My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White

Since we all know that choosing “white” paint colors is not as simple as it looks, I wanted to share my honest review of two Sherwin-Williams white paint colors that I have just recently painted in our house:  SW Origami White & SW Pearly White.    I’ll go over the undertones and other paint color “jargon” lol, but I’ll also show you what they look like in our home so you actually see them up close!  So, let’s get to it!  My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White.

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White

Values & Codes

I don’t want this post to get too “technical” with all of the paint color mumbo-jumbo, but just wanted to share with you some tips and honest review of our new master bedroom paint color and our new dining room paint color.

Here are the RGB codes.  These are the 3 color hues that are mixed together to get a paint color.

R,G,B = Red, Green, Blue (color values)

Hex code:   6-digit code that represents R,G,B value

  • First 2 digits = red value 
  • Second 2 digits = green value
  • Third 2 digits = blue value

LRV = Light Reflective Value (0-100), 0 = darkest light, 100 = brightest light

The higher the number (closer it gets to 100), the lighter/brighter it will be when painted.

*I will do another post that goes into these values more extensively.


SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White

We are going to start first with all of the details for SW Origami White.

Sherwin-Williams Origami White SW 7636

  • 259-C3 on SW color chart
  • cool white paint color
  • SW Top 50 colors of 2022
  • Red:  229
    Green:  226
    Blue:  218
  • Hex Value:  #e5e2da
  • LRV:  76


  • My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White



*** Note:  Every computer screen will show this color swatch differently.  So Always make sure to buy sample paints to use on your own walls. 


Let’s look at SW Pearly White now.

Sherwin-Williams Pearly White SW 7009

  • 254-C2 on SW color chart
  • cool white paint color
  • SW Top 50 colors of 2022
  • Red:  232
    Green:  227
    Blue:  217
  • Hex Value:  #e8e3d9
  • LRV:  77


My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White



SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White


Now that we have looked at each one separately, let’s see them side by side.


If I had to say what the biggest difference in these 2 colors is, I would say that:

  • SW Origami leans a little more like a silly putty (tan/gray-ish) color and
  • SW Pearly White leans a little more like a green/yellow-ish color.

And I mean very slightly……. on the undertones.

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White


Comparisons on Sherwin-Williams Color Wall: 

  • SW Color Wall (Whites & Pastels Chart) 254-260

So, here are the 2 colors on the SW Whites and Pastels color wall. 

It’s very hard to see the difference in these 2 colors, but hopefully you can visualize where they “fit” with their undertones.

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White


Comparing RGB and Hex Values:

And here are both of the colors plugged into Canva – so that we can see them with the RGB and Hex codes/values.

Once again, a little difficult to see the differences online.

If we look at the RGB values:

  • SW Origami – has a little more blue
  • SW Pearly White – has a little more red and green
  • They are almost identical on the LRV as well (both fairly light) at 76 & 77


My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White


Sherwin-Williams Brochures

I just wanted to remind you to take advantage of all the helpful brochures and guides that SW offers. 

The Finest Whites Brochure really helps break the “whites” down into cool, warm, and timeless categories to assist you with your choices.

I decided to take some pictures of the brochure – outside on my patio – to try to get the best “true” light.  It was the easiest way for me to see those undertones better.

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White


Here they are:

Origami  White is 2nd row, 1st left.

Pearly White is 3rd row, 1st left.

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White


You can tell that Origami White is a little tanner, and Pearly White is a little greener/yellow-ish.

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White



My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White

My Review

Let’s see the actual colors in my house now.

The good thing for this review is that I decorate with a lot of whites (LOL!) ….. so you will be able to see these “white” paint colors against other shades of whites/creams.

Our master bedroom is painted SW Origami White (top picture).

Our dining room is painted SW Pearly White (bottom picture).

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White


In My Honest Opinion:

I love both of these colors!

  • SW Origami White would be a great entire interior house neutral wall paint color because it shows little to almost no strong undertones.
  • SW Pearly White would be a great interior house slightly warmer wall paint color if you are looking for a little color (with some very slight yellow-green undertones).

Now with that said, they are against our SW Snowbound trim colors (pinkish undertones), so they will look different against other trim colors.

Room Direction/Lighting

And they are also in 2 different areas of our home:

  • SW Origami White – is in our northeast facing master bedroom (which means it will read cooler in this room).
  • SW Pearly White – is in our southwest facing dining room (which means it will read warmer in this room).

I just wanted to show you how much room direction and lighting (overhead or sunlight) change the colors throughout the day – amazing!!

Here is the SW Pearly White pictured – remember it is in a southwest facing room:

  • cooler in am – greener
  • warmer in pm – yellow-ish

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White


And here are some pictures of the SW Origami with different types of lighting:

  • overhead ceiling light – tanner
  • no light at all – gray-ish
  • with sunlight – slightly tanner 

So, lighting might be important 😉 !!

My Review:  SW Origami White vs SW Pearly White



Final Words

  • SW Origami White will be easier to work with, but is one dimensional (less undertones seen).
  • SW Pearly White is a prettier paint color, has more interest and multi-dimensional (more undertones seen), if you like to see your painted walls.

In other words:

  • SW Origami White might be a safer choice if you’re wanting more neutral options, and
  • SW Pearly White has more visual interest and is prettier to look at (in my opinion). 

Bottom Line:  They are both good paint colors, and you will be happy with either choice!

I hope you learned new information and found some useful tips to help you with your white paint color choices.

If you have any questions, just shoot me a comment! 

Have a Great Week!

Love & Hugs 🙂

If you want to see more of these paint colors in our home click:

If you want to see more white paint color choices or get more info click:


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  1. What other trim colors do you think would work well with Origami white? I have been thinking of doing my whole house (new build) origami white walls and trim, but am second guessing the trim. I’m also thinking of doing the trim origami white lightened 25 or 50%. What do you think? I don’t want to make the walls look yellow or pink.

    1. Hi Sarah! I think going with Origami lightened by 50% would be a great idea – if you want to stay in the same color family.
      I do love my Origami walls with Snowbound trim – to give a little contrast against the walls also.
      You could also do Extra White (more contrast) against the walls, with little undertones.
      Hope this helps out!
      hugs – jael 🙂

  2. I too am strongly thinking Origami White for new build with Pure White Trim. Any thoughts on this wall/trim combo?

    1. Hi Tara! Those 2 colors would most likely be my new house colors also (if I was building). I think Pure White plays well with almost all colors (a very neutral white), and Origami plays well with almost all other accent colors – cool or warm. They both seem like chameleon colors – in my opinion.
      Have fun designing your new house!
      Hugs – Jael 🙂

  3. Hello! I am going back and forth between origami white and pearly white as a whole house color. I have a mix of different woods (hardwood – reddish tint), and yellow oak trim… along with a earthy stone fireplace (hints of gray and red), as well as dark brown kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is south facing, the living room is north facing. The connecting bedrooms I will be painting agreeable grey I believe! What are your thoughts on choosing between origami and pearly?

    1. Hi Christin! My advice would be to get samples of all 3 colors, or paint samples on the walls in the kitchen and living room. Then look at Pearly White and Origami White at different times of the day – while comparing them to Agreeable Gray.
      I would probably recommend Origami White with Agreeable Gray – to have similar undertones.
      Pearly White will read a little more “yellow” or warmer. But I don’t know how warm your floors, trim, and fireplace read – so it might be beautiful also.
      If you put the samples up on the walls, it will be much easier to see the different undertones – blended in with your floors, trim, fireplace (living room), and also with the brown cabinets in your kitchen.
      Hope this helps!
      hugs – Jael 🙂

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