12 Kitchen Upgrades (You Can’t Live Without)

We all have that dream kitchen in mind with like a zillion inspiration pictures to support it…..for that one day when dreams become reality.   But for most of us, that dream might take longer than we would like.  Plus, by the time we get that dream kitchen, there will be new upgrades and inventions that have replaced our awesome ideas.  Ring any Bells? 12 Kitchen Upgrades (You Can’t Live Without).

So, until that day, why can’t we add some upgrades to our existing kitchens right now?  We’ll get a little taste of what is really important to us, and know what works best and what doesn’t work at all.

So let’s get to the 12 incredible, jaw -dropping kitchen upgrades that will have you drooling….. the ones you just can’t live without 😉  


12 Kitchen Upgrades (You Can’t Live Without)

source: diamondcabinets.com


1- Utensils Pull Outs & Drawers

Cooking utensils have a way of cluttering up a drawer very quickly.  To avoid this, use an existing cabinet or drawer and have it turned into storage for utensils, measuring cups, bowls, etc. 

Use crock/canisters for frequently used utensils in an upper tier shelf & store other supplies in lower tier shelves.  The canisters make grabbing utensils much easier and the drawer ensures that all clutter stays hidden under your counter.





source: glamshelf.com








source: decorpad.com














source: atticmag.com


2- Floating Cutting Boards

Attach a wooden cutting board with a hole cut out to an existing drawer, or use it as a pull out shelf (all by itself).   The key is to make sure it is installed over a pull out trash can – like picture below. 

The hole is a great idea so that you can wipe peelings & other scrapings directly into the trash can.  Can’t get any easier than this!!



source: apartmenttherapy.com








source: private












source: blogloving.com


3- Hinged Cabinets

Use these hinged cabinets to hide appliances you use everyday, or ones you leave out on top of the counter.  These work much better than cabinet doors, drawers, or the roll down bread bin versions, and still keep counters from looking cluttered.  You can attach a pull out shelf also to gain additional surface space.



source: glamshelf.com







source: getcoffeetips.com












source: iowagirleats.com


4- Storage Drawers at Sink

Instead of cabinets and/or hinged doors to store supplies under the sink, try using drawers.  You won’t have to worry about products falling down on each other, and you’ll be able to see all of them at one time. 

Use a u-shaped drawer to go around the dimensions of the sink.   Use a small drawer for items like sponges and brushes and a large drawer for detergent and cleaning supplies – genius!!


source: woodwayscustom.com







source: glamshelf.com











source: marthastewart.com

5- Pet Center

We can’t forget about our furry friends either.  Use a larger pull out drawer for food, toys, leashes, etc….and a smaller drawer for food containers/bowls. 

Both designs can be pushed back in (under the counter) when not in use and helps to keep walkways clear.  Plus, all of their goodies will be stored in one place.



source: marthastewart.com











source: qualitywoodspecialties.com

6- Spice Rack Pull Outs & Doors

Store spices under the counter in small or medium sized pull outs for easy accessibility.  You can have this installed right by your stove so you don’t even have to leave your area while you’re cooking. 

You can also store a ton of spices and other products in pantry doors.  This definitely will save space in the kitchen by freeing up cabinets and drawers.



source: houzz.com







source: recentlytheblog.com







source: housely.com













source: private

7- Charging Station

These are becoming more popular and important than kitchen appliances- LOL!!  Designate a drawer and have electrical sockets added for computers, phones, i-pads and more. 

Use it with or without partitions depending on what works best for you and your family.  Choose an area in the kitchen that can handle a lot of traffic.


source: kraftmaid.com











source: masterbrand.com


8- Pop Up Hinged Shelf 

These are something else!!  The hinged shelf goes from under counter storage to out of cabinet shelf (and work center).  The shelf fits onto very sturdy hinges so that it can hold the weight of heavier appliances, and then pops up to create additional work space. 

