Best DIY College First Aid Kit

Best DIY College First Aid Kit

Sending your kiddo off to college is a big adjustment, and to be honest – a little scary.  The last thing you want to do is worry about the “what ifs” more than you already are – right?  So I did some digging, and wanted to share the 24 essential items I chose to make our daughter’s medical emergency kit complete.  It is easy to put together and hopefully you can use it too (in case your student ever needs it).  Plus, I have added 2 free downloads for a customizable label and a printable checklist so that you can customize the kit to fit your individual needs.  Who’s ready to feel like parent-of-the year LOL!!  Let’s go! Best DIY College First Aid Kit.

You can also make and keep this first aid kit at your own home.

***For Downloads of Label + Checklist- Scroll to the end of the post.

Best DIY College First Aid Kit


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Best DIY College First Aid Kit

Contents of Kit

Here are the 24 essential items that I chose to put in the first aid kit for my daughter who is a freshman in college this year. 

*I will say that each child will probably have different items (OTC, over-the-counter medications) that work better  – for your own kiddo.

So just personalize your kit to fit your kiddo’s needs.

Checklist at end of the post.

Wound Care:




*Optional:  Benadryl (itch stick)

Supplies (Miscellaneous):

*Clear Container/Label:


Places:  I purchased my supplies at Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon.  

Cost:  I spent ~$150.00 Total

I know this seems like an expensive kit – but I was trying to show a little more of the Brand names – just for the sake of the blog post. 

To bring costs down, buy more of:

  • Wal-Mart’s Equate brand, 
  • Target’s Up & Up Brand, and
  • Dollar Store Brands

Just remember:

  • that the batteries, thermometer, and OTC meds bump up the prices the most.
  • if you don’t buy it, who knows what your kiddo will actually buy!!
  • kids think money grows on trees – LOL 😉

Now that you have purchased all of the supplies, let’s assemble your Best DIY College First Aid Kit!


Best DIY College First Aid Kit

How to Assemble Your First Aid Kit

Step #1:  Lay your clear plastic bin down where you have some room.

This is the bin I purchased to make my medical kit. 

It was smaller, and not too deep, and had the two handles that I wanted. 

Feel free to get what suits your needs best though!  

  • My only tip would be that you purchase a bin size that fits easily under their bed or maybe in their closet – for easy access if/when needed.

Best DIY College First Aid Kit


Step #2:  Pull out all of your first aid essential items, and lay them out.

I put all of my essential items into similar groups just to double check that I had everything, and to make it easier when packing them together into the bin.

  • Scroll to the end of the post to download the First Aid Checklist – to make the process easier.

Best DIY College First Aid Kit


Step #3:  Take your thermometer out of the box and test it out.

I went ahead and put batteries into the thermometer, and did a test run to make for sure that it was working.

  • And I will say that I switched out the batteries that it came with, to some of our energizer batteries.
  • Yep – eye roll – I know!! 

I just wanted to make for sure it was ready to go 🙂

Best DIY College First Aid Kit


I tried it out a couple of times on myself just to make for sure it was working and reading properly.

Best DIY College First Aid Kit


And since I’m always a little “extra” like my girls tell me – LOL – I laminated the quick-step directions with some packing tape.

Then I slid the directions back into the kit so my daughter could grab it for easy reference.

  • Now I will say that when I tried to “go over the directions with her,” that I got the usual smarty pants college kid reply. 

“Mom, really?  Do you think I don’t know how to read?”  I tried!!! 😉

Best DIY College First Aid Kit


Step #4:  Put everything into your bin into “like” groups (if you can).

I chose to keep everything in their original boxes except for the cotton balls and Q-tips. (I put the cotton balls and Q-tips in Ziploc bags, and then the rest went to her bath essentials).

  • So why did I keep the original boxes?

I didn’t know exactly if she knew what all of the items were used for, so I wanted to have the boxes there to make the items easier to “see and find.”

Also, I figured she would have her chance to – you know – “read them like she declared!!”


Best DIY College First Aid Kit


Step #5:  Make a label, and tape it to the top of your kit.

I decided to make a label – just so it would have the red cross for easy reference.

  • Scroll below to download it – if you want to customize it with your kiddo’s name.

And you’re done!!  Easy-peasy!!

Best DIY College First Aid Kit



Here is the downloadable version for:

Best DIY College First Aid Kit


Here is the downloadable version for:


Best DIY College First Aid Kit


Hope your student has a great first year in college! 

And hugs to you also momma 😉


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