-pedestal bases

composition:  wood, and wood & metal 


What are the dining table prices?

I chose inexpensive, budget-friendly tables that are: 

under $300 (1), under $500 (1), and under $600 (5), under $700 (5)


1 – Eminence Extendable Dining Table – $609.99

Table Dimensions:  42″W x 66″L x 30″H – closed, 40″W x 84″L – with leaf

Eminence Extendable Dining Table




2 – Valerie Dining Table (Driftwood) – $474.49

Additional Colors Available:  Off white, Barnwood, Rustic Grey

Table Dimensions:  36″W x 63″L x 31″H, no leaves

Valerie Solid Wood Dining Table

3 – Tiphaine Extendable Table – $689.99

Table Dimensions:  44″W x 90″L x 30″H closed, 44″W x 108″L with leaf

Similar:  Here

Tiphaine Extendable Dining Table

4 – Sylvan Extendable Dining Table – $599.99

Table Dimensions:  42″W x 66″L x 30″H closed, 42″W x 84″L with leaf


Astère Extending Dining Table


5 – Beachem Extendable Dining Table – $639.99

Table Dimensions:  41 7/8″W x 71 3/4″L x 30″H closed, 41 7/8″W x 95 1/4″L when open

4 Colors Available:  White-Washed & Light Oak (pictured), Black & Dark Oak

Beachem Extendable Dining Table


Beachem Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table

6 –  Callisburg Soild Wood Dining Table – $599.99

6 Colors Available:  White & Oak (pictured), Gray, Black, Red, & Sage 

Table Dimensions:  39 3/8″W x 78 3/4″L x 30″H  – no leaves

Callisburg Rubber Solid Wood Dining Table

Callisburg Solid Wood Dining Table

7 – Oak Top X-Base Dining Table – $625.83

7 Colors Available:  Antique White & Denim (pictured), black, sage, oak, grey, & red 

Table Dimensions:  40″W x 79″L x  x 30″H 


The Gray Barn Gamgee Grange 78-inch Oak Dining Table with X-base




8 – Herculean Round Dining Table – $296.99

6 Colors Available:  Oak, Sage Green, Gray, Red, & Black

Table Dimensions:  45″ Round – no leaves

Similar:  Here

Fortville Solid Wood Dining Table

9 – Summer Cottage Extendable Table – $587.34

Oyster white color:  Table ONLY (chairs/bench not included in price)

Table Dimensions:  40″W x 78″L x 30″ with leaf  Summer Cottage White Dinette Table



10 – Whitney Extendable Dining Table – $581.39

Table Dimensions:  40″W x 74″L x  x 30″H closed, 40″W x 88″L x 30″H – with leaf

Similar:  Here

Whitney Antique Linen with Weathered Grey Rectangular Leg Table



11 – Stony Creek 2-Tone Dining Table – $632.99

Table Dimensions: 41″W x 64″L x 32″H closed, 41’w x 80″L x 32″H with leaf

Similar:  Here w/drawers two-tone, Here w/drawers – white only, Here two-tone x based 

The Gray Barn Stony Creek Two-tone Dining Table with Storage - White




12 – Wydmire Dining Table – $565.77

Table Dimensions:  42″W x 30″H x 72″L, no leaves


Wydmire Dining Table


Hope you found a coastal farmhouse dining table that best fits your space and family needs!   If you have any questions, just shoot me a comment!

More kitchen inspiration?  Try 15 Ways to Customize a Builder’s Grade Kitchen or 11 Kitchen Upgrades:  Our Review (After 2 Years).

Love all things blue or want to add it to your home?  Try 14 Ways to Decorate With Blue:  For Every Room & Budget.

Have a Great Holiday Season!!

Love & Hugs 🙂

Looking for Fall, Christmas, Or Easter Table Decorating Ideas?

9 Holiday Table Decorating Tricks: Using What You Have

Setting a Fall Table in 8 Easy Steps

Christmas Dining Room:  Navy + Red

My Easter Tablescape:  Blue + Yellow





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Home Tour: Summer Dining Room

Hi and welcome to our Home Tour:  Summer Dining Room!  I am excited to share our updated look for the summer this year with navy + green.  (Well, really it’s spring – but you know what I meant) – ha!  And nothing says “hello spring/summer” more than signs of beautiful green grass and Easter celebrations.  Click 26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes To Try or Setting a Purple Easter Table:  Spring Decor to see more spring table inspiration or 31 Cheerful & Colorful Spring Wreaths for spring wreath ideas.