They can be designed with or without an extra storage bin underneath (see picture to the right).  Use a pull out shelf for the area at the bottom of the cabinet for additional appliances.


source: 5dollardinners.com






source: goodfoodi.com














source: indulgy.com


9- Toe Kick

Use unused/wasted space under cabinets with toe kick drawers for storing items that can lie flat.  Have them installed with pressure sensor (toe touch) so that you can release drawers for easy access. 

These work great in smaller kitchens or when extra storage space is needed.


source: abcdiy.us
















source: housetrends.com

10 – Corner Cabinet

Corner cabinets are tricky because there always seems to be wasted space in such a big storage area of the kitchen.  If you’ve tried a lazy susan, but are wanting something different, try one of these. 

Each design uses the entire space, and makes getting items in the back of the cabinet so much easier.  You’ll be able to see everything in the cabinet without sticking your whole body in!! 😉



source: houzz.com






source: homedesign.marthastewart.com











source: decoratw.com

11- Under Cabinet Ideas

Use the space under upper cabinets for more than just lighting.  Cookbooks, tv’s, & charging stations work well on hinged devices, and lighter items like spices, measuring cups, & mail work in racks or bins. 

Try storing knives in pull out drawers to keep them out of little one’s reach.  Don’t like to see clutter?  Try the hinged design, or pull out shelf.


source: private






























source: rsminteriors.com

12- Built In Appliances

Coffee built in – I love this built in coffee unit with pull out tray for coffee fixins.  What a genius idea so you can save much desired counter space, and you don’t make a mess with sweeteners and creams.








source: houzz.com


Microwave Drawer –  How did we live without this? This is a great idea for  the trending under counter microwave craze.  The drawer makes it easy to drop things directly into it, instead of bending down and breaking your back to put things into it. 

Plus, you will save space by not having the swing door option.  This saves a lot of room in a cramped kitchen.







source: akadesign.ca



Wine fridge – Add a wine fridge to a beverage station or to kitchen island.  They give the kitchen a modern look, and a more custom feel. 

You can also add a wooden wine rack built in to keep your “extra” bottles in – LOL!!






source: simplyfutbol.com














What do you think….which one is your favorite?  My favorite is the coffee station because I LOVE my coffee, but we are adding the microwave drawer for function (of course), spice rack pull out, and electronics charging station. 

I also love the utensils in the canisters pull out drawer- such a genius idea.  Let me know which one you try – I’d love to hear from you!!


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  1. Hi I absolutely love your green Cabinetry could you tell me what green color that is and what paint brand and color

    1. Hi Lisa! I do not have green cabinetry, but white – lol!! I have a post that shows a photo of 2-tone cabinets, but unfortunately those are not mine. I do not know the color source for that photo – so sorry!
      hugs –
      jael 🙂

  2. Such a bummer this page is so hard to look at because there’s so many ads. Definitely takes away from the impact of what you’re trying to show

    1. Hi Greg! So sorry about the ads, and thanks for letting know. I’ll get this taken care of.
      hugs –
      jael 🙂

  3. I agree with Greg about the ads. Otherwise, I have the canister drawer for utensils and knife slots beside. I LOVE it! Would definitely put it in another house – so handy to have beside my stove. I also have the spice pull outs. Don’t love so much. Mine are 2 spice jars wide. I have my spices alphabetical and still find them hard to find. I always seem to be going from one side to the other and of course squatting each time to see them – that’s great if one likes doing squats lol. I think I would like the pantry door much better. I also have the corner drawers and although they are nice to look at in a corner, a straight drawer is more functional. Not sure I would put them in another house? Lastly, I have the pull out shelves under my bathroom sinks. I think I’d like to try the drawers in my next house instead but I do like the pull outs for cleaning supplies, tp, extra soap and things like that. Just adding another viewpoint. I’ve also heard the microwave drawer is a game changer, looking forward to trying that some day.

    1. Hi Sue!
      Thanks for all of the feedback on the kitchen upgrades.
      (And I am working on the ad situation too 🙂 )
      We have quite a few of these upgrades, and I do love our microwave drawer- is definitely a game changer.
      Thanks again for all of your helpful comments and advice – I really appreciate it.
      Hugs –
      Jael 🙂

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