DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick & Easy)

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)

If you want to learn how to make fake (artificial) topiary trees that are simple and easy, you’re at the right post.   These indoor faux plants are perfect for DIYers and crafters who are looking for a fun and quick project or idea that can be done in a couple of hours.  And I love that they are not your typical topiaries – they are a little “crazy”, loose, and not so formal!  Plus, you can use this tutorial and tweak it to create your own version.  Let’s get to it:  DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick & Easy).

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


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DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)

I found all of my my supplies at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, and took advantage of the 40%/50% off discounted prices/coupons/sales.

  • I spent roughly ~$35, but really wanted those milk jug vases – LOL!!  Plus, I will be able to use the leftover items for more projects.

If you are looking to make this project more budget-friendly, try a dollar store, Wal-Mart, or Amazon for lower prices.


DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Ok, let’s get to the easy 5-step tutorial.  How to Make DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)!

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)

Before we begin, I just wanted to let you know that:

  • The finished height for these artificial topiary plants =  20″ H.
  • I recommend getting all of your supplies ready before beginning this project.
  • This project will take about 1-2 hours, depending on how particular you are (lol)!
  • The moss does make a little mess, so pull it apart and put onto a large plate or pan.

Also that:

  • These topiary trees are perfect if you want a less formal or “loose” topiary ball tree.
  • You can use this same tutorial and tweak it to to make other topiary tree sizes and forms.
  •  Since they are artificial or faux plants, they are Maintenance-Free (yes, please)!

Let’s get to the quick and easy 5-step tutorial.


Quick and Easy 5-Step Tutorial:

Step 1:  Cut Dowels & Put Foam Balls Onto Dowels

The first thing you will want to do is cut your dowels in half with a utility knife (or whatever you prefer). 

I measured the middle to be 15″L for my roasting sticks, so that is the length that I used for my stems.

  • Basically, I used the utility knife to make a mark all the way around the dowel, and then snapped it in half by hand.
  • Please be careful if using this type of knife!!

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Then I simply stuck the styrofoam balls onto each dowel.  

You will want to make sure you don’t poke through the entire way – but just enough to be secure.

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Step #2:  Cut Foam Blocks & Put Into Jugs With Dowels

Now it’s time to cut those foam blocks.  This will also get a little messy, but should be easy to clean.

I decided to turn my jug (planter) upside down to use as a reference for sizing. 

  • You can also trace a line if you prefer – that works also.

Then I just sliced down at an angle on the 4 sides of the foam block with a butter knife.

You will have to tweak it a little bit to get it to fit snugly into your planter (#3 below).  

TIP:  If you accidentally cut too much off, just stick some paper towel on the sides of the foam to help keep it in place.

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Then you will simply stick your dowel and ball into the middle of each planter base.

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Step #3:  Put Greenery Onto Foam Balls

FYI:  This step will take the longest, so just take a deep breath – it will be ok!!

TIP:  The easiest thing to do for this part it to gently pull off all of the individual stems from the bushel (or use needle nose pliers to cut).

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Take a small screwdriver to gently make a little hole in random spots all over your styrofoam ball.

Then stick each plant “stem” into those holes – just enough to make them attach – but not too hard that you tear the ball up.

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


This part will take a little time.  Just stick the stems into a random diagonal pattern, leaving a little space in between them. 

  • Then repeat for the second ball.  I recommend putting the trees side-by-side when doing this part so that they look somewhat similar.

TIP:  Since my bushel had some darker green stems and some lighter green stems, I tried to vary both of the colors on the ball.  (I felt that it made the topiary look more real or authentic).

FYI:  I used one greenery bushel for each ball, and kept them separated.  This way, you will know that you are using the same amount of stems/ball.

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Step #4:  Hot Glue Moss Onto Foam Balls & Jug Base

Now it’s time to glue the moss onto the ball and fill in those gaps.

  • If you haven’t pulled the moss apart and put it onto a plate or pan, go ahead and get that ready first.

You will simply put some hot glue onto the ball, then add a pinched group of moss on top of the glue, and press down gently.

TIP:  I would recommend working in small sections so that you “fill in” all of the gaps.

***This is messy – so just hand sweep the loose pieces back onto your plate as you go.

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Repeat this process to fill in all of the gaps, and then repeat for the second ball.

TIP:  To get the under side of the ball, just take your dowel stem out and turn it upside down.  Then glue your moss on the under belly portion.

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Once you’re done with the top part, do the same for the bottom portion – at the planter base. 

This will help cover that foam block.

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Step #5:  Add Brown Stain To Dowel Stem

If you want you’re dowel stem to look a little more authentic, go ahead and darken it with brown stain or marker (or even brown shoe polish).

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Wipe the stain on in streaks with a damp paper towel, making sure to cover it completely. 

Then go back and “tap” more dark stain as “spots” in random markings (it will look better than streaked).

You can always repeat these steps if you want it darker.

  • If using a marker, I recommend doing a test run with a damp paper towel also- just to make sure it doesn’t turn the stem too dark.

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


Here they are before and after the stain.  

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (Quick and Easy)


You Are Done! 

Style them together on a tray in your kitchen, entry console table, living room coffee table, or even as your dining room centerpiece.

Just have fun with them!

DIY Faux Topiary Trees (quick & easy)


Have a Very Happy Spring Everyone!

Love & Hugs 🙂

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