  • So, how you decide which color to use each year?

Well, it depends on what colors draw you in and just make you smile. 

Especially…..if you can use it with some of your existing decorations, then you have a winner.  Are you picturing it yet?  You know the one…..Yep – that’s your color then!  Is it green like mine?


It’s funny how some colors come and go in trends, but green is always in.  And why is that you ask?  Because green is the color of all things nature-related.   

Whether you use it as an accent (decor) item, as greenery (plant), or even as food (apples) … just shouts fresh, crisp, and clean!!  Use lighter shades of green for spring, and darker shades of green for summer….  but. just. use. green. please!! 

OK-   Let’s get to it then!!

*** This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure and privacy policies down below for more information.  Thanks so much for your support 🙂 *** 

***Shop Our Dining Room:  Pictures of the linked items are shown below (scroll to end) for your benefit ***


***PAINT COLORS:  Navy Accent Wall – SW Naval, Side Walls – SW Silver Strand***

You can shop more of our home on the home page now at Shop Our Home



I have to admit that our dining room is my favorite room to decorate, because #1:  it is the easiest to change out and #2:  it is the easiest to clean.   

Plus, it does not get as cluttered as the living room and kitchen with all of our “daily junk,” and that means less work!!   

Who else is with me here – LOL??!!  I just have to move the backpacks, shoes, and loose homework paper to another room and voila – it’s clean!!

So, what makes it so easy to change out?  The reason for this is that I have my core items in place, and then I can sprinkle in my accessories as needed. 

Here is a list of the 2 groups to help me explain it better.


  • Rug
  • Lamp Base
  • Mirrors – Gray and White
  • White Slipcovered Chairs
  • Chandelier
  • Buffet
  • Table
  • Candle Sconces
  • Candle Sticks


  • Lamp SHADES
  • Table Runner
  • Floral Arrangement
  • Throw Pillows
  • Wreath (if I want color on the mirror)
  • Table/Place Settings
  • Candles
  • Ceramic Orb Balls (in candle sticks)


By keeping the core (foundation) items of the room relatively the same, I can just simply “pop” in some accessories (accent items/colors) and get a whole new look. 

This keeps my decorating costs down big time….and it allows me to “feel” like I am getting a New ROOM!!

Plus, this helps me with seasonal changes as well.  I can easily “add in” the accent color of the season or holiday and not have to change the entire decor. 

I can use yellow or pink accents for Easter, orange and gold accents for Fall/Autumn, and red accents for Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, and Christmas.  Love this!!

Here are some pictures so you can see what I am talking about. 

I am a visual person, so attaching a picture along with the core items and accessories will help join the 2 elements together.


Mirror + Lamps + Candle Sticks


Round Mirror

Click here for tutorial on White Round Distressed Mirror or Click here 15 Best Round Mirrors.


Buffet + Rug


Candle Sconces


Candle Sticks




Slipcovered Chairs+ Table



Table Centerpiece:  Cobalt Vase + White Flower Stems


Green Striped Lampshades


Green and White Pillow


Solid Green Pillow + Green Buffalo Check Summer House Pillow

Click here for 10 Ways To Add Buffalo Check (without breaking the bank).


Blue Ikat Table Runner


Closeup of Blue vase + White Flowers


Closeup View of it together

So…… will you now want to try decorating or adding some green decor this spring/summer?  And where will you use it?  Can’t wait to see some pictures!!

If you have any questions, please shoot me a comment!  I’d love to hear from you!!

