How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project

How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project

Do you need some help planning (and hiring out) your front yard landscaping project, but have no idea where to begin?  You’re at the right post.  I wanted to share with you today our landscaping makeover so you can see the 5 steps that we used to plan and execute our design.  From inspiration pictures and ideas to setting budgets and scheduling, this post will help provide some tips and insight on increasing your curb appeal once and for all!!  So, who’s ready?   How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project.

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How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project

A lot of time and planning go into landscaping your front yard, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Hopefully, you can use the 5 steps below to help make the process easier and less stressful.

Plus, it actually should be a little fun – so relax and enjoy it! 

How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project


Here are the 5 steps that I recommend on using for your plan.

5 Steps:

  1.   Gather Inspiration Pictures
  2.   Set a Budget/Get Estimates
  3.   Choose Border/Edging and Pick Plants/Mulch Color
  4.   Schedule The Project
  5.   Pay Final Bill (when all is completed)


Ok, let’s get to the 5 steps:  How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project!


How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project

Step #1:  Gather Inspiration Pictures

You will want to begin first with searching on Pinterest, Houzz, Google etc.  for some inspiration pictures. 

This will probably take a little while until you begin to notice a certain “look” or “style” that keeps recurring.

  • Just remember:  these are simply “inspiration” pictures at this step. 
  • It’s a starting point.

Here below were some of the items that I wanted for our project.


  • Angled Borders/Edging
  • Juniper Trees (small and medium)
  • Purple Plants (minimal)


How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project


And here is my drawing of the front yard. 

  • (I know what you’re thinking- do NOT sign me up for any paid art work from this girl- haha)!  

Hopefully, it will give you a little better idea of how the angled borders and juniper trees would look like on each side of the front door. 

How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project


Step #2:  Set a Budget/Get Estimates

Now that you have your dream yard “style” that you want, it’s time to talk money – ugh!!

  • Basically, a higher end look will result with higher prices and lower end look will result with lower prices. 
  • But of course you probably already know that.

We went ahead and paid $250 for the official drawing design – just so we could see it planned out.

  • This drawing allows you to pay for the design plan, without having to commit to the project (without a down payment or deposit at the preliminary stage).

I’ll go over this design later, because they didn’t look at my drawing for the borders – ugh!!

  • Another bonus for “seeing” the plan before committing – they can fix issues ahead of time.

How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project


So, what was our budget? 

  • I honestly didn’t know if we had a set amount.  ( I know – shame on me)!!
  • My husband really wanted to hire out this go around, so I just rolled with it 😉

Since my other DIY landscaping on a budget post, I knew that it would probably be in the ballpark of $4,000 – $5,500.

  • That additional $1,500 (over the $4,000) would come from the limestone border/edging.
  • And I think I was pretty close to that bid number – see below cost of project.

I will also admit that we did not get the recommended 3 bids – shame on me again!!! 

  • Our neighbors used this landscaping crew, and they did an incredible job.
  • So we knew that they did good work, were reliable, and trustworthy.

Cost of our Project:  $5,969.54

We did some other work to different areas of the house, so that it is why it says “front bed work.”

Here below is our bid proposal.  

How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project

Accept Bid Proposal/Pay Deposit:

Once you discuss any changes you want to make, you will accept one of the bids.

Then, you will confirm this agreement by signing a contract, and most likely paying a 50% deposit to the landscaping company.

  • Remember above where I mentioned that their plan (with the edging/borders) wasn’t what we were wanting, this is the time to get all that worked out.
  • We also changed some of the tree placement/possible removal etc.


Step #3:  Choose Border/Edging and Pick Plants/Mulch Color

You’re probably wondering why this step is after the bid proposal.  

  • After you have chosen your landscape proposal and paid your deposit, you will most likely go over the edging/plant/mulch selection one more time – in an actual official capacity.

When you’re getting estimates, they are basically asking for a “very good idea” of what you’re wanting. 

  • But when they are about to begin you’re project, they will want the “official or exact idea.”

The plants we chose are listed above on the bid proposal, but I will go ahead and list them here also.

Border Material:  Limestone

We chose the limestone edging for our border – just to stay within that same “white” look we were aiming for.  

Plants we used:

  • Pittosporum
  • Juniper trees (small and medium)
  • Foxtail Ferns
  • Ginger
  • Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile)

We were going to add some purple-ish plants here and there, but decided to just do a green “foundation.”  

That way I can add color as needed through other annuals, etc.

  • I did go ahead and add some Hosta plants to the left bed, and Coleus plants to the right side (for this year).

Mulch Choice:  Brown Natural

On our DIY landscaping project (2020), we used black mulch….. but changed to natural brown mulch this time.

Our good friend had given us a “tip” that brown mulch was better than dyed black mulch, and our landscaper agreed.

***Disclaimer:  I am only sharing what has been told to me – this is not my direct statement/or opinion.

  • I did do a little research, and it looks like there may be some kind of possible contaminants in dyed black soil. 
  • But please do your own research on black vs. brown mulch for your own project.   ðŸ™‚


Step #4:  Schedule The Project

Now, that you have gathered your inspiration pictures, gotten estimates, paid your deposit, and chosen your official plan – it’s time to begin your project!!


  • Try to choose a time that doesn’t interfere with big events (in your family’s life), and be prepared for possible delays with weather issues, etc.

Below is a picture of our landscaping project while they were working on it.

How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project


Here is another reason why scheduling is important (my daughter would shoot me if she knew I added this High School graduation picture) LOL!! 

But life happens, and your landscaping project will have to work around your life schedule also 🙂

How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project


Step #5:  Pay Final Bill (when all is completed)

When everything is completed – it’s time to pay the remaining balance on your contract.

  • It took our crew about 3-4 days to complete the majority of the project, but we waited for ALL of it to be completed (~ 2 weeks) before paying the final check.

We had a couple of things that we tweaked (on plants), and they had to add sod to the areas that we reduced (old flower beds) with the edging.

You can see what a huge difference it makes to get those “completed” areas  done right in the picture below.  

How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project


And You are Done!!

We are definitely loving this new, minimal, and clean look! 

I took SO many pictures that I have another post  done (link below) that shows the different stages of our project, plus a ton of before and after pictures too.

How to Plan Your Front Yard Landscaping Project


Time to move on to another project!

Have a great Summer!

Love & Hugs 🙂

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