DIY Let It Snow Christmas Wall Decor

I recently made these over-sized giant gold glitter letters for my daughter’s Sweet 16 Birthday Yard Sign, and wanted to reuse them somewhere inside the house for Christmas this year.   But I needed a large open wall space.  And, I found the perfect spot – my dining room navy accent wall!  If you’re looking for Christmas wall decorating ideas and on a tight budget, try this project out.  DIY Let It Snow Christmas Wall Decor.  

5 Tips:  Christmas Tree Snow Village Table Setting is now ready!!  See how it all came together.

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DIY Let It Snow Christmas Wall Decor


DIY Let It Snow Christmas Wall Decor



Since these letters were originally made to spell S-W-E-E-T, I needed to add an L and N to spell Let and Snow. 

To make the gold glitters letters, click on the tutorial here and add the N & L.  

Do not add the wooden or metal dowels from the tutorial – those are just for the yard.  I figured you knew that, but just wanted to make sure! LOL!!



Now, you will need to add the jute string to the letters for hanging them onto the wall.  I will admit that I tried a couple of other options (like clear string, etc), and it did not work.  

The just string is a good choice because it is strong enough to hold the weight of the the foam board.

Make a small loop like the one shown below, and secure with packing tape.  You might have to adjust these depending on each letter “shape.” 


***TIP***  Turn the ends of  jute string up like the picture below so that the string doesn’t slip through your tape.  This helps secure the string better, giving it a double reinforcement.

STEP 3:  

Attach your letters and white wreath to the wall by using nails, or your preferred method.    

I tried a couple of different ways to hang these, and they did not work – just a FYI.  I used the adhesive tape, and then some furniture felt pads – but they weren’t strong enough.

Here are my nails that have a small head on the end.  This helped to hold the jute string.


STEP 4:  

Now it’s time to add the “it” to the Let It Snow Wall Decor.  

I decided that the wall could use a little more white…. and a little more texture to really make the wall sign pop.  Since the letters are outlined with the white pom poms, the white pom pom garland was the perfect addition.


I secured the pom pom garland to the wall with the adhesive tape, and it worked great.  If you need to adjust the “font” then simply pull the poms off the tape.

You might have to use several pieces of tape to get the cursive font you like.


Here is my practice run with some leftover garland from my sweet 16 sign.



Here it is finished.  I angled “it” to the side just a little, to bring in some whimsy.  Then, I used a couple of extra pom poms to make the dot of the “i”.

I love how it turned out – what do you think?





I just added a couple of furry accessories to accent my winter wonderland, and it was complete!



You can use a different wreath, or make one out of the foam board also.  I already had this little beauty that I made years ago, so it was easy to incorporate it here.

Just makes the wall decoration look less formal.  Of course – gotta have some cheetah!!



***5 Tips:  Christmas Tree Snow Village Table Setting is now ready!!  See how it all came together.***



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