Have a Great Week!!  Love & Summer Hugs 🙂

Want to see more pictures of our dining room click:



  1.   chandelier – with glass hereno glass here, no glass – 2 sizes available here
  2.   rug –  here, here, here
  3.   table – here, here, and here   
  4.   chair + cover (dark legs) – here, brown/white legs option also
  5.   chair frame  (white legs) – here, brown/dark brown legs option also
  6.   chair cover only – here
  7.   buffet – here, here
  8.   large rectangular mirror – smoky blue mirror here, beaded mirror here, arched mirror here
  9.   white round mirrorhere
  10.   lamp pair  – white pair here, green pair here,  navy lamp pair here
  11.   green striped lamp shades – white cotton lampshade here, white linen lampshadegreen 2″ ribbon here
  12.   white candle sticks trio – here, here, and here
  13.   navy and white orb balls – here, here
  14.   blue and white table runner – buffalo check runner here, blue stripe runner  here,  green table runner here
  15.   cobalt vase  – single vase here, trio set here
  16.   white flowers – magnolia stem here, cherry blossom stem here, dogwood stem here, hydrangea stem here
  17.   green pillows – kate spade dot pillow, green striped pillow, solid green pillow,
  18.   summer house SIGN  – here
  19.   gold sconces –  round here, round with mirror here



(Click on the picture to get to the webpage for more information)


Carmen 6-Light Foyer Pendant


Isoline 4-Light Geometric Chandelier

Plumville Blue Area Rug


Grieve Cream/Navy Area Rug

Naples Park Hand-Tufted Ivory/Navy Area Rug


Tiphaine Extendable Dining Table

Bleau Extendable Dining TableArtur Extending Dining TableHENRIKSDAL Chair with long cover IKEA You sit comfortably thanks to the high back and seat with polyester wadding.


HENRIKSDAL Chair frame IKEA You sit comfortably thanks to the high back and seat with polyester wadding.HENRIKSDAL Chair cover, long IKEA The washable cover to HENRIKSDAL chair frame is easy to put on and take off.

Colborne SideboardSaguenay Sideboard

Misty Blue Wash 32x48 Mirror

Beaded Wall Mirror, 12"x48"

Ashley Oengus Accent Mirror, Bronze Finish


White Distressed Round Wood Wall Mirror


Moira 32.5" Standard LampBilski Table Lamp Set

Parker 31.5" Table Lamp



Green Matte Grosgrain Ribbon - 2"



Deco 79 Distressed White Wood Candle Holders with Spiked Candle Plates, Traditional Style Table Decor, White Candlesticks Accent Decor | Set of 3: 4”, 6”, 8”





Brookville Runner

Wilber Stripe Runner


Dulin 5 Piece Sculpture Set

Skeens Floral Design Decorative Balls


Barski Glass - Handmade - 8" H - (8 inches High) - Barrel Vase - Cobalt Blue - Made in europeBlooms Table VaseFaux Magnolia White Branch

Faux Cherry Blossom White Branch




Faux Cream Hydrangea Stem



kate spade new york Random Dot Square Throw PillowLydia Jane Pillow, Emerald and Kelly Green and Ivory, Polyester Filler, 22"


Anley Pintucked Pillow Cover

Summer House Wall Décor


Oval Mirror Candle Holder Wall Sconce





























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Let it Snow – DONUT Christmas Party (Part 3: The Event)

Woohoo!!  I am sooooo happy to FINALLY be showing y’all pictures of our  Let it Snow – DONUT Christmas Party:  (Part 3:  The Event)!!  We had our event a little over a week ago, and it was a huge success.  We received a ton of compliments on  planning (decorations, invitations, setup, and food), execution of those plans, and overall great party atmosphere.   YAY!!  WE DID IT!!


(Part 3:  THE EVENT)


There were 162 members who showed up to participate in the philanthropy crafts, and we couldn’t be happier with all of the items that were completed. 

These philanthropies rely on organizations like our’s to help them out (especially during the Christmas season), and we feel that we completed our mission. 

The Let it Snow Party provided the perfect backdrop and ambiance to get all of our philanthropy crafts taken care of, and we were just so proud of how it all came together! 

GRAB a drink and a chair….because this is NOT a cliff notes short version -lol!!!  But it is soooo worth your time – I promise!!  So, Let’s get to it.


(Part 3:  THE EVENT)

The pictures that I am showing will be either the planning stage, pre-event stage , or some during the actual event.  There will not be a lot of pictures with members (due to privacy policies) but I do have a handful so you can see this very special group of moms & daughters!!


The place that we hosted our event is The Brookwood Community in Brookshire, Texas.  Their Mission:  “Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and provides meaning and purpose for adults with disabilities.”   

