Our New Harlequin Rug Review

Our New Harlequin Rug Review

I have been loving this new harlequin/diamond/checkered rug and floor trend, but didn’t know where to use it in our house.  I knew that changing or adding it structurally to the floors – wasn’t really in the Prothro plan or budget right now.  But since we have been doing a couple of changes to our kitchen (all coming soon), I thought this might be a great place to try a rug out.  And I loved the harlequin rug so much, that I bought 2 for the kitchen!!  So, let’s get to it!  Our New Harlequin Rug Review.

  • I’ll be comparing a grey harlequin rug and brown harlequin rug too!

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


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Our New Harlequin Rug Review

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Note:   * Can see rug in your own room – love this feature!!

The rug and runners come in a variety of different sizes.  I used a 5×8 rug for our kitchen banquette, 2’x8′ runner for the sink area, and tried the 4×6 for the brown rug comparison.   

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Our New Harlequin Rug Review

Kitchen Before.

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


Kitchen After with Harlequin Runner and Rug.

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


Ok, let’s get to our review!

Our New Harlequin Rug Review

Our Review

Color, Texture, Pile: 

  • Dark charcoal grey and beige that gives off a mottled vintage vibe and very slight blue lines running through it.
  • Machine Made
  • 50% Polypropylene, 50% Polyester
  • Low Pile
  • Recommended rug pad for added thickness (& to keep from sliding)
  • Vacuum regularly or spot clean (not machine washable)
  • Use in living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, entryways, and hallways

Here is a closeup pic so you get a good idea of what it really looks like.

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


Our rugs took about 2-3 days to lay flat and to get some of the kinks out.

I also put some books down on one end to help flatten out the part that was curled from being rolled.

  • You can tell from the pic below that the curled part was very minimal.

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


Our New Harlequin Rug Review


Rug Comparison

I was having a hard time deciding on 2 different harlequin patterned rugs, one was gray, one was brown.

And since I’m a visual person (and texture person) I went ahead and bought both rugs to compare them.

Gray vs Brown:

Here is a closeup pic:  The gray one is on the left, the brown one is on the right.

  • Both of these rugs are made by nuLOOM.
  • Both have slight blue veining running through (brown rug shows the blue more).
  • Gray one is 50% Polypropylene, 50% Polyester, Brown one is 100% Polypropylene.
  • Brown one has fringe, gray one does not.
  • Both are low pile, but brown one is slightly thicker.
  • Price:  The brown one is slightly more expensive.

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


Here they are on a larger scale so you can really see the differences.

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


End result:

I absolutely LOVE both of our grey rugs in the kitchen. 

  • As soon as I rolled out the runner, I knew that the grey rug was the perfect color to pick up the blue/grey in our backsplash.

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


But I also really liked the brown rug. 

  • In my personal opinion – it is a nicer, thicker rug.
  • And I really liked it in our entryway (better with the brown, warm tones in here).
  • But it would be a little “extra” (like my girls tell me) to keep both – LOL!!

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


And the charcoal grey tones were better for the kitchen colors (that are cooler tones).

  • Especially since I am leaning into the pink, burgundy, green, and blue – color palette right now.

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


And I love that the charcoal grey rug works well with the lighter pinks (for summer or cottage decor style) and with darker colors like burgundy (for winter or moodier decor styles).

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


Plus, I love it with our new round table (post coming soon)!

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


I hoped that you have found some inspiration and helpful tips on adding some harlequin/diamond/checkered rugs into your own home!! 

Our New Harlequin Rug Review


Have a Very Happy Week!!

Love & Hugs 🙂

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