Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy

I feel like I’m a little behind for posting our Fall Home Tour 2022 this year, but better late than never.  It seems that all of the stores have had Christmas decorations out for a month already – and poor little Thanksgiving is getting left out.  So if you’re still in the fall mood and feeling the thankful spirit take over, this post should do just the trick!  And look at it this way, if you really didn’t have a chance to decorate much this year, you can use my decorations to fill your heart.  We’ll share – lol!  Here is our Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy.


Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy

No Pressure Decorating

For the past couple of years I have been keeping most of the fall decorating pretty simple around our house (well except for the dining room – 😉 ), and I’m still loving this minimalist look.

Plus, I think as women and moms we feel this extra pressure to make things look “perfect,” and pretend we all have it together for the sake of our family.

When in reality the other areas of the house really look like the picture below – Haha!

  • Remember my new section called “Behind The Scenes?” 
  • Here ya go – & you’re welcome!

Behind The Scenes

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


So basically when it looks like our house is always “clean” or staged for blog posts – all of the “stuff” just gets dumped into another room. 

  • I just want y’all to enjoy decorating, and not feel like you are waiting for Pottery Barn to come over and take photos for their fall lookbook!!  😉

Ok, let’s get to our Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy

Here are my 6 simple go-to’s for setting up our fall home each year.

1 – Add Pumpkins

Of course this is a no-brainer, but here are some ways we use pumpkins around our house.

Large Plastic Pumpkins

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


Small Pumpkins

The smaller pumpkins work in any room when you just need to add a touch of fall.

  • I use these little guys every year and still love them.

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


Fabric Chenille Pumpkins

  • Try to mix in different textures of pumpkins also – just to add some interest.

My mom found these for me at Round Top years ago, and they find a new home every.single.year!!

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


2 – Choose Fall Colors


Ochre is one of my personal favorite fall colors because it’s kind of like a mixture of orange and brown with some yellow in it.

  • You can always stick to the more traditional colors like orange and mustard yellow, or go with more modern colors like fawn and gray.
  • Remember that it is YOUR fall home, so use colors that get YOU into the fall spirit.

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


3 – Add Fall Flowers

Dried Wheat Bushels & Wreath

In the dining room this year I added in some wheat bushels to the fall table, and an ochre wreath to the wall mirror.

  • Just try to think out of the box too – flowers don’t have to be actual arrangements.

Both the wheat bushels and wreath make the room “pop for fall” while the other accents stay softer and more neutral. 

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


And of course, just move items around the house every year (like I mentioned before) so it appears that you have “new fall decor.”

Floral Stems

This year I decided to mix 3 or 4 different floral stems into one large vase to bring in different colors to the foyer console table.

  • The fall decorating trend this year is a little “messier” and thrown together (yes- finally!!) so the floral arrangement follows that same vibe.

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


4 – Sprinkle in Fall Words

In Bookshelf

Try to bring in some fall words that make you feel “fall-ish” also.

Here I decided to tape the thankful, grateful, & blessed words on the bamboo crates and a woven tray in our living room bookshelf.

Then I simply tucked in a couple of fall floral picks to the decor to bring in some warmth.

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


On Pillows

I just love the whimsical word pillows for sure!!  

  • This year I decided to put the blessed pillow in the entryway to welcome family and friends – right when they walk into the house.

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


5 – Add Lighting/Ambiance


And I know this is a no-brainer also, but just wanted to make sure to include them into the mix.

  • I had to use this picture here because the “license to grill” book is cracking me up 
  • For you young pups check out – License to Ill by the Beastie Boys -1986 (and yes I know, I am getting old).  😉 
  • Anyhoo, I used this book to bring in the amber color to the coffee table, and didn’t notice the book end until after I was editing pictures – love it!! 

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy



Don’t forget about lamps for lighting also.  

  • If you have some out, turn them on!
  • You’ll be amazed how much ambiance they provide.

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


6 – Add Fall Scents

Fall Potpourri and Scented Pinecones

Besides adding candles, don’t forget about fall potpourri and scented pinecones.  

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


Fall Scented Sachets

Don’t forget about fall scented sachets also.

  • You can use them in bathrooms and kitchens to hide smells – LOL!! 
  • Or just prop them up on your entryway console or bookshelf to add in a little extra fall scent when guests walk by.  

I found mine at Kirkland’s and they smell amazing!

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


All Together

Ok, let’s see our fall home tour 2022 all together now!

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


Boomer is NOT happy that the pillows are blocking his “sleeping perch” – haha!

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


I always love taking pictures of the backside of our foyer when the afternoon sun comes in. 

The lighting is so soft and bounces off the window mirrors perfectly.

  • But this is also how I notice that they NEED to be cleaned!  

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


Boomer is happier now the he knows I’m finished, and says goodbye to y’all too!

Fall Home Tour 2022: Quick & Cozy


Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Love & Thankful Hugs 🙂

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