This is a beautiful place with lots to offer –  an adorable cafe, a beautiful retail shop, and stunning facilities to tour.  All of the poinsettias (that we used to decorate) are grown in their nursery. 

If you are near this area- please stop in.  You will be beyond impressed and you will leave with a heart full of love!!   

Words cannot express how grateful our organization is to Brookwood for allowing us to use their facility for our Holiday Philanthropy Fair!!  THANKS Brookwood!!


I will break these pictures up into 7 GROUPS to make this little tour easier to navigate!   ***If you missed the planning posts and want to see more, click HERE – for decoration planning, and HERE for food planning.***

  1. STAGE


Brookwood provided the 2 gorgeous Christmas trees, stage lights, gazebo pieces, and all table and chairs.  Then it was up to us to transform the facility into a winter wonderland of donuts and snowflakes. 

The gazebo “snow house” is where all of the girls and moms take their class picture, so it had to be big and bold!  I think we got it- do you??

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to add color and fill a space is with empty wrapped Christmas presents. 

We had our moms bring extra boxes and specific colors of wrapping paper to our work day……and then added them wherever we needed a “punch of color.”   

Just make for sure you stick to no more than 3 colors:  we used pink/white, blue/white, silver/gold.


Do you remember some of the items from the planning post- Part 1?   I LOVE how it all came together!!

Below is a BEFORE picture from the planning post.

2.  TABLES  


We had to make a couple of changes to our table arrangement/setup because there were not enough rectangular tables….so we used round tables.   

For event planning, there are ALWAYS things that are not going to work like you “thought,” so just be prepared to roll with the flow.  We set up a day before to try to take care of all the things that might (will – lol) have to be changed.


For the tables we used 2 different turquoise plastic table covers (one solid, one polka dot), and then satin round turquoise table covers. 

I’m soooooo glad I brought the 2 tubs of white and turquoise fabric table covers (from our organization) as backups……because – well – we needed them!!

And remember  the  handmade “lollipops”from the planning post…..see picture below. 

These are perfect for table centerpieces because the sand in the pots hold all types of signs.  

My co-chair made the adorable snowflake signs with her cricket for each of the 13 participating philanthropies – too cute!! ( THANKS A!!)




The registration tables worked beautifully…..after the committee turned the tables into a L-shape!  This change created much better flow, and gave this corner a cozy feel.

The silver snowflake name tags and donut ornaments worked perfectly with our Let it Snow Donut theme.  The polka dot name tag boxes sealed the deal – love these!! 

Click HERE for diy Christmas donut ornaments post.

The before pic….see below.  We had these letters already (in storage), so I just simply added the pink tulle and dot ribbon for a little whimsy. 

Then I used the silver chargers and stands that we also had, to make the letters look like signs.



This table was used to sell tickets for our senior recognition event, so I decided to make it fun and crazy!!  The NCL letters worked great with the 2 small white trees and donut ornaments. 

Once again I added some ribbon and small ornaments to the letters to customize them.


And the pre-planning….see pictures below.

We replaced the 2 fuchsia wreaths with snowflake signs, and then used the wreaths underneath the 2 white trees. 

This table really “popped” with all of the contrasting colors, and gave a TON of personality to a blank space!!



Wow…..Wow…..WOW!!  The food committee chairs and committee knocked it out of the park!! 

I met with the 2 chairs for all of the “donut” shaped food ideas we needed to incorporate – and they nailed it!! 

And of course – the DONUT wall we borrowed from one of our other member (thanks T!!) – it stole the show!!

BEFORE picture of the food/drinks setup area.

and AFTER…… What do you think about the DONUT WALL???  I LOVE IT!!  

Remember the snowman skewers (bottom right) and donut holes Christmas trees from (Part 2- food planning)…..well here they are!! 

We added the adorable tiffany blue stands (that we had in storage) to give the table a little glam and the pom pom garland with donut ornaments to add a little fun! 

The polka dot table cover finished the whimsical look off perfectly!!  But what really makes it POP – is the “DONUT GOLD LETTERS!”  Great job ladies!!

From the precious homemade cupcakes to the rice kripsies “donuts” (also from Part 2), all of the colors fit exactly as planned.  

Below:  Rice Krispies “donuts” made by one of our moms and her daughter!!  They did a great job!

