Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose

The 2023 forecasts are showing that the decor trends are shifting into more blush pinks, mauves, dusty rose, and greens.  Since I finished my SW 2023 Color of the Year post, I have started this shift in our house (my own version, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).  The SW colors are darker, warmer and a little moodier.  So I’m using the same palette only in a lighter, cooler, and a little more cheerful way for my spring decorating look.  Let’s get to it!  Design Trend:  Mauve + Dusty Rose.  


  • This will be a part 2 (of the SW color of the year & forecast post mentioned above). 

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


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Design Trend:  Mauve + Dusty Rose

First Things First:

The recent decorating forecasts and trends are definitely beginning to show people using color again in their homes.

  • Whether it is on walls (painted/wallpaper), pillows/throws, decorative accents, or even furniture – color is back!

And since the 2023 forecasts are showing emerging popularity in different shades of pinks (mauve, blush, and  dusty rose) – mixed with shades of green or darker hues, I am getting on board too!

Well, in baby steps, lol!


Thank goodness color is coming back, and I’m so happy it’s a pink/green shift.

Because….. I have been looking for decorating inspiration now for about 2-4 years and needed something fresh to grab on to.

  • I was getting tired of the grays, bored with blue and white, and just not loving the southwest or art deco styles for my own home.

Do you ever feel like that?  Like you just need something to get the wheels going?


So, basically I took the mauve color palette (from the Sherwin-Williams forecast), and chose accent pieces to fit into my own style.

And I’m coining my own style!!

  • Modern + Cottage=  ModCottage

Who’s ready to see what I came up with?  Design Trend:  Mauve + Dusty Rose.


Design Trend:  Mauve + Dusty Rose

Here are the supplies I used (matched up with their paint color from the SW Color of the year post).


Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose

Ok, now let’s see the 4 ways I used to bring this mauve + dusty rose color palette into our home.


4 Ways to Use Mauve + Dusty Rose Color Palette

#1:  Flowers and Vases

In our dining room, I’m using the pinky-brown flowers and the mauve vase.

What I like about this combination is that the:

  • flowers are warmer-toned (more dusty rose)
  • and vase is cooler-toned (more mauve).

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


In our living room, I’m using the dark gray-black vase on the fireplace mantel.

This vases represents the urbane bronze (the darkest color in the SW palette), which is important to break up all of the other muted tones.

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


And in the kitchen, I’m using the cream vase with the pinky-brown flowers again.

  • I like these flowers in here because I can see them from the living room and from the dining room (feels more cohesive).

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


#2:  Art Work

In the living room I’m  using the beige print with gold frame on our shiplap wall.  

It is a very neutral piece, and I love how it shows some very slight pink blush undertones.

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


#3:  Pillows/Throw Blanket

Of course we all know that accent pillows and throw blankets add a ton of color and personality to any room.

In our living room, I’m using this white with green-gray block print pillow to act as a neutral against the mauve pillows.

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


They give a white, crisp look to the ivory linen club chairs, and add just a touch of whimsy with the tassels.

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose



  • Boomer would not leave his perch for the photo shoot today – so he’ll be in a lot of the pics!
  • Ok, carry on ๐Ÿ˜‰

My sweet friend bought our group this adorable cheetah leopard blanket for Christmas.  

  • And it just happened to be the perfect color for this palette!!
  • Thanks SP ๐Ÿ™‚

In the photo below, it reads like a very soft blush pink…. but has subtle beige undertones.  Love it!

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


And then there are the mauve pillows that started the entire mauve movement/inspiration!

  • I love both of these Studio McGee pillows from Target.

They are a beautiful mauve/burgundy color that adds depth to my spring color palette, without screaming for attention.

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


#4:  Decorative Accents

Since I put the Black Adhesive Wallpaper up, I have been excited to change out the bookshelf decor also.  

  • I decided to keep it very neutral with white, taupe, and gold. 

Then I added just a pop of the dusty rose color with the 2 little sunburst storage boxes.

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


Full Views

Here are a couple of wider views so that you can see how it all comes together.

Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose


Design Trend: Mauve + Dusty Rose

Well, will you try out some of the mauve and dusty rose colors in your own home?

Let me know!

Have a Great Spring Everyone!

Love & Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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