7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks

Love the cozy look of kitchen banquettes, but can’t decide if it’s the right design choice for you?  You’re in the right spot.  This post will give you a ton of information on banquette styles, costs, dimensions, spacing, and layout options to help make your decision easier.  Plus, you’ll be able to compare custom built-ins versus store-bought banquette alternatives (post coming soon) to find something that fits your style, budget, and functional needs.  So, let’s get to it.  Here are 7 Benefits:  Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks.

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7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks

Banquette Details

I wanted to begin with some important details about kitchen banquettes, just so that you have the information upfront.  

Let’s talk about the different looks and styles of the banquettes.

Banquette Styles:

  • Four Main Styles:  L-shaped, U-shaped, 2 Benches facing each other, 1 Bench Only
  • Custom Built-In, or Store Bought
  • With Back, or Backless
  • Upholstered Seat only, Upholstered Back & Seat only, Completely Upholstered
  • Storage Under Seat – With Drawers or Hinged Seats
  • So is there one style (or maybe two)  that you are immediately drawn to when searching? 
  • Or can you actually picture one of the banquette styles in your own home?

These are the kind of questions to ask yourself as you scroll along through this post.



Now, let’s talk money (of course).

Custom Banquette Costs:

Here are some carpentry/installation costs from fixr.com.  Check it out for more information.

  • Low End Bench Only Banquette:  $300-$600
  • Basic Small Built-In Banquette:  $840-$1680
  • High End Premium Banquette:  $2960 – $4960

Since budget is one of the most important factors when making decisions on home design, I’m happy to see that there are three price range options to choose from.

Plus, I am doing a little digging to find some affordable store-bought options for you as well.


Banquette Placement/Table Styles/Fabric Choices:

Here are some other details to consider.

  • Banquette Placement (where?):  Works best in a corner, alcove, or space with windows (but can go anywhere you have room).
  • Table Style (what kind?):  Round or oval table with pedestal base is recommended.
  • Fabric Choices (which one?):  You can use indoor or outdoor fabrics, but fabric that easily wipes clean is recommended. 

I know that the hot trend right now is to use outdoor or Sunbrella fabrics for dining chairs/benches/seating for easy cleaning. 

And when you have kiddos……..well, you know the rest – haha!


Dimensions and spacing are very important when designing a kitchen banquette, but they can be altered to fit your own individual needs. 

(Recommended) Custom Banquette Dimensions/Spacing:  

  • Windows:  24″H from floor 
  • Seat:  15″H, 20-24″Deep
  • Table Overhang:  3″

Here are the dimensions of our kitchen banquette – just so that you have a visual reference. 

*Note:  you can see that mine are unique/different than what is recommended also.

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Final Word:

  • Just remember that you do not need a custom built-in banquette to snag these amazing benefits (listed below).  A store-bought banquette will give you the same/similar benefits without the same price tag.
  • Plus, it’s your space, so plan it to serve your family’s needs.


7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks

A couple of things before we begin.  I am using my own kitchen banquette to show you the benefits that we gain from having it at our house.

But it may be different for you depending on the layout, design, or shape that you choose.

First Things First:

  • I just wanted to begin by saying that the recommended best shapes for kitchen banquettes tables are round and oval, and/or with pedestal bases.
  • This allows for easier movement and more leg room underneath the table.


You’ll notice that I do not tend to follow all of the decorating or designing rules – hence the farmhouse table with 4 legs -LOL!!

  • We used to have an oval table with a pedestal base, and I thought this rectangular (with leaf makes a square) table would fit our custom built-in banquette area better.
  • Now with that said, I’d most likely change the base to pedestal (next time – maybe?).
  • The great thing about having a small rectangular table is that I can easily move it (felt pads) to either side of my L-shaped banquette, and I can actually turn it perpendicular.
  • Our small table:  (40″W x 48″L), with leaf:  (48″ Square)
  • In other words, it’s your space, so you get to decide what works best for you 🙂

Ok, I just felt like I should get that out there before we begin. 

Moving on…..  Here are the 7 benefits:  kitchen banquette breakfast nooks.


7 Benefits

  1.   Provides Extra Seating (Dining & Not Dining)
  2.   Creates a Cozy Nook
  3.   Option for Comfortable/Upholstered Seating
  4.   Supports the Change of Table Size/Direction
  5.   Can Add Throw Pillows
  6.   Change Looks by Adding Different Chairs
  7.   Room for Possible Storage Under Seats


7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks

Benefit #1:  Provides Extra Seating (Dining & Not Dining)

  • The most obvious benefit of having a kitchen banquette is that it provides extra seating.
  • This can be done on one side, both sides, or 3-sides (u-shaped) – depending on how many people you need to seat.

One Side Seating:  (On back wall only)

Here the chairs are placed on three sides of the table, leaving the back side open for the bench seating.

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Two-Sides Seating:  (Left side and back wall).