Here is another before picture so you can see the table arrangement.  

After with the yummy treats and snacks.  And our girls wanted the “fruit” Christmas tree- adorable!

What is the “white” in the jars…..not milk?? 

It’s sugar – genius idea food committee!!  And those sprinkled donut holes are so fun!

I have to brag on these ladies – they REALLY did a fantastic job!! 

Even the donut icing is perfect!!  Can’t have a DONUT Christmas party without going BIG on the donuts!


What is a girl supposed to do when she cannot remove (9) 4×4′ canvas fruits and veggies prints from the wall…..well she creates 9 Christmas word signs using the “O’S”  as donuts!! 

These 9 blue wall signs completed the DONUT party theme!!  The blue created our “winter” color, and the hanging donuts added to our donut-themed Christmas Party.  

They were a LITTLE tricky to execute – so that we would not damage the existing prints, but our moms did it!!  And they turned out great!!

BELOW – is a BEFORE picture of the five prints on the left side…..and then the after with them covered.

And AFTER…..

Those 2’s are made with the DONUT ornaments that our girls made – too cute!!  

BEFORE….. this is where the food tables are and the JOY and HOPE signs.

Here it is – work in progress….

BEFORE picture of back wall…..NOEL on left LOVE on right.  I did not take a picture of the noel sign  – cry cry- sniff, sniff!!! 

But I did mock ups of all of them so you can see what it was supposed to look like.
So, this is how the signs were all planned out.  I laid the 4×4′ blue wrapping paper down and placed all of the accessories on top how I wanted them to look. 

This allowed me to figure out which donut color went with the different letter colors, and also spacing.  This is also how I knew that I needed something extra covering the bottom portion.

So, I sprayed the bottom portion with “spray on” fake snow…..

…… and then added the different sized cotton balls to that!!!  The cotton balls were not very cooperative sticking onto the fake snow – LOL, but they eventually stayed put!!

I think they ended up looking like snow globes – what do you think??


Remember the Christmas Snowman diy cotton ball wreath……well here it is!  There are  2 roll top doors (like accordion style bread bins) on the kitchen walls that were kind of eye sores.  YIKES!! 

I really felt like we needed to cover at least one of those doors – just for aesthetic reasons.  So, that’s exactly what we did.

BEFORE….with door open.

….and AFTER !!  Popped in a couple of poinsettias to try to hide that cord & it was perfect!!

Here is the pre-planning stage at my house. 

I used the same blue wrapping paper that I used for the blue word signs so that all of the walls would look uniform.
And here is a wider view so you can see it with the word signs. 

I decided not to do the other rolling door to the right of the donut wall, so we it wouldn’t have to compete with any other decor.   

It was definitely the right call!!  


The back window decorations went just as planned.  There were 4 sets (of 2 together), so I just used 2 at my house to plan them out. 

We used the snowflakes again (that the girls made) and a couple of larger snowflakes to take up more window space. 

Then we used the same white tinsel (like the blue word signs) to tie the windows and wall decor together.

BEFORE picture…..

and AFTER…..

BEFORE picture…..

and AFTER…..

planning it at my house …..


INCREDIBLY TALENTED!!  One of our moms (and her husband) created this one-of-a-kind snowman selfie station for us!!  She drew it out, and he built it from wood – genius!! 

I can’t say enough how fabulous this was.  All of the moms and daughters LOVED taking pictures with these snowmen and her adorable handmade props!! 

It is going to make very memorable mother-daughter photos.  Thanks so much N!!

and all of the adorable props she made…..

and with the huge pool float donut (brought by another mom)….  Precious – right??!! 

Who wouldn’t want to take a selfie with those??


In the entrance, we placed the beautiful red poinsettias (from Brookwood) on and around more wrapped presents to add color and height. 

We had the girls make the sign on the chalkboard  (since it was really THEIR party – wink, wink), and we used one of the adorable cricket snowflakes again to seal the deal!!

BEFORE picture……

and AFTER…..

Here are our beautiful girls…..

And the moms….  there’s me – top left 😉

And here is our adorable t-shirt created by my co-chair…..Amazing job A!!

Hope you found some inspiration and helpful tips to create your own Let It Snow Donut Christmas Party too!



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