15 Easy Solutions- Kitchen Organization 2018

We have all heard the phrase that the kitchen is the hub of the home.   It not only holds cooking utensils and essentials, it is a memo station for important activities, a linen closet for table settings and entertaining, and a utility closet for cleaning supplies and tools all rolled up into one area. 

So it’s no surprise that having an organized kitchen will help you  have an organized lifestyle (or at least get you one step closer).   If you’re looking to start fresh in 2018 to get more organized, start here….yep….in the kitchen! 

Here are 15 EASY solutions for kitchen organization you can try without spending a ton of money, or hiring a carpenter to do.   *** Stay tuned for Kitchen Upgrades & Remodeling Ideas – Post coming soon!!! ***

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15 Easy Solutions – Kitchen Organization 2018

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Add an area with cork board or dry erase board to the inside of cabinet doors or wall.  Add hooks to hold keys or pet leashes, and containers to hold pens/markers/pencils. 

Create an area to hold mail or other important documents, and a notepad when you need to write a quick note to take with you on the run.  Don’t forget a NEW calendar for 2018!! 

Go with a small station, medium station, or large station depending on your needs.








source: kitchenblogpro.com


Choose one drawer or cabinet to hold all of your spices.  Place a foam spice liner, wooden spice rack, or plastic spice rack in it to keep them from rolling around. 

These organizers will help cut down on time searching for the spice you need while cooking, and alert you when the spice is running low. 

Plus you will be able to see the front of each label. Sometimes oregano looks like basil, or maybe it’s rosemary….LOL!!!  You get the idea.

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Put tupperware in storage bins or baskets to keep lids and containers together.  The bins will keep the lids from sliding down and help match container to it’s lid. 

They will also help save room in your cabinet or drawer by stacking them vertically rather than horizontally.  Go with small/medium/large bins, or multiple sizes to work with all drawer and cabinet dimensions.







source: listotic.com



Attach a paper/wrap organizer to the inside of a cabinet door to hold saran wrap, foil, wax paper, etc….  It saves space and is easy to grab quickly when needed. 

You can also do the same thing with ziploc bags.  The boxes stay upright when grouped together, and can be seen through the mesh screen.









source: thetarnishedjewelblog.com



Keep trash out of sight (and smell) by storing it under the counter.  Use one can pull out or two cans pull out, depending on your needs, and keep extra trash bags in the same area. 

Plus you can roll out the drawer and wipe food items from the counter directly into the cans.  Gotta love that!!






source: drivenbydecor.com



Gain more space in cabinets by arranging baking sheets vertically versus horizontally.  Use a wire organizer so the pans have something sturdy to lean against, and room for stacking multiple pans in small sections. 

This also would work for muffin pans and broiler pans.


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With the growing trend of open shelving being used  more and more in the kitchen, there is a greater need for under counter storage.  Use large drawers for dishes and and glasses with wooden partitions. 

These partitions will help dishes from sliding around, and the wood helps the dishes from breaking.









source: glamshelf.com



Instead of having wasted space at the sink, use  hinged doors with plastic containers to store cleaning sponges and brushes.  These containers hold water that may leak from sponges and help to keep wooden cabinets dry. 

They also also allow porous sponges to dry (lying vertically) instead of lying flat (lying horizontally) on top or inside the sink bowl.








source: diycraftsdecoration.com



Attach doors to side of unused cabinet walls for laundry and cleaning supplies.  Make a long section for taller items like brooms and mops, and a shorter section for cleaning products. 

Add storage hooks to hang items on the wall in the longer section to free up space, and add shelves to the shorter section to hold multiple products and refills.


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Use a wine rack- type of organizer to store water bottles, thermoses, etc… that can’t be stacked one on top of each other. 

Laying them horizontally helps them from rolling around or falling over like dominoes, and you can see the exact bottle you want to use.  You can also stack more bottles because you are utilizing the entire cabinet height.







source: buzzfeed.com



Attach a wire rack to the inside of a cabinet door to keep cutting boards all in one place.  The rack keeps them from sliding (if stored upright), and allows you to see the one you want to use (because it is facing you). 

If you store them shortest to tallest (like the picture) you won’t have to dig around looking for the one you want to use.







source: everythingturqoise.com




Use a ceramic crock (new or old) to hold cooking utensils and store on top of your counter.  The crock holds the utensils upright to so they are easier to see and grab. 

You won’t have to dig through a drawer to find the one need, and you can put your favorite utensils in it .  Plus, it’s super cute!!  Try stainless or ceramic.


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source: buzzfeed.com



Attach top and bottom wire wracks to inside of cabinets or drawers to store pots, pans, and lids.  Use narrow dividers to hold lids, and wide dividers to hold pots and pans. 

These racks help utilize the height of cabinets and drawers to gain the most out of these spaces. Use a pot & pan organizer and a lid organizer also.






source: dawnwires.com



This area seems to get the most congested since it is a “catch all” for a variety of cleaners and supplies.  Add racks with shelves to sides of cabinet doors for frequently used items, and a lazy susan (that is sturdy) for less frequently used items. 

Use a plastic bucket to fill with products you can take with you for cleaning areas of your home.  All of your products will be ready to go (for a quick grab), and any drips from cleaners or sponges will drop into the bucket.




source: uglyducklinghouse.com



Store utensils in organizer that fits the entire drawer.   

You won’t waste unused space in the drawer, and you can add more utensils or serveware.   

Try out this DIY project or use this flatware organizer – it expands to fit any size drawer. 

Since utensils are used every day, keeping them organized causes less wine drinking when cooking -LOL!!!





Let me know which one (or two) you try- I’d love to hear your feedback!!  


Love & Hugs!!


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  1. I have suggested the cookie sheet stack rack to the Family Life Center at Church. Already use several of these but will try to work on the others.

    1. Let me know how they turn out. It’s great that there are lots of options to add to the kitchen without changing the structure of it. My next post will be on remodeling the kitchen with structural changes, so we can compare the differences. Happy New Year Mom & Dad- hugs 🙂

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