Here the chairs are now on two sides of the table, and the bench seating takes care of the two adjacent sides/corner area (L-Shaped).

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


You can also have 2 banquettes not connected, that face each other. 

  • Kind of like a booth at a restaurant (not pictured).

Extra Seating When Not Dining:

The kitchen banquette also helps with extra seating when people are not eating.

Here the four chairs are on each side of the table, leaving the bench seating open for the overflow of guests.

  • This allows for movement – all around the table.
  • I can also pull the table out further and/or change the table direction to create even more room – see #4.

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Benefit #2:  Creates a Cozy Nook

  • Another benefit of the kitchen bench/banquette seating area is that the design gives a natural cozy nook (cottage feel), to our dining area.  
  • It’s almost like – giving it “instant” character or personality, regardless of our table size or table placement.

Let’s start with the area itself – looks cozy even without the table – right?

Without Table:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Side View w/Small Table:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Side View w/Big Table:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Benefit #3:  Option for Comfortable/Upholstered Seating

  • It also offers the option for soft, upholstered or cushioned seating as well.
  • These cushions can be custom-made or store-bought (retail).

Our Custom-made Cushions:

  • Since our banquette was part of our original floor plan, our cushions have to be custom-made. 
  • But it’s a great way to add a neutral base color (white) or a pop of color (like navy).

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Custom Corners:

  • We have custom-made cushions for our banquette due to this support beam (below) that runs through it.
  • And I tried to get that beam removed during our kitchen remodel – LOL – but no luck!!  It has to stay!
  • The good thing is that once you have a custom “template or pattern,” you can just use it over and over again.

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Benefit #4:  Can Change Table Size/Direction

  • One of my favorite things about our kitchen breakfast nook area, is that it allows for us to use our smaller table for day-to-day living (and creates more room).
  • Then it allows for us to to expand our dining area (big table) when we have family and friends over.
  • As a bonus, we can also change the direction of our smaller table (to create even more room) when needed.

Table Size

Small Table w/o Leaf:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Big Table w/Leaf:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Table Direction

Remember how I said that you will have to find out what works best for your family or your needs. 

  • Here (below) is where you can tell how the rectangular table works in our specific area – with the table turned.
  • It might work (or might not work) for your space.  You’ll just have to try it out!

Table Perpendicular to Banquette:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


For Dining:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Gives us so much more room, and completely changes the look (and function) –  just by turning it.

Not Dining:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Benefit #5:  Can Add Throw Pillows

I think we can all agree that women love to add throw pillows.  Period!!!

And  the banquette bench is just another way (excuse- lol) to add color, style, and personality to your kitchen.

  • But these pillows are not just for show.
  • Adding throw pillows actually helps soften all of the hard lines and creates the cozy, cottage factor.
  • It’s like the banquette is surrounding your family and friends with a soft hug – right?

Our Throw Pillows:

Still loving my blue and white, and coastal stripes – pillows at the moment.

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Pom Pom Pillow:

But this little boho find is my new Favorite!  (To shop – scroll to the very end).

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


More Coastal Pillows:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Benefit #6:  Change Looks by Adding Different Chairs

  • By changing out the chair style, chair cushion, or even table style, you can basically get a whole new look to your dining area.
  • This works great for those of you who like to update furniture or move things around often.
  • And just a note:  if you use a rectangular table, you can always swap chairs out with a bench – even better!

Here are some before and after pictures so you can see what a difference the chair style makes in our breakfast nook.

Before w/Farmhouse Chairs:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


And After:

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


***SIDEBAR:  Can you see the biggest change in the pictures?   Hint-hint – it’s not actually the chairs – LOL!!

  • Do you remember the Big Texas Freeze? 
  • Now….. do you see the beautiful lush green shrubs in the before picture, and the scraggly brown dead ones in the after picture?
  • This post was supposed to be about kitchen banquette benefits and our new chairs reveal….. NOT the new dead shrubs reveal!!  Oh well – it is what it is!! 

Here’s another view of the chairs.

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


Benefit #7:  Room for Possible Storage Under Seats

Who doesn’t want (or could use) additional storage in their home?  

  • Most of the custom built (or retail) bench banquettes provide storage underneath the seats.
  • These spaces are a great way to store extra kitchen supplies, or even extra linens, etc.

Unfortunately, I do not have this storage under mine: 

  • We had a carpenter cut open our seats, only to find (foundation) bricks underneath – ugh!!
  • So, needless to say, we sealed the seats back up.  🙁

Here’s a picture of our banquette after we flooded

  • It’s hard to see….but that area underneath the seat is blocked by bricks.
  • Trust me though – we tried even before we flooded.

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


And here it is without our table and chairs.

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


I hope that you have found some inspiration and helpful tips/benefits of having your own kitchen banquette breakfast nook.

I can say – that this little banquette area was one of the reasons we chose this floor plan, and we still love it today!

7 Benefits: Kitchen Banquette Breakfast Nooks


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Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!

Love & Hugs 🙂

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