Our Fall Home Tour 2023

Our Fall Home Tour 2023

Even though the weather has been warmer this year, decorating for fall always brings a smile to my face.  I thinks it’s just a season of thankfulness and gratefulness for everything God has blessed us with – all year long.  So decorating with that joyful heart makes even the hottest summer and temps ever – lol – fade away!  And of course there’s flavored fall coffee too!! 😉  Ok, let’s get to Our Fall Home Tour 2023!

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Our Fall Home Tour 2023

This year I have decided to go heavy on the pics, lighter on the verbiage – thank goodness – right?  

  • Hopefully I can do more posts if I shorten them up a little bit!

I am also still trying to shift to “less is more” – which goes against every decorating fiber in my body. Haha!

  • But it definitely makes changing out decorations easier, and that seems to be the best for most everyone. 

Ok, here is Our Fall Home Tour 2023.

Our Fall Home Tour 2023

Colors For Our Fall Home

I decided to use mauve, burgundy, orange and green this year for our color palette. 

  • And this was a first for me.  

I typically don’t like orange and green together, but I do love these colors with hints of burgundy, mauve, and even a deep cranberry red.

For the front porch I simply exchanged these 2 bushels from my spring arrangement basket and added the fall bow from 2 year’s ago front porch decor:  black + white.  

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


Here’s a little closeup pic so you can see all of the deep, fall colors.

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


Inspiration For Our Fall Home

Of course this pumpkin pillow from Home Goods was the inspiration for the entire fall color palette (+ green) this year.

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


I added a sage green throw blanket as our table runner,  and of course all of the different colored fabric pumpkins from Target (in the $1 section).

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


They were the perfect colors:

  • mauve
  • ochre
  • sage green
  • smoky blue-gray

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


They connected the orange and mauve colors in the bookshelf.

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


Plus the blue-gray colors leading into the kitchen.

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


Here is a wider view so you can see the decorating simplicity (it might be called laziness), but we’re just gonna roll with it!

  • Oopsie – If you look real closely by the back door (under the cross in the kitchen), you’ll see that I missed one of my hot pink sticky notes reminders.
  • I thought I got all of these little guys….. but I guess I’m getting to the age where I will now need to leave myself “A STICKY NOTE REMINDER” to REMOVE all of the sticky notes too!
  • Hahahaha!! 
  • I love being 50!!

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


I kept the burgundy and green, and added a hint of the amber gold to the breakfast nook.

  • Since we just recently added our new harlequin rug/runner to the kitchen – this felt like the perfect color scheme for fall.

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


I decided to use 2 round jute placemats (stacked on top of each other) to add the amber color and a little texture.

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


This allowed me to use some of my favorite golden amber fall flowers on the kitchen island. 

  • And now those blue-gray pumpkins pick up the same tones of our backsplash, and the blue in the wooden fall word signs.

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


Plus, I still love to pop these “Give Thanks” and “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed” signs around the kitchen.

  • They not only pick up the blue tones for decorating, they help to act as daily reminders for the blessings of the season!
  • Seeing is believing – right?

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


And I originally had this cute little wheat bushel(s) with burgundy bow (from last year’s table setting) sitting on both sides of the sink, but then had a new idea for them!

Stay tuned….

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


I know this isn’t a good picture – lol – but I still wanted to show how I used the white ceramic pumpkins in our window sill this year.

  • But no matter what angle I shot, our neighbor’s basketball goal seemed to peek through LOL!!

These little pumpkins brighten every single day – since a girl’s work is never done!!

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


So, where did I decide to move those wheat bushels???  Any guesses??

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


Well, this is where I just can’t help myself and have to “Jael it Up” – like my husband says.

  • I felt like my little velvet pumpkins were lonely and needed some additional friends 😉

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


I added the 2 bushels and the 2 LED pumpkin lights – love it!!

  • And now this little fall coffee table arrangement feels complete. 

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


I switched on the lights, and they instantly brought whimsy and joy to the living room!

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


Now everyone is Fall – Happy!

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


I hope you have found some helpful tips and inspiration for decorating your own fall home!

Our Fall Home Tour 2023


Have a Very Happy Fall Everyone!

Love & Thankful Hugs 🙂

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