26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes To Try

With spring right around the corner, a couple of things always pop in my mind at this time of the year.  Days filled with tons of sunshine, bluebonnets blooming in the green pastures, plans for our girls’ Spring Break and Summer, and of course celebrating Easter.  Whether you’re looking for Easter Wreaths for your front door, or decorations for your home, there are always new color palettes that inspire.  So, here are the ones I have gathered up to give you some ideas:  26 Gorgeous Easter Tablescapes to Try.

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I love how we gladly say farewell to the colder temperatures (= rainy season around here in Texas) and darker colors of winter, and welcome in the warmth of the sun, lighter colors/fabrics, and new opportunities.

And in the spirit of all things new, like our new life that Jesus gave to us, Easter is a chance to honor His sacrifice. 

So, what better way to honor His life than to set a Easter table worthy of our King – AMEN!!

Woohoo!!  Grab a Pen….because you will want to keep track of all your favs!! 

These very talented women have done a fabulous job on their Easter tablescapes.  Let’s get to it!!




These are the 5 color groups that I have broken this post into, to help you navigate a little easier.

  1.   Purple
  2.   Blue
  3.   Pink
  4.   Green
  5.   Multi


The color purple has always been associated with royalty – yes Kings, so I decided to begin with it first in honor of our King Jesus!! 

As you scroll through the different color palettes below, you’ll notice immediately that purple is a stately color, one of class and elegance.

You can dress it up with golds and metallics, or dress it down by using natural greenery or woven baskets. 

No matter which style you choose, these purple tablescapes are sure to make your heart swoon!! 

#1)  Purple + White

Source: maisondecinq.com


#2)  Purple + Blush

source: instagram.com(afpdesign.com)


#3)  Purple + Periwinkle

source: facebook.com(allseasonsdecorations.com)


#4)  Purple + Linen

source: decorgolddesigns.com


#5)  Purple + Turquoise

source: maisondecor8blogspot.com


The color blue has always been associated as providing a soothing, calming environment – wherever it is used. 

It also a highly popular color choice because it possesses the timeless quality, therefore making it a classic color. 

The soothing tones bring in a sense of calmness when using softer shades, and the richer tones bring in a touch of drama when using darker shades.

It too, can also be dressed up or down depending on what style it is paired with.  For a more regal choice, stick with the darker shades and gold/metallics. 

For a more casual choice, stick with lighter shades and natural elements (like burlap, twine, or wood).  

#6)  Blue + Gold

source: blogbalsamhill.com


#7)  Blue + Mint

source: kellynan.com


#8)  Blue + Brown

source: jeannewinters.com


#9)  Blue + Twine

source: lizmarieblog.com


#10)  Blue +  Christmas

(beautiful Christian design, but could be used for Easter also)

source: samanthaleelee.blogspot.com


#11)  Blue + Music Paper

source: private.com


The color green is such a nature-loving color, and actually acts as a neutral in most color palettes. 

It brings in a fresh, clean feeling when paired with more yellow-green shades (think lime green and apples).   

And it brings in a dramatic, masculine feeling when paired with darker shades (think hunter green and hunting lodges).

Of course, it can also be dressed up or down depending on the style you choose. 

If you want a more casual look, stick with baskets and  bird’s nests.  If you want a more sophisticated look, add tapered candles sticks and crystal wine glasses. 

#12)  Green + White

source: sandandsisal.com


#13)  Green + Teal

source: liagriffith.com


#14)  Green + Twine

source: noramurphycountryhouse.com


#15)  Green + Rose Gold

source: karaspartyideas.com


#16)  Green + Pink

source: ruffledblog.com


The color pink evokes a sense of energy, whimsy, and elegance all at the same time. 

It can be used with any other color palette to add a punch of drama and excitement, or be used as a monochromatic color scheme (different shades in one color hue – think fuchsia and blush) to add depth and dimension.

To keep the style casual, use lighter shades of pink and whimsical patterns in dishware and fabrics (think gingham/buffalo check or stripes).   

To dress it up, use darker shades of pink with gold flatware and gold-rimmed dishware (think vintage dishes, cups and saucers).

#17)  Pink + Gold

source: familycircle.com


#18)  Pink + Green

source: jcathell.com


#19)  Pink + Blush

source: randigarrettdesign.com


#20)  Pink + Blue

source: summeradams.com


#21)  Pink + Gingham

source: pizzazzerie.com


#22)  Pink + Chalkboard

source: dearlillieblog.blogspot.com


The multi-colored look is associated with the more “free-spirited” type of personality.  It fits best for the girl who isn’t afraid to break the rules, the trend setter. 

This color palette is very easy on the eyes because the different colors and fabrics help put the tablescape into motion.

The multi color palette possesses a laid-back kind of style…..but don’t think for a second that it is not planned out or carefully crafted, it is

For a more casual feel, mix & match 3 accessories (think placemats, napkins, and dishware).  To dress it up, keep 3 accessories similar (think pink rose, pink napkin, pink egg).

This will give a little more polished look to your “relaxed vibe.”

#23)  Green + Lavendar + Periwnkle + Mint

source: stonegableblog.com


#24)  Pink + Blue + Gold + Green

source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com


#25)  Yellow + Turquoise + Pink + Green

source: alizadventruesblogspot.com


#26)  Pink + Lavender + Lime Green + Turquoise

source: designthusiasm.com

Hope you found some inspiration for your Easter tablescape this year, and can see yourself in at least one of these styles. 

And…..if you just HAD to choose a favorite, which one would you pick?

Have a Very HAPPY EASTER!!

Love & Easter Hugs 🙂

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